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Ultimate Trailer Jack - A-Frame - Topwind - 27-1/2" Lift - 2,000 lbs

Ultimate Trailer Jack - A-Frame - Topwind - 27-1/2" Lift - 2,000 lbs

Item # 322-RDJ-2K
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Trailer Jack
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Ultimate Trailer Jack - A-Frame - Topwind - 27-1/2" Lift - 2,000 lbs 2000 lbs 322-RDJ-2K
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Just pull the easy-to-access pin on this jack to drop the entire jack tube down for quick, easy adjustment. No drop leg needed. Seven height settings offer up to 12" of drop. Topwind handle allows for an additional 15-1/2" of screw travel. Lowest Prices for the best trailer jack from Ultimate Jack. Ultimate Trailer Jack - A-Frame - Topwind - 27-1/2" Lift - 2,000 lbs part number 322-RDJ-2K can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Ultimate Jack Trailer Jack - 322-RDJ-2K

  • A-Frame Jack
  • 2000 lbs
  • Topwind Jack
  • No Drop Leg
  • Standard A-Frame Jack
  • Bolt-On
  • Weld-On
  • Ultimate Jack
  • 28 Inch Lift
  • No Wheel or Foot

Just pull the easy-to-access pin on this jack to drop the entire jack tube down for quick, easy adjustment. No drop leg needed. Seven height settings offer up to 12" of drop. Topwind handle allows for an additional 15-1/2" of screw travel.


  • Utility jack lets you raise and lower your A-frame trailer
  • 7 Height settings allow for fast, easy positioning - no blocks or drop leg needed
    • Lower the jack from the mounting bracket to get up to 12" of lift
    • Manually crank the jack to achieve up to an additional 15-1/2" of travel
  • Jack retracts to be flush with bottom of trailer frame
    • Eliminates risk of damaging hang-ups or snags while traveling
    • Can also be entirely removed from mount to provide clearance above frame for easy access to vehicle's rear hatch
  • Low-friction ball screw minimizes resistance to reduce wear, noise, and heat
    • Ball bearings roll smoothly through threads of jack screw - no direct, friction-inducing contact
  • Steel construction is durable
  • Zinc finish resists corrosion
  • Topwind handle allows for simple cranking
    • Handle radius is approximately 6-3/4" from center of mount to the outer edge of handle
  • Mounting bracket can be welded or bolted on
  • Footplate or caster assembly sold separately


  • Bracket height:
    • 1-3/4" with the jack fully retracted and the collar at the lowest setting
    • 29-1/4" with the jack fully extended and the collar at the highest setting
  • Total lift: 27-1/2"
    • Travel by cranking the handle: 15-1/2"
    • Drop tube: 12" - adjusts in increments of 2"
  • Mounting bracket hole spacing (center on center): 3" x 3-1/4"
  • Inner tubing diameter: 2"
  • Outer tubing diameter: 2-1/4"
  • Clearance from bottom of bracket to top of handle mount: 7-1/4" x 19-1/4"
  • Lift capacity: 2,000 lbs
  • Support capacity: 3,000 lbs
  • 1-Year limited warranty

The Ultimate Trailer Jack has a wide range of adjustability and it is easy to use, making it a dependable choice for your A-frame trailer. Its adjustable design allows for maximum clearance, drastically reducing the potential for damaging hang-ups. The jack also features an outer tube that extends to provide extra lift. This removes the need for common space fillers while providing a sturdy base of support. With this jack, the hassle of dealing with drop legs, bulky blocks, or heavy bricks is a thing of the past.

Maximum Clearance - No Bent Tubes, Snags, or Hang-ups

Ultimate Jack Fully Retracted

The Ultimate Trailer Jack has a compact profile that allows the jack to remain flush with the trailer frame when it's retracted. This prevents the jack from catching on uneven terrain while you tow, protecting both the jack and the trailer from damage. No longer do you have to worry about bending a jack on a back road or in an unmaintained parking lot.

Oftentimes, damage from snags and hang-ups occurs because the jack isn't fully retracted. It can be difficult to see if a standard jack is fully retracted because only the inner tube extends down for use. This means that the height of the visible portion of the jack, which sits above the trailer frame, doesn't change when the jack is extended. As a result, it can be easy to overlook whether or not the jack is still extended.

The Ultimate Trailer Jack offers a simple solution for this. If the jack is raised above the trailer frame, it is in the stowed position. If the outer tube is not visible above the trailer frame, then you know that the jack is still in the support position, and it must be retracted and raised before you can hit the road.

Fast, Easy Setup with No Blocks, Bricks, or Drop Leg

Ultimate Trailer Jack Mounting Bracket

Once you have arrived at your destination, setting up is a breeze with the quick-release jack tube on the Ultimate Trailer Jack. Dropping the outer tube will give you up to 12" of lift to ensure solid contact with the ground. The ability to drop the jack tube removes the need for space fillers like blocks, bricks, or a drop leg when using the jack.

The outer tube also provides a sturdy alternative to a standard drop leg. Traditional drop legs average about 1-3/4" in diameter. But the outer tube of this jack measures 2-1/4" in diameter. The result is a base that is far sturdier and more stable than that of a standard drop leg jack.

Ultimate Trailer Jack Outer Tube Drop Extended

On a standard drop leg jack, the release pin is tucked away under the trailer frame. The release pin on this jack is conveniently located right above the mount for easy access. In addition, the pin on this jack is spring-loaded so that you don't have to remove the pin to drop the tube. Instead, just remove the clip from the quick-release pin and grab the built-in, easy-to-grip handle. With a firm grip on the jack post, pull on the pin handle and then rotate it 180 degrees. Lower the post to the desired position and rotate the pin handle back to lock the outer tube in place.

Ultimate Trailer Jack Full Extension Support

Once you've dropped the jack tube into the desired position, you can get up to an additional 15-1/2" of lift by cranking the jack. When you are ready to pack up and hit the road again, hitch the trailer back up to your vehicle, retract the jack's inner tube using the crank, and reposition the jack back up into the mount so that the bottom is flush with your trailer's frame.

To maximize stability, outfit the jack with an industry-standard caster or footplate (sold separately).

Smooth, Low-Friction Operation

The jack screw of the Ultimate Trailer Jack is built with ball bearings that roll smoothly along the threads of the screw shaft and the nut. This eliminates direct surface-to-surface contact within the screw. This produces far less friction along the threads, leading to a reduction in heat and wear, as well as noise. The overall result is a jack that can be raised and lowered faster, smoother and more efficiently, and with less effort.

RDJ-2K The Ultimate Trailer Jack - A-Frame - Weld On or Bolt On - Topwind - 27-1/2" Travel - 2,000 lbs

Video of Ultimate Trailer Jack - A-Frame - Topwind - 27-1/2" Lift - 2,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Ultimate Jack A-Frame Trailer Jack Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the ultimate A frame trailer jack, part number 322-RDJ-2K. The ultimate trailer jack with drop leg makes coupling and uncoupling your trailer easy. Simply pull the pin, operate the lever, drop it down until it snaps into place and you're set.Here you can see we're hooked up and ready to go. Instead of winding up the whole jack, just simply take the weight off of it, pull out the lever, raise it up, and you're set. Another great feature with leg in its full dropped position, you can stow the handle and depending on your trailer or your vehicle, you may be able to get access to your truck bed or rear hatch. With it in its highest position, we've got maximum ground clearance.

So we don't have to worry about tearing up our jack, foot or wheel.It has seven height settings two inches apart for 12 inches of drop. When operating the manual crank, you get up to 15 and a half inches of travel. The inner tube diameter is two inches, so it'll work with accessories such as foot plates or wheels. And these are not included. It features a top line stowable handle.

From the center of the jack to the outside, it measures six and 3/4 of an inch. With it fully extended, from the top of the bracket to the top of the handle measures 19 and a quarter inches.With it full dropped, that measurement is seven and a quarter inches. It has a lift capacity of 2,000 pounds and a support capacity of 3,000 pounds. So you'll want to sure that the jack handle your trailer. Between the leg dropped and the travel fully extended out, we get a total lift of 27 and a half inches.

The inside of the jack is built with ball bearings, so it's going to roll and perform a lot smoother than most jacks. You don't have to worry about noise or any binding up. The overall result is you're going to be able to smoothly and more efficiently raise and lower your jack with less effort.So I've got a product expert here with me. So Mike there's a lot A frame jacks on our website you know, what separates this one from the others Mike: This jack is unique in that it has that drop leg feature that you showed us. And basically you don't see A frame jacks with that feature, at least not the way that this one operates.

So, that's really cool. A couple of things, I took some notes here. And obviously that drop leg offers a lot of quick and easy adjustability, that's a good thing. The design is fairly easy to use. It's not complicated, you just like you showed pull the pin, pull that guy and it moves. The top line handle here is means less moving parts on the inside. So less that can go wrong, so that's a good thing.Has a nice zinc, so corrosion's not much of an issue. On the kind of con side, the handle could use a better grip. I mean it's really smooth. Speaker 1: Sure. Mike: Let's see, no wheel or foot but they are available separately. And if the drop leg mechanism here we're to fail for some reason, then your jack's kind of inoperable. Speaker 1: Okay yeah. I see what you're saying. Mike: So basically the bottom line for this jack, it's got the unique design. It's going to appeal to a lot of people. You just have to watch out for the clearance issues above but not so much below since it can go up so far. Speaker 1: Right. Cool man thanks a lot. Mike: Yeah no problem. Speaker 1: Now when removing a jack, you want to be able to support your trailer. I've got mine hooked up to my ball mount on my truck. But you can simply use a jack stand if you'd like. Let's just go ahead and take it off. Cool, what I'm going to do now is just kind of wipe the area clean, make sure there's any dirt and debris and remove it. And what I'm going to do now is test the jack and make sure it fits. We'll need to make sure that the diameter of the hole on the opening of the A frame trailer is two and a quarter inches.Now the mounting bracket hole spacing is three inches by three and a quarter inches. So you want to be sure that it matches up with your trailer's hole spacing. I'd say it's going to work. Now you can use your old hardware if you like or you can replace it. We're going to replace ours because ours was rusty and you will have to provide your own. Just going to get one started. You want to make sure that's long enough to where it goes all the way through the jack and the A frame trailer.With all the bolts installed, let's go ahead and tighten them all down. Perfect, and that's going to complete our look at the ultimate A frame trailer jack, part number 322-RDJ-2K.

Customer Reviews

Ultimate Trailer Jack - A-Frame - Topwind - 27-1/2" Lift - 2,000 lbs - 322-RDJ-2K

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (113 Customer Reviews)

Just pull the easy-to-access pin on this jack to drop the entire jack tube down for quick, easy adjustment. No drop leg needed. Seven height settings offer up to 12" of drop. Topwind handle allows for an additional 15-1/2" of screw travel.

- 322-RDJ-2K

Heavy duty and works as advertised. 470291

- 322-RDJ-2K

It was exactly as described. Seems very durable. Amazingly quick shipping. Highly recommended. 677585

- 322-RDJ-2K

The jack was OK for awhile. I put a wheel on the bottom to make moving my boat easier. After hitting one of those "calming area bumps" in my community it no longer works. I had the adjustment in the highest setting but it still managed to jar it. 600143

- 322-RDJ-2K

I would happily give it five stars if they would have had the product capabilities listed properly. 2 in feet fit this Jack beautifully.#PS1400700340. See pictures. Love the Jack being able to move it up and down not having to screw it up and down forever or put wood underneath 628837

- 322-RDJ-2K

If you own a low profile trailer, you need to get this jack! I bought one for one of my trailers and it works so well I ordered one for my other trailer! It lifts up completely out of the way, no more dragging the jack and bending it on driveways and dips in the road! 652659

- 322-RDJ-2K

I can’t give it 5 stars yet because o haven’t used my enclosed trailer with it yet. But it does do what I bought it for, and that is being able to lower It enough so I can open the tailgate on my 2018 F150 and not hit the tailgate on the jack handle. 672655

- 322-RDJ-2K

Bought a new trailer and the manufacturer's jack was so high that when you open the truck tail gate it would hit the jack. This new jack solved that problem. Totally adjustable height, and can even be removed if needed. Fantastic fix. My truck says, "Thanks etrailer". 592854

- 322-RDJ-2K

This Jack has been a huge success in operations. Such a "tailgate" saver. Once installed the first one, decided to replace 4 others. Every trailer I own from now on will have this Jack. 599128

- 322-RDJ-2K

Trailer jack fits great on my PJ utility trailer. Fast shipping and awesome customer service. 614248

- 322-RDJ-2K

I ordered 2 as I have 2 trailers and took advantage of free shipping. ertrailer helped me with upgraded 3 day shipping which was really nice. My jacks arrived as scheduled and packaged perfectly as always from etrailer. I was leery of the adjustment pin which I questioned prior to ordering. I called and spoke with customer service regarding my concern. How can a pin that does not go all the way through hold all the weight? The jack is rated at 2000 LBS and will hold I was told. I installed one and the pin has a hard time engaging which is reason for concern. I looked at the second one prior to installation and saw damage to one of the holes for the pin and also discovered the pin will not penetrate far enough to insert the clip. This jack is for my car carrier and I will not take a chance on even a replacement. I returned the jack (with a return label) and upgraded to a more heavy duty jack for my car carrier. I decided to keep the difficult one as it is for a light duty utility trailer and should be fine as long as I am patient and insert the pin completely. Customer service as always is second to none and I am happy. I anxiously await my replacement jack and hope for the best. I will continue to shop with etrailer. 487729

Not a fan. O ordered two. Installed one and not happy with it so I returned the second one. It binds when lowering or raising. The hole is hard to line up to put the pin throgh. I do not recommend it.
Carlos - 03/22/2019


- 322-RDJ-2K

Prior to mounting it looks to be good quality and should work as advertised, however I whish I had known that it does not come with a foot. My old jacks foot is welded on by manuf. so now I must wait to install this hitch until I receive a foot,(at addtional cost). 546417

As we mention in the product description and the video, a caster like # JC-102
Removable 6" Caster for 2-1/4" Trailer Jacks - Steel Caster - 1,200 lbs
or the # JF-101BK
Footplate for 2-1/4" Round Tube, A-Frame Jacks - 2,000 lbs
footplate is sold separately.
-- Mike L - 07/27/2018


- 322-RDJ-2K

Looks heavy duty haven't put on trailer yet 616122

- 322-RDJ-2K

I love the jack . I can lower my tail gate with out it hitting my tail gate with the trailer when it’s hooked up . Also raises and lowers lot easier and faster than the factory one . The shipping was not so good however . I paid for 3 day shipping and it took 6 days . I wanted it for the weekend so I would not have to connect and disconnect my trailer because of the tailgate problem . Sill a excellent jack . 469348

- 322-RDJ-2K

I purchased this product because I was having clearance problems with my other jack hitting speed bumps and other obstickles . This jack solves those problems. Thanks for a great product. 539974

- 322-RDJ-2K

Trailer jack worked well, allows me to lift it flush with the bottom of the trailer. My biggest issue was the horrendous job of packing the jack. When it arrived, the jack itself was falling out of the box, this was caused by a lack of material inside to prevent it from banging around. Seriously, I am actually surprised it made it to me at all. Would have been better had they used two boxes and some filler to keep it secure. 492114

- 322-RDJ-2K

Awesome product. Time saver. Innovative design 506298

- 322-RDJ-2K

This jack is precisely what I was looking for - solidly constructed, easy to install, easy to use. The ability to raise and lower the outer tube is great - it saves a lot of cranking when hitching/unhitching and also allows me to drop the jack below my tailgate height when trailer is attached so I can open tailgate with interference from jack. Because my business partner and I both tow the trailer this jack is being used on and our vehicles do not have the same hitch height, the adjustability is a great help in this area as well. 550960

- 322-RDJ-2K

I was very happy with the product and customer service. No need to look elsewhere. 757506

- 322-RDJ-2K

etrailer ALWAYS does above and beyond anything I could ever expect from a company! Every single time!!! I have ten trailers in my company. All need something on a regular basis for maintenance, be it jacks, brakes, lights, whatever! And I KNOW I can depend on what I get to be top of the line. I just wish they would expand to sell parts for Caterpillar and John Deere, I’d be in heaven! 757271

- 322-RDJ-2K

I received this jack much quicker than expected. The quality is awesome. My favorite thing about it is the ability to drop it so the tailgate can go down unobstructed. I wish my trailer came with this jack. I was a cheapskate and held out for about a year before ordering the replacement. The handle was so hard to turn for so long. This one winds easily. 756553

- 322-RDJ-2K

Very satisfied with my order, fast delivery, very well packed. Haven't had time to use any of my items I received, but all came sooner that I expected. Very satisfied with etrailer service. 751462

- 322-RDJ-2K

Everything fit as expected because etrailer thought ahead and lists all the pertinent information needed to make the proper measurements. Thank you. 748852

- 322-RDJ-2K

Very well built and sturdy; easy to bolt on to the trailer. Mechanism to adjust the jack up & down is also sturdy and seems well engineered to last. Very smooth and easy crank action. Real pleased with this item and purchase! 739403

- 322-RDJ-2K

Great design. Allows us to to get the tongue jack up out of the way when we are headed off into remote camping areas then drop down to give enough height to level the trailer. 733818

- 322-RDJ-2K

The item came very quickly. The only problem I encountered was that it said it came without the foot piece so I ordered one. When the package arrived, there were 2 feet in the box. I guess the foot was included after all 733033

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Ask the Experts about this Ultimate Jack Trailer Jack

  • Can Ultimate A-Frame Trailer Jack 322-RDJ-2K Be Completely Removed from Collar Assembly
    Yes, the Ultimate A-Frame Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K uses a separate trailer-mounted A-frame collar that allows complete removal of the jack tube from the collar. Please note that the jack ships with a black plastic wedge that is held in place with a small retaining bolt. If this bolt and wedge are removed from the jack then the entire jack can be lifted up and out of the collar to give you the clearance you need for opening the rear door on your Jeep. Please refer to the linked photo...
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  • Size of Footplate or Caster With Wheel That Fits Ultimate Trailer Jack A-Frame Jack
    You can add either a footplate or caster to the Ultimate Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K. This jack has a 2-1/4" outer tube and 2" inner tube and the correct footplate is # JF-101BK while for a caster with wheel assembly # JC-102 is a fit and attaches to the inner jack tube. I've added links to video reviews of each of these parts for you to take a look at.
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  • A-Frame Jack Recommendation for Travel Trailer with Propane Tank Right Behind Jack
    As far as the Ultimate Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K goes the design, and more specifically the placement of the pin, is placed close to the mounting point of the jack because that is where the jack is most stable. As far as I know they are not yet making one that would work out well for your travel trailer. Your best option is a different jack that doesn't stick down so far below the trailer frame. Bulldog 3K jack # BD1550101344 is one option. Without a footplate on it measures 7 inches...
    view full answer...
  • Mounting Plate Dimensions and Bolt Holes on Ultimate Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K
    I went out to our warehouse to measure the Ultimate Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K for you. The bolt holes are oval slots each having a 3 inch on center measurement. They range from 2-5/8 to 3-5/8 inches from the front of the coupler back and then the side to side holes range between 2-3/8 inches to 3-7/8 inches. The overall plate dimensions are 4-7/8 inches on the back and 4-5/8 inches on the sides from the coupler back. I've attached a photo to assist. You may also be interested...
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  • Can Tube of Ultimate Trailer Jack 322-RDJ-2K Be Completely Removed
    With the right tools and enough time a determined thief can steal almost anything. This is true for the inner tube of the Ultimate Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K as well as the caster wheel # JC-102 or foot plate # JF-101BK that might be used with it. In order to remove the inner tube the black wedge shown in the linked photo would have to first be unbolted.
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  • Will Ultimate Trailer Jack Sit Flush With Collar For Tailgate Clearance
    The Ultimate Trailer Jack - A-Frame - Topwind - 27-1/2" Lift - 2,000 lbs part # 322-RDJ-2K will not sit flush with the collar even when unpinned. The jack locks into place automatically. There will be about 7-1/4" from the collar to the top of the handle which is actually low profile clearance compared to some of the other jack options that have 11 inches or more. This is going to be the lowest profile option we have at this time. The handle of the Ultimate Trailer Jack folds down as well...
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  • Top Mount Trailer Hitch Crank Handle For Enclosed Racecar Trailer
    From your description, it sounds like your crank handle is similar to the Replacement Handle for Fulton Hand Winch # F501108. If is not the product you need, can you send me pictures? Can I have the make and model of your racecar trailer?
    view full answer...
  • What Is The Correct Footplate for the Ultimate Trailer Jack322-RDJ-2K
    The correct footplate for the Ultimate Trailer Jack part # 322-RDJ-2K is the Footplate for Round Tube, A-Frame Jacks part # JF-101BK. The Ultimate Trailer Jack has two components, an outer with tube with an outer diameter of 2-1/4" and an inner tube with a outer diameter of 2". The Footplate for Round Tube, A-Frame Jacks has an inner diameter (I.D.) of 2" which is why they are able to be used together. In theory, you could use pretty much any footplate with the Ultimate Trailer Jack...
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  • Ultimate Jack # 322-RDJ-2K Compatibility with 22 Foot Travel Trailer
    The Ultimate Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K is rated for a tongue weight of 2,000 lbs. As long as your 22 foot travel trailer has a tongue weight less than that amount you will be fine to use this jack. Most trailers have a tongue weight that is 10-15% of the total trailer weight, so based on that your trailer could be up to 13,225 lbs total weight and you'd be good. This jack does not come with a foot plate, so I recommend # JF-101BK which is rated for up to that same 2,000 lbs and can...
    view full answer...
  • Ultimate Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K Pin Function and Security
    The Ultimate Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K has the pin and holes in the outer tube assembly allowing the entire jack to be adjusted in 2 inch increments. The pin inserts the full 1/4 inch thickness of the outer tube and has a pin to keep the spring loaded pin mechanism from accidentally moving so you won't have the issue of trailer movement or a physical bump causing the jack to release under load. I've attached a video to further assist. This jack does not come with a footplate or wheel,...
    view full answer...
  • Recommended A-Frame Trailer Jack for Applications with Limited Ground Clearance
    For your a-frame trailer, I recommend using the Ultimate Trailer Jack part # 322-RDJ-2K which while in the retracted position will be completely flush to the frame and will not allow the jack from catching on uneven terrain while you tow. The jack has an extended length of 27-1/2" and 2,000 lb weight capacity. In order to add a caster wheel to this jack you will want to use part # JC-102. Please keep in mind that the castor wheel will reduce the capacity of the jack to 1,200 lbs while it...
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  • Trailer A-Frame Jack with Maximum Lift Height
    Our A-frame jack with the most lift is the etrailer.com Square A-Frame Jack # TJDA-5000S which has 15-1/4-inches of travel and a drop leg that gives an additional 13-1/2-inches of lift, for 29-inches total. This is an inch more than the lift with the Ultimate Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K. The 2000-lb-rated Ultimate is lighter at about 12-lbs but the 20-lb etrailer jack gives you a 3000-lb capacity.
    view full answer...
  • Can Ultimate Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K Be Mounted with Handle Facing Other Directions
    With the Ultimate Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K you can mount the mounting flange with the adjustment handle so that it points to the side instead of to the rear if needed. So if you have a toolbox that would interfere with it facing towards the rear of the trailer you can spin it to face the side.
    view full answer...
  • Will Ultimate Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K Work on 5,300 lb Trailer
    Trailer jack weight ratings are basically for the tongue weight that they would be lifting. Their rating is not for the entire weight of the trailer. So the Ultimate Trailer Jack part # 322-RDJ-2K that you referenced has a 2,000 lb lifting capacity which would be more than enough for your 5,300 lb trailer which would have a tongue weight most likely of around 500 lbs.
    view full answer...
  • USA Made A-Frame 2,000 Lbs Top Wind Trailer Jack
    I reached out to my contact at Future 2 Solutions and he advised me that the Ultimate Trail A-Frame Jack # 322-RDJ-2K is made overseas. If you are looking for a USA made A-frame trailer jack, the Dutton Lainson jacks are all made in the USA. The A-Frame Trailer Topwind Jack # DL22781 has a 2,000lb weight rating and no drop leg like the # 322-RDJ-2K you inquired about.
    view full answer...
  • Do All A-Frame Trailer jacks have the Same Mounting Hole Pattern
    Yes, about 99 percent of A-frame jacks use the same mounting pattern. The holes are generally 3 inches apart on center though it can vary ever so slightly which is why some jacks have slotted holes.
    view full answer...
  • Trailer Jack Recommendation with Best Under Trailer Ground Clearance
    I have a great solution for you. The Ultimate Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K has an adjustable height outer tube that you can raise as high as needed to give you the best under trailer clearance. For a foot plate you'd then want the part # JF-101BK.
    view full answer...
  • Can the Jack Tube Be Removed From the Mounting Bracket on the Ultimate Trailer Jack
    Yes, you can remove the jack tube from the mounting bracket on the Ultimate Trailer Jack part # 322-RDJ-2K. In order to do so you would first need to have all of the weight taken off the trailer, then you could remove the foot and the black plastic plate held on with a 10 mm bolt. The jack tube could then be slide out with the pin pulled but you could not do so without first performing the above.
    view full answer...
  • How Far Does Pin of Ultimate Trailer Jack Go into the Jack
    The Ultimate trailer jack, part # 322-RDJ-2K, has a pin used to drop the jack tube. As long as the pin is fully engaged and the safety pin is inserted it will hold up to the 2,000 pounds the jack is rated for. The pin goes completely through the jack to be sure it can support the weight.
    view full answer...
  • How Far Out Does the Pin on the Ultimate Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K Stick Out
    I went out to the warehouse and found that the distance from the center of the jack to the furthest part of the adjustment pin on the Ultimate Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K when it is pulled out is 5-3/8". If you have this much room from the center of your current jack to your winch then this is a great option for you!
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  • Troubleshooting Ultimate Trailer Jack 322-RDJ-2K That Wont Slide Up or Down
    To allow the post of the Ultimate Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K to slide up and down, loosen the 3 mounting bolts used to attach to your A-Frame. Check to see if this allows the jack post to move. If it does, you'll want to tighten the bolts by hand first and double check for free movement of the post. Alternate tightening the 3 bolts so that the tension from a single one isn't pulling the jack in any one direction until you reach the 15-20 ft-lbs recommended on the installation instructions. If...
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  • Best A-Frame Trailer Jack for Trailers With Limited Clearance
    The best bolt-on a-frame trailer jack we have for what you need is the Ultimate Trailer Jack part # 322-RDJ-2K. The reason for this is because the Ultimate has an adjustable mounting bracket which means you can adjust how much of the jack sits above or below the mounting flange. The distance from the bottom of the mounting bracket to the bottom of the outer tube can be adjusted from 1-3/4" - 29-1/4" and the distance from the bottom of the mounting bracket to the top of the handle mount...
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  • Recommended Trailer Jack Allowing for Truck Tailgate Clearance for Homesteader Trailer
    Unfortunately I did not get the pictures, but I do have an idea of what you are looking for based on your description. I recommend the Ultimate Trailer Jack - A-Frame - Topwind - 27-1/2" Lift - 2,000 lbs # 322-RDJ-2K. I've attached a video of how this jack works to ensure you have clearance for your tailgate.
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  • Side Wind Bolt-On Trailer Jack for Trailer with Limited Ground Clearance
    I do have an option for you but I am not aware or any side mount trailer jacks similar to the Ultimate Trailer Jack part # 322-RDJ-2K in regards to how the mounting bracket can be adjusted. However, the majority of cases where the Ultimate Trailer Jack is used it is because of limited ground clearance. Therefore, I recommend using the Fulton XLT Bolt-Thru Swivel Trailer Jack part # F141133 or the Fulton Square, Fixed-Mount Marine Jack pratt # FHD2500. The reason I recommend the above...
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  • Can an A-Frame Trailer Jack Be Rotated for Clearance
    Yes, you can mount the Ultimate Trailer Jack part # 322-RDJ-2K so that the release pin faces outward instead of towards the trailer. All you need to do is rotate the jack until the mounting holes line up and the pin is pointed away from the trailer. This should in turn give you the clearance you are looking for. If you would like to add a foot pad to this jack then you can use part # JF-101BK which is a direct fit.
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  • A Frame Jack
    Most A-frame jacks like Pro Series # PSRV20000103 and etrailer # TJA-2001-B do not have a swiveling inner tube since it is possible to just add a caster wheel like # PS1400750340 which does have a swivel mechanism. For your application where you need a jack with a swiveling inner tube you can use jack # BD1541150301.
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  • Would Ultimate Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K Fit 2017 Keystone Bullet RKS 248
    I looked up your 2017 Keystone Bullet RKS 248 and it is built on an A-frame trailer just like what the Ultimate Trailer Jack # 322-RDJ-2K is designed to fit so this would fit and work very well. It has a 2,000 lb capacity so it would make easy work of your 800 lbs of tongue weight.
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