Classic Accessories Deluxe 4 - Sided Golf Cart Enclosure Review

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Review of the Classic Accessories Deluxe 4 - Sided Golf Cart Enclosure

Eve Angeline: Hi everyone, it's Eve Angeline here at etrailer, and today we are looking at our Classic Accessories, Deluxe 4-sided Golf Cart Enclosure here at etrailer. So this is a great option if you are looking for something to cover your golf cart and keep it, as well as yourself, nice and clean in the elements. So this enclosure is designed for two passenger golf cart, kind of like what we have here, although we also have this rear seat installed. That's an extra thing we put back there so you can see how it also covers that in a way, but it is ideal if you have your regular 2 passenger golf cart, because it will cover your clubs here in the back.My favorite thing about this though, is how it has a lot of different ways that you can customize it for yourself in whatever situation you are in.So we have a bunch of zippers, we have straps everywhere, we have the ability to roll things up, keep things down. So, you can see that you can actually get a pretty tight fit, but also have that option to roll upsides, if you want extra wind or keep things down, if you're driving through the rain. So maybe one example is, maybe you're playing and it's a little misty outside, so you do want some air while you're driving but also to stay protected.

So an option for that could just be to unzip this front panel and then roll it up just like that, and here at the top, you have the slick and loop straps, which you can use to secure your rolled up panel. And that way it's not flopping around while you're driving around. It actually looks pretty nice, and this can cover it a little bit. So, it's not a bulky piece of panel underneath there, and that gives you that freedom as well as that breeze as you play.This roof over here, which I call the bucket hat style roof, is pretty nice because you can see how it flips towards the top, which will allow the water to come down over to the side and not straight into your golf cart. So those are just little extra design features that I'm a fan of.Now, this is made of this clear PVC plastic here at the top.

So one thing about that is ___though, one, is nice since it's clear, you can see through it, you're safe as you are driving around, but on the downside with everything closed up, there is a possibility of getting a little humid, a little cooped up in here. So, just keep that in mind that you might have to open the zippers just to let some air in.The bottom and the top of the panels have this light, sand colored fabric, which feels durable, it feels strong, it also has this plastic blinding underneath. But one thing is that we notice it's really easy to get dirty, but this fabric is actually pretty to clean, also, you would rather have that dirt on your cover than your golf cart, but speaking of cleaning, you can use soap and water with the fabric portion, but not with the PDC clear plastic, because this is actually pretty sensitive to soap and chemicals, and it's easy to scratch it, so try to stay clear of that.Here in the back portion of our golf cart, you can see that there is a full panel of clear PVC plastic, and that's so that if you just wanted to grab your golf clubs or put them away, you only have to unzip the back to have access to this panel, which is nice because then you don't have to unzip the entire thing, and you can just go straight at it.One quick note is that the middle panels have double sided zippers that can be accessed from the inside, but all the others zippers can only be accessed from the outside. So that's just something to keep in mind for usability while you are inside here, this is quick and easy to open, but you'll have to pop out to open the other panels.I'll walk you through the install process of the cover itself, but before we do that, let's take a look at the bag it came in. So this is actually a nice bag, it's a canvased case, and it comes folded inside here.

Now the downside is that once you do have it unpacked, it's hard to get back in here, but you can if you need to, it came fully folded up, so, I unfolded it a little bit just to make this quicker. Now, the first thing to look for is this bright yellow and black tag, and this says front. So you going to be putting this side on the front of our golf cart. So if you unpack it, you can tell that you have our front panel here, and our large clear panel here. So this clear panel will go on the back and the other panel will go on the front.So, that I like to do is just have it in the correct position, and from here...

This can be a one person job but it's a lot easier with two people, so get a helping hand just to drape it over your golf cart. So, first start with your front panel, get that up and over the roof, and from there, you can just slide the entire cover through until it's reasonably in the right position on top of your golf cart. That looks good right there. The first thing I like to do is just connect these straps inside and they go around your support bar here. We have one on each corner, so just get that attached, and then you are good to go for each corner.After you already have the corners strapped down, you can then zip down the sides of your cover, and that will help you figure out what's the best fit for your golf cart. In our case here, while usually this will go all the way down and really help cover the back of our golf cart, here what I like to do is just zip it down partway, and then make a nice little plastic seat cover here in the back to protect our rear seat. Once you have everything zipped up, you can then adjust the tightness with these hooks here at the bottom. So these go down and underneath your golf cart, really hook it anywhere that it can secure to, and then just avoid anything that moves or any wires or hoses. We have three on each side or one in every corner and two in the middle. So just get those all hooked into place, and then you can tighten the strap here to get your best fit.Now, we do have other types of covers that are more ideal for long-term solutions, which means that they cover the entire golf cart, including the wheels, and really keeps everything secure and covered, and this isn't one of those. This is more for if you want to drive around and not get rained on and be protected from the mist and other elements, which is awesome. So it really depends on what you are looking for. But as for something that is nice secure, you can get a tight fit as well as the option to open up a window and get some breeze, this is a good piece for you.So, that was a look at the Classic Accessories, the Luxe 4-sided Golf Cart Enclosure, here at etrailer.

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