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Expert Answers about Greystone

  • Greystone Electric RV Fireplace to Replace Part WF2613R
  • According to the results of my research the Greystone RV fireplace WF2613R is a curved 26-inch model with remote control. We do offer this as part # 277-000394, the item you referenced.
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  • Replacement Fireplace for Greystone Model WF2613R
  • If you like your Greystone WF2613R then you just need part # 277-000394 as a replacement. It is the same 26" curved electric fireplace. Aside from the controller there are no replacement parts so you need to replace the whole unit. It features 9 flame intensities, thermostatically controlled heat from 65 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and installs in an opening that is 26-1/8" wide x 20-1/2" tall x 6-1/2" deep. I have attached a review video for you to check out.
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  • What Are the Body Dimensions of the Greystone Fireplace with Logs Part # 324-000067
  • I went out to our warehouse and measured the Greystone Curved Electric Fireplace with Logs part # 324-000067 for you. The body of the fireplace excluding the front trim piece is 25" wide x 20-1/2" tall. The body of the fireplace including the front trim piece is 27-1/4" wide x 21-1/4" tall. Therefore, the fireplace will fit but there will be a bit of gap from either the top or bottom depending how how you mount it. I recommend just making a trim piece for this as this is going to be the...
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  • Recommended Replacement for Greystone Electric Fireplace Model WF2613L
  • I may have a solution for you, however the exact model WF2613L Greystone Electric Fireplace that you mentioned in your question is no longer available. I spoke with my contact at Greystone and he stated that the Greystone 26 Inch Curved Electric Fireplace # 277-000394 will work nicely as a replacement unit. This 26 inch curved electric fireplace includes a remote control with 9 flame intensities. It measures 26-1/8 inches wide, 20-1/2 inches tall, and 6-1/2 inches deep.
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  • Differences Between Greystone Fireplaces # 277-000118 and # 277-000394
  • Heat-wise the # 277-000394 and # 277-000118 will produce the same. The difference is the # 277-000118 has a flat front and the # 277-000394 is round on the front. Aside from that they really have are going to be the same. The heater itself has 3 different setting but also has a thermostat that you can set to allow it to kick on and off.
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  • Greystone Fireplace Remote Replacement Availability
  • The Greystone remotes we carry are each designed for specific models of the Greystone fireplaces. The part # 277-000405 fits the # 277-000394. The part # 277-000133 fits the part # 277-000118.
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  • What Size Cutout Is Needed to Install Greystone Microwaves .9 Cubic Feet
  • The overall dimensions of the Greystone Microwave part # 324-000105 and # 324-000106 without the trim kit is 12" H X 19" W X 14 5/8" D. That means you'd need a cutout larger than 12 inches tall and 19 inches wide. What you mentioned having would work well.
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  • Recommendation For Greystone Electric Fireplace With Remote Control
  • According to my research, the Greystone electric fireplace WF2613R is a curved 26-inch model. The replacement we carry is a 26-inch Greystone Curved Electric Fireplace with a Remote Control, Item # 277-000394. It has thermostatically controlled heat, 9 flame intensities, and comes with a 1-year warranty.
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  • Greystone Electric Fireplace Thermostat Setting
  • You need to hit the button on the fireplace that has the waves on it till it shows the auto function, this will be the third selection. From there you hold the button down until it beeps. This is where you'll be able to set the temperatures the fan comes on and off for.
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  • Will Greystone 26" Curved Electric Fireplace with Logs # 324-000067 Replace Intertek EF-30B
  • For your cutout that measures 25.5 inch wide, 20.875 inch high and 7.5 inch deep the Greystone 26" Curved Electric Fireplace with Logs # 324-000067 that you referernced would fit and work well.
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  • Manual Buttons on Greystone Fireplace Do Not Work and TV Remote Turns on Fireplace
  • This is strange to say the least! The remote for the entertainment center must use the same frequency as the fireplace. It is possible that the signal from that remote is somehow blocking the operation of the buttons on the fireplace as if a button on the remote is being held. The first thing I would do is take the batteries out of the remote you have so that if it is a signal from the remote causing interference it will stop. Then I would unplug the fireplace for a few minutes. Removing...
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  • Recommended Electric Fireplace for RV Cabinet Dimensions
  • There is not a perfect fit, as all the fireplaces do require different dimensions and the RV cabinets will need a little minor retrofit to make the fireplaces work. My recommendation is the Greystone 26" Electric Fireplace with Crystals - Recessed Mount - Black # 324-000069. This fireplace requires a cut-out that is 25-1/8" wide x 5-7/8" deep x 20-7/16" tall. The outer flange will make the product a total of 27-7/8" wide x 6-1/4" deep x 21-3/4" tall. It sounds like to get the perfect...
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  • Will Greystone Electric Fireplace fit in 28" Wide x 23" Tall Opening?
  • The electric fireplaces are simple to use, requiring only that they fit and that you have a 15 amp outlet. The choice of a curved model is really a style choice, because there is no difference between the curved Greystone # 277-000394 and the flat Greystone # 277-000118. Each of them will fit in the width and height of your cabinet; the only other measurement you will need to take is the depth. It will need to be at least 7 inches or the fireplace to work. It isn't overly heavy, with...
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  • How to Change from Fahrenheit to Celsius on Greystone Electric Fireplace 277-000118
  • Please refer to the linked review video at the 7:35-minute mark for details on the operation of the Greystone Electric Fireplace # 277-000118. The button with the vertical wave symbol is used to control several adjustments, including the choice of Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature display. That button should be held down to make the change. Please also refer to the linked image.
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  • Electric Fireplace Recommendation for 26-3/4 Wide x 23 Tall x 9 Deep Opening
  • For your dimensions the best fit is going to be the Greystone 23" Electric Fireplace with Logs # 324-000136 which has overall measurements of 25-5/8" wide x x 21-11/16" tall x 8-1/2" deep and would fit in the opening that you . It has the wood burning log look that you were asking for and a temperature range of 65-95 degrees Fahrenheit.
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  • How to Turn on Greystone Electric Fireplace
  • The 26" Greystone Electric Fireplace # 277-000118 can be turned on with the included remote control or by a panel on the top of the fireplace. As you can see in the linked video review, the first button will be the power button and you can control the heat settings (the fan) from that panel or the remote control.
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  • Replacement For Graystone RV Fireplace #WF2613R
  • I reached out to my contact at Greystone, they advised me that the WF2613R RV fireplace is a curved 26-inch model with remote control. The # WF2613R part is the same as part # 277-000394 at etrailer.com. The overall dimensions are 28" wide x 9" deep x 21" tall. The installation opening dimensions are 26-1/8" wide x 20-1/2" tall x 6-1/2" deep.
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  • Replacement Remote for Greystone WF2613L Fireplace
  • For your Greystone model WF2613L fireplace, the correct replacement remote is the part # 277-000405. We have confirmed this with the manufacturer. This will work perfectly with your existing fireplace.
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  • Replacement for Sylvania Microwave SR-11092B in 2007 Keystone Trailer
  • I looked up the dimensions of your Sylvania Microwave SR-11092B (12-1/4" tall x 20" wide x 13" deep) and compared them to that of the Greystone Microwave part # 324-000105 (12" tall x 19" wide x 14-5/8" deep). I believe this microwave will indeed be the correct replacement for your Keystone trailer so long as you have 1-5/8" of extra space behind your old microwave for the new one to slide back. You would need to use the new bezel, not your old one.
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  • Difference Between Greystone Fireplace Models 277-000394 and 324-000067
  • Both of the Greystone fireplaces you mentioned are very similar with only minor dimensional differences. Aside from that they'd function the same. # 277-000394 has overall dimensions: 28" wide x 9" deep x 21" tall # 324-000067 has overall dimensions: 27-1/4" wide x 21-1/4" tall x 7-1/2" deep
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  • Recommended 26 Inch Fireplace for RV and Review of Functions
  • The Greystone 26" Curved Electric Fireplace with Remote Control # 277-000394 is the factory part number F2611E. This unit uses 3 40 watt bulbs and it has 9 settings for dimming. The lights do not turn completely off with the unit in use, but the bulbs are dimmable for your preferences. The top right corner has buttons just like the remote control to allow you to utilize the functions. I've attached a video to assist with each function. Replacing the bulbs with LED's will most likely...
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  • Overall Dimensions of 26" Greystone Electric Fireplace with Remote Control Item # 277-000118
  • The overall dimensions of 26" Greystone Electric Fireplace with Remote Control Item # 277-000118 are 28" wide x 7" deep x 21" tall. So from outside to outside of the entire unit it is 28 inches. If you subtract the frame/trim it is 26 inches. I have linked a video that covers some additional measurements for you.
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  • Square Feet and BTU Heat Output of 26" Greystone Electric Fireplace # 277-000118
  • The output for the 26" Greystone Electric Fireplace with Remote Control # 277-000118 that you referenced ranges from 2,625 BTUs at the low setting and 5,250 BTUs at the high setting. The amount of BTU needed for a room is based on the square feet. 400 up to 450 requires 10,000 BTU 450 up to 550 requires 12,000 BTU 550 up to 700 requires 14,000 BTU 700 up to 1,000 needs 18,000 BTU So on the max setting the heater you mentioned can do up to 210 square feet.
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  • Recommended Wall Mounted Fireplace in 36 Inch or 32 Inch for Flush Mount Not Recessed Mount
  • The Greystone 36" Electric Fireplace with Crystals - Wall Mount - Black - LED Side Lights # 324-000080 does have the heat blower on the front like all of the Greystone fireplaces do whether recess mounted or wall mounted. We have the 32 inch version if you want the smaller one. It is the Greystone 32" Electric Fireplace with Crystals # 324-000076 which can be wall mounted or recess mounted according to my contact at Greystone. It comes with the hardware for whether option.
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  • Troubleshooting Greystone Fireplace Button Malfunction in 2016 Forest River Surveyor Trailer
  • The only replacement parts offered for the Greystone Fireplaces are the replacement remote controls. If you have a functional remote with the unit, then you will still be able to utilize your heater. However, if your unit does not have a remote or the remote feature will not work in the unit's current state, then you will need to replace the unit. On this unit there is a toggle switch on the top left. This manual operation controls heat, heat with light, and then remote. If this...
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  • How Much Clearance is Needed for the Vents on a Greystone Electric Fireplace
  • The Greystone 36" Electric Fireplace with Crystals part # 324-000083 does indeed have a fan/blower that pushes warm air out which is located on the front in the rectangular opening above the glass. There are also two large rectangular vents on the back of the unit that will need to be at least 1" away from any obstructions. I have attached a photo to assist with the locations of the vents.
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  • How To Change Greystone Fireplace Temperature From Celsius To Fahrenheit
  • I contacted the manufacturer and talked to their technical support. They said that if you hold the "heat" button 3 to 5 seconds until you hear a beep then it will switch back to Fahrenheit. We have also heard from other customers that some models will change from Celsius to Fahrenheit by holding down the power button for 3 to 5 seconds. You probably already viewed our video but it also covers temperature setting at about the 7:35 minute mark if you want some more details on the...
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  • Heating Capacity of Greystone Electric Fireplace # 277-000118
  • The Greystone Electric Fireplace # 277-000118 referenced in your question ranges from 2,625 BTUs at the low setting to 5,250 BTUs of output at the high setting. This means the fireplace will do a nice job of heating an area of around 150 square feet at its highest setting. I have attached a short video demonstration on this product that you can also check out.
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  • Greystone Fireplace Heat Will Not Stay On
  • If your Greystone Fireplace such as # 277-000394 is not maintaining its heating you will want to check your temperature setting because it is thermostatically controlled. Also take a look at the vents on top of the unit because clogged, dirty or impeded vents will cause it to shut down as well due to overheating, which can happen rather quickly. If the temperature setting is correct and there are no ventilation issues then the thermostat may be faulty in which case you would need to replace...
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  • Is Greystone 32" Electric Fireplace with Logs, # 324-000072, Thermostatically Controlled
  • Yes, Greystone 32" Electric Fireplace with Logs, # 324-000072, has an auto feature activated by pressing the heater button 3 times.
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