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Glacier Chains

Glacier Snow Chains

Glacier Chains are standard, entry-level traction devices that are perfect for those who don't want to be caught without snow chains when they need them, or for those who prefer chains with a very basic design. Glacier chains come in two different styles - standard chains and cable chains.

Cable Tire Chains

Glacier Cable Tire Chains

Cable chains are typically the most cost-effective traction devices. These are great for anyone who needs chains "just in case" because they work well without costing you an arm and a leg. The low-profile design of cables provides you with a smoother ride than large, clunky chains. They are also lightweight and small enough to be easily stored in your trunk.


  • Durable rubber cording with carbon steel rollers
  • 2 Different patterns are available:
    • Standard ladder design - cross cables run horizontally over tire tread
      • Good traction as you drive forward
    • Asymmetrical V-Trac design - cables run diagonally over tread
      • Good traction and stopping power when driving forward and when making turns


  • Lay cables out in front of tires
  • Drive onto chains
  • Hook chains around tires at top
  • Adjust manually or with rubber adjusters


  • Drape cables over stationary tire
  • Move vehicle forward, turning wheel so that you can reach around to access the rear of the tire
  • Hook chains in place at bottom
  • Adjust manually or with rubber adjusters

Note: Rubber adjusters come standard on V-Trac cables only. You can, however, purchase rubber adjusters separately for use on ladder-style cables.

To see a video demonstration of the installation process for cable tire chains, see our Tire Chains Installation and Review Videos page.

Joey V.


Hello, I purchased a couple sets of Glacier V-Bar Tire chains. I am just checking to see if they meet the SAE classification to be permitted to use on highways?

Les D.


@ JoeyV SAE standards specify chain sizes, especially as they relate to wheel well sizes. Chains should only be used on ice and snow covered roads. Additionally you should follow the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer and snow chain manufacturer regarding the top speed you can drive. This is nearly always under 30 miles per hour. Regarding use on highways, you would need to consult with the DOT in those states to limitations. Most states say only when snow or ice present and traction is needed.

Michael R.


i have a john deere gator and i am looking for tire chains was woundering what size chains i need 2 front tires are 22.5x12.00-8 and the 4 reaqr tires are 25x12.00-9

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


Here is a link to our selection of tire chains that fit your 25x12.00-9 rear tires - unfortunately we don't have any chains that fit your front tires. Please be sure to check out your owner's manual to make sure that you are able to safely use the chains and maintain enough clearance.

Dennis H.


Hi Which snow chain or cables do you recommend for 2016 gmc sierra 1500 4x4.the tire size is 265/70-17. The truck has no lift kit or leveling kit on it.It is stock. Thank you very much

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


Tire chain recommendations can be a bit tricky because sometimes the manufacturer states not to use chains or cables with certain tire sizes - this is actually the case for the 265/70-17 tires on your 2016 GMC Sierra 1500. GM says that there isn't enough clearance on the back side of the tire and that a chain or cable could cause damage. With that being said, there are some places that require chains/cables by law so now it is up to the user (you) to figure out which way you are going to go. If you decide to use chains then I recommend the Konig # TH01594267 which are really nice and have the low clearance Class S rating.



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