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Replacement Sidewind Handle and Gear Kit for Bulldog Round Jacks - 2,000 lbs

Replacement Sidewind Handle and Gear Kit for Bulldog Round Jacks - 2,000 lbs

Item # BD500256
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Replaces the crank handle for your Bulldog round, sidewind jack with a 2,000-lb capacity. Includes handle, gear kit and black, teardrop-style knob. 1-800-940-8924 to order Bulldog accessories and parts part number BD500256 or order online at Free expert support on all Bulldog products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Replacement Sidewind Handle and Gear Kit for Bulldog Round Jacks - 2,000 lbs. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Bulldog Accessories and Parts - BD500256

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Replaces the crank handle for your Bulldog round, sidewind jack with a 2,000-lb capacity. Includes handle, gear kit and black, teardrop-style knob.


  • Replaces the crank handle for your Bulldog round, sidewind jack with a 2,000-lb capacity
  • Includes handle, gear kit and black, teardrop-style knob
  • 5-4/5" Long handle


  • Bulldog round, sidewind jacks with 2,000-lb capacity: BD151401, BD151421, BD151460, BD151464, BD151101, BD151110, BD155022, BD155028, BD155033, 155100, BD155157, BD151443, BD154102, BD154107, BD150037, BD150152, BD1500520317, and BD150000

500256 Bulldog Sidewind Crank Assembly and Gear Kit

California residents: click here

Video of Replacement Sidewind Handle and Gear Kit for Bulldog Round Jacks - 2,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Rebuilding Bulldog Round Jacks

Today we're going to be taking a look at the rebuild process for the Bulldog 2000 pound lift capacity round trailer jacks. What we're looking for is the side wind style. These are going to be the 150 Series jacks. Pretty simple process for rebuilding the jack. Depending on your needs, you'll need 3 different parts. We've got our replacement cap here.

This is part number BD015500. You may or may not need this if yours is undamaged, but it is important to keep dirt and debris from getting in the top of your jack. We've got our replacement handle and gear kit. Now, this is going to have just about everything that we're going to need to rebuild the jack. You can see we've got our bevel gears here. We've got the flanged bushings that fit on the outside tube of the jack.

Got the pressure bushing there, the pins and some washers. Also got our handle, so this is going to take care of the complete upper end of the jack. Now, once we get below this bottom gear there's a bushing that is inside of the jack. That's our friction reducer. It's a good idea once you get to that point, go ahead and switch out the bearing.

The gear kit with the handle, everything over here is going to be BD500256 and then then the bushing in addition BD500251. Let's get these kind of moved over to the side. We'll start taking this jack apart. With a flat blade screwdriver we'll just want to remove the cap if it still is on your jack. Inside here you'll see it's pretty greasy. We're going to go ahead and wipe out all of that that we can.

Now, we'll turn our jack to where you'll see that little half moon cutout that's in our gear. Our pin is going to be right in behind there. We can take a 5/32 punch. We're going to get that driven on through. Now, once we get it most of the way through we're going to have to angle our handle a little bit to give it enough room to come completely out. We'll lift up on our handle once that's through, it'll usually slide out and see, that's going to be a direct replacement of it. We've got 5 and 3/4 of an inch in total handle length here. That gives us good leverage. Once your handle comes out your gear is just going to drop down. Again, these gears are universal, so the bottom gear fits the side, side gear fits the bottom. We don't want to forget the pin for our handle. You can see the pin that goes in the handle. That's going to have the little grooves in it, whereas the pin for our base gear is going to be solid. It's not going to have any grooving in it. The base gear is just going to slide off. Then there's also a floating pin that goes through that middle section which is this screw. We can take that out. Right below it is that thicker black washer. This is going to act as a support washer for our gear inside. Then we can just tap out this square portion there. That's that flanged bushing that's going to fit right over in the square hole. That just gives our handle a much wider area to ride on so it's not riding on just the thin tube of the jack there. All right, now it's time to pull on the base, or we can just lift up on the outer tube. Inside we've got our bearing and our other support washer you see there. That's going to go right down on top of the screw and our bearing fits on there. It's going to offer us very very low friction operation. You'll see this screw just threads down into that base plate, so as we turn it, this expands running the jack down. Go the other way, it's going to bring our jack back up. This screw is very very hard to damage so if your jack isn't operating properly, it probably has to do with this bushing because you're creating friction or the gears not meshing together anymore. This is going to be exactly how you'd go through the process of rebuilding it. We have our new bearing in place and the support washer that comes with it. Now we can bring our jack outer tube down on the inner tube here. Want to align that elongated dimple with the groove. We can bring that all the way down and then our screw is going to come right back through the hole that's in the top of it. At this point we're going to put our washer back in place. This is that larger black support washer. We've got our base pin, it's going to slide through. Now, we want that to be about equal on both sides. You can see how it's about equal and how much is hanging out of each side of our screw. In your case you're going to grab your new pieces as you put this back together, but this is a brand new jack. We're just taking it apart so we can get a good look at it, so we're going to reuse our old stuff. From our gear we want to be sure that our pin sits in the enclosed slot, no the open slot. All right, that should sit down so that the top of the gear is almost dead flush with the top of the screw. Flanged bushing will go back in. It might offer a little resistance but nothing too crazy. Now, we'll take our other gear, and again these are universal. It doesn't matter which one you use for which spot. We want to place that in so that the gears line up and they're going to mesh together. Then our handle is going to come up through the bushing. It's going to come through the gear and right out the other side there. You'll see the hole in the handle, we want to rotate our gears so that that half moon opening lines up with the hole. Place the pin that has the little grooves in it right in between that bushing and the gear in that opening. Slide it in and then we need to tap it in far enough so it's not going to offer any interference. It should be just inset to the gear. Right back together. Now, we'll want to use a good quality grease. It doesn't have to be a high temp grease or anything like that and we're going to go in there and make sure we get this fully lubricated. We see we're right back to brand new there. We'll have great smooth operation that's going to make our trailer very easy to lift and lower with all of our new components in there and fresh grease. Now, the replacement cap. You'll see it's got a little bit of a notch there in the grooves. I like to line that up with the notch that's in the tube of the jack itself. That's just going to tap on pretty quick and easy. That's going to complete our rebuild of the Bulldog 150 Series jacks. As you can see with a few parts and a few tools you can really save yourself a lot of money, as opposed to buying a brand new jack.

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Replacement Sidewind Handle and Gear Kit for Bulldog Round Jacks - 2,000 lbs - BD500256

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (59 Customer Reviews)

Replaces the crank handle for your Bulldog round, sidewind jack with a 2,000-lb capacity. Includes handle, gear kit and black, teardrop-style knob.


I have a 1996 Tennesee trailor with a Bulldog top swivel handle and an oddball side bolt on mount. I knew jack about jack rebuilding when I started. No model number on label. I could not find a direct replacement anywhere so decided to rebuild it. Without a model number I had to guess using similar top swivel handle pictures and part pictures that my jack might be similar to a Bulldog 150 series. I ordered beveled gear kit 500256 and bearing kit 500251. My original thrust bearing was totally destroyed by lack of lubrication and rust. Gears and handle were slightly worn out so getting all new parts seemed like a good idea. Problem was very few dimensions shown in kit descriptions. Ie shaft size for bearings or gears was not provided so I guessed this 2000lb kit was .50" dia. provided excellent order entry and follow up email info, including the option to write a review. They ship via USPS (snail mail). They do not like to mention that for obvious reasons but my order arrived in 7days. Not too bad. The bearing kit 500251 had excellent info showing me a conversion from pre 1999 jacks to present and the picture of assembly and parts worked well. I had to improvise with shims to take up clearances for gear meshing, and this worked out well. See pictures. In future I will disassemble jack after a few years and lube the main jack screw. It was bone dry when I pull it apart originally. Now I know jack. Thank you :)


Got the right parts on time, nuff said.


Bought this to repair a jack of a different brand but similar specs, and it worked perfectly.


Was a pretty easy 5 min install. Watched the video. Perfect fit for original 1996 boat jack. Like new. Operates very smooth. Highly recomend.


It had all the parts to do the lash correctly. Great kit


I have used this product and supplier in the past, i own a farm and have several pieces of farm equipment that i use the bull dog jack on and when I break one, from no fault of the jack....just farm very important to me to be able to get back up and running in a timely manner, etrailer has always been a great provider of nkt only a quality product but get it to me quickly, even with basic shipping.....thanks etrailer! !!!

Kevin D.


very good


Product was as described. Worked great as a replacement for the handle that I broke. No more breaking my back by lifting the tounge to the truck ball.

Etrailer reps periodically updated with shipping time estimates, which turned out to be conservative. I received the product about two weeks after ordering, despite a backorder.


Excellent transaction all the way around!!!

The handle on my Bulldog jack became damaged and snapped off. It wasn't the jack's fault by any means. I came across when searching the web to see if replacement parts were available. Sure enough had the parts I needed to restore my Bulldog jack. What sold me though was the great video by Using it, within about 10 minutes my jack was working like new again! I also liked the easy to navigate website. Great products with great support. Can't beat that.

Thank you!


I ordered a replacement sidewind handle and gear kit for my bulldog Jack. Finding and ordering it from the website was very easy! They have tons of photos of their products as well as videos for the novice mechanic like myself. I ordered this with normal shipping and it arrived at my door three days later! Awesome service with getting it picked and sent out the door! The rebuild went great (video helped a lot) and parts are working fine.


I found etrailer thru a search engine when I had broken the handle off two of my Bulldog trailer 2000 # jacks. I was surprised to find replacement parts as I had been looking for quite some time for them. The price was very reasonable and delivery and tracking was great. I chose the cheapest delivery route as I was not really in a hurry to get them fixed, I mean Iv waited this long whats another few days. I was surprised to find them in my mail box several days earlier than expected. The actual fix was easy also. Once I had familiarized myself with the parts and their orientation in the jack everything went very smooth. VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!!. I will return when I need more parts.


complete package, every part needed, included in one purchase. great way to save cost of buying a complete jack. easy installation, took 10 min. made my old jack as good as new, without the higher cost.



still functioning as good as if I had purchased a complete new jack. Still cheaper in cost to repair than replace.


Excellent experience ! The old Bulldog Round Jack labeling was missing so I emailed a photo to Customer support @ Bulldog who provided me the correct part number and resellers in my area. Due to lack of inventory I decided to purchase offline from Etrailor.
Quick prompt and polite service. I have book marked your site for a future purchase. Excellent service.


My "hard to find" handle arrived on time and ready to go. I would buy it again from e trailer.



Still works great. I had welded the jack onto my trailer so it saved me!


An excellent product that allows you to repair your bulldog jack, and not have to buy a new one. Make sure you have a 150 series jack as this kit will only fit the 150 series. Otherwise, swapping out the gears is fairly painless, and the jack works like new now.


Excellent product


These handle assemblies keep us from having to buy a new jack assembly, which represents a huge savings. They are a complete kit for thye sidewinder style jacks - perfect! And what's even better is the great service we got from the folks at!!


This kit was exactly what I needed. Took a while to receive from manufacturer. No instructions included, but it solved my issues

Curtis D.


Unfortunately the gears stripped and i had to replace the entire jack. I suspect the jack internal screw mechanism was having increased friction and it stripped the new gears. My personal opinion is the gears look softer than the original ones. If your gears strip, just replace the jack assembly.


Thanks for the follow-up support. I was able to repair my jack yesterday
thanks to you folks. I usually don't do reviews but this project went so
well I thought I would for you since you took the time to set it up for me.
It was a great experience being able to buy the part at a decent price, then
have such great support to make the install go well.


Just installed my replacement gear kit. Thanks Vince C. for you professional help. Kit is working well and is top quality. Thanks again.


Perfect fit, great install video, finished the rebuild of my trailer Jack in an hour. Thx!


My order came just like you said it would in about the time frame you said. I only needed the top gear and I installed it and the jack works fine Thank you so much. Sincerely, Jim


The repair kit was delivered as promised and VERY expediently ! I would not hesitate to order again from


When you have the right parts, it makes the repair job really easy. Thanks for having the parts.


Excellent service. Fast shipping and videos to explain exactly how to replace the parts. Fast delivery and parts fit perfectly.


great service, had a follow up phone call from Carrieann W telling me the part had shipped and when to expect it . the part fit perfect and the jack is working again.

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