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Availability of Metric ATV Hub Assembly With 4/110 Millimeter Lug Pattern  


I am looking at building a ATV trailer and searching for hub and spindle assembly that would fit my ATV tires . the lug spacing is 4/110 , do you carry these ? looking for maybe 1000 lbs rating


Expert Reply:

Your best option for constructing a trailer may be to go for a complete axle kit that includes the axle beam, spindles, hubs with bearings, and seals etc. We offer kits and separate components in various bolt patterns. To help you identify your preferred bolt pattern I have linked an article at right. We also offer trailer wheels with pre-mounted tires to fit the axle kits we offer; a link is included for these as well.

Bear in mind that the tires on your ATV may not be rated high enough in weight capacity to handle the weight of the ATV itself plus that of the trailer. It is important to ensure the axles, hubs, brakes and tires all have the necessary capacity for the combined weight of the ATV and the trailer it will sit on.

You have options in standard beam axles as well as rubber spring-type suspensions from Timbren.
The link at right will take you to our main page for axle assemblies and you can use the filters in the left-hand margin to narrow the results shown based on your bolt pattern and weight capacity. For example, if you want 4-on-4 bolt pattern idler hubs and a 60-inch axle with 2200-lb rating you can choose kit # 20440I-EZ-60. For an axle-less 2000-lb system from Timbren you might consider # ASR2KHDS03 which has 4-inch lift spindles.

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Adam R

Jose D.


I currently have the same issue, 4/110 bolt pattern hub assembly kits are just not available anywhere...

Etrailer Expert

Chris R.


That's an older bolt pattern that just isn't around anymore. Unless you're able to find something on the secondary market, your best option will be a hub replacement that features a more common pattern (if possible) or a full axle replacement (if not possible). If you can let me know the inner and outer bearing numbers used on your existing hub I will be happy to check!



@JoseD Has anyone found any 4x110 hubs or some sort off work around to use the current wheels? I’m building a log hauler for my ATV and I have everything ready but can’t find 4x110mm hubs. How can do many people have the wheels but hubs are impossible to find?



@ChrisR "That's an older bolt pattern that just isn't around anymore." 4/110 bolt pattern is on 2022 Suzuki ATV's. It is a very common size on Japanese ATV's. :)
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Craig H.


I also would like the answer to this question, but you missed the actual question in the reply. I too would be looking to buy a standard trailer spindle/hub configuration, but the hub would need to be 4x110 bolt pattern and the spindle would need to be longer to support the width of the ATV tire choice. It would seem someone has already figured out this scenario and would have a product to support the application. The standard axle is not ideal for clearance. The timbren suspension/stubs is a good idea, but the spindle may not be long enough to clear the width of the ATV tires. Notes:- This trailer would NOT be meant to haul the ATV itself. - This trailer would NOT be meant to be used on-highway. The purpose of this is to have a well built trailer to pull behind an ATV that utilizes the same flotation type tires of the ATV and have interchangeable tires/wheels with the ATV or use the factory take offs for the people who upsize their ATV tires. Thanks!

Jason S.


The 4x110 bolt pattern is not anything we carry. I'm sure there is someone who has figured out how to make the trailer hubs to fit with spindles, and specific hubs, but we don't carry them. They are at least "one off" or "custom" enough to not have our manufacturers account for but I definitely see why you desire it. The best I can offer is the Timbren Heavy-Duty Axle-Less Trailer Suspension - 4" Lift Spindle - Wide Tires - 2,000 lbs # ASR2KHDS03 you referenced, and then use hubs that are 5 on 4-1/2 inches like the Dexter Trailer Idler Hub Assembly # 84545UC1-EZ. This would then allow you to use tires similar to the ATV tires like # AM3H400 or at least 10 x 6 inch hubs # AM20048 to mount your tires to.

John W.


@JasonS I hate to tell you but you guys are missing a great market. I build custom trailers and every day people contact me about building a trailer that will utilize the factory rims/tires that they just replaced with customs. I have made my own hubs for these, but it would be nice to have a source for them. In the south, nobody runs factory tires/wheels. They just stack them up all over the place wishing they had a use for them.



@JohnW the answer is some, we just need to buy wheel adapters 4:4 to 4/110
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