Classic Accessories Travel 4-Sided Golf Cart Enclosure Review

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Review of the Classic Accessories Travel 4-Sided Golf Cart Enclosure

Evangeline: Hi, everyone. It's Evangeline. And today we are looking at the classic accessories travel four-sided golf cart enclosure here at etrailer. So this enclosure or cover is a great option if you are looking for something that is nice, simple, sleek, and will help protect you as you drive around. And if there's rain or if it's misty, it'll help you stay nice, dry, and protected. This one is made of vinyl.

There are other options out there. Some are made with PVC plastics. But for this one, I like how it's very good with visibility. It's very clear. You can really see all around your golf cart if you are inside this without any limits on that visibility.

It's also designed to have three zippered panels, so you can have access on the right, on the left, and behind your golf cart.This cover is designed and ideal for two passenger golf carts, kind of like what we have here, although ours is a little extra special since we have this extra rear seat here in the back. So you can see how it's still sort of fits around our rear seat. We just have it tightened here in the back, but if you have the more traditional two passenger style of a golf cart, it's the perfect fit for that. Although the nice side with this rear seat is that even though we have it over here, we still have access to our golf clubs here in the back, which is nice and convenient. You can see here as I pull out the fabric underneath, there's a lot of fabric, which is designed to go underneath and around the back of your golf cart.

So that way, when it's down there, you can access your clubs here at the top. Now, if you also want to access the pockets or in your bags, it's very easy since it has elastic at the bottom to just pop up to access that too.As for the zipper, they have an interesting design. Both the driver and the passenger side have this double zipper here at the bottom so that you can open up the entire door from both sides. Now, since you are kind of enclosed by vinyl all the way, you might be concerned about if it gets too hot or humid inside. You can and you do have the option to just unzip the top so that you have a little bit of an air vent, keeping the wind flowing as you play.

As for the material mainly used for the roof of our cover, you can see that it's nice and light, though kind of thin compared to maybe your other sturdier fabrics or canvas. So one upside is that it's good and it's light and easy to maneuver around your vehicle. The downside is that it might not be as durable against really extreme weather and elements.The cover itself comes with four squarish hooks. And I do like this design because it just hooks around the bottom frame of your golf cart and keeps your cover in place as you drive around. With its vinyl clear material, you can see how we do have some wrinkling because of storage. So if that happens to you, what I recommend doing is just taking a hairdryer to it or parking it outside in the sun. That should help smoothen those wrinkles out.So let's take a look at the install process as we install this on our golf cart. Before we install the cover, let's take a look at the bag it comes in. So this is kind of a nice bag. It's a thin material just like the material used for our cover, and it comes folded inside this. So once you receive it, you just have to unfold it like what I did here. And when you are ready to install, you start by looking for the bright yellow and black tag that says back. So this part right here is going to be the back of your golf cart. One nice thing about this is that it is lighter than the other covers. So you should be able to install this by yourself. Of course, it's easier with another set of hands. So let's see how I do all by myself. So I have the piece that says back there at the back, and I like just drape the front portion over our roof. Just leave that there. Then I go around to get it into place. Grab that piece.Now all the plastic ends will not be on the roof. So that's helpful as you arrange the cover around your golf cart. There we go, quick and easy. Nice. With it in place, now you just got to get it hooked, and these do go around your frame. Just make sure that they're hooked onto a square piece of frame there in the back. So this will really tighten it up against your golf cart. That looks good. As for my final thoughts about this golf cart enclosure is that I do like how sleek it is, how light it is, also how easy it was to install when it's just me. Now, one downside is that it isn't as durable or designed to be as sturdy as the other covers out there, but it's just what you prioritize. If you want something that has a lot of visibility and is light and simple, this is a great option. So that was a look at Classic Accessories Travel Four Sided Golf Cart Enclosure here at etrailer.

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