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Glacier Chains

Glacier Snow Chains

Glacier Chains are standard, entry-level traction devices that are perfect for those who don't want to be caught without snow chains when they need them, or for those who prefer chains with a very basic design. Glacier chains come in two different styles - standard chains and cable chains.

Cable Tire Chains

Glacier Cable Tire Chains

Cable chains are typically the most cost-effective traction devices. These are great for anyone who needs chains "just in case" because they work well without costing you an arm and a leg. The low-profile design of cables provides you with a smoother ride than large, clunky chains. They are also lightweight and small enough to be easily stored in your trunk.


  • Durable rubber cording with carbon steel rollers
  • 2 Different patterns are available:
    • Standard ladder design - cross cables run horizontally over tire tread
      • Good traction as you drive forward
    • Asymmetrical V-Trac design - cables run diagonally over tread
      • Good traction and stopping power when driving forward and when making turns


  • Lay cables out in front of tires
  • Drive onto chains
  • Hook chains around tires at top
  • Adjust manually or with rubber adjusters


  • Drape cables over stationary tire
  • Move vehicle forward, turning wheel so that you can reach around to access the rear of the tire
  • Hook chains in place at bottom
  • Adjust manually or with rubber adjusters

Note: Rubber adjusters come standard on V-Trac cables only. You can, however, purchase rubber adjusters separately for use on ladder-style cables.

To see a video demonstration of the installation process for cable tire chains, see our Tire Chains Installation and Review Videos page.



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