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Replacement Automotive Lighting

Whether you need to replace a burned-out bulb or you simply want to upgrade the lighting you already have, we carry a full line of halogen bulbs, LED bulbs, and custom light kits that are up to the task.

Halogen Lights

Halogen bulbs are among the most common type of replacement bulbs for headlight and fog light applications. Because they feature a basic filament design, they can fit almost any vehicle. Unlike traditional tungsten bulbs, halogens are capable of emitting more light at the same wattage or less. As a result, halogen bulbs will last longer, use less power, and emit more light.
Halogen Bulb
Halogen Headlights on Vehicle


Replacing your vehicle's headlamp/headlight bulbs is easy. Just determine the bulb type needed by looking either in your owner's manual or on the factory bulb itself. Then the only thing you have to do is choose the color.
White Headlights
White Headlights
  • Cool, blue tint adds some dimension to otherwise white light
  • Maintains overall look of vehicle
  • Improves driver visibility and increases awareness
Blue Headlights
Blue Headlights
  • Emits rich, blue-tinted light
  • Lends HID (High Intensity Discharge) look to your vehicle. (HID lamps emit a bluish white light that are typical of high-end vehicles. These lights cannot be used with traditional, filament-type bases. Nitro Blue halogen bulbs offer a great, cost-effective alternative to HID lamps, letting you in on this upscale trend.)
Yellow Headlights
Yellow Headlights
  • Puts off bright yellow light
  • Gives your vehicle show-car quality
  • Reduces glare in snow, rain or fog. The ability of yellow light to reduce glare in inclement weather has made yellow bulbs among the most popular for fog-light applications

LED Lights

Light Emitting Diodes or LED bulbs are quickly becoming standard features in a variety of automotive lighting applications. Ideal for use with interior lights, turn signals, reverse lights and accessory lights, LED bulbs are:
  • Longer lasting and more durable than other bulbs, with no filament or fragile tubing to break
  • Extremely energy efficient (considerably more light is produced per watt than with incandescent bulbs, while very little heat is produced)
  • Consistent in light output and color (full brightness is achieved in microseconds, and color is based on specific elements used, not filters that fade)
NOTE: All LED bulbs should be matched color of bulb to color of lens on the vehicle. If lens is clear, any color can be used. For example, a white LED behind a red lens will not be near as bright as a red LED behind a red lens.
LED Light
LED Replacement Bulbs
You can also replace the individual bulbs of certain lights on your vehicle as opposed to replacing the entire assembly. With replacement LED bulbs you can improve the lighting or simply change the look of interior lights, turn signals, brake and reverse lights.Note: If you are using LED bulbs in turn-signal applications, you will need to purchase a load-resistor kit to prevent hyperflashing .
LED replacement bulbs
LED Light Kits
LED kits are available for a variety of applications. These products are designed to fit specific vehicles - please consult the fitguide to find the kit that is right for you.
Light Kits
Dome Lights
  • Replace dull factory dome light
  • Improve visibility - easily read maps and find small cargo in dark glove box or center console
  • Flood interior with light for added security in dark parking lots and garages
dome lights
Third Brake Lights and Fender Marker Lights
  • Replace light assembly
  • Plug into existing connector - no additional wiring required
  • Include lasting LEDs and durable lens housing
Third Brake Lights
Off-Road Lights
  • Have plenty of light for off-roading, but may not comply with Department of Transportation guidelines for street usage, so be sure to check if the lights meet your specific needs
  • Improve visibility for outdoor activities even when you're not driving
  • Lights mount on the roof of your vehicle, behind the grille, or on the bumper for a rugged look
off road lights
Accessory Light KitsOff-Road Use vs. Street LegalMany aftermarket replacement bulbs - both halogens and LEDs - are listed as being "for off-road use only" because they do not necessarily comply with all the guidelines set forth by the US Department of Transportation. Often, this is because the color of light emitted is not deemed suitable or appropriate for street use. Sometimes it is because extensive testing on the particular type of bulb - halogen, LED, HID - has not yet been conducted with respect to the intended application. Please see the individual product number to determine DOT compliance. Updated by: Amber S, Jacob J Last Updated: 9/8/22

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