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TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade w Quick-Disconnects - Lower Overload Springs - Universal

TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade w Quick-Disconnects - Lower Overload Springs - Universal

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TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade w Quick-Disconnects - Lower Overload Springs - Universal Heavy Duty TLA7311
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Get improved handling with minimal sway and body roll. The StableLoad pads in this suspension enhancement kit feature quick-disconnects and a hinged design so you can easily return to your original ride. Specially treated drill bits included. Lowest Prices for the best vehicle suspension from TorkLift. TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade w Quick-Disconnects - Lower Overload Springs - Universal part number TLA7311 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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TorkLift Vehicle Suspension

  • TorkLift
  • Overload Pads
  • Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement
  • Heavy Duty

Get improved handling with minimal sway and body roll. The StableLoad pads in this suspension enhancement kit feature quick-disconnects and a hinged design so you can easily return to your original ride. Specially treated drill bits included.


  • Dramatically improves handling by pre-activating your vehicle's factory lower overload springs
    • Helps to evenly distribute weight, ensuring that truck stays level for better handling
    • Reduces side-to-side sway and body roll
  • Angled structure maximizes contact surface for more effective support
    • Tapered wedge fits between curved springs better than a flat pad
  • Adjustable design lets you modify each StableLoad to fit perfectly in the gap between your truck's rear springs
    • Wedge packs can be taken apart so you can remove one or more of the contact pads
  • Quick-disconnects let you easily return to original ride when you're not towing or hauling
    • Wedge pack is on a hinge mechanism so StableLoad can be pivoted in or out of engagement
    • 3/8" Ratchet extension and ratchet (not included) required for activation
  • Compatible with aftermarket air bag suspension upgrades
  • Simple, do-it-yourself installation
    • StableLoad units bolt onto the ends of each overload spring
    • Drilling may be required - specially treated, cobalt drill bits and specific instructions for drilling through springs included
  • Kit includes 4 StableLoad units and necessary hardware
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: lower overload leaf springs no wider than 3-3/8"
  • Lifetime warranty

Enhancing Factory Overload Springs

The lower factory overload springs on your truck are designed to help compensate for a large payload. When you are hauling a heavy load, your truck's standard leaf springs can't always counteract the weight of it. As a result, if you hit a bump when your suspension is fully loaded, the leaf springs will give and cause your truck to bottom out. The overload springs help keep this from happening by mounting beneath the leaf springs to provide points of contact for the stressed springs.

Gap Between Standard Leaf Spring and Lower Overload Spring

There is natural gap between your truck's standard leaf springs and its lower overload springs. This gap allows the upper leaf springs to flex a bit before making contact with the overload springs, but having this gap creates a situation where bounce (or jounce) often occurs. StableLoads are designed to fill the gap between your standard springs and your overload springs. This pre-activates the overload springs, ensuring that they are engaged from the start instead of engaging only when your leaf springs make contact, at which point you've probably already felt the jarring.

StableLoad Suspension Enhancement and Aftermarket Air Bags

By enhancing your lower overload springs in the way described above, you will notice less sway and body roll. This is due to the pre-loading effect of the StableLoads, which helps to better distribute the weight of your payload over the entirety of your factory suspension. This is the primary difference between StableLoads and many air bag overload systems.

With air bag suspension enhancement, the load in your truck is being taken on by the air bags. Air bags are designed to level your truck, and they operate as intended when they're under a normal load. But if you are hauling or towing a particularly heavy load, this type of suspension enhancement can create some problems. In order to get the correct amount of leveling and to ensure that your suspension won't bottom out, you will likely have to fill the air bags to a very high psi. Doing this effectively removes the load from your factory suspension. As a result, your truck's suspension is no longer able to operate as it was designed. This can lead to handling issues, such as porpoising, sway, or body roll.

If you currently have this problem with your air bag system, you can add StableLoads to your suspension and get the best out of both products. StableLoads are effective on their own, but they've also been tested with aftermarket air bag suspension systems. The two enhancements work particularly well together if you have a heavy payload. By installing StableLoads between your lower overload springs and your standard leaf springs, you are already adding support to your suspension to help prevent bottoming out, which air bags work to prevent as well. As a result, you won't have to fill the bags nearly as full, which means that they won't take as much of the load off of your factory suspension, thus allowing your suspension to function as designed - only better.

Quick Disconnect

TorkLift Fortress Propane Tank Lock

These StableLoads can be quickly and easily engaged and disengaged. The quick-disconnect design allows you to pivot the wedge pack - the piece that sits between the springs - in and out of position with a standard ratchet and 3/8" extension (not included). As a result, you can get a stable load when you're weighted down and then return to your regular ride when you're done hauling.

Tested and Proven Winner

TorkLift's StableLoads were tested against vehicles with no suspension enhancement and vehicles with air bags that were inflated to 100 lbs; and the results are clear. By adding StableLoads to your suspension your vehicle will ride smoother, causing less wear and tear on your suspension and tires. The trucks that were tested were loaded with 2,800 lbs. The degree of movement was then recorded, using an inclinometer, when the trucks encountered the 3 most common types of handling problems: side-to-side sway, porpoising, and body roll.

Preventing Side-To-Side Sway

Side-to-side sway is triggered when your vehicle encounters uneven ground, such as a pot hole, and the suspension gives way when it cannot counteract the weight of the heavy load being carried. This creates a side-to-side bouncing motion. As you can see in the graph above, air bags provide an advantage over no suspension upgrades. But the StableLoads offer dramatic improvement over both the standard suspension and the air bag suspension.

Preventing Porpoising

Porpoising is the rising and falling action your vehicle makes when driving over an object like a speed bump. Having too much bounce can make you feel like you're riding in the back of a school bus. As you can see in the graph, there is virtually no difference in porpoising between trucks with standard suspension systems and those with air bags. Only the StableLoad offers improvement for this type of problem.

Preventing Body Roll

Body roll occurs when your heavy load transfers unevenly as you navigate a turn, causing one side of your vehicle to lean dramatically. In some cases this can lead to your truck's tires coming off of the ground and it could even cause your vehicle to roll over if it is too top heavy. Again, according to the graph above, air bags offer no help with this problem. It is only with the StableLoads that stability improves.

A7311 Tork Lift Stable Load Suspension Enhancement with Cobalt Drill Bits

Item # TLA7311

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Video of TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade w Quick-Disconnects - Lower Overload Springs - Universal

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at Torklift's StableLoad rear suspension upgrade for lower overload springs. You can get this in a universal kit with part number TLA7311, or with the standard kit, part number TLA7310. These suspension stabilizers work in conjunction with your existing overload springs by making them come into contact with your leaf spring immediately, so that way you're always getting this extra load carrying benefit. Having your overload spring engaged all the time will help stiffen up your rear suspension. This will help improve handling because you won't have as much body roll. It'll also help your braking performance because you're going to have a more stable rear end and the weight can be properly transferred onto your front tires to have a good stop.

When going over bumps and potholes, you won't feel those as much and you won't get so much oscillation between the front and back.What's nice about these compared to airbags and upgraded jounce bumpers is these can be completely disengaged to return you to your factory feel. By pulling the cotter pin and the lock pin there, and this'll now rotate. Rotating it in this direction will disengage it because it's not contacting our leaf spring or our overload spring, so that puts us back to our factory setting. Pin can then be reinserted and this will hold it in the disengaged position. You can do this with each one and then you're back to your factory ride field.

The slanted edge on our wedges helps increase the amount of surface area between our leaf spring and our overload spring, as well as making it easier to engage and disengage our wedges.Another benefit of this suspension enhancement over air bags is being solid pieces of metal, it's gonna be a lot more reliable. Air bags have the tendency to where they can pop or develop leaks on the lines or fittings, where you don't have to worry about that with these. Another thing is that air bags can change pressure depending on temperature, so going from hot to cold can vary that and you'll have to adjust it. This is a lot less maintenance.What's also great about this suspension enhancement is it can be used in conjunction with jounce bumper or air bag systems. This way you'll get an extra point of suspension contact here between your frame and the top of your axle, but you're also going to get that extra suspension stiffening on the outside of your leaf springs.And this is one of the look like what's your universal kit installed.

We had to drill out a hole in each point and we've got our wedges in place providing freeload on our overload spring. The main difference between our standard kit and the universal kit is that the universal kit will require drilling in our leaf spring and our standard kit uses the preexisting holes that exist on some models' overload spring. You'll want to refer to our fit guide to verify if you need the standard or universal kit for your vehicle. The standard kit is as simple as popping this out and installing the hardware. And this is what your overload spring will look like if you don't have any preexisting holes.

This will require you to get our universal kit, which comes with carbide drill bits to drill out those holes.Our customer Fred wrote in. "This is the best towing improvement item I've ever purchased. We purchased a new 2018 Ford F-250 super crew with the 6.2 liter gas and had our load leveling anti-sway hitch professionally installed to tow our 2016 travel trailer. We towed the trailer for 1,550 miles on numerous trips and it was very uncomfortable. At first, I thought it was trailer sway, but soon realized it was the truck trying to point left or right or bouncing up and down every time we hit a dip or bump, no matter how slight. It was truly white knuckle driving. I searched for the problem and solutions and decided to try Torklift's StableLoad system. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. We could tell within a few blocks from home, the truck felt much more stable and on the highway it was like a different truck and trailer."And that completes our look at Torklift's StableLoad rear suspension upgrade for lower overload springs.

Customer Reviews

TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade w Quick-Disconnects - Lower Overload Springs - Universal - TLA7311

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (128 Customer Reviews)

Get improved handling with minimal sway and body roll. The StableLoad pads in this suspension enhancement kit feature quick-disconnects and a hinged design so you can easily return to your original ride. Specially treated drill bits included.

- TLA7311
2003 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty

This is the 3rd time I have purchased the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System. I have always been satisfied with the ease of installation and the effectiveness of these springs, whether I am pulling a tow behind trailer, a 5th wheel or carrying a load in my truck. The only thing I did different this time is I purchased the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System with the TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade. I will post a review on the complete purchase once I install these in addition to the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System. 671115

- TLA7311
2004 Dodge Ram Pickup

Having been in the auto/truck repair business for over 50 years, I thought this would be a good Idea so I tried it. I could have made my own but it would be a lot of cutting and drilling because it is so many pieces. I used it to add capacity so I could haul my camper that I purchased three states away and had to pick up. I used 2 of the 3 plates because there wasn’t enough room for three. It did very well like that but after I got back I added the 3rd plate figuring I could use the third one by just jacking the truck slightly before engaging. I thought all three woul be needed once the camper was full of water and gear. I am enclosing a picture of how ti drill the springs with using the vehicles own drill press (screw jack) for changing tires. I still need to test fully loaded and with all three plates in place. 560864

So far so good, I added the third plate and with grease and the air bags I can get it engaged. I also added one leaf Super Spring and VR front coils for a 3500 clone effect. I deflate the ait bags after I engage the overloads as they are too spongy. Fully loaded with built in generator and 46 gallons of water it sits about one inch higher in the back.
John - 09/04/2019


- TLA7311
2018 Ford F-250 Super Duty

This is the best towing improvement item I have ever purchased. We purchased a new 2018 Ford F-250 super-crew with the 6.2 gas and had our load leveling, anti-sway hitch professionally installed to tow our 2016 28' travel trailer. We towed the trailer for 1550 miles on numerous trips and it was very uncomfortable. At first I thought it was trailer sway, but soon realized it was the truck trying to point left or right or bouncing up and down every time we hit a dip or bump in the road, no matter how slight. It was truly white knuckle driving. I searched for the problem and solutions and decided to try the TorkLift StableLoad system. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. We could tell within a few blocks from home the truck felt much more stable and on the highway it was like a different truck and trailer. We just towed the trailer 856 miles and it was an incredibly easy and relaxing drive. I love that I can engage or disengage the devices so we don't have a stiff ride when not towing. If I ever install one again I will have someone else drill the spring leafs or at least rent the tool from the manufacturer. I ruined the 2 drills they sent almost immediately by not using enough pressure and using too much drill speed. Once I realized what I was doing wrong I was able to drill the holes using a floor jack to apply pressure as others have described and drilling at the slowest speed possible. Once the holes were drilled it was very easy to assemble and install the StableLoads. 558941

- TLA7311

Still great, really helps. Need to spray a little lube on them now and then. 628090

- TLA7311
2017 Chevrolet Cobalt

Naturally, the difficult part is drilling the overload springs. They are about 9/16" thick. The picture on eTrailers shows 4 cobalt bits, but came with 2. But, it turned out to be no big deal, since I was able to drill all 4 holes with one bit. I have a slow turning antique 1/2" drill that helped; after drilling 3 holes to dimple (not all the way thru), I didn't have enough arm left to drill the last one, so I employed a floor jack to push up. Worked well. The key is stopping every 5 - 10 seconds and dip the drill tip into motor oil. This works well in lieu of cutting oil. I would make the following changes for a 2017 Super Duty instructions. Drill the hole into the spring 1-1/2" in from the tip instead of 1" per instructions, this is for the rear of the leafs, the front still is at 1". The reason is there is a taper in the thickness near the tip, causing it to not sit firmly onto the spring. I also had to cut 1/2" off of the thin-headed 3/8" bolt for the front of the springs. Even with the rear jacked up and topping out the shocks there wasn't enough space to get it in. The rear worked without cutting. I am going to look for a different clip for the the "stored" pin. I don't think these will stay on. I think instructions could be better, especially in the planning of whether to mount inside or outside the spring stack. But, most of it is okay. I have not tested with the camper, but I am 99% sure it will make hauling the truck camper much better. I tested with temporary felling wedges, so I know it will help a bunch. By the way, I have Torklift tiedowns and Fastguns and love them. 444557

- TLA7311
2008 Dodge Ram Pickup

Works great. A little tight when you need to engage. Pin has to be perfectly lined up to lock in place. Reduces sway and sinking rear bed a lot. Hardly have any air in bags now. 407489

- TLA7311

Just finished installing all for torklift stable loads I was hoping it would solve my problem. I have a dodge 2500 diesel with a slide in camper. I’ve installed air bags,rancho 9000 shocks and then a Hellwig stabilizer. Running 80 lbs But it was still scary driving like you were on balloons and when a big rig goes by sucks truck over ,very unnerving with my family in vehicle. I drove truck with the new torklift stabilizes and dropped ten pounds each test I’m running 40 psi now in bags and I had a smile on my face as it’s so much more stable. I thought truck would sag but it did not very happy I didn’t think it would work Thanks so much by the way,camper loaded is 2950 lbs. 797192

- TLA7311

I love this product. It keeps my load running rigid as opposed to swaying back and forth. I have recommended this product to various friends. 5 stars! 765293

- TLA7311
Dodge Ram Pickup

The stable loads work as stated. They give a much better ride than expected. Ram 350 with Host mammoth aboard. 745335

- TLA7311

I have ordered from trailer multiple times and have worked with the customer service line to solve problems, they have always been knowledgeable and helpful. Great company! 703564

- TLA7311
2013 Dodge Ram Pickup

Used these on a 2013 Ram one ton dually hauling a 4500 lb truck camper. Truck also has airbags. Problem I had with the airbags when pressured up the truck would porpoise and had side to side sway. Install of the stable loads for me was four hours. The leaf spring was extremely hard to drill. I only needed one drill bit to do all four holes. Used a lot of oil. Using a little less pressure in the air bags (10 psi less) the sway and porpoise was greatly reduced. Giving me more security in the vehicle set up. I put these on just before a two week trip. I was so glad I did. 656637

- TLA7311

These StableLoads work great and were easy to install with no drilling. They significantly reduced the side to side rocking when my 3.6k lbs camper is mounted. They also helped to eliminate some of the angular momentum pitch when cornering. Definitely a big bang for the buck suspension mod. 595799

- TLA7311
Ford F-350 Super Duty

I installed TorkLifts on my F350 with a Host Mammoth and find I have very little sway even in a heavy crosswind. I highly recommend this product. 573664

Im very glad I installed the TorkLifts on my 350 Ford. Being top heavy, driving on different road surfaces I know my truck will handle the load without having to worry about it.
David T - 10/21/2019


- TLA7311

Works Great! makes my camper life way more stable. 463622

- TLA7311
2004 Nissan Xterra

The TorqLink load stabilizers I installed enabled me to carry a dual sport motorcycle on a hitch hauler with no problems on my 2004 Nissan Xterra. The vehicle drove almost like it was unloaded. I did have to remove the rear sway bar to fit the back load stabilizers, but the sway bar has little value anyway. I recommend this product. 455103

- TLA7311

Drilling the springs can be a challenge,but got it done. 452382

- TLA7311

Drilling the springs can be a challenge,but got it done. 452381

- TLA7311

Worth every penny to keep the truck stable. Without the special tool to drill the springs it was an extremely long, tiring process. I place a floor Jack under my drill to increase the pressure on the springs. That helped a lot, but still glad I only had to so it once. 423734

- TLA7311

Product arrived quickly with free shpg. Complete with instructions which I'll tackle bright and early Memorial Day weekend. Good price, good service. 385438

- TLA7311
2015 Dodge Ram Pickup

The Lower StableLoads work great on my 2014 RAM 3500 DRW. I use my truck to haul a 2015 Arctic Fox 990 slide-in truck camper. When loaded my truck is right at the GVWR of 14,000#. The Lower StableLoads now allow my truck to ride level where previously the rear of the truck was noticeably lower than the front. Note: the RAM (Dodge) required drilling the lower leaf-springs. TorkLift offers a tool to assist in the drilling of these holes - it was wonderful! If you need to drill your leaf-springs, borrow this tool. Note also: the tool is supposed to come supplied with 4 drill-bits, so you shouldn't need a separate set. I recommend you give TorkLift a call prior to ordering if you need to drill. 378788

- TLA7311
2007 Dodge Ram Pickup

It's not a silver bullet but does exactly what they were designed to do, engage the overload springs. They took up the first inch and half of sag when I loaded my camper, which was exactly what I wanted. Have a Dodge so had to drill holes in the overloads which is never fun. Easy to engage and disengage, not disappointed. 349895

- TLA7311
2008 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty

not impressed ---over rated for the pri ce. 275615

- TLA7311
2012 Ford F-350 Super Duty

Installed on 2003 F350 long bed with camper package. Drilling springs is challenging. Used a floor jack with a wood block and Milwaukee corded 1/2 drill at low speed and constant pressure with oil. Once drilled parts installed easily. Have driven about 12,000 miles in last year with 3,500 lb dry weight Artic Fox 990 truck camper. Lots of forest service, desert, and logging roads. Running Toyo E range tires. Stabiloaders keep rig level. Very stable on interstate. Would buy again. Torquelift makes fine product in USA. 247475

- TLA7311


- TLA7310

Review from a similar StableLoad in Vehicle Suspension

Was quite concerned when I went from an older F250 to a 2017 F150 in carrying my Truck Camper. The stable loads on the new truck gave me even greater stability and confidence than on my F250. Highly recommend them ! 654175

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Ask the Experts about this TorkLift Vehicle Suspension

  • Solution for Rear Sag on Nissan Frontier with Travel Trailer Hooked Up
    We do have a nice selection of suspension enhancement products available for your 2015 Nissan Frontier, such as the TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade # TLA7311 that you mentioned, however I'm not sure that any of them will provide you much more support than you are already getting with the Timbren Springs like # TTORTUN4L installed. Even though you said that you aren't really having any issues with sway or bounce, the best solution for the rear sag you are experiencing is with...
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  • Recommended Suspension Enhancement to Reduce Rear Sag on a 2013 Ram 3500 w/Truck Bed Camper?
    The StableLoad designed for your 2013 Dodge Ram 3500 SRW is part # TLA7311. The TorkLift StableLoads will help some with leveling the load but were designed to help stabilize it from body roll and side to side sway when hauling a heavy payload. If paired with a set of upper stabilizers it would increase the effectiveness of leveling the vehicle. Since you don't currently have an overload spring you could get the SuperSprings # SSA23, but if it were me, I would go with the Timbren...
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  • Is Drilling Needed to Install TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade on 2006 Ford F-350
    Drilling is required to install the TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade # TLA7311 in your 2006 Ford F-350 but this suspension upgrade is designed to be used with trucks like yours that have factory leaf springs and a lower overload spring. I have cut out a part of the linked installation manual which explains that "drilling holes in the overload springs (using part number A7311) in the same factory locations found on vehicles with pre drilled holes will have no affect on your...
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  • Recommended Suspension Enhancement to Improve Ride and Sag on 2012 Ram 2500
    Since one of your goals is to reduce sag I suggest the Timbren system. The TorkLift StableLoad # TLA7311 is mainly for creating smoother ride and to avoid sway and body roll. The Timbren springs will help with sag while towing and won't affect the ride of your 2012 Ram 2500 when it's not loaded. They become more rigid as the load increases to help prevent the truck from sagging. They also work independently to help with uneven loads that improves the overall ride and helps body roll,...
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  • Is Drilling Required to Install the TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade # TLA7311
    The TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade # TLA7311 that you referenced will require you to drill the leaf springs for installation. We do offer a few other solutions for your 2001 Dodge Ram that will allow you to install them without drilling into the leaf springs. You could use the SuperSprings Custom Suspension Stabilizer and Sway Control Kit # SSA25 if your have a 2500 or 3500. If, however, you have a 1500 then you can use part # SSA5MTKT instead. These stabilizers will supplement...
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  • Recommended TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade for 2015 Nissan Titan
    We offer one TorkLift rear-axle suspension kit for your 2015 Nissan Titan. Torklift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade Kit # TLA7311 fits both 2WD and 4WD versions of your 2015 Nissan Titan. This kit will pre-activate your Nissan Titan's factory lower overload springs to evenly distribute weight; the results are reduced side-to-side sway and body. The kit includes the 4 StableLoad units, hardware and also special drill bits for applications that require drilling.
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  • Recommended Air Ride Suspension Kit for 2014 Ram 2500 4WD
    The AirLift # AL57289 LoadLifter 5000 Air Helper Springs would work well for your 2014 Ram 2500 with the coil spring suspension. The suspension can be adjusted by adding or removing air as needed, from 5 - 100 psi. the kit has a 5000 lb capacity, but keep in mind it won't increase the weight bearing capacity of the vehicle in any way.
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  • Troubleshooting Gap Between TorkLift StableLoad Suspension Upgrade and Spring Pile
    I spoke with my contact at TorkLift regarding the StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade # TLA7311 that you recently installed on your Chevy Silverado. He does not recommend moving the stable load back at all, as this will have a negative effect on the overload spring. He also stated that you do not need to add any additional spaces. The 1/2 inch gap you still have is perfectly fine and the system will still be able to engage and provide suspension enhancement. How you currently have the...
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  • Recommendation to Reduce Sway on 2009 Chevy 3500 Dually
    The TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade, # TLA7311, that you referenced, is not compatible with your 2009 Chevy 3500 dually. We do, however, have a Roadmaster Front Anti-Sway Bar, # RM-1109-166, that will minimize sway and driver fatigue by improving the stability and driveability of your Chevrolet 3500. I confirmed with my contact at Roadmaster that these anti-sway bars are a fit with your Chevy truck. The bar on this sturdy, effective anti-sway system mounts to the front axle...
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  • Suspension Enhancement Recommendation for a 2013 Nissan Titan
    How much space do you have from the center of your coupler (where the hitch ball connects) to the end of your trailer frame? We do have some weight distribution (WD) systems that can be adjusted for shorter applications but I would need to know this distance and the weight of your loaded trailer before I can make a recommendation. For suspension enhancement on your 2013 Nissan Titan I recommend using the TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade # TLA7311 which engages your lower overload...
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  • Can Torklift StableLoads Fit with Aftermarket Sway Bar of 2014 Mercedes Benz Sprinter
    Yes, you can use the TorkLift StableLoads like part # TLA7311 with aftermarket sway bars. The two products are far enough away from each other they would not interfere in any way. While the picture I attached may not be a Sprinter like your 2014 model it does point out where the sway bar and Stableloads both install to give you an idea how far apart they are.
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  • Is Drilling Required to Install TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade on a 2014 Ram 3500
    Drilling is required to install TorkLift StableLoad # TLA7311 on a 2014 Ram 3500. Special cobalt drill bits are included to make drilling easier. The holes will need to be 3/8 inch diameter. If the holes are already that size on your truck you would not have to drill.
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  • Recommended Suspension Enhancement System for 2010 Hummer H3T with Aftermarket Lift
    The only suspension enhancement option available for a 2010 Hummer H3T with aftermarket lift is the TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade part # TLA7311 which is designed for factory leaf spring packs. The Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs part # AL59563 will not work for lifted applictions as there is no spacer for this smaller type of air spring. The Air Lift Spring Spacers for LoadLifter Air Helper Springs part # AL52420 won't work.
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  • Comparing the TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade Part TLA7311 and Part TLA7310
    The TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade part # TLA7311 is a universal kit therefore comes with drill bits for applications that require a hole to be drilled into the leaf spring. The 2016 Ram 3500 already has the hole pre-drilled for you therefore you won't need the drill bits so you can use the TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade part # TLA7310 instead assuming you have a 3500 model.
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  • Rear Suspension Kit for 2002 Toyota Tundra Access Cab 4WD with Slide-In Truck Camper
    The kind of suspension enhancement that will give you extra support under load but not alter your unloaded ride quality is a jounce spring kit like Timbren # TTORTUN4 or Super Springs # SSR-610-40. These kits are fairly easy to install, with no drilling required. Both products replace your factory bump stops and both provide progressive resistance as your load requires it, but otherwise do nothing to the unloaded ride quality.
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  • Suspension Enhancement Recommendation for a 2016 Ford F-150
    I have a great suspension enhancement system we can recommend for your 2016 Ford F-150 2WD, but the # TLA7311 is not a fit so I can not recommend it for you. Instead you would want the SuperSprings part # SSA28 which is a confirmed fit and will provide you with suspension support that also helps and acts like an anti-sway bar. Also there's no drilling for installation.
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  • TorkLift StableLoad Suspension Enhancement Recommendation for a 2007 Dodge Ram 2500
    The part number that is compatible with your old 2002 Chevy Silverado would have been the part # # TLA7310. Whereas the confirmed part number for your 2007 Dodge Ram is the # TLA7311 that you referenced. The two brackets are different so I would verify for sure that you have the correct system to install on your Ram. I did attach installation instructions for the # TLA7311 to the right for you to check out.
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  • TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade Recommendation For 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 4X4
    The TorkLift Rear Suspension Upgrade that is designed to fit your 2005 Silverado is part # TLA7310. This system will help reduce sway and body roll on your truck. It features quick disconnects with a hinged design so you can return your truck to the original ride when you want. The system you came from, part 3 TLA7311 is not designed as a fit for your truck.
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  • Torklift StableLoad Rear Suspension Enhancement Recommendation for 2012 Toyota Tundra 8.1 ft body
    For what you are looking for the TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade w Quick-Disconnects # TLA7311 would work great for your 2012 Toyota Tundra. According to tests by Torklift these reduced side to side sway, porpoising, and body roll on vehicles they were installed on when towing. They also were shown to have worked better than air suspension enhancement.
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  • Do SuperSprings Replace Factory Springs on 2019 Ford F-450 With Factory Upper Overload Springs
    Those are good questions, and the SuperSprings Custom Suspension Stabilizer and Sway Control Kit # SSA25 will not replace the factory springs on your 2019 Ford F-450, they work in tandem along with your springs, which will not be removed. These are absolutely going to improve your ride because they can be customized for your application whether that means you have a constant heavy load and need constant support or simply want to get a more balanced suspension if you tow or have a heavy...
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  • Suspension Enhancement Options for a 2004 Ford F-150 With Lower Overload Springs
    From the looks of the photo you have attached it appears you have a lower overload spring, not an upper overload spring that is required for the TorkLift StableLoad Suspension Upgrade for Upper Overload Springs part # TLA7200 to work. This kit will only fit models with the upper overload spring. Therefore no, they will not work on your 2004 Ford F-150. Instead you will need to use the TorkLift kit designed for lower overload springs such as the TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade...
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  • Can Firestone Airbags and TorkLift StableLoads Be Used Together on a 2013 Ram 2500
    Yes, the Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs part # F2299 will work with the TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade part # TLA7311 and or part # TLA7200 that you already have installed on your 2013 Ram 2500. It may also very well eliminate the need for them entirely because airbags in my opinion are the best suspension enhancement system on the market but they can still be used together if you wish. The ride however may be a tad bit less comfortable which is why I recommend you...
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  • Suspension Enhancement Recommendation for a 2008 Toyota Tundra with Gooseneck Hitch
    I do have a solution for you to add some suspension enhancement to your 2008 Toyota Tundra but unfortunately there are no air bag kits that will fit with the Curt Double Lock Underbed Gooseneck Hitch # C60751 or any other gooseneck/5th wheel hitch on the 6-1/2' bed of your pickup. There are 2 different suspension enhancements that you can utilize and since they are both excellent products it all depends on if you are okay with drilling or not. The TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension...
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  • Suspension Enhancements for a 2017 Toyota Tacoma with Firestone Airbags
    I do have a suspension enhancement option for your 2017 Toyota Tacoma that is compatible with the Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs part # F2407, however, the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System part # TTORTUN4L and the Roadmaster Active Suspension Kit part # RAS4514-SAT will not work. In order to use a set of suspension enhancements with your currently installed Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs, I recommend the TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade part # TLA7311...
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  • Recommendations to Help With Squat While Towing a 6,500 lb Trailer with a 2018 Toyota Tundra
    When adding suspension upgrades that replace the jounce bumpers on any vehicle it is hard to beat the SumoSprings because we have found that they have the least amount of impact when your vehicle isn't loaded. For your 2018 Toyota Tundra I recommend using the Solo Custom Helper Springs # SSR-610-54 which will offer support for up to 2,000 lbs. For suspension enhancement that has the absolute least amount of impact on your ride quality while not towing I recommend the TorkLift StableLoad...
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  • Differences in Torklift StableLoad Systems And Will They Replace Airbags
    I wouldn't say that the TorkLift StableLoad Suspension Upgrade w Quick-Disconnect # TLA7310S takes the place of an airbag system and they can definitely be used together with a system like the Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs # F2605. This StableLoad kit simply engages your overload springs sooner, which will help reduce sway. Some differences between these solutions are that airbags are easily adjustable and can adjust side to side to support off center loads. The StableLoads...
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  • Difference Between the Two Torklift StableLoad Suspension Enhancements for 2009 Ford F-250
    As far as the reduction of body roll and sway the # TLA7200 and # TLA7311 will both provide about the same amount of improvement. The difference is that the # TLA7311 allows you to easily unhook the system so that you can go back to the stock ride quality if needed. So you can activate it when you are carrying your camper and then deactivate if and when you remove it and don't need the stiffer ride. If you would plan on leaving the system installed at all times the # TLA7200 would then...
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  • Should Ride-Rite and TorkLift StableLoad be Installed on 2019 Ford F-450 for 5th Wheel Towing
    Since your 2019 Ford F-450 Super Duty is a dually and you are planning to tow 2020 New Horizons Majestic 5th wheel trailer (which has a much more stable connection than a travel trailer) you won't need to be concerned with sway especially since you plan on installing the Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs # F2604. I do recommend installing an air compressor kit as well so that you can easily adjust the air bags as needed while you are out traveling and you don't have to hunt down...
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  • Compairng Lower Overload Spring Pads to Airbags for Suspension Enhancement on 2004 Ford F-350
    Both the StableLoad pads for the lower overload springs, part # TLA7311, or an air bag kit, like part # F2550 that fits your 2004 Ford F-350 dually, are compatible with the StableLoad bump stops, part # TLA7200. Which I recommend depends on how often your truck has the camper and is towing the boat. Or at least how frequently you switch between having the truck loaded to not loaded. The airbags are the easiest and most adjustable option for suspension enhancement available. They're...
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  • Why Do the TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade Kits have Different Prices
    The TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade kits, # TLA7310 and # TLA7311 have different applications. First, # TLA7310 is specifically designed for 2009 to 2010 Ford F-150, 2011 Chevy 2500HD long and short beds and Z71 models. And kit # TLA7311 fits any truck with a bottom overload leaf spring. I have included a link to the installation details for each part for you. Custom fit parts such as # TLA7310 tend to cost more than more universal type parts such as # TLA7311.
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