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Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2013 Dodge Ram

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Dodge Ram Pickup Brake Controller

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Installation of a Trailer Brake Controller on a 2013 Dodge Ram

Today with this 2013 Dodge Ram 1500, we're going to be installing the Tekonsha P3 brake controller, part number 90195 and the custom fit brake control harness for this vehicle, part number 3023-P. The first thing we need to do is set our mounting bracket for our controller. Pick a suitable location that won't be in the way of the driver's knees, but will allow easy access to the manual override switch on the bottom of the controller. Once you've found a location for the bracket, make sure that there are no electrical components behind it before you secure it with the included screws.With our controller in place, we'll move on to the brake control harness. The next thing we need to do is find the electrical connections up underneath the dash of our Ram pickup. The first connection we need to make is the large square connector on the harness.

This connection will provide our ground, brake controller output, and our power. This connector on our vehicle is located directly above the gas pedal on the inside of the dash, just on the other side of the plastic about where your knee would be. You may also find this connector in the old location like where you used to in the 2012 and previous models and that's located up above the emergency brake pedal equipment. Well make this connection and then we'll move on to the brake signal connection. That's the single red wire with the small square connector.

If we go up directly above the brake pedal, we'll find this connector taped to a wire harness up high underneath the dash. We'll make this connection and all of our connections under the dash will be complete. Now there's a bit of access wire on the red connector. What we'll do is take a couple of zip-ties to secure it up and out of the way so we don't get it tangled in our feet or any of the pedals. We'll use a zip-tie here and another zip-tie here to secure the access and keep it out of the way.Now we'll take the black four-pin rectangular connector and fit it into the back of our prodigy break controller.

Once we make the connection to our brake control, we'll take any access left on the harness, coil it together and zip-tie it out of the way.That's it for our install of the Tekonsha P3 brake controller, part number 90195 with the custom fit harness, part number 3023-P, on our 2013 Dodge Ram 1500.

Questions and Comments about this Video

I have a 2008 dodge quad-cab 1500 pickup with a 4-pin connector at the rear of the truck.I am going to add a trailer brake controller,what do I need to make this happen?thanks

comment by: Ernest S - 4/9/2014


You will need a brake controller and one of our part # ETBC7 kits. This will provide everything you need to accomplish the install. I have included a link to a video of this whole process on a 2001 Ram. Obviously a little older, but it is the same general task as what you will have with your 2008.

Patrick B - 4/9/2014

I have a 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel that i just purchased without the Factory Brake Control Module. Will this Module work along with the same adapter for my truck?

comment by: Rick K - 6/5/2014


I have confirmed with my contacts at Tekonsha and the # 3023-P wiring harness and the Tekonsha Prodigy P3 are confirmed as a fit for your 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 EcoDiesel.

Rachael H - 6/9/2014

I bought a 2014Ram 1500 Quad cab.Ive taken my older Tekonsha voyager out of my 2001 ram.1st can i put it in the new ram without hurting the truck and also do i need a different harness than the 2001 harness Thanks

comment by: Dick T - 7/31/2014


I have spoken with my contacts at Tekonsha and your Voyager will work in your 2014 Ram 1500 with no proplem. To connect the brake controller to your truck you will need to use the # 3023-P adapter wire. Please be advised if you are a California resident you will need to also use the # 30235-P to comply with state regulations regarding the use of the override switch on any brake controller.

Rachael H - 8/1/2014


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