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Replacement Gear Kit for Fulton F2 Jacks

Replacement Gear Kit for Fulton F2 Jacks

Item # F500314
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Replace the gears on your Fulton F2 marine jack with this kit. Includes bevel gears and necessary hardware. 1-800-940-8924 to order Fulton accessories and parts part number F500314 or order online at Free expert support on all Fulton products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Replacement Gear Kit for Fulton F2 Jacks. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Fulton Accessories and Parts - F500314

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Replace the gears on your Fulton F2 marine jack with this kit. Includes bevel gears and necessary hardware.


  • Replaces gears on Fulton F2 trailer jacks
  • Includes:
    • 2 Bevel gears
    • 5/16" Shim washer
    • 7/32" Diameter x 3/4" long straight pin
    • 3/16" Diameter x 1-1/4" long groove pin
    • Washer with 1/2" inner diameter and 1-1/4" outer diameter

500314 Fulton F2 Replacement Gears

California residents: click here

Video of Replacement Gear Kit for Fulton F2 Jacks

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Fulton F2 Jacks Replacement Gear Kit Installation

Today we're going to be taking a look at the rebuild process for the Fulton Reem F2 Series or XLT series jack with the 1500 pound capacity. Few of the replacement parts we have available are going to be 1, the top cap. These can sometimes get damaged and it's a really good idea to make sure that you have a good quality 1 on there so dirt, debris, stuff like that's not going to get inside the jack and cause issues. The cap's part number is F500324. Underneath our cap, we're going to find our gear kit in there. The gear kit is going to be what actually drives that jack up and down. Comes with all the hardware and the pins that we're going to need to do the replacement.

That part number's going to be F500314. Below that, we'll have our bearing kit in there. That part number's going to be F500137. This is going to be what helps reduce any of the friction, so we don't have metal on metal contact, and again, hardware there. Also, the replacement handle. If your handle's been damaged, something that's very easily replaceable. Part number on that is F500134. Now, these few simple components can be used to completely rebuild your jack, so you don't have to replace it with a brand new 1.

This is going to give us a very easy solution to just keep all those components that don't really wear and tear and be able to rebuild it. Basically have a brand new jack when we get done. We're going to set our parts over to the side here. Give us some room to work on the jack. First thing we're going to do is remove the cap located here on the top. You can use either a quarter inch bit driver or a flat head screwdriver.

You just want to remove the small self inaudible 00:01:41 screw. Not a lot to it there. I'm just pushing in slightly and out. Then that should allow us to lift that up off of the grease there, although sometimes it does kind of grab a hold of it there. Just lift that up and off. Of course, at that point, you just replace your new 1 if that's all you we're doing.

The larger hole is the 1 you'll use to slide down over the greasesert 00:02:09 and then just tip the top in. Replace your screw. Pretty straight forward there. This here, this is a fairly new jack and you'll see that Marine grade grease that they have in there. When doing your rebuild, you do want to ensure that you do have Marine grade grease available, that way you can replace it with the same. We don't want to put something in there that might not have the water resistance we're looking for. I'm going to get this cleaned off here. As we clean it, what we're looking for is going to be that little dimple that's in our gear. Same thing here. That's where our pin rests. Rests right through there, so we'll take a punch and a hammer. This is a 3/16 punch. Tends to work out pretty well to be the right size. We'll just use our punch and our hammer. We want to drive that pin through. Now, we'll have a little bit of room we can do it straight on, but there in a minute, we'll have to turn it sideways slightly so we drive it out on an angle. Again, once we get it started there, kind of turn it to where it's slightly angled and continue tapping it out. Pull our punch out. Once that pin's out, we should be able to just lift straight up on that handle. Now, when you go that, that gear's going to want to fall out as will as the little spacer bushing that fits of the outside, so set those aside. Now, we've got our base gear and keep in mind both our gears are the same. 1 just sits on the bottom and 1 sits on the side there. We get that pulled out. Then, if we'll look in the tube, you see the top of our screws right there. There's a pin that passes through it. Now, this just sits in there. It's not in there with any pressure or anything. We want to get that pulled out. We'll stand our jack up. We're going to lift that straight up and off there. We slide the outer tube off of the inner tube there. Now, when we do that, there's going to be this little plate in here. Watch for that. Sometimes it likes to come out of there, and on top of that's going to be 1 of the washers. That's going to be the washer that comes with the gear kit right here. The thicker black washer. Pull that off of there. We can pull that plate out and you'll see it's just a hollow tube. Not a lot to them. Just put that back in there and look at our bearing kit real quick. See our bearing This is just going to sit down on top of that screw. Just going to pull off there. 1 is that larger thrust washer which also comes with the new bearing kit. At this point, we're ready to put it back together. Take the thrust washer of our new bearing kit. We'll take our new bearing. Slide that down on. Now, we just need to get 2 sections of our jack put back together. Now, as we put the 2 of these together, we just want to ensure that that small raised, look at that, rounded hump rides right down in the groove that's here on the inner tube. Then once we've got that in place, it should slide nice and freely. If we just want to bring that screw portion right up through that plate. Now we can take the flat washer that we removed. We're going to slide that back on. We've got the shorter, larger diameter pin that's going to slide into our top of our screw, there. Just like that. Now, of course, we're going to reuse the gears that came out since it's a brand new jack, but you'll be putting in new gears. We just want to make sure the enclosed little groove in there goes right down on top of that pin. You'll know it's seated properly because that screw's going to be almost flush with the top of the gear. First we'll put our bushing in. Outside edge there. We'll take our gear. We're going to position that so that the teeth of this gear mesh with the teeth of that gear. We'll just hold that as we slide it through. Need that to come through. All the way through the other side there. Now we need to rotate our gear kit slightly here to where we have that little indention facing us. We'll pull our handle out so that the hole in the handle lines up with that indention. Now we'll take our small pin there. Line that up with the hole in our handle and get it tapped back into position. Just check for good, smooth operation. You'll see that our pin is a little bit off center, so just want to make sure we get it about equal sides coming out on both sides there. All right. Looks good. We just want to take your marine grease and put a little bit more in there. We left some, but it's never going to hurt. Can't overgease the jack. All right. That should be more than enough there. We just want to get our cap put back on there. Reusing that same little self inaudible 00:08:13 here. That same set screw that we have before. We'll be ready to put our jack back to good use. We hope you find this video helpful in showing that with a few simple parts, you can rebuild your jack rather than doing a complete replacement.

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Customer Reviews

Replacement Gear Kit for Fulton F2 Jacks - F500314

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (106 Customer Reviews)

Replace the gears on your Fulton F2 marine jack with this kit. Includes bevel gears and necessary hardware.


Fixed the jack on the boat perfectly. Quick delivery, no issues with ordering or receiving.


Fixed the jack. Kind of tricky to install but it salvaged an expensive jack.


Worked great as a rebuild kit. Saved the F2 jack. Any saltwater area will need this kit sooner or later. Worth it.



Perfect rebuilt kit. Saved me from having to buy a whole new one. These are necessary every few years if you park near saltwater.


Part was fine. The problem is the jack that was supposed to be more resilient to water sits on my bench because I cannot get the screws out to repair it without drilling them and taping them. The F2 jack is nice while it lasts but I say get the less expensive option that is actually easier to maintain.

Tim M.


I was never able to unfreeze the jack so I never installed the repair parts. The F2 jack totally seized within a year of purchase


Parts fit well, installation is not difficult. They seem to of the same quality as the original OEM parts. They began showing excessive wear within months of installation.

The parts were installed in a Fulton F2 Swing-Up Trailer Jack, Dual 7" Wheels. The jack itself seems solid and well designed , it is rated for 1,600#. I have it on 19' MasterCraft ProStar 197, tongue load is no more than a 150#.

The internal gears are made of poor quality, "Chinese Type", material. if you do not mind replacing them on a frequent basis I would recommend this Trailer Jack.

I installed the gears with high quality Molly grease, specified for high pressure applications. Too bad nothing is made in the USA anymore. I am sure that if better quality gears were available Fulton would be using them.


The parts I ordered were inexpensive and shipped quickly. I was very happy with the purchase. The parts I purchased were gears and pins for my boat trailer jack.

Robert M.


very well thank you


When my boat trailer jack went pop and I priced new jacks I went into shock. I took my jack apart and found a gear cracked in two. Then I found this Gear Kit (and more) at etrailer. It was my first purchase here and it saved the day. Not exactly and easy repair, some guidance would have been good to have, but I had it up and running in an hour or so. Fresh grease and don't over crank at the top!


Just the parts I was looking for and they were fairly priced and delivered in a timely manner.
The F2 Jack is a good product, but like all similar trailer jacks, the central jacking screw is subject to corrosion and lack of lubrication and can get tight enough that the gears can get stressed and break. It's too bad they haven't figured out a way to directly grease the main screw that rotates and travels up and down within the jack.


Replacement parts worked well



Product continues to perform well.


The replacement gear package for my boat trailer jack was complete and arrived early. I installed the parts and my jack works like new. I was treated with respect and found the sales person to be very helpful. I am very glad I decided to repair my jack as it works good as new. Thank you etrailer for your help.


I have not used the part as of yet. Due to the fact that the old tongue jack was not fixable total rust case. I bought a new jack but now I do have a spare handle.. I am sure someday I will use them never hurts to have spare parts you just do not know when you mat need them.


I purchased a replacement gear set (p/n: F500314) for my Fulton F2 tongue jack. The price seemed good, I ordered it, received several emails giving me status of my order. It even arrived a day earlier than estimated. I replaced the gears, it's back in service on my trailer and I'm a happy boater. Based on my experience, I would order from these folks again and I would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends. Don


All my local boat and trailer companies did not sell the gear kit. After a short search I found etrailer. The description didn't quite match my need but the picture made me decide to purchase anyways. The parts showed up very fast and worked perfect. I saved the expense of replacing the trailer jack.


Fulton 1600 F2 jack was corroded and wouldn't turn. $170 for a new one; so I took it apart, found a broken bevel gear, wire brushed the jack screw, cleaned and lubed the parts and it now works as good as new. Great service from E-trailer.


Very satisfied with this product. It was priced right, and delivered promptly to my door. Installation of the bearing and gear set was a snap and the jack is good as new now. I recommend this vendor for all your trailer part needs.


Your service was great! You delivered quickly and on schedule. The gears themselves are awful. Sounds like crushing gravel. I have 2 of the Fulton F2 1600 lb winches. 1 came on an Ameratrail trailer I bought. The second one i put on an older trailer I own. The winch was very smooth until the gears went out. The replacement gears are horrible. I watched the Fulton video and put them in and out 3 times. Just a poor replacement part. Maybe mine are an aberration but I’m not spending more money for another set of gears.


Replaced the gears, washers & retaining pins. The culprit was the bearing, completely discintigrated and put all the strain on the gears. Tricky to replace the stuff but not hard, just don’t drive the top retaining pin out all the way. Half way is good, rotate 180 and vise-grip it out the remainder.


Excellent. So nice to be able to repair an expensive jack so easily following eTrailer install video. The parts were perfect, delivered quickly and did the trick.


perfect replacement for stripped gears on my boat trailer jack.


Nice easy repair. Found this website while searching to see if parts were available for my trailer jack. Easy to find and order parts. Will definitely be back for my trailer needs.


All components of my gear kit were fine except that the longer (crank) pin was not correct for my jack--I ended up re-using the old one. The mailing time was long, at least a week. Website was difficult to navigate, search didn't work well. Hard to find the video that went with the kit, but I do appreciate it. Ultimately, I gave 4/5 stars because I appreciate not having to throw away a jack I can get a few more years out of, for a very good price.


Thanks for the great video on trailer jack repair and quickly supplying the replacement gears! (Suggest you add a clip to the video showing how to drill a hole for occasional spray oiling of the jack screw--about 3-4" down from the top of the housing)


Parts shipped in a timely manner. I installed the parts in a Fulton 1600 trailer jack stand. Very simple to install. The jack is working properly.


Great professional tech support, ordering was easy. An inexpensive part saved a $10 0+ trailer jack. Enough parts in the kit to fix it again if needed.


Perfect fit and timely delivery



Still working , almost as good as new.

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