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TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs - Signal Booster - 4 Tire Sensors

TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs - Signal Booster - 4 Tire Sensors

Item # TPMS-APP-4
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TPMS Sensor
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This TPMS monitors your RV's tire pressure and temperature and sends real-time info to an app on your smart device. Tire sensors run checks every 6 seconds and send alerts via Bluetooth. Early warning detections on app update every 4 minutes. Great Prices for the best tpms sensor from TireMinder. TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs - Signal Booster - 4 Tire Sensors part number TPMS-APP-4 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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TireMinder TPMS Sensor - TPMS-APP-4

  • 4 Sensors
  • RV
  • Trailer
  • TireMinder
  • Mounts to Valve Stems
  • Standard Sensors
  • Smartphone Display
  • Water Resistant

This TPMS monitors your RV's tire pressure and temperature and sends real-time info to an app on your smart device. Tire sensors run checks every 6 seconds and send alerts via Bluetooth. Early warning detections on app update every 4 minutes.


  • TPMS lets you monitor your RV's tire pressure and temperature via an app on your smart device
    • Works great with your motorhome, 5th wheel, motor coach, or trailer
    • Requires iPhone, iPad, Android or other smart device with Bluetooth 4.0 iOS7+ (Apple) or KitKat 4.4+ (Android)
  • Smartphone app provides early warning detection with visual and audible alerts
    • Detects blowouts, significant pressure changes, and tire temperatures exceeding 167 degrees
    • Refreshes automatically with new tire information every 4 minutes
  • 4 Tire sensors check tire pressure and temperature every 6 seconds
    • Brass construction designed for use on rubber, steel, chrome, or nickel valve stems
    • Sensors install easily onto your tires' valve stems
    • Locking hardware, wrench with valve core tool, and (8) CR1632 batteries included
    • Additional sensors (sold separately) let you monitor up to 22 tires
  • Bluetooth adapter receives data from tire sensors and sends it directly to your smart device
    • Provides audible and visual alerts even if your smartphone is turned off
    • Includes Micro USB cable to charge adapter using your vehicle's 12-volt accessory outlet
  • Rhino booster strengthens sensor signal and eliminates electronic interference
  • Storage bag included


  • Tire sensors:
    • Dimensions: 3/4" diameter x 7/8" long
    • Pressure range: 0 psi - 232 psi
    • Operating temperature range: -4 F - 185 F (-20 C - 85 C)
    • Battery life: 9 months - 14 months
  • Bluetooth receiver:
    • Dimensions: 6" tall x 2-3/8" wide x 5/8" deep
    • Operating distance (with booster installed and antennae up): 100' - 120'
    • Operating frequency: 433 MHz
    • Amperage draw: 1.0 amp
    • Battery life: 2 weeks - 4 weeks
    • Battery recharge time: 6 hours
  • Rhino booster dimensions: 4-1/4" tall x 2-3/8" wide x 3/4" deep
  • Monitoring capacity with included sensors: 4 tires
  • Booster cable: 6' 7-1/4"
  • 1-Year limited warranty


This TireMinder Smart TPMS monitors the pressure and temperature level of the tires on your RV, motorhome, 5th wheel, motor coach, or trailer. The system utilizes sensors that attach to the valve stems of your tires. When a tire sensor detects an anomaly, it will wirelessly transmit an alert to the Bluetooth adapter, which relays the data to an app on your smartphone. Your smartphone will emit an audible alert to notify you of an issue and will display details regarding the anomaly. A signal booster is included to provide a constant, strong transmission, and to eliminate electronic interference.

Initial Setup

The TireMinder Smart TPMS is easy to set up and includes all of the tools and mounting hardware necessary for installation. First, attach the TireMinder sensors to the valve stems of your vehicle's tires. Next, install the Rhino signal booster in a protected area near the front or rear of your full towing setup, depending on your application. Set up the Bluetooth receiver in the cab of your tow vehicle near your smart device. Finally, install the TireMinder TPMS app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to your smart device and assign the sensor positions through the Learning Mode in the app. Once the tire sensors have been recognized by the app, you're ready to travel.

Note: Your smart device must be compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 to use the TireMinder Smart TPMS app. The app is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 7+ and with Android devices running KitKat 4.4+.

TireMinder Smartphone App

App Diagram

  1. Temperature Reading - Displays the current temperature of your selected tire in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  2. Pressure Reading - Displays the current pressure reading of your selected tire in psi, kPa, or BAR. Refreshes every 6 seconds. The Auto-Scroll option allows the app to scroll between all of your sensors automatically and display the pressure of each when selected. The number will display in red if there is a warning for the selected tire.
  3. Tire Sensor Icon - Indicates the installed tire sensor. The icon will be white if the sensor is not activated, or green if activated. The icon will turn red if the sensor detects an issue.
  4. Monitoring Mode - Shows up-to-date tire pressure information.
  5. Learning Mode - Displays during sensor installation. Lets you add and remove sensors to your system by simply touching the tire icon on the screen.
  6. Delete Mode - Lets you remove sensors from your system.
  7. Dialog Box - Displays detailed information about received alerts from tire sensors.

App Alerts

App Alerts

Specific text for app alerts will display in the dialog box. Once an issue is detected and an alert is triggered, the system will check the effected sensor every 6 seconds for updated information until the issue is addressed and the readings go back to normal settings.

App Functions

The app provides multiple options for displaying your pressure and temperature readings.

Auto-Update - Triggers instantly updated pressure readings.

Auto-Scroll - Scrolls between all of your sensors so you can view pressure and temperature automatically. Cycles at a rate of 6 seconds per tire.

Auto-Search - Lets you erase all of the previous pressure and temperature readings for a specific tire and refresh to find new, updated readings.

Bluetooth Receiver

Bluetooth Adapter

  1. Antenna - Receives data from the tire sensors. Keep the antenna up and extended to maximize electronic transmission distance.
  2. Power Button - Turns the receiver on and off. It is recommended that you always leave the receiver on to ensure a continuous connection between the tire sensors, receiver, and smart device. To turn the receiver off, press and hold the button for 3 seconds.
  3. Bluetooth Light - The blue light blinks when it's connected, and stays solid when it's disconnected.
  4. Alert Light - The red light blinks when tire issue occurs.
  5. Battery Light - The orange light blinks when the battery is low, and stays solid while the battery is charging. The light turns off when the battery is fully charged.

The TireMinder RV Bluetooth receiver acts as a relay between the tire sensors and the TireMinder TPMS app. It provides visual and audible alerts when a tire issue is detected, acting as a backup monitor to the app on your smart device.

A DC adapter with a Micro USB connection is included to charge the receiver's internal lithium-ion battery, and the receiver can be used while charging. It takes about 6 hours for the adapter to fully charge. A single battery charge will last between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on how much you use it. A notification will be sent to your smart phone if the battery is running low.

Tire Sensors

Tire Sensor Install Diagram

  1. Fasten the hex nut onto the valve stem by turning it clockwise. The nut must be positioned at least 1/4" from the top of the valve stem.
  2. Thread the sensor onto the valve stem and hand-tighten.
  3. Rotate the hex nut counter-clockwise towards the sensor. Use the included locking wrench to tighten the hex nut against the sensor.

Make sure your tires are inflated to the pressure level specified by the manufacturer prior to installing the sensors. These pressure levels will be used as baselines to determine the high/low pressure warnings. It's best to install the sensors when your tires are cool.

You can also install flow-through adapters (sold separately) that let you air up your tires without removing the sensors. Simply screw the adapters onto your valve stems, and screw the sensors onto the adapters.

Brass vs Aluminum Tire Sensors

TireMinder sensors

Your vehicle's tires will have either rubber or metal valve stems. RVs, motorhomes, 5th wheels, and trailers will generally have rubber stems with brass valve cores or metal stems with steel, chrome, or nickel valve cores - all of which work with the TireMinder brass sensors. This TireMinder kit comes with 4 brass sensors. You will only need aluminum sensors (TM-2ALUM - sold separately) if you're towing a car or light truck with built-in TPMS and aluminum valve stems.

It's important to choose the correct TPMS sensor for your vehicle. Pairing the wrong metals together may lead to galvanic corrosion, which makes it impossible to remove the sensors from the valve stem. If this happens, you will need to replace the valve stem or, in some cases, the whole tire. Matching the sensors to the construction of your valve stems will ensure the sensors won't corrode.

Rhino Signal Booster

Signal Booster

The TireMinder Rhino signal booster improves the signal strength and range of the sensors. It has dual Hi-Db antennas that let the booster cut through signal interference coming from wireless electronic devices used in surrounding automobiles. It also ensures that the link from the sensors to the Bluetooth adapter is strong and continuous. This is crucial for operating the TPMS on large vehicles such as RVs, 5th wheels, or motorhomes. The unit has a green light on the front panel to indicate it has power and a blue light that blinks when it transmits a signal.

Even though the booster is weatherproof, you'll want to install it in a protected area on the underside of your vehicle to prevent corrosion. For a towable RV or camper, the optimal mounting location for the booster is toward the front. For a larger, drivable motorhome or RV, the optimal mounting location is toward the rear. This allows the booster to communicate clearly with all of the tire sensors. Other possible mounting locations for the booster include your battery compartment, attached to your license plate light, or on the front of your car hauler.

Once you've mounted your booster in a good location, connect the red power wire and black ground wire to a 12-volt or 24-volt power supply line. The booster needs to be mounted securely to reduce vibration. Zip-ties are included to fasten the booster and wires to your vehicle or trailer.

TM22131 TireMinder RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Smartphone - 4 Transmitters - Bluetooth

Alternate part number: TPMS-APP-4

Installation Details TPMS-APP-4 Installation instructions

California residents: click here

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Customer Reviews

TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs - Signal Booster - 4 Tire Sensors - TPMS-APP-4

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (34 Customer Reviews)

This TPMS monitors your RV's tire pressure and temperature and sends real-time info to an app on your smart device. Tire sensors run checks every 6 seconds and send alerts via Bluetooth. Early warning detections on app update every 4 minutes.


Great product. Warned me when a tire had gotten damaged and was losing air. Was able to pull over and replace the tire before it shredded and did a lot of damage. I won’t travel without the Tire Minder.


Timely product arrival, easy to install and works great on our 41 foot 5th Wheel. Knowing tire pressure is necessary for safe relaxing driving.


The hardware is well designed and well built. I like the repeater and the sensors are small and provide both pressure and temperature. Where the system as a whole failed was with the app software. If a trailer tire is losing pressure, I want to know about it so that I can address the issue quickly before there is a catastrophic failure. My expectation is for the app to raise an alarm that something serious is going on. However the TireMinder app only provides a single chime. The same notice one gets when receiving a text and then only if app is running in the foreground and the phone is not in do-not-disturb mode or asleep. In contrast the TireMinder app the Android clock app has a much more robust alarm for an event that it isn’t nearly as critical as a tire failure.


I had a flat tire on my last trip. After being camped (trailer unhooked) I had a flat tire on my trailer. I changed the tire and put the spare on. We were leaving that day so I stopped at a tire shop to get the flat fixed. The tire was perfect. The air leaked out of the TPMS monitor on the valve stem! Up to this point I thought the product was great. If anyone wants this Sysco to free come see me in Arizona before I throw it away. Do Not Buy This Product!!!


After a year of use, and about 8,000 miles, our Tire Minder continues to work almost flawlessly on our 2-axle, 27-ft Airstream trailer. It certainly gives us confidence and peace of mind that all is going well. We have had a few occasional false alarms, but we've learned to wait a few minutes for a reset before panicking. We have yet to change the batteries in the sending units - still got the spares that came with the unit.
Overall an excellent product, definitely recommend to others.


Used on 26' Flagstaff with an F-150 tow vehicle and does not require the signal booster module. Works great with either iPhone or Android phone and you Do Not need to keep checking your phone for and problems... because the TPMS receiver provides beeping alerts if the pressure or temperature of any tire exceeds or goes below set press/temp levels. Phone will displays temp and pressure for each tire and allows for custom settings.
Would absolutely recommend.


The pressure monitors were easy to install and setup. Using them on our first trip out since installing them. The peace of mind of being able to see the pressures and temperatures of the tire makes the trip less nerve-wracking. Despite the rough roads of New York and Pennsylvania the monitors have stayed securely on the valve stems.


This was easy to set up and gives such incredible peace of mind being able to see the trailer tire pressures and temperatures while towing. Works like a charm!


E trailer rocks


For peace of mind I rated this 5 stars. Prior to purchasing this I had two blow-outs on my Rockwood Mini-lite (2018). One of them I didn't realize it blew till a car alerted me! Now I get warnings for blow-outs and so much more.


Product worked as described. I’m still experimenting on where to place the booster but it seems to work anywhere I’ve placed it on the trailer. Setup was easy if you follow the instructions.

By the way, if you have never ordered from etrailer you will be impressed with their service.


Works great

Bob C.


Great they even sent batteries and o rings for $5.00 shipping. Couldn’t buy batteries for that price. Great company.


Pressure shows about 10 pounds under actual, but who cares. I want to know if I am losing pressure. Quite a few false alarms and it’s hard to reset. All in all I would buy it again.


Daniel M.




Nice product. Luckily haven't had any tire issues yet.


What great service. Shipping was very fast and the price was the best I could find on line.



by: 02/01/2023



This TPMS continues to work very well. The remote holds a charge for a long time. It is great being able to monitor my tires. I had a leak on one of the tires on my dual axel trailer, and the TPMS alerted me to the issue. I never would have picked up on it looking at the tires until it was too late.


Excellent product and customer service! Accurate and reliable. CR1632 batteries are hard to find so buy extras. Batteries last for several months. Occasionally I get a no signal from the farthest transmitters so I keep fresh batteries in them. Easy to program and use. Booster and trailer tires are 30’ apart. Booster is very easy to install with alligator clips and tie wraps.


I don't pull the motorhome out of the driveway without the TireMinder on. In other words "Don't leave home without it".


The TireMinder TPMS is not a very good system. It has drop offs all the time and when a wheel drops off, I have to go thru the process of completely resetting that wheel. It constantly also gives either high or low temp reading on certain tires. I’m not one to complain but you asked for a review. I’ve got everything set up to their specs with the repeater under the coach on the outside. Would not recommend this to anyone. The only thing good about it is that allows me to know what my psi on the tires are before I get on the road.


2015 F250 - Easy to configure, moderately difficult to install because of signal booster wiring. I was able to buy a 5th wheeler wiring harness and tie into existing modular outlet in the trucks wiring harness and avoid splicing. Functions great. Warned of a tire that was failing before a total blowout.

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  • Difference Between Tire Minder Transmitters Brass and Aluminum
    It has to do with the the material your valve stem is made of. If they are brass you need the brass transmitters so that corrosion from dissimilar metals doesn't occur. The part # TPMS-APP-4 comes with brass but # TM-2ALUM is an aluminum pair sold separately.
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  • Is There a Way to Monitor 12 Tire Pressures between RV and Trailer
    The TST tire pressure mounting systems can support up to 38 tire pressures monitored so for that you'd want to start with the TST TPMS for RVs # TST-507-FT-6-C which comes with 6 sensors and then add three sets of 2 sensor packs with part number # TST-507-FT-S2 and you'd be set!
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  • Is the Tire Minder Monitoring System Compatible with Regular Air and Nitrogen Filled Tires
    Great News! The TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs part # TPMS-APP-4 and all of the Tire Minder Monitors are compatible with the normal compressed air and also with the nitrogen filled tires. There are no settings or adjustments to be made to switch from one to the other outside of changing the pressure limits to match the new camper. Congrats on the new rig!!
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  • How to Determine Correct PSI for ST235/80R16 Trailer Tires for TPMS System
    The answer to this is going to depend entirely on the tires you have because you always want to inflate the tire to the maximum cold psi because it will allow the tire to handle the full capacity it is rated for, and give you the best performance, allowing the tire to wear slower and more evenly. For example, the Karrier ST235/80R16 Radial Trailer Tire - Load Range E # AM10248 should be inflated to 90 psi, while the Westlake ST235/80R16 Radial Trailer Tire - Load Range E # LHWL401 has...
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  • Trailer Tire Monitor Temperatures for Safe Driving with Travel Trailer
    When using a tire pressure monitoring system like # TPMS-APP-4, the tire pressure will change as you drive from your max psi listed on the tire when cold to a higher psi and temp due to friction plus ambient temperatures. When traveling in the Southwest, the temperatures get very high and this particular system alerts you to high temperatures. For instance when the internal temperature is at or above 167 degrees you receive an alert, when the tire internal temperature exceeds 185 degrees...
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  • Availability Of TireMinder Internal Transmitter For TireMinder TPMS System
    You sure can! You are looking for the TireMinder Internal Transmitter # TM36FR which will work with your TireMinder TMPS System. This transmitter has a battery with a 5-year life, and nickel plated finish to help it resist corrosion over time.
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  • What Tire Pressure Do I need To Run In My Trailer Tires?
    The tire pressure you use in your tires should be what is suggested by the trailer manufacturer. This information is found on the trailer information tag that is generally found on the front drivers side of the trailer. The tag is similar to ones found on a vehicle in that it will give you the axle load rating and a manufacturer suggested tire pressure. I recommend a Tire Pressure Gauge # TMG-AAA-Multi to check your tire pressures. You will want to ensure that you do not exceed the maximum...
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  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System With Bluetooth For Long Gooseneck Trailer
    There is one tire pressure monitoring system I really like over the rest, which is from TireMinder; the reason I like this system is because it is easy to use, compatible with Bluetooth, and best of all, highly accurate, with a margin of error of just 3 percent, So for example, since you have a mighty big gooseneck trailer, let's say your tires are inflated to 130 psi; if you inflated them fully, this system will be accurate within 3 or so psi, which is very precise for these types of systems. Since...
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  • Can Signal Booster For TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs TPMS-APP-4 Be Mounted In Ram Box On Ram Pickup?
    I reached out to TireMinder and the Rhino Signal Booster included with the TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs - Signal Booster - 4 Tire Sensors # TPMS-APP-4 will need to be mounted either inside of the bed of your Ram truck, or underneath attached to the frame. The preference is underneath the truck as it will have the best signal to the TPMS units. They mentioned mounting it inside of the Ram Box would cause signal loss and make the system unable to work properly. I included a video of the...
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  • REDARC TowPro Elite Electric Trailer Brake Controller Install in 2018 Honda Pilot
    All you need to install the Tow Pro Elite Brake Controller part # RED44FR in your 2018 Honda Pilot is the install harness part # 3070-S which matches color for color to the Tow Pro and then plugs into a port under the dash of your Pilot. The TireMinder TPMS part # TM89FR is a really great option. It comes with 4 sensors for your tandem axle trailer and checks the pressure every 6 seconds so you always know what the pressure is. This comes with a display you'd have inside your Pilot, but...
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  • Aluminum Tire Sensors for TireMinder Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS
    Aluminum tire sensors are absolutely available for use with a number of TireMinder tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). These systems each come with brass sensors so all you need to do is order the quantity you need of the following: - Aluminum Tire Sensors for TireMinder TPMS - Qty 2 # TM-2ALUM These aluminum sensors work with the following systems: - TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs - Smartphone App # TPMS-APP-4 and # TPMS-APP-6
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  • Is There a Way to Add Trailer Tire Pressures to the Factory Monitoring System of a 2022 Silverado
    It sounds like you are wanting to add sensors to your trailer tires and have them show up on the OEM screen in your 2022 Chevrolet Silverado where you read the tire pressure of your trucks tires. If that is the case, then the answer is no. The only systems that we carry are after market systems like the TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers # TM89FR with monitor or the TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs # TPMS-APP-4 which uses an app on your smartphone. If you are wanting to have the pressures...
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  • Can TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs Be Used When Just Driving Towed Vehicle
    The TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs # TPMS-APP-4 can be used in either scenario you described since it basically just needs to be powered on and within the range of the sensors to work. It won't know the difference between the vehicle being flat towed or driven normally. I attached a review video for this for you to check out as well.
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  • Comparing TireMinder Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems TPMS-APP-4 and TM89FR
    TireMinder # TM89FR is a complete pressure monitoring system that includes the 4 tire sensors/transmitters, the monitor, signal booster and other parts including batteries for the sensors. TireMinder part # TPMS-APP-4 is a similar system that instead uses your smartphone as the monitor. This model requires Bluetooth 4.0 and an iPad or iPhone with iOS7 or Android with KitKat 4.4+. The two linked review videos will highlight the details on these products.
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  • Will TireMinder TPMS for Dual Axle Trailers - Solar Powered - LCD Monitor Work with 28' Long Trailer
    The TireMinder TPMS for Dual Axle Trailers part # TPMS-TRAILER as you stated is only for trailers 25' or shorter. The Winnebago Minnie 2500FL measures 28' 3" long so I cannot recommend this. There isn't another solar powered version like this for longer trailers either so you will have to consider other options like the TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers w/ Signal Booster part # TM89FR. The main difference is the monitor which will take up some space on your windshield and plugs into...
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  • Does TireMinder RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Smartphone Only Display Via the App?
    The TireMinder RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Smartphone # TPMS-APP-4 will only be displayed on your phone. After the initial set up of the app, you can exit the app but should not fully close it, as that will not allow it to monitor your tires.
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  • Will Tire Minder Smart TPMS for RVs TPMS-APP-4 Send Updates with Phone Off
    The TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs # TPMS-APP-4 will send updated data on your trailer tires every 4 minutes, thanks to the included Bluetooth adapter. You will still get audible and visual alerts even with the phone off.
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  • Does TireMinder Smart TPMS Require Removing Cores of Valve Stems
    You do not have to take out the cores of your valve stems to install the Tireminder part # TPMS-APP-4. The kit screws down onto the valve stems like a valve stem cap. Inflating the tires is like inflating them like normal. The sensor essentially becomes the cap.
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  • TPMS System That Works With A 2015 Winnebago Via 25P MH With 6 Tires
    Since you have 6 wheels, the TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs # TPMS-APP-4 that you mentioned will work, however you won't have enough sensors for all six tires. Instead, I recommend going with the: -TireMinder i10 TPMS for RVs and Trailers w/ Signal Booster # TM29FR. This TPMS includes 6 brass waterproof and dustproof sensors, that will allow you to monitor all 6 of your Winnebago's tires. These sensors will alert you with changes to your tire pressure, tire temperature, sensor and monitor...
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  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS That Works with iPhone
    There is absolutely a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that works with your iPhone or Android phone: - 4 Tire Sensors: TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs # TPMS-APP-4 - 6 Tire Sensors: TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs # TPMS-APP-6 The way it works is the system comes with a Bluetooth adapter that gets the data from the tire sensors. That adapter then sends the data to your iPhone so you can see it. The systems come with either 4 tire sensors or 6 tires sensors but will allow you to monitor...
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  • Recommendation For TPMS Option For Trailers
    I understand your concerns and most of the reliable TPMS options include a booster component. Depending on your tire setup, I recommend the TireMinder RV TPMS for Smartphone, Item # TPMS-APP-6. The TireMinder system, Item # TPMS-APP-6, comes with 6 brass transmitters that check tire pressure and temperature. The sensors easily install onto your tire's valve stems, have a pressure range of 0-232 PSI, and the system can be expanded up to 22 tires. This system requires Bluetooth and interacts...
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  • Are TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs Waterproof
    The TireMinder Smart TPMS like part # TPMS-APP-6 are waterproof but TireMinder does not recommend the transmitter box be submerged more than 30 minutes so as long as you are mindful of that you shouldn't have any issues launching your boat with the sensors installed. I recommend part # TPMS-APP-6 if you need 6 sensors or part # TPMS-APP-4 if you need 4. This particular system sends updates to your smart phone via an app so it is much more convenient then having a display screen in my opinion.
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  • Availablility of Tire Pressure Monitor System and Extra Sensors for Expansion
    We have the TireMinder RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Smartphone - Signal Booster - 4 Transmitters # TPMS-APP-4. This system uses your smartphone for monitoring. I've attached a review video for you to see functions. For more sensors we have the 6 transmitter # TPMS-APP-6. Either system does have extra sensors available with the brass # TM-2BRASS and the aluminum # TM-2ALUM. The software can track up to 22 tires.
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  • Will Sensors for Tire Pressure Monitoring System Affect Tire/Wheel Balance
    According to my contact at TireMinders, the sensors used on the # TPMS-APP-4 TPMS system are light enough that they would have no discernible effect on the wheel's balance. I've linked to a product description video for the # TPMS-APP-4 system you'd looked at.
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