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The Best Tire Chains for Every Situation

Your Guide to a Safer Winter
Sometimes your vehicle tires just aren't enough in the face of winter weather, and that's where tire chains come in. Whether you want to get winter-storm-ready just in case, or you're venturing into off-road territory and need backup, tire chains provide additional traction and help keep you safe out there.But with all the options available, what are the best tire chains for you? Because tire chains are custom fit, this partly depends on which chains fit your vehicle and tires (taking into account tire size, wheel well clearance, etc). The easiest way to determine which chains will fit is by using our fitguide and inputting your vehicle's tire size. That said, some tire chains are better than others for certain situations. For instance, ice calls for chains that can deliver extra "bite," while muddy off-road terrain requires increased chain durability. And within these groups, there are different tiers of tire chains, from chains that install like a dream to budget-friendly chains you'll use in a pinch. Check out our top picks for each road (or off-road) situation below, then use our fitguide to find the size that fits your tires.
NOTE: Check the tire chain laws in your state prior to purchasing chains. Some states do not allow certain types of chains (such as those with ice spikes), and other states do not allow tire chain use at all on public roads or highways. Make sure to obey any laws or restrictions in your area! Also be sure to check your vehicle owner's manual to make sure your vehicle is compatible with tire chains.
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Best Tire Chains for Snow
WHAT WE LOOK FOR: The majority of tire chains will be effective in snow, but we wanted chains that would go that extra mile. This included D-links or square links for the best traction, but we also focused on chains with features that make them easy to use. After all, there's no point having chains if it's too much hassle to use them. Here you'll find tire chains with hookup features like automatic or assisted tensioning, color-coded indicators, and few or no required hookups.Below, check out our highlights for our premium, value, and economy choices, then read on for a more in-depth look at each.

Best Tire Chains for Snow: The Highlights

Konig Low-Pro Snow Chains
Konig Low-Pro Snow Tire Chains
  • Built-in pedal & automatic tensioning for easiest install
  • No manual connections needed
  • External quick-release allows fast removal
  • Built-in rim protection
Pewag Servo Snow Chains
Pewag Servo Snow Tire Chains
  • Patented self-tensioning for easy installation
  • TITANGrip steel provides excellent durability
  • Built-in rim protection
Titan Alloy Snow Chains
Titan Alloy Snow Chains
  • Built-in tensioners ease installation
  • Manganese nickel alloy construction is durable & rust resistant
  • Bestseller for 3 years running
  • Steel square links for great traction and stopping power
The Breakdown
Konig CG9 Self-Tensioning Tire Chains

Konig Self-Tensioning CG9 Snow Chains

IN A NUTSHELL: Easiest to install, an etrailer favorite
This Is For You If:If you're going to be using tire chains frequently, you'll want to invest in a pair that combines superior traction with no-hassle installation, which perfectly describes Konig's CG9 self-tensioning tire chains. The CG9s are a favorite among our installers due to their simple installation. These chains connect at the top of the tire, so there's no crawling around the back of the tire to make connections. Just run the red loop through the buckle and attach it to the tensioning cable, and you're good to go. The self-centering, automatic tensioning system takes care of the rest. The D-shaped links and diamond chain pattern provide excellent traction on snow and ice, and the metal itself is a high-quality manganese nickel alloy steel (translation: super durable and corrosion resistant). Plus, the painted chain sections won't freeze your fingers like unfinished chains do. The anti-scratch nylon bumpers protect your rims.Konig's chains also include a 5-year warranty (by far the best on this list), which says a lot about the company's confidence in their product. This Is NOT For You If: There's not much about these Konig chains you won't love. However, if you're looking for a set of simple chains to keep in your trunk for emergencies and hopefully never use, you may want to consider a more budget-friendly option. These chains also aren't available with ice spikes, and while the D-link pattern will provide plenty of "bite", you may prefer a spiked chain design if you'll mostly be up against ice. You'll also want to consider an off-road friendly alternative if you're headed that way, since these Konig chains are for on-road use only.
~ HEATHER C., etrailer neighbor (5/5 stars)I LOVE this product! I am a middle aged woman with weak hands and poor cold tolerance, and I was able to get these on my car BY MYSELF when it was snowing. *Game Changer*
Pewag Servo Tire Chains

Pewag Servo Snow Chains

IN A NUTSHELL: Easy installation that's easy on the wallet
This Is For You If:You don't have to fork over a fortune for easy installation and premium tire coverage. Instead, you can just go with the Pewag Servo.Like the Konig Low-Pro chains, these Pewag chains offer automatic tensioning. In Pewag's case, tensioning is quite literally a snap—just rotate the switch on the included tensioner, and the chain will snap snugly over your tire for a perfect fit. (To be honest, it's pretty satisfying to watch.)These Pewag chains do require you to make a few connections, but they're pretty straightforward—the color coding helps, plus you don't have to crawl on the ground behind the tire, because the connectors meet at the top of the tire.As for the chain itself, the titanium alloy and TITANGrip steel construction is durable and corrosion resistant. The square links offer excellent grip and "bite" into snowy or icy surfaces, while the diagonal chain pattern helps smooth out the ride.
~ Arlo S., etrailer neighbor (5/5 stars):"I have never been more pleased with a purchase decision than I am with these snow chains. They fit my car perfectly and were easier to install than I expected. If you have ever used on-ground cable chains, you know there are three connections that must be made, plus any adjustments to the tension device. With these chains, the connections are easy and the self-tightening tension device is impressive. At first I was not interested in this feature, but after using it I can appreciate how it will keep the chains tight and secure...It's a bit odd to be so excited about a product that I hope NOT to use. But I drive to ski resorts all over the West and encounter chain restrictions often... Now, I'm actually looking forward to using the chains. I'm so pleased, I may purchase a second set for my wife's car.
This Is NOT For You If: These Pewag Servo chains are easy to use and come in at a middle-of-the-road price point, which will either make them your Goldilocks "just right" option or leave you wanting more one way or another.For the best no-effort chains money can buy, stick with Konig's Low-Pro Chains. For a high-quality chain that's a bit easier on the budget, try the Titan Alloy Chains.
~ Johnathan, etrailer neighbor (4/5 stars - 1 year later)"The little clips can get tangly, and the main clasp can be a pain sometimes to get it to stay clasped until you get tension on it. But overall I have used them quite a few times and they work great. I would def recommend them over the traditional types."
Titan Chain Alloy Snow Tire Chains

Titan Chain Alloy Snow Tire Chains

IN A NUTSHELL: Bestselling tire chain that balances quality, price, and ease of use
This Is For You If:If you want a step up from traditional ladder-style tire chains but don't want a huge step up in price, you'll appreciate these Titan Alloy Snow Tire Chains—our top-selling chain for the last three years in a row. These chains include what's known as "assisted tensioning"—they won't tighten themselves for you like the Konig Low-Pros or Pewag Servos, but they do include built-in tensioners that make installation simple. Just slide one end of the chain through the red tensioner and pull for a snug fit. The tensioner is built right in, so you don't have to worry about misplacing any components (as is the case with rubber tensioners).To begin with, you'll have to make a connection behind the tire. However, unlike traditional chains, this one connects easily at the top, so there's no need to crawl around the tire on the ground. You'll also have to make a connection at the front, but the chain is color coded for a simple install process.The chain itself is made of a high-quality manganese nickel alloy for durability and corrosion resistance. The diamond-pattern chain provides superior coverage, and the square links provide excellent grip in snow and ice while remaining small enough to provide a relatively smooth ride.
~ Maurice, etrailer neighbor (5/5 stars):These chains are by far the easiest chains I have ever put on or taken off a truck. 10 minutes to put on and five minutes to take off. I am in a wheelchair so getting on the ground is not the easiest thing to do so with these chains taking so little time to put on it is a blessing. No Jack and no running them over to put them on. You may have to drive over them to take them off. Used one set last winter to plow a 6 1/2 mile gravel road and did awesome so I bought a set for the front.
This Is NOT For You If: If you're looking for a more high-quality chain with extra bells and whistles, you'll probably prefer something like the Konig Low-Pro. You won't find rim protection or a quick-release mechanism on these Titan Chain tire chains. They also require a bit more manual manipulation to adjust and tension. Rather than snug up with the press of a pedal or rotation of a switch, you'll have to pull the chain taut for these Titan Alloy chains (with the help, as mentioned, of the built-in tensioner). Then you'll have to drive forward a few feet, get out, and retighten the chains.Bottom line, if you need a pair of chains to keep in your car and get you out of a bad situation, you could do a lot worse; just don't expect the most convenient features out there.
~Elvis S, etrailer neighbor (1/5 stars):The reason I give this rating is because they have come off my rear wheels 3 times while driving. They also got tangled and was a pain to remove.
Best Tire Chains for Ice
WHAT WE LOOK FOR: For the ice category, we included chains specifically designed to bite through solid ice with integrated metal studs or "icebreakers." We understand not everyone has the same needs when it comes to driving on ice; some people need a set of chains for the "just in case" storm, whereas others need chains on a weekly basis to make it through winter. Either way, we've got you covered.Below, check out the highlights for our premium and value choices, then read on for a more in-depth look at each.

Best Tire Chains for Ice: The Highlights

Konig K-Summit Tire Chains
Konig K-Summit Tire Chains
  • Icebreaker reinforcements for superior traction
  • Zero interference with components behind tire
  • Patented self-centering, self-tensioning system for easy installation
  • Built-in rim protection
  • No manual connections
Titan V-Bar Chains
Titan V-Bar Snow Tire Chain
  • V-bar studs provide excellent traction on ice
  • Assisted tensioning with built-in cam tighteners
The Breakdown
Konig K-Summit Snow Tire Chains

Konig K-Summit Tire Chains

IN A NUTSHELL: Great for frequent driving on icy roads
This Is For You If:We'll start with why these K-Summit chains by Konig chains are on our "best for ice" list: the dual-sided D-links and integrated icebreaker reinforcements. Together, these are so great at breaking the ice, you'll wish you'd had them for your first date. The icebreakers themselves look a bit like brass knuckles for your tires, punching through solid ice to get you up a mountain or down a slick road.Now let's talk about why these chains are at the top of our "best for ice" list, which boils down to the fact that they're incredibly easy to use...once you know how to install them. We won't lie, there's a learning curve with these unique chains, but it's well worth it.What makes them easy to install? To start with, their innovative design prevents them from becoming a tangled mess, which is a huge plus when it comes to installing them on the side of a snowy road. They also don't require any connections behind the tire, so there's no lying in the snow to reach around the wheel. Just drape the K-Summit over your tire, fasten it to your wheel's lug nut, and ratchet the chain into place—the chains will center and tighten as you drive, perfectly conforming to your tires. The external quick-release system also makes removing them a snap (a literal snap of the integrated ratchet mechanism—watch your fingers!).Since the K-Summit sits on top of your tire only rather than crossing over or behind your wheel, it won't scuff up your rims or interfere with suspension components behind your wheel. Add in a 5-year warranty, and it's easy to see why these chains are our favorite pick for icy conditions.
~Franco, etrailer neighbor (5/5 stars):"Purchased these awesome chains because my 2019 traverse has custom wheels (wider) so traditional chains/cables that wrap around the wheels would cause damage to my brake components.... After a couple dry runs installing/removing at home I was ready for big bear. The family and I spent Thanksgiving up on big bear and yes, it snowed A LOT!! The chains worked great and along with a lot of looks from other drivers, I even got compliments from the locals there that obviously are used to driving with chains. When it came time to take them off halfway down the mountain, it was super fast and easy I was done in no time. NOTE: the bolt that goes over the lug nut leaves an indentation on your lug nuts, especially if your vehicle has the chrome finished ones like mine does. Have to buy a new set of front wheel lug nuts and use the old ones for when we drive up to the snow again and use these cool chains!"
This Is NOT For You If: These are not "throw them in the trunk and hope you never need them" chains. The K-Summit chains are premium products with a premium price tag, so if you're only going to use them for a single trip to the mountains (or if you hope to never need them at all), you probably want to stick with a more cost-effective pair.Also, if you aren't up for learning how to use a unique tire chain design, you won't like the initial learning curve that comes with the K-Summits or the setup required to get them ready for use the first time.Prior to using them, you'll have to determine the right combination of included pieces (lug nut cover, bolt, and spacer) for your particular wheels and lug nuts. You'll also have to adjust the pieces along the chain per the instruction manual. This isn't a big deal if you do this in your garage, but you don't want to be figuring this out on the side of the road. It's well worth the initial setup work (it only has to be done once, after all). Just know that these chains will require a bit of fine-tuning before you can use them.
~Carlos, etrailer neighbor (2/5 stars):"I am very unsure if I made a good choice in purchasing this product. I was led by the marketing of easiness of installation. Now I realize that if one link on the chain breaks, the whole chain safety is compromise whereas in a standard cheaper model (+- $40) you can just remove one link across the tire and replace it easily. According to Tech. dept. from Thule if one single link in this chain breaks you can use an emmergency link tighted with plier, but the chain needs to be mailed back to Thule for repair or replacement. This is a hassle for such a high priced, premium, "ahead of time design". Sure the idea is good, but needs improvement. The same design that makes it easy of use, renders it useless in case of a broken link. I have not driven with them on snow, but I already see its flaw and I am unsure if I made a wise investment...What if it breaks after the one year warranty? Waht happened to your U$ 405 plus shipping investment that should bring you peace of mind? These are a few thought I want to share with you. Have a great day."
Titan V-Bar Snow Tire Chains

Titan V-Bar Chains

IN A NUTSHELL: Budget-friendly chain with excellent grip on ice
This Is For You If:If you're planning an ice fishing trip or a trip to the mountains, these V-bar chains by Titan Chain are a great option. They're the perfect middle ground between price and function—budget-friendly enough to be well worth it even if you only use them once or twice a year, but easy enough to use that you won't dread installing them.The V-bar icebreakers provide superior traction on slick surfaces, and the ladder chain pattern assists with effective starts and stops. Of course, a lot of chains have icebreakers and ladder patterns, so what landed these chains on our list? We appreciate the "assisted tensioning" system that eases installation via the built-in cam tighteners. Just insert the included wrench into each cam, give it a twist, and watch the chains snugly embrace your tire.Recommended with these chains: Tire chain adjuster
~Tom R, etrailer neighbor (5/5 stars):"I purchased these chains 6-days before our winter camp trip. The area was hit hard with ice and snow in recent days. We camp on top of a mountain and the road is steep. It requires 4WD without snow or ice involved. The chains came the day before I left. I would never made it to camp without this product. They are easy to install even in the worst conditions (much easier with two people). We made it up the mountain without sliding and more important we [made] it down the mountain without sliding. I would highly recommend this product."
This Is NOT For You If: Although these are great "just in case" chains and are relatively easy to install compared to manual, non-cam systems, they're not in the same league as the Konig K-Summit chains. If regularly driving on ice is in your forecast, you may want to consider splurging on chains that are easier to install.Also be aware that these Titan chains don't come with rim protection or a quick release function like the Konig chains do.
~Joseph, etrailer neighbor (3/5 stars):"Bought these to put on my 2012 Ram with aftermarket wheels and tires (275/60R20's) these chains were a pain to put on and after about an hour I got the first one on. I made sure to practice putting them on at home before heading to the snow. Well made chains but be aware that for this certain size tire you'll be able to get them on but not without some muscle power. Watching a video helped but I had to get every bit of slack I could to muscle the latch shut and get it onto the keeper link."
WHAT WE LOOK FOR: For our mud service chain selection, we included only those chains specifically designed to handle rough off-road terrain. In particular, we looked for durable off-road chains with large square or twist links to provide excellent traction in deep mud.Below, check out the highlights for our premium and value choices, then read on for a more in-depth look at each.

Best Tire Chains for Mud: The Highlights

Pewag Mud Service Chains
Pewag Mud Service Chains
  • Square links provide excellent grip
  • 32% more traction than comparable mud service chains
  • Nickel manganese alloy steel construction is durable and rust resistant
  • Made in USA
Glacier Mud Service Chains
Glacier Mud Service Snow Tire Chains
  • Twist-link cross chains provide great grip
  • Electro-galvanized finish resists corrosion
The Breakdown
Pewag All Square Mud Service Tire Chains

Pewag All Square Mud Service Tire Chains

IN A NUTSHELL: Best for frequent hunting trips or off-roading
This Is For You If:If you plan on spending a lot of time off-road, tire-deep in everything mother nature has to throw at you, these tire chains by Pewag should be at the top of your list.These chains are big and beefy, and when you need durability above all else, the high-quality nickel manganese alloy steel chains deliver. In fact, they deliver up to 32% more traction than comparable mud service models. The square links provide superior grip whether you're on a hunting trip on slick muddy hills or climbing steep slopes up the mountains. They also work great on ice and snow, so there's basically nothing they can't handle.And did we mention they're made in the USA? You can score some heavy-duty chains and be patriotic all at once.
~John, etrailer neighbor (1 year later) (5/5 stars):"If you need chains (for real) there is no substitute for Pewag. Yeah, they're expensive, but the alternative is be up in the middle of the night, in the shop repairing broken chains, or crawling around in the snow untangling broken chain from under your truck, that hopefully still has its brake lines intact. Ask me how I know... This is my second set in 10 years. The first set were standard duty, normal steel. These may outlast me... They'll undoubtedly outlast the truck. "
~Oregon Natural Forestry (4/5 stars):"These chains are awesome, and by far the beefiest ones I have ever installed. They are heavy, like putting a sandbag in the back of a truck... The cross links are big and thick with square edges that should bite into ice and whatever else they can dig into, including deep mud...For those with turbo diesel engines and lots of torque, these chains were made for you."
This Is NOT For You If: If price is a big factor for you or if you won't be using your chains frequently, you may prefer a different set of chains. Pewag is high quality, but it's also high on cost.
Glacier Mud Service Tire Chains

Glacier Mud Service Tire Chains

IN A NUTSHELL: Affordable mud-service chains for on- or off-road use
This Is For You If:If there's a chance you'll encounter deep mud and muck while off-roading, but you don't want to spend a fortune, these Glacier chains are perfect for you. Our premium brand, Pewag, actually owns Glacier chains as well; Glacier is considered the "entry level" line. Whether you only go off-roading a few times a year, or you just need a pair of chains to keep handy in your trunk, Glacier chains combine quality with affordability.What makes these chains ideal for deep mud? First of all, they're built with low-carbon steel to hold up to rough off-road terrain. Plus, their electro-galvanized finish resists corrosion. The twist link chains will also provide a smoother ride than square link models will. (And don't worry, these chains are also great in deep snow and ice.)Recommended with these chains: Tire chain adjuster
~Daniel L, etrailer neighbor (1 year later) (5/5 stars):"This is an excellent product. The chain is much heavier than any other set I have owned and has large latches to make installation easier. I drive a 2013 dodge 2500 diesel. I was 40 miles from the nearest paved road pulling a trailer with two snowmobiles. The road was in very poor condition with at least a foot of snow over ice with a steep grade. I was dragging the pumpkin on my rear end and the trailer axels through the snow when I got stuck. I installed the tire chains and the truck walked right out and kept going. Later, when I stopped to remove the chains (in total embarrassment) I discovered that I wasn't even in four wheel drive. Those chains got me out pulling a trailer in two wheel drive. I can't ask for anything more than that. This is a great product and if I ever change tire sizes, I'll be looking for another set."
This Is NOT For You If: If price is no object or you'll be using your chains frequently, you might prefer to splurge on a set of premium Pewag Mud Service Chains for a chain with greater durability and more effective square chain links.
~Dan, etrailer neighbor (3/5 stars):"The only thing I would change is to make the strap longer so it is easier to clamp down. As is, it's about as small as could be and still work. "
Best Tire Chains on a Budget

Best Tire Chains on a Budget: The Highlights

WHAT WE LOOK FOR: For us, "best budget tire chains" means more than listing the least expensive chains you can buy. Instead, we looked for those tire chains that combined functionality, durability, and affordability. This typically means trading off convenience features like automatic tensioning or self-centering for chains you're likely only using once or twice per year (or if things go right, not at all). Here in our budget tire chain section, you'll find those chains at the perfect price point for occasional use, "just in case" backup, or around-town driving—without sacrificing quality or safety.Below, check out the highlights for our premium and value choices, then read on for a more in-depth look at each.
Titan Chain Alloy Tire Chains
Titan Chain Alloy Tire Chains
  • Bestseller for 3 years running
  • Diamond pattern chain for superior coverage
  • Steel square links for great traction and stopping power
Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains
Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains
  • Ideal for occasional use
  • Rugged steel rollers are great for light snow
The Breakdown
Titan Chain Alloy Tire Chains

Titan Chain Alloy Tire Chains

IN A NUTSHELL: Bestselling & budget-friendly
This Is For You If:Yes, these chains also made an appearance as the value option in our "best snow chain" section, but they're such a great budget option we had to mention them again. These Titan Alloy Chains have been our top-selling tire chain for the last three years running, so they've definitely earned their place on this list. What makes these chains so popular? As mentioned above, their manganese nickel alloy construction provides exceptional durability and rust resistance, not to mention a strong grip and stopping power on snow and ice. The small square links offer a relatively smooth ride, and the diamond chain pattern provides the best tire coverage a chain can offer.The color-coded chain takes the guesswork out of the installation process. The solid chain loops behind your tire, and when coupled with the built-in tensioners, it's easy to make your connections quickly and securely.A number of Class S compatible chains are available for vehicles with limited wheel well clearance. The chains also come with a bonus storage case.All in all, if you need a solid set of chains to carry in your trunk as backup during emergencies, these Titan Alloy Chains are a great choice.
~Bobbie C, etrailer neighbor (5/5 stars):"These chains are perfect! After repeated melt-during-the-days followed by freeze-up-at-nights, my 1/2 mile driveway was an uphill skating rink...After considering several options, chose these and am VERY pleased. They go on and come off just like the video... very straightforward... Important to practice on AND off in the nice warm garage... but one time was enough to get it (having watched the video). Drove up my steep driveway like it was gravel instead of glare ice...Now I have the comfort of knowing I'll never be stranded again...Great product! Great service! I am one happy camper!!!"
This Is NOT For You If: If you'll be using your chains often, I definitely recommend checking out tire chains with additional convenience features like self-tensioning and quick-release functions.Also note that these chains are designed for on-road use only, so if you're going off-road, check out our "best for mud and off-road" use chains above.If you only need a set of "just in case" chains you don't really intend to use (such as a set to get you through a checkpoint in the mountains), you can go for an even simpler set and pick up some ladder chains or the cables featured below.
~Mary Ann B, etrailer neighbor (1 year later) (1/5 stars):"Unless your vehicle is garaged when you put these on, my experience was that they are more likely to fail. The ones I purchased broke after only 3 times trying to use them because I did not have a dry flat concrete pad when placing them on the tires. Putting them on when your traveling because the weather has turned is very difficult due to snow and ice build up around the tires as well as the snow packed roads don't easily allow for the chains to go on evenly."
Glacier Cable Tire Chains

Glacier Cable Tire Chains

IN A NUTSHELL: Affordable cable chains for light, occasional use
This Is For You If:If you want a pair of tire chains you won't feel guilty about not using if the weather never strikes, these Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains are a great option. Although cable chains like these don't provide as much grip and traction as traditional chains, they do offer a much smoother ride in light to moderate snow. For these reasons, these are a great "around town" option for when the weather hits and you need to make a grocery store run (just make sure to never use them on dry paved roads), or for getting home during one of those surprise snow storms we've all encountered.Also needed: Rubber Adjuster PW99
~David M, etrailer neighbor (5/5 stars):"I'm prepared again. I've used these chains on my last car, 2007 Ford Fusion. Everyone at work was laughing at me when I put on the chains. (The snow was light in the morning). But later on, the snow turned heavy in the afternoon. The snowplow have not arrived yet. And many cars could not leave the parking lot. Now, it was my turn to laugh. Thank you very much. This product is the best. I highly recommend to purchase the tensioner with the chains. You would be sorry if you don't."
This Is NOT For You If: As you might imagine, these are not an ideal solution for off-road treks or solid ice. Also, if you plan to use your chains more than a few times a year, or for an extended trip, we recommend sticking with traditional tire chains rather than cables. Cables simply aren't as heavy duty, and don't have the lifespan and corrosion resistance of traditional chains. Not to mention, they're not the easiest things to install, so if you're going to be using them a lot you probably want to spring for some chains with easy-install features.
~Peter W, etrailer neighbor (1 year later) (1/5 stars):"Tire cable chains were useless when I needed them on Ice. They are a cable model with mini pipe on the cross cables, that roll not dig or scratch on ice. Can not use."
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