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Installing an Electric Brake Controller on a 2013 Dodge Ram

Technical Bulletin

SUBJECT/Summary: The electrical system on the 2013 Ram trucks has changed.

PROBLEM: The 2013 Ram 1500 has "Powernet" and utilizes multiplex wiring that is different from previous models. Although the brake control connector is physically the same as the 2010-2012, the wire functions have changed. The terminal that used to be the stop light signal now has battery voltage whenever the ignition is in the run position.

SOLUTION: When installing a Cequent in-cab aftermarket brake control into the 2013 Ram 1500, you will need to use the Tekonsha 3023-P Plug and Play brake control harness.

Compatible time-delayed brake controllers: Draw-Tite Activator I 5100, Draw-Tite Activator IV 5504

Compatible proportional brake controllers: Tekonsha Prodigy 90185, Tekonsha P2 90885, Tekonsha P3 90195, Tekonsha Primus IQ TK90160 and Tekonsha Voyager 39510

Watch a brake controller installation using Tekonsha part 3023-P on 2013 Dodge Ram truck

Note: To ensure compliance with California regulations on stop light drive, you must also use the additional kit 30235-P. Failure to ensure compliance with California regulations may result in independent liability for the user. The 30235-P is a stop lamp drive adapter that is installed at the 7-way connector. Both of the part numbers listed above are available in a complete kit, Tekonsha 30234-P.

Note: The 3023-P Plug and Play brake control harness applies to Cequent brand brake controls only.

Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers

Warning: Any attempt to install an aftermarket brake control into the vehicle without using the 3023-P Plug and Play brake control harness listed above may cause severe damage to the vehicle's electrical system or electrical components!

Product Number: All Brake Controllers

Manufacturer: Cequent

Bulletin Date: 02/04/2013

Bulletin Number: TB13-01



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