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Fulton Square, Fixed-Mount Marine Jack - Drop Leg - Sidewind - 2,500 lbs

Item # FHD2500

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Our Price: $81.11

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fulton trailer jack sidewind drop leg square fixed-mount marine - 2 500 lbs
fulton trailer jack side frame mount sidewind square fixed-mount marine - drop leg 2 500 lbs
fulton trailer jack fixed mount sidewind fhd2500
fulton trailer jack fixed mount sidewind
fulton trailer jack side frame mount drop leg square fixed-mount marine - sidewind 2 500 lbs


  • Side Frame Mount Jack
  • 2500 lbs
  • Sidewind Jack
  • Fixed Mount Jack
  • Drop Leg
  • Bolt-On
  • Fulton
  • 36 Inch Lift
  • With Foot
With corrosion-resistant zinc plating and 7" retracted height, this drop-leg jack is perfect for marine and other recreational applications. Measures 19" from mounting bracket to top of jack. Lowest Prices for the best trailer jack from Fulton. Fulton Square, Fixed-Mount Marine Jack - Drop Leg - Sidewind - 2,500 lbs part number FHD2500 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

Fulton Trailer Jack - FHD2500

With corrosion-resistant zinc plating and 7" retracted height, this drop-leg jack is perfect for marine and other recreational applications. Measures 19" from mounting bracket to top of jack.


  • Ideal for marine and recreational use
  • Z-Max 600 zinc finish provides superior corrosion resistance
    • 600-Hour salt spray rating
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Sidewind handle
  • Drop leg increases overall extension for maximum adjustability
  • Integrated footplate and mounting bracket for 3" x 5" trailer frames included


  • Bracket height:
    • 7" Retracted
    • 35-1/2" Extended - including drop leg
  • Clearance: 19" from mounting bracket to top of jack
  • Pin diameter: 9/16"
  • Bracket measures 5-1/2" from the center of one hole to the hole across from it
  • Lift capacity: 2,500 lbs
  • Limited 5-year warranty

HD25000101 Fulton Marine and Recreational Fixed Mount Jack with Drop Leg, Sidewind, 2,500 lbs

Value - This item

Fulton Square, Fixed-Mount Marine Jack - Drop Leg - Sidewind - 2,500 lbs

Fulton Square, Fixed-Mount Marine Jack - Drop Leg - Sidewind - 2,500 lbs
Fulton Trailer Jack

33 reviews

Code: FHD2500

In Stock


Our Price: $81.11

  • Trailer Jack
  • Side Frame Mount Jack
  • Fixed Mount Jack
  • Bolt-On
  • 2500 lbs
  • Sidewind Jack
  • 36 Inch Lift
  • Drop Leg
  • With Foot
  • Fulton

With corrosion-resistant zinc plating and 7" retracted height, this drop-leg jack is perfect for marine and other recreational applications. Measures 19" from mounting bracket to top of jack.

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With an articulating footplate that offers superior stability even on unlevel ground; corrosion-resistant coatings over all surfaces; and an easy-to-use, adjustable swivel mount, this sleek, marine jack is perfect for nearly any application.

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Video of Fulton Square, Fixed-Mount Marine Jack - Drop Leg - Sidewind - 2,500 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Fulton Trailer Jack FHD2500 Review

Today were going to review part number FHD2500. This is the Fulton Square Fixed-Mount Marine Jack with a drop leg and a 2,500-pound lift capacity. This Fulton Trailer Jack has a corrosion resistant zinc-plating and is perfect for marine and other recreational use. The Z-Max 600 zinc finish will provide a corrosion resistance and that basically means it has a 600-hour salt spray rating. This jack is made of a heavy gauge steel construction. It does use a side wide handle which has a nice grip and makes it very easy to raise and lower the jack from the side.

It does also use a drop leg that if you remove this pin, the drop leg will increase overall extension for maximum adjustability. It does have the integrated foot plate and the mounting bracket is included which will fit up to 3x5-inch trailer frames. Now this jack here I already have in the fully retracted position. So if I give you a measurement fully retracted from the bottom of the jack to the center of the mounting bracket it would 7 inches. And then to give you fully extended measurement, I have the same jack already cranked out to save time.

If we measure again from the bottom of the foot plate to the center would be 22 inches. So if we take the total extended dimension which is 22 inches, subtract the total retracted dimension which is 7 inches, that will give you a maximum lift of 15 inches on this jack. Now another measurement I want to give you is the clearance. The clearance would be from the center of the mounting plate to the top of the jack and that would basically measure 19 inches. This jack does have a lift capacity of 2,500 pounds.

It does come with a limited 5-year warranty. And basically I want to show you the mounting bracket and the measurement across will be 5 inches; from the center of one hole to the center of the other. And then to show you how to use the drop leg, you can pull the clip and thatll release the pin and with the pin released, youll be able to extend the drop leg out the maximum top hole. Put the pin in, clip it, itll give you a maximum extension of 15 inches. And that should do it for our review of part number FHD2500..

Customer Reviews

Fulton Square, Fixed-Mount Marine Jack - Drop Leg - Sidewind - 2,500 lbs - FHD2500

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (33 Customer Reviews)

With corrosion-resistant zinc plating and 7" retracted height, this drop-leg jack is perfect for marine and other recreational applications. Measures 19" from mounting bracket to top of jack.

- FHD2500

by: James B09/08/2015

The Fulton Jack works great. High quality. Strong welds. It was easy to bolt onto the rear bumper. I located it to span across where the frame is welded to the bumper. With two jacks on the rear bumper and the A-frame jack I can easily set the side-to-side and front-back level. With two jacks, the A-frame jack, the two wheels, and the four stabilizers thats 9 points of contact. The trailer is level and does not move. The Fulton jack comes with the adjustable drop-leg to cover a wide range of heights. E-trailer was very helpful for a smooth transaction. Thanks Jean! 224490


Note on my 908/2015 review:I am using the Fulton jacks on a small Jayco trailer. By using all nine points of contact 2 tires, 3 jacks and 4 stabilizers, I am trying not to over-stress the 18 ft frame. Stress might not damage the frame but it might crack the RV body panel joints and seals. I just want to point out that for longer trailers you cannot simply bolt the jack on the bumper and unload the main axle. Check with the trailer manufacturer on how to apply jacking loads. Longer trailers might need additional jack stands toward the middle to reduce the stress on the frame. The wheels are designed to take the load so blocking the wheels is still a good way to go.

-- comment by: James B - 09/26/2015


- FHD2500

by: Raul B.04/03/2013

Having purchased a replacement part from etrailer first for my Fulton jack, I was very happy with the service I received and how my customer rep helped ensure that I picked the correct part. It arrived quickly and I then noticed that my jack was rusted beyond repair. I emailed Patrick and he replied quickly and made returning the part and ordering this new jack a breeze! I finally received this jack and it installed in minutes. It is heavy duty and overkill for my little skiff, but I could not be happier. Great customer service, fair pricing, and awesome products. 73957

- FHD2500

by: Jerry F.04/30/2015

For my use, an 18 foot boat trailer, it is an excellent product. The crank is easy to use and has a smooth action. Quality of construction is evident and should be very resistant to corrosion from saltwater. The lifting capacity is more than I need but the stability and total lift height are impressive. I can raise the tongue high enough for the boat to drain thoroughly. I highly recommend this jack for use on boat trailers. 188898

- FHD2500

by: Ron C.08/22/2017

The new Fulton Trailer jack that I purchased replaced an older version which had been on my EZ-Loader trailer since 2003. The new jack is superior to the old one because it has a half of a hole at the base of the jack to allow water to drain out. Installation was simple because I mounted the new jack at the same location as the old one (which was full of rust on the interior). 423800

- FHD2500

by: Ryan Simmons07/29/2017

couldn't do 5 stars. got it yesterday, box was a mess. Had to get tape for the cap on top since the tabs were broken. Had to get new U bolts since they were bent. Once installed though it is a GREAT product. Dont know if this was poor handling or actually poor Quality Control. Great product, after i fixed the problems after i unboxed it 412198

- FHD2500

by: Eric06/23/2017

Use on double axle boat trailer with 23' boat. Replaced a "wheeled" version of the tongue jack. The extra height this unit provides is very welcomed. The unit has been extremely sturdy and is very stable with all that weight. Have had no issues in the year I have had this unit. Cranking is smooth and easy, even under weight. 398065

- FHD2500

by: Richard09/18/2014

I was looking to replace the Fulton caster jack on my trailer with something that had more extension so I could get my boat to drain. This is just the thing! Long extension plus the drop leg made this the perfect bolt on replacement that took less than 5 minutes to install. 151883

- FHD2500

by: Eric K01/31/2016

I received my jack quicker than expected. Unfortunately the plastic cap was broken in shipping. I sent an email as soon as unrealized the problem. A new cap was sent out, no problem. I'm very pleased with the service I received for this transaction. 236651

- FHD2500

by: Chucko08/08/2017

Easy Ordering, received delivery in record time. all parts included with instructions. small issue for my installation needed longer bolts. the 4" long bolts will not fit over a 4" steel tube. needed 5" long. no problem excellent product. 417884

- FHD2500

by: Alan c08/19/2014

Exactly like the old one it was replacing. Easy install worked perfectly. Your service staff member E. made it all happen correctly. Thank you for having people that know what they are doing and for sending products that fit and work. 147315

- FHD2500

by: Garet06/25/2013

Very nice jack. Makes hooking up & unhooking our tent trailer a breeze. Simple to attach & looks nice too. Works perfect with the limited room on my trailer frame and can still use my sway bar & load distribution bars. Very happy. 86149

- FHD2500

by: Lee Knoll11/13/2013

Very Good Product So far. Installed same as original and looks to be of better quality than the original. Only issue I have is it is made in Mexico and I was under the impression Fulton was made in America. 107193

- FHD2500

by: Brian R.03/26/2011

This was an excellent replacement jack for my SeaRay 260 trailer and I wouldn't have found it if it weren't for the excellent customer service I received over the phone from Lexus at etrailer. 10462

- FHD2500

by: Don10/07/2015

Good Quality landing gear/jack. Plenty of ground clearance with drop down leg. A possible option for this in the future is the addition of a weld on plate as another mounting option. 229399

- FHD2500

by: Scott09/15/2015

Took five minutes to bolt on and works exceptional. Works well with my Gator style boat trailer. With the extra height I can easily fully drain my 72 ScottyCraft cuddy. 225689

- FHD2500

by: rick04/14/2017

was exactly whatI ordered had a minor problem with one piece not with etrailer but i think ups damaged it , but Troy H took care of that in a hurry thanks Etrailer. 369055

- FHD2500

by: Bill H09/01/2014

So far so good!!.Very sturdy jack works well no issues so far looks as if it will hold up to what I have to put it through.... Very good product. Thanks Bill H. 149408

- FHD2500

by: Dane Sweatman09/08/2017

Excellent jack...hands down best I have found for an every day application. Stands up in both user and commercial use with zero issues. Love it! 430013

- FHD2500

by: Robert04/11/2013

heavy duty, easy to install, smooth crank, definitely recommend. first time ordering from etrailer...will order with again, super fast shipment. 75403

- FHD2500

by: Russell S.09/24/2013

Excellent transaction in every respect. Easy to use website, competitive prices, quality products, fast and free shipping. 101241

- FHD2500

by: john schmidt01/27/2015

I was very impressed with the delivery time and even more satisfied with the product I ordered 171450

- FHD2500

by: Dave08/13/2012

Arrived in 2 days. it was the exact part i was looking for and installed in minutes. 51510

- FHD2500

by: Bob05/29/2012

Item was deliverd in a timley fashion and was as advertised. Great product. 41974

- FHD2500

by: Eddy S.11/05/2016

Quick delivery and a great product. Looks like it will be perfect fit. 314146

- FHD2500

by: Scott J06/26/2014

I like it better bc it's quick like the one on my big trailers 137752

- FHD2500

by: Gaylon S06/27/2016

Great prices and selection and very fast shipping, thaks. 265610

- FHD2500

by: Al F07/09/2012

Looks like a good quality toung jack. EZ install. 47214

- FHD2500

by: Joseph02/27/2013

Good product, easy install and fast shi pping. 67884

- FHD2500

by: Bernie11/04/2017

Replaced existing with new, working gre at. 448853

- FHD2500

by: Gerald D.10/20/2014

Quality product as listed. Fast shippin g. 156881

- FHD2500

by: Bob M07/20/2016

As advertised. Great jack. No issues. 274086

- FHD2500

by: John m.11/19/2017

trailer jack works great!! 453350

- FHD2500

by: C.R.11/19/2014



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