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Classic Accessories upholds the same motto today as they did when it was founded in a basement in Seattle in 1984: protect your investment. Classic is committed to providing you with attractive, quality covers to maintain your cars, boats, RVs and more in mint condition.

  • Refined workmanship at an affordable price
  • Over 500 products to protect your outdoor gear
  • An industry leader in creating outdoor covers
  • Committed to product quality, development and innovation

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Expert Answers about Classic Accessories

  • Recommendation For Pop-Up Camper Cover To Cover A/C Unit on Top of Camper
  • You do not need to buy a special cover for a pop up camper with an A/C unit, just a larger size depending on the height of your A/C unit. The Classic Accessories Pop-Up Camper Cover, part # CA80042, you have referenced is designed for campers that are 16 to 18 feet in length and 42 inches in height. The Classic Accessories Pop-Up Camper Cover, part # CA80043, is the next size up and is designed for campers that are 18 to 20 feet in length and 42 inches in height. The height dimension...
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  • Bike Rack Cover Recommendation for Use with a Thule Doubletrack Platform Rack
  • Your best option for a bike cover would be the Classic Accessories Deluxe 3 Bike Cover # CA80111. This cover is not restricted to only RV applications. It has clear panels to allow taillight visibility. This cover also has air vents to prevent moisture buildup and wind lofting.
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  • Tire Covers for ST225/75R15 Tires
  • A ST225/75R15 Tire would have a diameter of approximately 28.28 inches. The cover you referenced, part # 052963751604 would work for you, but would be a bit large. Classic Accessories makes an identical cover, part # 052963751406, that is designed for a 28 to 29 inch tire, and would be a better fit. These covers are primarily designed for spare tires that are mounted on the rear of a vehicle or on a trailer. If you are needing covers for tires installed on the trailer that are sitting...
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  • How To Measure A Tire For A Spare Tire Cover
  • To find the size of your tire, the easiest way is to just measure the distance from the ground to the top of the tire. I have attached a couple help articles that explain tire sizing. The first 3 numbers are the Section Width. For example, if the number is 175 it means 175 millimeters wide. If it is listed as 4.80 that means the tire is 4.80 inches wide. The two digits following the Section Width is the Aspect Ratio. If that number is 80 you would take 80 percent of the Section Width....
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  • Toy Hauler Adjustable Rear Screen
  • Yes, the Toy Hauler Screen has an Adjustable design that fits all major model toy hauler tailgate openings. The width and height are adjustable for a custom fit with hook and loop strips for fiberglass or aluminum frame toy haulers, part 052963799842, or magnetic strips for steel frame toy haulers, part 052963799941. The actual measurements of the Toy Hauler Screen are 96 inches wide by 90 inches tall.
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  • Which Tire Covers Will Fit Trailer Tires that are Size 205/75R14
  • For your trailer tires, size 205/75R14, you would use Classic Accessories RV Wheel Covers, # 052963762303. These covers are sold in packs of 2. These covers will actually fit a wide range of tire sizes. It is quite an extensive list and is viewable on the product page. Basically, the cover will fit tire diameters 24 inches to 26-1/2 inches.
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  • Correct Sized Spare Tire Cover for ST175/80-13 Trailer Tire
  • If my arithmetic is correct, a 175/80-13 tire should be about 24.1 inches in diameter. Given this, a spare tire cover like the Classic Accessories # 052963751109, which fits tires between 24-25 inches in diameter, would be the correct choice. This cover is snow white in color, which is the same color as the cover you referenced. The # 052963751604 spare tire cover you referenced is designed for tires 30 to 30-1/2 inches in diameter, and would be too large.
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  • Recommended Cover For 2017 R-Pod RP-179 Travel Trailer
  • I did some research and contacted Classic Accessories to make sure we get you the right cover for your 2017 R-Pod RP-179 Travel Trailer with the door behind the axle. There is a specific cover I recommend that allows for that door access, # CA80-197-171001-00. This cover is a custom fit for your trailer. For the ultimate in weather protection, this cover features triple-ply, weatherproof fabric to keep out rain and snow. Wicking technology eliminates interior moisture buildup - perfect...
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  • Storage Cover Recommendation for Aliner Classic 12-Foot A-Frame Travel Trailer
  • The Classic Accessories cover you referenced, the PolyPro III Heavy-Duty Pop-Up Camper Cover for 10 - 12-foot campers # CA80039, is also offered in a 12 - 14-foot size as part # CA80040. Both covers feature the same 3-ply construction on the top layer as well as elastic corners and integrated air vents. The larger size may offer a more convenient fit on your Aline, which measures 6-1/2-feet x 12-feet with a 3-1/2-foot tongue. We also offer Classic Accessories single-layer polypropylene...
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  • RV Wheel Cover Recommendation for a 235 80 R16 Tire
  • The Classic Accessories RV Wheel Covers # 052963762501 that you referenced would work well on your tires that are 235 80 R16 even though the size is not listed in the description as a fit. The 235/80R16 tire is 30.8 inches in diameter so it is within the range of the cover.
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  • Trailer Cover Recommendation for a Utility Trailer that is 12 by 6
  • Sounds like your trailer is 12 foot by 6 foot and you are looking for a cover for it. Based on those dimensions the pop up camper cover part # CA80040 should work well for you. It's dimensions are 180" L x 88" W x 42" H.
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  • Which RV Wheel Cover Will Fit a ST225/75R-15 Size Tire
  • I calculated your tire diameter using our measuring a trailer tire page, and the correct wheel cover for the ST225/75R-15 tire size would be 26-3/4 inch to 29 inch cover # 052963762402.
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  • RV Tire Cover Recommendation for RV Tire Size LT225/75R16
  • The Classic Accessories RV Wheel Covers - Model 3, 29 inch - 31-3/4 inch Snow White, part # 052963762501, will fit on your LT225/75R16 RV tires because your tires are 29.3 inches tall. You could also use Classic Accessories RV Wheel Covers - 29 inch to 31-3/4 inch - Gray, part # CA80084. I included an FAQ article that explains calculating the diameter of a tire.
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  • How Can Classic Accessories Toy Hauler Screen Fit Smaller Trailer Opening
  • The Classic Accessories # 052963799842 Toy Hauler Screen is designed to fit a maximum opening size of 96 x 90 inches. The screen is adjustable for width and height using a series of hook and loop adjustment tabs sewn into the screen. You can check out the attached photo that shows how this screen can be adjusted.
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  • Spare Tire Cover to Fit ST205/75R15 Size Radial Tire
  • The ST205/75R15 tire size translates to an overall diameter of just over 27-inches when mounted and inflated. For this tire diameter we offer three black covers that will fit. Part # 052963753479 from Classic Accessories is a universal-fit cover that works with tires having a diameter of 26-3/4- to 29-3/4-inches. We also offer a UV-resistant black tire cover from Rampage, their # RA772901 which has a rear-side drawstring for a snug fit.
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  • Storage Cover for Winnebago Winnie Drop 170S Travel Trailer
  • The specs for the Winnebago Winnie Drop WD170S indicate an overall length of 20-feet 4-inches. We do offer storage covers for travel trailers in this size range that are shown on the linked page. Among the options I suggest the one made for Winnebago travel trailers that are 20 to 22-feet long, part # 290-64841 from Adco. The cover is not intended to extend over the propane tank or trailer jack, just to cover the primary trailer structure. Since your Winnie is just over 20-feet long...
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  • Correct Tire Covers for a Travel Trailer with Tire Size 225/75R15
  • According to the dimensions of your trailer tire (225/75R15) the Classic Accessories Covers Model 2 Part # 052963762402 will fit your tire. Using the helpful link provided that explains measuring your tire I calculated the overall diameter of your tire to be 28-1/4 inches, and the Classic Accessories Covers Model 2 will fit tire diameters from 26-3/4 inches to 29 inches. This is confirmed with the Classic Accessories size chart that is included on the product box, I have included a photo...
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  • Will the Heavy-Duty Pop-Up Camper Cover Fit and Last on a Aliner Classic Hard Side Folding Trailer
  • The Classic Accessories Deluxe PolyPro III Heavy-Duty Pop-Up Camper Cover, # CA80039, is our best selling popup/folding camper cover. As long as your camper is configured similar to one of the pictured in the drawing I provided, see link, and the body of the camper is between 10 and 12 feet long, the cover will fit. If there are roof mounted accessories on the camper the cover will fit, the sides will not go down as far though. The durability of the cover will have a lot to do with the...
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  • RV Spare Tire Cover Recommendation for a ST205/75R14 Tire
  • Based on your ST205/75R14C tire size that you have the Classic Accessories Universal Fit Spare Tire Cover # 052963753479 that you referenced would work well for you. This cover is black and is confirmed to fit your tire size. Check out the review video I attached for this product as well.
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  • What Is The Right Size RV Trailer Wheel Cover For My ST225x75D15 Tire and Wheel
  • I calculated the diameter of your ST225-75/D15 tire and wheel combination and came up with 28-1/4 inches overall diameter. With this tire you will be able to use one of two wheel covers. If you want a more snug fit, the Classic Accessories RV Wheel Covers - Model 2, 26-3/4 inch - 29 inch Snow White, item # 052963762402, would be a good choice. If you would like a bit larger cover for ease of installation the Classic Accessories RV Wheel Covers - Model 3, 29 inch - 31-3/4 inch Snow...
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  • Heavy Duty Cover For Pop-Up Camper With Air Conditioner On Roof
  • I recommend the Classic Accessories Deluxe PolyPro III Heavy-Duty Pop-Up Camper Cover, part # CA80038 for your 8 X 10 pop-up camper. This cover has corrosion-resistant grommets and draw cords that help to give a tight, secures fit and keep out rain, dirt, and snow. I have included a drawing that shows it is designed to fit pop-up campers with air conditioners mounted on the roof. I suggest covering any sharp edges so that they do not damage the cover.
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  • Recommended Tire Covers for Size ST225 75 R15 Trailer Tires
  • The outside diameter of your wheel/tire would be just over 29 inches, therefore the Classic Accessories wheel covers, part # 052963762501 would work well for you. These covers work with tires ranging from 29 to 31-3/4 inches in diameter. These covers are sold in sets of 2.
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  • Boat Cover Recommendation for a 17 Boston Whaler Montauk
  • For a 17 foot boat like your Boston Whaler Montauk that most likely has bow rails the Classic Accessories Boat Cover # 052963889383 would be an excellent option since it can fit boats from 16 to 18-1/2 feet in length.
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  • Tire Covers Recommendation for a 185/80R13 and a 175/80R13
  • Your tire is either a 185/80R13 or a 175/80R13. Which means that the height of the tire is between 24 inches and 24.5 inches. Check out the FAQ I attached on how to determine tire and wheel diameter for you. Based on that you would want Classic Accessories RV Wheel Covers # 052963762303. These covers will fit wheel diameters from 24 to 26-1/2 inches and should work well for you. The Classic Accessories RV Wheel Covers # 052963762204 that you referenced will work on tires that are...
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  • Pop Up Camper Cover Recommendation for a 2017 Rockwood Model 296
  • I pulled up pictures of your 2017 Rockwood Model 296 and it is a very standard looking pop-up so the Classic Accessories Deluxe PolyPro III # CA80042 that you referenced would be a great choice. This cover is designed for 16 to 18 feet pop ups with AC units like what yours has.
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  • Tire Cover to Protect 295/80R-22.5 Tires During Storage
  • That's a large tire, about 41 or so inches in diameter by my calculations. I have a cover in white, part # 052963762709 or in gray, part # CA80087. Either cover is designed for tires 40 to 42 inches in diameter, which would be absolutely perfect. The cover you mentioned, part # 052963762402 is designed for tires up to 29 inches in diameter, and would be way too small for your tires.
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  • What Size Tire Cover Will Fit a 245/70R/19.5 Tire and Wheel Combination
  • I have calculated the diameter of your tire and it looks like the tire cover you need for the 245/70R/19.5 wheel and tire combination is the 32 inch to 34-1/4 inch, Classic Accessories RV Wheel Covers, part number 052963762600.
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  • Best Truck Camper Cover for Use in the Southern California Sun and Tips to Help it Last
  • In my experience covers last approximately 3 years here in Missouri. We have a tractor that we keep covered year around, except when in use, and the best covers we have used provide good ventilation and breath-ability so the cover dries quickly when it gets wet. The sun is the biggest factor that causes the cover to deteriorate, and in SoCal I am sure you have a lot of sun. I would think that the Classic Accessories Deluxe PolyPro III Heavy-Duty Truck Bed Camper Cover, item # CA80036,...
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  • Recommended Cover for 2017 Winnie Drop WD170K Trailer
  • For your 2017 Winnie Drop WD170K , I recommend the Classic Accessories Deluxe PolyPro III HD Cover for R Pod Trailer - Up to 20' Long # CA80200. In talking with my contact at Classic Accessories, they believe this is the best fit for your trailer with its rounded design. There is not a custom fit for most trailers, but your trailer is very similar to the R-Pod which they made this cover for that will be a better fit than a more rectangular style cover.
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  • Spare Tire Cover For Pop-Up Camper Tire
  • The closest size tire cover for your 20.5X8.0-10 tire we offer is the Classic Accessories Custom Fit Spare Tire Cover, part # 052963751000. This is designed for tires that measure 21 to 22 inches diameter. This has an elasticized hem on the back and will work fine for your tire that measures 20-1/2 inches.
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