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Expert Answers about Blazer

  • What is the Battery Life for Blazer Wireless Magnetic Tow Lights
  • The battery life for Blazer wireless magnetic tow lights, # C6304, is going to depend on several factors including the charge level of the batteries used, quality of the batteries, ambient temperature, and of course how long the lights are turned on. It is difficult to estimate because of all of these factors. The safe bet is to check them with reasonable frequency. With that said the LED lights draw very little amperage so fresh batteries are likely going to last well over 2 hours. If...
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  • Troubleshooting Blazer Trailer Tail Light C7493RTM That Stopped Working
  • First check to make sure the light is grounded properly. That is typically what causes a trailer light to stop working. Especially when the light is an LED that doesn't normally burn out. The light # C7493RTM that you referenced has a sealed lens that does not allow you to get into it. Plus the LED light inside it is not like a standard bulb that is easily replaced. Try improving the ground first. That will most likely fix the problem. I attached a couple help articles on troubleshooting...
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  • Troubleshooting Blazer Magnetic Tow Lights that Don't Want to Power On
  • In order for the # C6304 to function you would need to make sure that the batteries are installed properly in the light kit as well as make sure the power switch is turned on. This switch is at the bottom of one of the lights in a recessed opening. Check out the video I attached that covers everything on these lights if you have further questions. Or you can email me back if you are still having troubles.
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  • Availability of 921-Type LED Replacement Bulbs for Trailer Interior Lights
  • The Blazer RV Interior Dome Light # 398SB uses a permanent card-style LED element that is held in place within the housing by a single screw. This is not offered as a replacement part. But we do offer 921 equivalent LED "bulbs" that can convert a light with standard 921 incandescent bulbs to LED operation for brighter output and less power consumption. The linked page displays all white LED 921-type bulbs such as the Putco PURE Premium 921 Wedge LED Bulb # P230921W-360-S and the Arcon...
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  • Magnetic Tow Bar Lighting Kit Recommendation with Magnetic Base
  • For a magnetic set of LED tow bar lighting the Blazer part # C6304 is a great option. But you should note that this is a wireless kit that requires batteries (lithiums to be specific). These have a stronger magnet and are LED.
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  • Battery Life of the Blazer Amber Warning Beacon # C43A
  • I spoke with my contact at Blazer and he informed me that the battery life of the Blazer Amber Warning Beacon # C43A would be good for 36 hours total. This also does have a sensor that would allow you to have it shut off during day hours if needed as well.
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  • Troubleshooting Blazer Wireless Magnetic Tow Lights C6304
  • Based on your troubleshooting efforts and the fact that this product did not operate properly on both of your vehicles I am inclined to think the unit has a defect. But you can easily test it, independent of the vehicles, to isolate the location of the issue. Use a 12V vehicle or spare battery to apply power directly to the wireless transmitter portion of the Blazer Wireless Magnetic Tow Lights # C6304. Connect the battery ground to the pin for the white wire and then apply the battery...
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  • Mounting Base Magnet Strength of Blazer LED Amber Warning Beacon C43A
  • The Blazer LED Amber Warning Beacon # C43A with magnetic mount does not carry a formal driving speed rating but I did go to our warehouse so I could try this light on a variety of steel/ferrous metal surfaces. When I placed this unit on a painted steel shelf structure so that all of its 4 disc magnets were in contact with the steel, it held with enough grip that I would expect only a direct hit from road debris (for example, a big chunk of tire tread from a blown tire) might be able to...
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  • Could the Blazer Flashing Amber Warning Light Bar C4500AW Be Hardwired to Vehicle
  • Yes, if you removed the cigarette lighter adapter of the # C4500AW you would have a positive and a negative wire that you could then use to hardwire the light.
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  • 2012 Jeep Liberty Headlights Cause My Trailer Turn Signals and Brake Lights to Fail
  • It sounds like there may be a couple of issues going on here. First, It is very common for LED lights like # C7493RTM & # C7483RTM to remain on very dimly whenever the trailer is connected to a vehicle, even if the ignition is turned off. The only solution is to disconnect your trailer when you will be parked for extended periods. Now let's address the bigger issue. When turning on the vehicle's headlights causes one or more of the trailer lights to stop working the number one culprit...
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  • Recommended Heavy Duty Magnetic Red Warning Lights
  • We have the heavy duty warning lights in amber as you stated, like # C43A or # C4500AW. For emergency red lights, I recommend the Red LED Safety Light with Heavy Duty Magnets # HF18R-HD or the Adjustable Red LED Emergency Light, Magnetic Base # HF18R-MB.
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  • Operation of Blazer LED Tail Lights
  • Thank you for the details. I reached out to my contact at Blazer International to ask about the Blazer Trailer Tail Light - 6 Function - LED - Submersible - 7 Diodes - Red Lens - Passenger Side # C7493RTM you referred to. I confirmed with them that 2 LED's on is that proper function for running lights and all the LEDs for turn signals. Based on the information you gave, your light is working properly.
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  • Availability of Replacement Tail Lights for Peterson Boat Trailer?
  • The lights I recommend for you are the Blazer Trailer Tail Lights, # C7483RTM for the driver's side, and # C7493RTM-1G for the passenger's side. These are epoxy-sealed submersible lights which will stop water from interfering with the bulbs. Keep in mind this does not protect the wiring, so you may want to take a look at some liquid electrical tape, # SWC50122. I also recommend you use heat shrink such as # DW05450 for all your wiring, which will help protect it.
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  • Dimensions and Amount of Diodes on the Trailer Taillight # C7493RTM-1G
  • The amount of diodes on the Trailer Light # C7493RTM-1G is 10 which matches what you have. This is made to the standard dimensions for this style of trailer light. It measures 4-3/4" long x 4-3/4" wide x 2-11/16" deep. The mounting studs are 2 inches apart.
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  • Replacement Trailer Taillight Lens for Blazer DOT AIST 95
  • The lens you need is part # A8RB. The light you have is a standard style trailer taillight and the lens part # A8RB is designed to fit it.
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