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Gustafson Lighting

Gustafson Lighting Reviews and Installation Videos

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Expert Answers about Gustafson Lighting

  • What is the Difference Between a 912 and 921 Bulb
  • The 921 bulbs are easier to come by than the 912. For a 921 you can use # A921B. For the 912 there is only an LED option, # AR50610. The 912 bulb is polarity sensitive so if it doesn't work take it out and turn it 180 degrees and reinsert it.
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  • Wattage and Model Information for LEDs in Gustafson RV Ceiling Light 277-000330-331
  • There isn't a lot of information on the LED board for light fixture # 277-000330-331. I have included a picture showing it up close so you can see everything that I can see. It has a 6 watt rating total for the 30 LEDs on the board. It runs off of a 12 volt system but as far as amperage output that information and other technical data is not available.
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  • Replacement Glass Shade for the Gustafson RV Ceiling Light # 277-000330-331
  • Just the glass shade for the Gustafson RV Ceiling Light # 277-000330-331 is listed as part # 277-000331 on our site. If you ever need to replace just the base then that would be part # 277-000330.
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  • Light Bulb and LED Options for Gustafson RV Light 277-000223
  • We do offer bulbs for the Gustafson RV Light # 277-000223. This light can use a standard incandescent bulb of either type 912 or 921, such as part # A921B. Better still, we offer brighter and super-efficient LED replacements like 912 type # AR50610. LEDs will create less waste heat, use less power and at the same time be brighter in this application. You can also select color options if you wish. Please see the linked page.
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  • Recommendation for 3 Inch Diameter Puck Light with Switch
  • I recommend taking a look at the Interior LED Puck Light # DG52508VP from Diamond. This 3 inch diameter puck light does not feature a traditional switch, but is instead turned off and on by simply clicking/pushing on the light itself. We do not currently have a 3 inch diameter puck light available that includes a traditional switch. This is a recessed or surface mount light that provides a nice, daylight white color.
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  • Can Gustafson RV Vanity Light # 277-000324 be Converted to LED
  • The lights that are in the Gustafson RV Vanity Light # 277-000324 and in the sconce part # 277-000255 are 921 style bulbs. So to convert them to LED you'd only need an LED 921 like the part # 277-000102.
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  • Replacement Lens for RV Puck Light
  • The lens # 277-000393 is the replacement for Gustafson RV Puck Light # 277-000343 and # 277-000342. I can't tell you if this is the type of light you have because RV manufacturers rarely document the specific parts that are used. If you can find a model number on the light itself it might be helpful.
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  • Wattage Used by Gustafson RV Wall Sconce 277-000256 with 912 Incandescent Bulbs
  • The two 912- or 921-type incandescent bulbs included in the Gustafson RV Wall Sconce # 277-000256 will draw a total of about 26 watts. Each bulb will draw about half that amount. You can both reduce power draw and increase usable light output by changing out these incandescent bulbs for high-efficiency LED types like # AR50610 which use only 1 watt of power and generate much less waste heat.
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  • Bulb Type Needed for Gustafson RV Ceiling Light 277-000401
  • Gustafson RV Ceiling Light # 277-000401 does not include bulbs but we offer both standard incandescent bulbs for it as well as power-saving high-efficiency LED types that will save precious trailer battery power. This light can use either a 912 or 921 basic incandescent type bulb or LED equivalent. For a soft-white LED option use part # AR50610. These LEDs will be brighter, create less heat, use less power and last longer than a regular bulb.
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  • Will Gustafson RV Chandelier 277-000290 Work with 12V Power
  • Yes, the Gustafson RV Chandelier # 277-000290 is intended for installation on a 12VDC power circuit in your RV. The light uses three bulbs, either a 912-type or a 921-type for flexibility, and the bulbs are included, as are the mounting screws. If you want to get the most light output with minimal power draw you can use an LED replacement bulb like # AR50610. This 912-type bulb offers 360-degree illumination and a soft white color. These LED bulbs use only a fraction of the power required...
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  • Replacement Lamp Shades for 1999 Fleetwood Bounder
  • I may have something that will work for you, but RV manufacturers do not offer OEM parts catalogs, so we can't know exactly what lamp shade came on your RV. While we don't have a lamp shade that matches your dimensions exactly, we do have several different sizes and styles available that might work for you. We do have a few round ceiling shades such as Item # 277-000279 and Item # 277-000329. The first is 9-1/4" diameter x 6-1/4" tall. The second is 12" diameter x 7" tall, so your light...
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  • Gustafson Puck Light Brightness Compared to Bright Ideas Puck Light Brightness
  • The two lights are going to be about the same brightness with the edge going to the part # 277-000119 which puts out 225 Lumen and the part # 277-000342 putting out 200. The number of diodes is a factor as well as the brightness of each one.
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  • Weight of Gustafson RV Pendant Light # 277-000415
  • The Gustafson RV Pendant Light # 277-000415 referenced in your question weighs just about 8 pounds. The light will simply bolt to the ceiling using the 2 mounting holes on its base. The bolts are NOT included but other than that nothing else will be needed to mount the base to the ceiling of your Forest River Cottage.
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  • How Does Gustafson RV Reading Light Adjust at the Base?
  • The Gustafson RV Reading Light, which comes in Satin Nickel # 277-000334, Black # 277-000335 and Antique Silver # 277-000336, has a round base, so it can be adjusted in any way you desire to help you read. It uses LED bulbs, has a color temperature of 3,200 Kelvin and is not really comparable to either a flood light or spot light; as a reading light it offers enough brightness to allow you to pick up your favorite material and read with ease.
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  • Can the Gustafson RV Puck Light # 277-000343 be Used to Replace QAI RSBF3NN-008 Lights
  • I tried looking up info on your model light but I couldn't find anything online. The Gustafson RV Puck Light # 277-000343 has an overall diameter of 3-1/2" and it is 1-1/4" tall. The base dimensions are 2-1/8" diameter x 3/4" tall while the 3 mounting holes are spaced 2-1/4" apart on center. If you remove your current light and it has the same specs then this light will work great as a replacement! Simply wire the black wire to 12V power and then the white wire to ground and you are...
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  • 5 inch LED Recessed Puck Light Recommendation
  • The Gustafson RV Puck Light # 277-000341 is going to be a very bright option that would work well for you. It is 5 inches in diameter and has 18 LED diodes so it will produce quite a bit of light. I attached a review video for this light for you to check out as well.
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  • Lumen Rating of Gustafson RV Ceiling Light # 277-000330-331
  • The 6 watt LED light in RV ceiling light # 277-000330-331 can produce approximately 375 lumens.
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  • Needing a Replacement LED Light Bulb For a Gustafson RV Pendant Light
  • The replacement bulb for the Gustafson RV Pendant Light, # 277-000307, is # DG52622VP. This LED bulb is a 360-degree bulb that will put out a soft white light with a brightness of 215 lumens.
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  • Replacement Parts for RV Lights and LED Type Bulb Replacements
  • We do offer some replacement parts for RV lighting products from Gustafson, items like bulbs an shades, but not parts like sockets and wiring. These can be sourced from a local electrical or lighting supply. Gustafson does not offer such items to consumers since they do not expect their customers to be doing more than installing a light in place of another. You may well find it is actually more cost-effective just to replace the whole fixture than to go through the trouble of finding...
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  • How to Wire the Gustafson RV Vanity Light Part # 277-000324
  • In order to wire the Gustafson RV Vanity Light part # 277-000324 to an electrical switch on an RV you will first want to obtain a few items: wire stripers, wire nuts, and electrical tape. Once you have these three items you can begin to install the vanity lights. There are two wires coming from the back of each light on this vanity light for a total of 6 wires. One is for the ground and the other is for the power. You will want to begin by attaching one wire from each light to one another....
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  • Recommended Pendant Light for Over The Bar
  • The pendants you see in many photos of the 2013 Forest River Sandpiper 355RE are the Gustafson RV Pendant Light Cobblestone Art Glass # 277-000307 or the Gustafson RV Pendant Light Sand Spot Glass # 277-000314 depending on your preference for the shade. Both will have a warm orange look.
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  • Length of the Gustafson Short RV Pendant Light # 277-000303
  • I went out to the warehouse to measure the Gustafson Short RV Pendant Light # 277-000303 and found it to be 11-5/8" long.
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  • Soft White LED Light Recommendation for Gustafson RV Ceiling Light # 277-000276-277
  • The Gustafson RV Ceiling Light # 277-000276-277 requires 1076 lights that are not included. For a soft white light that fits style you'd want the part # DG52622VP and you'd be set.
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  • Replacement for Broken RV Pendant Light Fixture
  • The Gustafson RV Pendant Light - Satin Nickel - Cobblestone Art Glass # 277-000307 does not have replacement parts, but the outside of the metal ring where the glass fits is 1.85 inches diameter. If you want to replace the glass, I recommend the Glass Globe for Pendant Light - Riviera Swirl # 324-000091 which isn't the same as the cobblestone art glass, but will give you a similar style. There will be some slight modifications needed as the glass is 1.94 inches at the outside of the top...
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  • Can LED Light Bulbs be Used in Gustafson RV Vanity Light - Satin Nickel - 3 Light Item # 277-000319
  • Gustafson RV Vanity Light - Satin Nickel - 3 Light Item # 277-000319 takes three 9019 bulbs such as # 277-000321 or # 277-000320. If you can find LED bulbs in the 9019 style you can use them.
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  • Replacement 3 Inch Recessed Lights For 2011 DRV Elite Suites 5th Wheel Trailer
  • We don't have just the glass, but we do have the 3 inch recessed lights with LED like # 277-000343 you mentioned which would be nice replacement options for the entire fixture. We don't have a 3 inch halogen fixture option, only a 2 inch halogen option that wouldn't fit your application. My recommendation is to upgrade your fixtures to the LED fixtures that draw less power and fit your recessed cavity. I've attached videos of these options for you.
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  • Types of RV Interior Lights Compatible with Dimmer Switch
  • Most incandescent (standard) bulb and halogen bulb fixtures will work with most dimmer models but lights using LED elements typically do not work with dimmers. LED bulbs either dim insufficiently, flicker, or they don't light at all when fed power through a dimmer switch. Compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs can only work with dimmers if the bulbs are specifically labeled as “dimmable”. Regular CFL bulbs will not work with a dimmer. Dimmable CFLs may work with some incandescent and halogen...
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  • Availability of Weathered Copper Gustafson Sidewall RV Light for 12 Volt Power Source
  • I have a solution for you, but the part # 277-000227 will only work with 120 volt power sources. So instead you'd want the # 277-000214 which is designed for 12 volt power like what you have. It's also has the same base design and pattern as the light you mentioned.
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  • Replacement RV Interior Reading Style Light Recommendation
  • Email me back with the picture you have and I'll take a look.
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  • Recommended Round 10 Inch Diameter Interior Light for a Houseboat
  • For a replacement round 10" diameter interior light for your houseboat, I recommend taking a looking at the Gustafson RV Ceiling Light w/ Glass Shade part # 277-000400-331 for a black base or part # 277-000330-331 for a nickel base. The Gustafson RV Ceiling Light has an on/off switch on the light in addition to having the capability of being wired to a wall mount switch. The lamp contain 30 LED's which will give you the warm white light you are searching for. These two options are the...
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