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Progressive Dynamics Mighty Mini AC/DC Panel and Converter/Smart Charger - 60 Amp

Progressive Dynamics Mighty Mini AC/DC Panel and Converter/Smart Charger - 60 Amp

Item # PD4060K
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This 2-in-1 AC/DC distribution panel and converter charger keeps your power systems easily accessible inside the RV. Works with lithium and lead acid batteries. Uses a custom charging profile for lithium and multistage charging for lead acid. Lowest Prices for the best rv converters from Progressive Dynamics. Progressive Dynamics Mighty Mini AC/DC Panel and Converter/Smart Charger - 60 Amp part number PD4060K can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Progressive Dynamics RV Converters - PD4060K

  • Lead Acid
  • 60 Amps
  • Progressive Dynamics
  • 12V
  • Smart System Included

This 2-in-1 AC/DC distribution panel and converter charger keeps your power systems easily accessible inside the RV. Works with lithium and lead acid batteries. Uses a custom charging profile for lithium and multistage charging for lead acid.


  • 2-in-1 unit combines an AC/DC distribution panel with a smart converter charger
    • Consolidated system saves space and means you only have to install 1 component
  • Power distribution panel provides power to AC and DC applications in your RV
    • AC breakers and DC fuses not included
  • Converter charger uses shore power to quickly charge your RV batteries
    • Provides continuous power to run 12V loads
    • Works with lithium-ion, flooded lead acid, AGM, and gel batteries
  • High voltage output provides full, quick charge for your lithium batteries
  • Charge Wizard monitors your RV's batteries and automatically begins charging when needed
    • Multistage charging helps extend battery life
  • Built-in safety features protect your RV's electrical system
  • Hardwired installation into your existing RV electrical system
  • Heat-resistant polymer construction
  • UL listed
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: 12V battery systems
  • Rated power output: 810 watts
  • Amperage:
    • AC distribution: 7 branch circuits rated at 30 amps
    • DC distribution fuses: (2) 30 amp and (10) 20 amp
    • Converter output: 60 amps
  • Voltage:
    • AC distribution rating: 120 VAC
    • Converter input: 105 - 130 VAC
    • Converter output (no load): 13.6 VDC
    • Converter output (full load): > 12.6 VDC
  • Temperature ranges:
    • Operating range: 32 F to 122 F
    • Storage range: -4 F to 176 F
  • Overall dimensions: 12-1/4" long x 8-3/4" tall x 7-1/4" deep
    • Rear cutout: 10-3/4" long x 7-1/4" tall
  • Weight: 6.7 lbs
  • 2-Year limited warranty

Replacement Cross-Reference:

  • WFCO WF-8955PEC
  • Parallax 7355
  • Parallax 8355
  • Parallax 7155
  • Powermax PPC-55

Note: Not all units are a direct replacement. Modifications may be required.

rv power center

This RV power control center combines an AC/DC panel with a smart converter charger. Creating easy access to your electrical connections, this all-in-one breaker box distributes AC and DC loads to your RV and charges your batteries while connected to shore power. The integrated converter charger also uses the Charge Wizard to help extend battery life.

AC/DC Electrical Distribution

internal view

The panel supplies AC and DC distribution to your RV's electrical system. The AC section includes 7 branch circuits rated for 120V at 30 amps. The DC section has 12 branch fuse holders capable of using (2) 30 amp and (10) 20 amp fuses. However, you will need to purchase AC breakers and DC fuses separately to complete the installation.

inside cover

Once all of your connections are made, the breakers and fuses are easily accessible by opening the door on the front of the box. The door also includes a blank label to list all of the connections.

Multifunctional Converter Charger

lithium switch

The integrated converter charger changes AC shore power into DC power to charge your battery bank. It includes an output mode switch that lets you choose either lithium or lead acid batteries. No matter what type of battery is installed in your RV, you'll always have the most efficient charging profile. If your RV already has a stock converter charger, it will need to be removed to ensure this unit operates properly.

Charging Profile Designed for Lithium Batteries

In lithium mode, the unit uses a higher output voltage, which provides a fast, complete charge. It also extends battery life since it utilizes the appropriate charging profile. Additionally, this mode is compatible with your battery's internal Battery Management System (BMS), which helps manage the charge cycle by monitoring the battery state and balancing cell voltage.

Charge Wizard for Lead Acid Batteries

In lead acid mode, the Charge Wizard automatically switches voltages while your lead acid battery bank charges. This accelerates the charge but also helps extend battery life by adjusting the voltage during the different modes. This function is compatible with flooded lead acid, AGM, and gel batteries.

Charging Modes

  1. Boost: This mode charges at the full rated load for a quicker recharge time. This is where most of the charging happens. It charges the battery up to 90% of the full capacity.
  2. Normal: This mode provides controlled voltage to ensure a full charge. Once the battery begins to reach capacity, the normal state will kick in and reduce the voltage to safely complete the charge.
  3. Storage: Once the battery reaches full charge and remains unused for 30 hours, this mode maintains a lower voltage to compensate for self-discharge. This reduces battery stress and minimizes gassing and water loss.
  4. Equalization: This mode activates to prevent stratification and sulfate buildup during extended storage cycles. These two issues can damage a battery by causing the accumulation of acid at the bottom of the battery and hardened sulfate crystals on the battery plates. This mode is especially helpful when your battery is going unused during storage.

Safety Features

cooling fan

The system includes a number of safety features. It has a reverse polarity protection that will protect the converter if the battery is hooked up incorrectly. Additionally, the unit includes protection for overvoltage, undervoltage, and overcurrent, which can damage your equipment, as well as the converter. The built-in cooling fan also removes excess heat from the unit. The fan speed is proportional to the internal temperature of the converter, so when the power demand is low, the fan will operate quietly.

PD4060K Progressive Dynamics 4000 Series Inteli-Power Mighty Mini RV Converter with Charge Wizard and AC/DC Distribution Panel - 60 Amp

Alternate Part Number: PD4060KV

Installation Details PD4060K Installation instructionsAlternate Instructions PD4060K Installation instructions

California residents: click here

Customer Reviews

Progressive Dynamics Mighty Mini AC/DC Panel and Converter/Smart Charger - 60 Amp - PD4060K

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (2 Customer Reviews)

This 2-in-1 AC/DC distribution panel and converter charger keeps your power systems easily accessible inside the RV. Works with lithium and lead acid batteries. Uses a custom charging profile for lithium and multistage charging for lead acid.

- PD4060K

Dynamics RV converter is better quality than original equipment 850989

- PD4060K

Replaced my RV's existing unit with this one. The documentation provided was well written which made the install go smoothly. The unit is compact taking up much less space then the old one and I especially like that the access door opens to the side instead of swinging down like the old unit. 793412


Ask the Experts about this Progressive Dynamics RV Converters

  • Can 50 Amp RV Plug Be Hooked Up to Progressive Dynamics Converter # PD4060K
    I reached out to my contact at Progressive Dynamics and he said the 4000 Series Inteli-Power Converter # PD4060K won't work with a 50 amp inlet like # A10-50INBKVP because the AC/DC panel is only rated at 30 amps. With this in mind you could hook up a 30 amp inlet such as the Epicord # 277-000137 to your existing panel. Otherwise to install a 50 amp inlet you would need a higher-rated converter and AC/DC panel like the Progressive Dynamics # PD4575K18LS8. This particular unit features...
    view full answer...
  • Can the PD4060K Converter Charge Two 6 Volt Batteries in Parallel
    The Progressive Dynamics Mighty Mini AC/DC Panel and Converter/Smart Charger - 60 Amp part # PD4060K that you asked about is completely compatible with both using 6-Volt batteries in parallel and for use with AGM batteries. The built in smart charger provides several modes to help you not only charge but help to maintain the batteries and extend the life of them.
    view full answer...
  • Progressive Dynamics Inteli-Power Converter to Replace Magnetek 7255
    The Progressive Dynamics 4500 Series Inteli-Power Converter # PD4560K18LS8 is not a suitable drop-in replacement for the Magnetek 7255 according to my contact there but they do offer a unit that is. The best option to replace the Magnetek 7255 according to Progressive Dynamics is their Inteli-Power RV Converter # PD9260C which will allow you to keep your existing breaker panel.
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  • Could Progressive Dynamics Mighty Mini AC/DC Panel Power 30 Amp Welder
    The Progressive Dynamics Mighty Mini AC/DC Panel and Converter/Smart Charger # PD4060K that you referenced will work for your needs as it's rated for 30 amp/120 volt AC power like you need for your welder. When running the welder though I'd recommend not having other accessories power as well. A 13.5k BTU AC unit would also be able to ran by this as well since this can put out 3,600 watts at 120 volts. Normally a 13.5k BTU AC unit requires 2,750 watts at start up and 1,250 once running.
    view full answer...
  • How To Power Air Conditioner While Dry Camping/Boondocking With Trailer
    There is no such thing as a dumb question! I do have an option for you but the Progressive Dynamics Mighty Mini AC/DC Panel and Converter/Smart Charger part # PD4060K is not going to convert 12V power to AC power. It will use AC shore power to charge your DC batteries but you still would not be able to use your air conditioner or 120V outlets unless you were hooked up to shore power because you can't realistically power an air conditioner with a batter bank. You will need a generator...
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  • Recommended Pure Sine Wave Inverter With Switch to Power Refrigerator
    These electrical systems can be pretty confusing but believe me when I say that you are already more knowledgeable than many when it comes to what you need, and I'm happy to say we have the exact inverter to meet your requirements. The Progressive Dynamics Pure Sine Wave Inverter w/ Transfer Switch - Remote # PD1210NR is the perfect option because it has an integrated transfer switch. This is automatic and the switch time is fast enough that there won't be any type of interruption of...
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  • Progressive Dynamics Might Mini Power Converter for Lithium Battery
    Yes, the 60 Amp Progressive Dynamics Mighty Mini AC/DC Panel and Converter/Smart Charger # PD4060K is compatible with lithium batteries. There is actually a switch that allows you to change from charging lead acid to lithium batteries to fit your needs exactly.
    view full answer...
  • Can Progressive Dynamics Mighty Mini AC/DC Panel and Converter/Charger be Used with 30 amp Outlet
    The Inteli-Power Series Converter part # PD4060K will supply clean power from input voltages that range from 105-130 volt AC power. A 30-amp outlet like your generator has works just fine with this as it's output voltage is 120 volt. So there wouldn't be any special steps or adapters of any kind required! I attached a link to install instructions for this kit for you to check out as well.
    view full answer...
  • Does Progressive Dynamics Mighty Mini AC/DC Panel # PD4060K Shut Off with Lower Voltage Input
    The Progressive Dynamics Mighty Mini AC/DC Panel and Converter/Smart Charger # PD4060K that you referenced does not have an under voltage cut off point on the input side of it. It will continue to work at lower voltages but the output would just be lower.
    view full answer...
  • Parts Needed to Add 30 Amp Shore Power and Solar Panels to Cargo Trailer
    There isn't a single unit that will contain everything you are looking for, but we have the parts you are looking for to complete this setup. By the way, I'm a huge fan of cargo trailer conversions and I'd love to see more of your build. Here are the parts you will want: -Power Center # PD4060LIK (for lithium batteries) or -Power Center # PD4060K (for standard batteries) -2K Watt Inverter # 34278156 -30 Amp Twist Lock Inlet # 277-000137 (White) or # 277-000138 (Black) -30 Amp...
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  • 2006 Forest River SV291 Surveyor Power Converter Box Replacement
    We have great options for circuit board converter boxes that will fit your 2006 SV291 Forest River travel trailer. We have two different configurations with different amperage ratings based on the power requirements of the RV. We have the vertical style like part # PD4560K18LS8 for a 60 amp or # PD4590K18LS8 for a 90 amp or we have the horizontal style like # PD4060K for a 60 amp. Best option is to check out what you have, determine it's amperage rating, determine what type of batteries...
    view full answer...
  • Why Cant RV Battery Charger for Lithium Batteries Also be Used with Non-Lithium Batteries
    The challenging aspect of what you are wanting is that Lithium batteries have higher voltage requirements so they require a different kind of charger than ones designed for standard batteries but now the part # PD4060K has a switch that allows you to select either battery style so this would exactly what you need!
    view full answer...
  • Converter to Allow Fridge to Draw Power from Battery or RV Service Power
    What you'd want is a converter/smart charger like the Progressive Dynamics part # PD4060K which you'll wire your battery, RV service power supply, and fridge and it will allow you to charge the battery and draw from the RV power source when it's plugged in.
    view full answer...
  • Comparing Progressive Dynamics AC/DC Panel with Converter Part PD4060K and Part PD4060LIV
    The main difference between the Progressive Dynamics Mighty Mini AC/DC Panel and Converter/Smart Charger part # PD4060K and part # PD4060LIK is that the former model can charge both lithium and standard batteries such as lead acid/AGM/Etc. whereas the latter is only capable of charging lithium batteries. The former unit was just recently released with an updated lithium switch .
    view full answer...
  • Replacing Parallax 7355 Converter in 2004 Dutchman Travel Trailer
    Bummer! I can help you out. The 220 will fry the circuit breakers and the power converter. Camping trailers are made for 120V power at either 50 amps or 30 amps and have an integrated converter to 12v power for certain components like lights so that they can be utilized in a camping area where there isn't 120v power available. If just the parallax 7355 needs replaced, then the Replacement Converter for Parallax/Magnetek or WFCO RV Power Centers - 55 Amp # PD4655V is a direct replacement....
    view full answer...

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