Adco Double Axle Tyre Gard RV Wheel Cover Review and Installation

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Installation and How to Install the Adco Double Axle Tyre Gard RV Wheel Cover

Adam: What's going on everybody Adam, here with etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the ADCO vinyl tire covers for you guys' RVs. So we are going to have two different colors here, and we also have a silver diamond plated steel vinyl one as well, but these are black and white. And for today I kind of want it to go with my rig, so I'm not going to use the black ones. Set those aside. So let's go ahead and get started on installing.

So first things first is kind of just unwrap it all. We're going to have one side, it's going to have a little stretchy cord on the top. And what we're going to be doing is kind of putting that in the middle, and then stretching them over our tires. And then I usually try to take care of one tire first, just so you're not really battling, and kind of put it behind the tire. Our goal here is this little seam, we want that to be on the edge of the actual grips of our tire and the sidewalls.So you do your best to kind of line that up.

It is easier to do one side and then come over and do the other. Pretty much the same exact deal. Just so they're not touching the ground, kind of rotate them around the tire. Now we can go ahead and grab a bungee cord or a rope. If you guys don't have any bungee cords, we do have some here at etrailer.

One thing to note, it doesn't come with it, but if you do get the single wheel covers, they do come with those. So grab your bungee cord and we're going to go ahead and go to the brass grommets up on the end, over here, hold them in real quick and then do your best to kind of take this bungee cord and toss it behind the tire. We're going to go on the other side and grab the other end and do the same exact thing we did over there on this side. And we are pretty much done. So all the different colors that we have do only come in a quantity of one.So if you guys have a double axle trailer and you got two sides to it, of course, so just go ahead and grab two of them whenever you guys hit checkout on our website, but these are going to have a heavy duty vinyl construction.

It's going to block out a lot of that water that it might hit whenever those elements come through. And also the UV rays from the sun over there, isn't going to penetrate the vinyl fabric. And that's nice just because it's going to prolong the life of your guys' tires. It's not going to dry rot it or anything like that. And sometimes over time, if you guys usually keep your stuff outside, that sun is going to start cracking your guys' sidewalls. And that's not something we really want, especially if you guys have a RV or a travel trailer, like you see here, there's usually a lot of stress being put on those tires.So preventing those cracks from is going to pretty much get you guys more bang for your buck when it comes to your tires. Tires are expensive, might as well take a little bit of time to protect them now, but they are going to resist against water. And we do have a dual stitch whenever we take those two vinyl fabrics and put them together, and that's going to help prevent that water from seeping down in there as well. These are going to be able to fit two different types of tires. We're going to get 27 to 29 inch tires and 30 to 32 inch tires. And how we got that is we measured from the top end of our tread to all the way to the bottom by the ground here. Just take out a measuring tape, measure that, and that'll tell you what kind of size you guys need for your tires.If you guys have some nicer rims, like the ones you see here, they're kind of pretty, we like to keep them pretty. Luckily on the inside, we do have a softer material, so it's not going to scratch or anything like that. And with the elastic top on the back, and also the bungee cord hooking those two together, it really isn't going to go anywhere, even in the craziest of storms. So if you guys are on a construction site at the farm, if you guys are just taking maybe a month or two off grid, which you guys' travel trailer, this is going to just help all of that. Just so nothing really happens and no damage goes to your tires when you guys are out.So definitely for those longer camping, and of course, if you guys are going to park your guys' construction trailer at the site for quite a while. It doesn't really take a whole lot of time to do it, so it's just nice to take a minute or two, just to cover up your tires. And that'll probably get you quite a bit more time out of these tires. So that pretty much does it for all the features these tire covers offer. And again, these we're the ADCO dual axle vinyl tire covers.

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