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Ultimate Trailer Jack - A-Frame - Topwind - 27-1/2" Lift - 2,000 lbs

Ultimate Trailer Jack - A-Frame - Topwind - 27-1/2" Lift - 2,000 lbs

Item # 322-RDJ-2K
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Trailer Jack
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Just pull the easy-to-access pin on this jack to drop the entire jack tube down for quick, easy adjustment. No drop leg needed. Seven height settings offer up to 12" of drop. Topwind handle allows for an additional 15-1/2" of screw travel. Great Prices for the best trailer jack from Ultimate Jack. Ultimate Trailer Jack - A-Frame - Topwind - 27-1/2" Lift - 2,000 lbs part number 322-RDJ-2K can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Ultimate Jack Trailer Jack - 322-RDJ-2K

  • Car Hauler
  • Enclosed Trailer
  • Fifth Wheel Trailer
  • Utility Trailer
  • 1001 - 2000 lbs
  • Topwind Jack
  • Bolt-On
  • Weld-On
  • A-Frame Jack
  • Leveling Jacks
  • Tongue Jacks
  • 28 Inch Lift
  • With Rectangle Foot
  • Steel
  • Ultimate Jack

Just pull the easy-to-access pin on this jack to drop the entire jack tube down for quick, easy adjustment. No drop leg needed. Seven height settings offer up to 12" of drop. Topwind handle allows for an additional 15-1/2" of screw travel.


  • Utility jack lets you raise and lower your A-frame trailer
  • 7 Height settings allow for fast, easy positioning - no blocks or drop leg needed
    • Lower the jack from the mounting bracket to get up to 12" of lift
    • Manually crank the jack to achieve up to an additional 15-1/2" of travel
  • Jack retracts to be flush with bottom of trailer frame
    • Eliminates risk of damaging hang-ups or snags while traveling
    • Can also be entirely removed from mount to provide clearance above frame for easy access to vehicle's rear hatch
  • Low-friction ball screw minimizes resistance to reduce wear, noise, and heat
    • Ball bearings roll smoothly through threads of jack screw - no direct, friction-inducing contact
  • Steel construction is durable
  • Zinc finish resists corrosion
  • Topwind handle allows for simple cranking
    • Handle radius is approximately 6-3/4" from center of mount to the outer edge of handle
  • Mounting bracket can be welded or bolted on
  • Footplate included
  • Caster assembly sold separately


  • Bracket height:
    • 1-3/4" with the jack fully retracted and the collar at the lowest setting
    • 29-1/4" with the jack fully extended and the collar at the highest setting
  • Total lift: 27-1/2"
    • Travel by cranking the handle: 15-1/2"
    • Drop tube: 12" - adjusts in increments of 2"
  • Mounting bracket hole spacing (center on center): 3" x 3-1/4"
  • Inner tubing diameter: 2"
  • Outer tubing diameter: 2-1/4"
  • Clearance from bottom of bracket to top of handle mount: 7-1/4" x 19-1/4"
  • Lift capacity: 2,000 lbs
  • Support capacity: 3,000 lbs
  • 1-Year limited warranty

The Ultimate Trailer Jack has a wide range of adjustability and it is easy to use, making it a dependable choice for your A-frame trailer. Its adjustable design allows for maximum clearance, drastically reducing the potential for damaging hang-ups. The jack also features an outer tube that extends to provide extra lift. This removes the need for common space fillers while providing a sturdy base of support. With this jack, the hassle of dealing with drop legs, bulky blocks, or heavy bricks is a thing of the past.

Maximum Clearance - No Bent Tubes, Snags, or Hang-ups

Ultimate Jack Fully Retracted

The Ultimate Trailer Jack has a compact profile that allows the jack to remain flush with the trailer frame when it's retracted. This prevents the jack from catching on uneven terrain while you tow, protecting both the jack and the trailer from damage. No longer do you have to worry about bending a jack on a back road or in an unmaintained parking lot.

Oftentimes, damage from snags and hang-ups occurs because the jack isn't fully retracted. It can be difficult to see if a standard jack is fully retracted because only the inner tube extends down for use. This means that the height of the visible portion of the jack, which sits above the trailer frame, doesn't change when the jack is extended. As a result, it can be easy to overlook whether or not the jack is still extended.

The Ultimate Trailer Jack offers a simple solution for this. If the jack is raised above the trailer frame, it is in the stowed position. If the outer tube is not visible above the trailer frame, then you know that the jack is still in the support position, and it must be retracted and raised before you can hit the road.

Fast, Easy Setup with No Blocks, Bricks, or Drop Leg

Ultimate Trailer Jack Mounting Bracket

Once you have arrived at your destination, setting up is a breeze with the quick-release jack tube on the Ultimate Trailer Jack. Dropping the outer tube will give you up to 12" of lift to ensure solid contact with the ground. The ability to drop the jack tube removes the need for space fillers like blocks, bricks, or a drop leg when using the jack.

The outer tube also provides a sturdy alternative to a standard drop leg. Traditional drop legs average about 1-3/4" in diameter. But the outer tube of this jack measures 2-1/4" in diameter. The result is a base that is far sturdier and more stable than that of a standard drop leg jack.

Ultimate Trailer Jack Outer Tube Drop Extended

On a standard drop leg jack, the release pin is tucked away under the trailer frame. The release pin on this jack is conveniently located right above the mount for easy access. In addition, the pin on this jack is spring-loaded so that you don't have to remove the pin to drop the tube. Instead, just remove the clip from the quick-release pin and grab the built-in, easy-to-grip handle. With a firm grip on the jack post, pull on the pin handle and then rotate it 180 degrees. Lower the post to the desired position and rotate the pin handle back to lock the outer tube in place.

Ultimate Trailer Jack Full Extension Support

Once you've dropped the jack tube into the desired position, you can get up to an additional 15-1/2" of lift by cranking the jack. When you are ready to pack up and hit the road again, hitch the trailer back up to your vehicle, retract the jack's inner tube using the crank, and reposition the jack back up into the mount so that the bottom is flush with your trailer's frame.

To maximize stability, outfit the jack with an industry-standard footplate (included) or caster (sold separately).

Smooth, Low-Friction Operation

The jack screw of the Ultimate Trailer Jack is built with ball bearings that roll smoothly along the threads of the screw shaft and the nut. This eliminates direct surface-to-surface contact within the screw. This produces far less friction along the threads, leading to a reduction in heat and wear, as well as noise. The overall result is a jack that can be raised and lowered faster, smoother and more efficiently, and with less effort.

How to Determine the Lift Capacity You Need in a Jack

A trailer jack is designed to lift the tongue of your trailer so you can connect the trailer coupler to your hitch ball. To do this, you'll need a jack with a lift capacity high enough to handle your trailer's tongue weight.

Tongue weight is the amount of weight that your trailer applies to the back of your tow vehicle. Typically, your tongue weight should be 10-15% of your total trailer weight (trailer + cargo). In other words, a 10,000-lb trailer would have a tongue weight between 1,000 lbs and 1,500 lbs. For a trailer this size, you would need a jack with a lift capacity of at least 1,500 lbs.

It's okay to have a jack with a weight rating that is higher than your trailer's tongue weight. In fact, a jack with a higher lift capacity should operate more efficiently, allowing you to spend less time cranking and more time camping.

Trailer and Camper Jack Lift

Every jack offers a certain amount of lift or travel. Screw travel is the distance the jack extends when you crank it (or toggle it to "extend" on an electric model). Some jacks include a drop leg for extra adjustability. On these jacks, you'll see the maximum extension of the drop leg listed in the specs as well. Adding the screw travel and drop leg travel together will give you the total lift. The total lift listed above can help you determine how high this jack will be able to raise your trailer.

RDJ-2K The Ultimate Trailer Jack - A-Frame - Weld On or Bolt On - Topwind - 27-1/2" Travel - 2,000 lbs

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Customer Reviews

Ultimate Trailer Jack - A-Frame - Topwind - 27-1/2" Lift - 2,000 lbs - 322-RDJ-2K

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (597 Customer Reviews)

Just pull the easy-to-access pin on this jack to drop the entire jack tube down for quick, easy adjustment. No drop leg needed. Seven height settings offer up to 12" of drop. Topwind handle allows for an additional 15-1/2" of screw travel.


this jack thinggee works really well. It solved my problem of not having enough room to attach the wheel when unhitching the camper. although, the bolt holes did not line up exactly, my handyman was able to make it work to attach this device.



This jack is great! It’s easy to use, sturdy and reliable. I don’t have to think about the grade level where I park.

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


@Sharon Awesome, we're glad to hear that!


I have a 14' utility trailer I use to transport my Yamaha Wolverine Side by Side. I tow it behind my pickup and my motorhome. It is normal for me to travel some questionable dirt roads. As a result I bent the original jack several times and actually had to replace it once. It didn't retract far enough, it left an inch or two hanging below the A-frme tongue. Sometimes a steep driveway approach would catch it and bend it. When I destroyed the replacement jack I decided it was time to look for a solution.

I spent a few more bucks and got the Ultimate Trailer Jack. It retracts above the bottom of the A-frame tongue so the jack is protected. Problem solved!

I recommend this trailer jack to anyone that has a clearance issue that results in dragging your trailer jack.



The Ultimate trailer jack is simply “The Solution” for those who have bent a center mount trailer jack that doesn’t fully, completely retract above the trailer frame. I haven’t had any problem with jack clearance since I installed an Ultimate trailer jack. It was necessary for me to use Allen head hardware to mount my new jack because of the bolt pattern on my Big Tex trailer.


Mine arrived with a drill bit end broken into the release handle. In fact, the drill bit was what was holding it together. I don't know what a production unit has in that through hole (a roll pin?). Regardless, it isn't something you want to find in a new jack. After I punched it out, I added a snap ring pin to hold it in place. One other comment would be that the foot needs to be unbolted in order to remove the jack. Ideally a locking pin would have been better than the bolt for a "no-tools-needed" removal.


Literally a 10 minute change out. I was a bit concerned about the hole spacing, as pointed out in one of the installation videos, fixed vs. slotted holes, but this was not an issue for me. I was looking to gain more "dip" clearance and I was able to get over 3 inches with the Ultimate Trailer Jack. With the foot removed and the jack completely raised, there is nothing extending below the trailer frame. The drop-down feature saves a ton of cranking! Highly recommended this product if you don't absolutely have a need for an electric tongue jack.


This trailer jack is well designed and manufactured. Shipping was prompt. The jack is sturdy as well as having the advantage that it can be positioned so that nothing protrudes below the A-frame, yet s 90 degree rotation of a handle allows the outer jack to drop to any of a number of positions, then the inner jack is extended using the crank as with lesser tongue jacks. The quality is impressive.

John J.


Great! I wish I had had this 30 or more year ago. It saves so much time every hookup and release.

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


@JohnJ Nice! We're glad to hear your # 322-RDJ-2K Ultimate Trailer Jack is working well for you!


Awesome jack. Super heavy duty. Removed my electric jack and put this in its place. Love the fact that you can lock it out at various levels. The price point was great as well.

Roland W.


Jack still works perfectly after 1 year. Our trailer is a Lance 1475 so really doesnt need electric assist. I love the simplicity of this jack, and probably weighs 25lbs less than the electric jack it replaced.

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


@RolandW Glad to hear you're happy with it!


This solves a problem that I had - Thanks! I bent my first trailer jack when backing trailer up over a small bump. This resolves the issue, and I was not aware that this type of jack existed.



I have had good success with the jack.


Best addition to our rv trailer. Have spare tire mounted on rear swing gate. Now we can open rear gate for access without unhooking trailer. Excellent product, good price, easy to mount, 3 bolts.


Perfect for someone b ending a jack that will raise high for low clearance trailers or vehicles.



Still great


Excellent jack it fits my needs perfectly cause of the uneven areas i go thru with my trailer .by being able to to tuck away or raise up. your chances of it being ripped off are eliminated.
Up and out of the way is a great feature to have in a jack and will purchase more as needed i love it and how it functions well thought out. Thank you

August S.


YES VERY WELL thank you

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


@AugustS You're very welcome, we're glad to hear the # 322-RDJ-2K trailer jack is working well for you.


I love these telescopic landing gear jacks . Put them on all my trailers and buy them all from you ! My drive way pad drops three feet so I also bought new wheels and taller tires from you and everything clears now. I take off the sand shoe and all is good !Thanks for the fast shipping and great comunication ! cya soon again


I went through 3 other jacks in half a year before finding this one. We have an offroad teardrop on 33 in tires, with rock sliders and independent suspension, but one little dip in the trail and all of the other jacks we had bent back. This is the best off-road jack I have come across as it is able to slide all the way up into the frame to avoid any damage on the trail.


This has been a,life changing jack! So much faster and less cranking on the handle. Another positive that I figured out was I can drop the jack while the trailer is hooked up and lower my tailgate with interference and scraping up my tailgate. If I had one criticism the handle could be a hasn't bent but feels like it could. Been using this jack on a 20ft enclosed trailer for a year now and I love it


I was so happy to receive this unique jack, which can be raised high or conversely, be lowered to the ground merely by releasing a safety clip and pin. It's exceptional, as it can be raised to allow sufficient ground clearance while trading. It was reasonably priced and seems quite well-built for the money. This type of trailer jack is not readily available at many places, I've found. I had also kept my swing-away jack on the side of the a-frame just in case I need it, rather than popping off the o ring and eliminating the extra jack. It may come in handy for those occasions whereupon I might need to add the castor wheel to the adjustable center a-frame trailer jack. Be extra careful and vigilant with this adjustment center a-frame trailer jack as you need to be mindful of the pinch points, being that it's adjustable. Other than that, I am exceptionally pleased with this rare find.


I purchased this for my off road camper, because I wanted a jack that completely retracts and doesn't leave anything hanging beneath the frame that could hang up on rocks, etc. This is just the ticket. Once hitched up, it's easy to remove the foot (or nose wheel if you prefer), and lift the jack up to its highest setting. Seems to be really well made. It's quite heavy, but offers an incredible range of height adjustment.


It's a very practical jack that I installed on our NüCamp Tab 400 after the original jack was damaged. It was definitely an upgrade.



The Ultimate Jack worked very well while we had the trailer, an 18 foot tear. We traded the trailer in on a larger one over a year ago, so I dont know how its doing now.


Best trailer jack i have used!



Still working great a year later!


Excellent solution to the "My Broken Jack" syndrome! I've Scraped my Jack many times. Not any More! This one provides nearly infinite adjustments, including tucked under the tongue. It also eliminates the need for a large block of wood I used to carry. One word of warning, DO NOT forget to Pin It after you select an extension setting!

Highly Recommended!

Minnesota M.


Excellent product! After a year of use, it works fine. A real problem solver!

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


@MinnesotaM We're glad to hear that!


I have had this jack for about 1 year now. Probably the best purchase I made for my utility trailer. No more worries about the jack hitting the ground when driving and it is also much faster to get the jack raised up or lowered. Very nice jack and highly recommend.


This jack would be the most perfect trailer jack ever designed - if it had just one more feature. There needs to be a mechanism that prohibits the handle from turning (by itself) as you tow it down the road. They ALL have this potential. Currently i use a bungee tied on the handle - then fastened to my trailer railing. This assures that cannot happen.

Other than that - this is the absolute best jack, just as it is advertised. I replaced my OEM (Texas Bragg) jack - after it turned itself downward, on a long trip - eventually contacting the road, which kicked it back - bending it. (That is why I mentioned the added feature that evidently no other mfgrs use as yet either)
But despite all that - I have found that no jack is as easy, as fast to adjust, as nice looking, and as heavy duty as this one.

You will be very satisfied in choosing it.

YES - it just might be well worth the premium price.


Works very well and allowed me to enter my driveway without dragging the jack foot. Remove the lower foot pivot/attachment bolt and use a clevis pin to easily swap to a roller or completely remove from the trailer jack base quickly.


It's OK. It does what I wanted it to do, but is not as sturdy as other jacks I have used, especially A frame Jacks. The cable that secures the pin broke the first day of use it is so flimsy, and the pin takes some getting used to to lock in. Sometimes it takes a bit to lock it in. All in all, it does what it is intended to do for me, and allows me to lower my tailgate fully when I can put it all the way down, so it solved my problem, so all is good. It's not perfect, but what product is.


Great concept, very handy jack, wish it was a little bit more heavy duty than it is. Has taken a beating over the last year and still works but isn't quite as durable as a non-telescoping jack.


I wish I could have known about this jack sooner. It's making my life a lot easier.
Will be purchasing a couple more soon.


Good idea but poor execution.
I had to
modify a few things to make it proper-replaced handle, trust bearing and the plastic guide.
Build quality (welds) is very mediocre.
Made in India

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