Used to reduce trailer sway and improve handling in adverse towing conditions. Unit dampens trailer sway caused by crosswinds and traffic for improved stability and increased towing safety. Lowest Prices for the best weight distribution from Pro Series. Pro Series Friction Sway Control Kit - Economy - by Draw-Tite, Reese and Hidden Hitch part number 83660 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Price: $40.76

Pro Series Friction Sway Control Kit - Economy - by Draw-Tite, Reese and Hidden Hitch

Item # 83660

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Our Price: $40.76

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  • Sway Control Only
  • Pro Series
  • Does Not Allow Backing Up
  • Electric Brake Compatible
  • Reduces Sway
  • Shank Not Included

Pro Series Weight Distribution - 83660

Used to reduce trailer sway and improve handling in adverse towing conditions. Unit dampens trailer sway caused by crosswinds and traffic for improved stability and increased towing safety.


  • Reduces trailer sway caused by winds, curving roads or sudden maneuvers
  • Lets you adjust tension for the perfect amount of control and resistance
  • Operates on the principle of "stiffening" the coupling between the tow vehicle and trailer
    • The degree of "stiffening" or friction is adjusted to suit various trailer weights and towing conditions
  • Installs and removes quickly and easily
    • Attaches to either side of trailer tongue
    • Removes with just 2 clips
  • Includes sway control arm, ball, ball plate and hardware
    • Sway-control bracket sold separately
  • Constructed of powder coated steel for durability and corrosion resistance


  • Ball shank length: 1-1/4" (1" is threaded)
  • Ball plate assembly measures 6" long x 3" tall overall
  • 10-Year limited warranty

Ball Plate Assembly Dimensions

Note: Do not use with Class I trailer hitches. Cannot be used with surge brakes. For trailers exceeding 26' long use two friction sway controls or dual cam sway control.

Draw-Tite # 40660; Reese # 83660, Economy Friction Sway Control

83660 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details 83660 Installation instructions

Economy - This item

Pro Series Friction Sway Control Kit - Economy - by Draw-Tite, Reese and Hidden Hitch

Pro Series Friction Sway Control Kit - Economy - by Draw-Tite, Reese and Hidden Hitch
Pro Series Weight Distribution

215 reviews

Code: 83660


Our Price: $40.76

  • Weight Distribution
  • Sway Control Only
  • Reduces Sway
  • Shank Not Included
  • Electric Brake Compatible
  • Does Not Allow Backing Up
  • Pro Series

Used to reduce trailer sway and improve handling in adverse towing conditions. Unit dampens trailer sway caused by crosswinds and traffic for improved stability and increased towing safety.

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Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System w/ 4-Point Sway Control - 10,000 lbs GTW, 1,000 lbs TW

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  • WD With Sway Control
  • Prevents Sway
  • Standard Duty
  • Includes Shank
  • Surge Brake Compatible
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • Allows Backing Up
  • 700 lbs
  • 800 lbs
  • 900 lbs
  • Equal-i-zer

Steel-on-steel friction works to prevent and correct trailer sway in this unique weight distribution system. Sway control brackets ensure that your trailer stays in line with your tow vehicle. 2-5/16" Hitch ball and adjustable shank included.

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Video of Pro Series Friction Sway Control Kit - Economy - by Draw-Tite, Reese and Hidden Hitch

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Pro Series Friction Sway Control Installation

Today, we're going to show how to install the Pro Series Friction Sway Control from Tow Ready, product number 83660. First thing you want to do is get your truck and trailer hooked up together and you want them to be as level as possible. And first thing we're going to do is go ahead and mount the sway control ball onto the vehicle's ball mount. If the ball axis is under the spot for the sway control ball you can use the adapter piece like the one we're using here. So we'll take the provided ball next and go ahead and install it into the hole here on the adapter bar. We want to check with the direction to verify the torque grade including the sway control ball.

Next we're going to go ahead and mark out so that we can mount our ball mounting plate onto the trailer. What we're looking to do is measure from the center of the ball here on the coupler back on the frame, we want to measure 24 inches. And I'm actually going to take and square down off of that mark so then I have a line here on the side of the frame, and that line is actually going to be where we want the center of the ball on the ball mounting plate to be positioned. We're going to go ahead and clamp the ball mounting plate to the frame here. Make sure that it's nice and straight and that, again, that the center of the ball is mounted even with the line.

And once we've been sure we've got the plate clamped in the correct position and that square on the frame, we're going to go ahead and mark out the holes here. I'm going to just take the paint pen here and mark them out, and then go ahead and unclamp the ball mounting plate. We're going to center punch each one of the holes and go ahead and drill them out. If the frame of the trailer is 1/8 inch or thicker, go ahead and use that 11/32 drill bit. For anything smaller than that, we'll use the 9/32.

I'm actually going to be drilling out with a quarter-inch pilot hole first and I'll go ahead and enlarge to the required hole size. With the holes drilled out, we're going to take the self tapping screws that are provided with the kit and we're going to go ahead and feed those into the holes. I'm going to do without the plate on there first so that we can go ahead to form the threads in there. Ok, and then we'll go ahead and mount the plate in position. The next step is to go ahead and take the sway control assembly and mount it on to the two balls that we had just mounted on the ball mounting trailer.

I'm going to first take and use some grease and lubricate both the balls. We'll go ahead inside the sway control under the ball and the ball mount first and go ahead and secure it with one of the providing clips, and we'll go ahead and loosen the handle here, just enough so that we can get the slide bar inside to release so that we can mount the second portion of the sway control bar onto the second ball. We'll then go ahead and secure it with the other clip, ok. From there, you just want to go ahead and tighten the handle back up until it stops and it should actually be back into its level position just like it was when it came out of the box. From there, the installation is complete. With that, that will conclude the installation of the friction sway control, product number 83660.

Customer Reviews

Pro Series Friction Sway Control Kit - Economy - by Draw-Tite, Reese and Hidden Hitch - 83660

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (215 Customer Reviews)

Used to reduce trailer sway and improve handling in adverse towing conditions. Unit dampens trailer sway caused by crosswinds and traffic for improved stability and increased towing safety.
- 83660

by: Steven06/26/2015

This is my second Pro Series Friction Sway control I bought from etrailer, the first one is still good and in use on my Jayco camper. I bought a second one for my 1969 Yellowstone Camper 18S, it pulls great, but like how these work, so I thought it would better to have it, then not. With my Jayco it was all over the road, even when loaded right, these helped out great. They are easy to put on and off, the cost is really nothing, compared to being worried about the sway as you drive, it makes your trips more relaxing. 207584


Thanks for following up, after using it now for a years time, with 17 camping trips and almost 3000 miles using it, it is still like new, working great, was a big help in South Dakota with the wind. For little money spent, a extra couple of minutes putting it on every time I hook up it has paid for itself. Just remember to clean the slide bar after it rains to remove any surface rust and I keep a little bit of grease on each ball and I always take it off when backing up so it does not bend on you. Would not leave home without it.

Steven - 06/25/2016

- 83660

by: Jack F.10/30/2015

Received fast and in good shape. Everything was there and I had it installed in less than 30 mins. Thank You etrailer, now that's the way to run a business ! 231103


Still outstanding, no problems to report. Ive used etrailer again. And family members are now customers too. Thank You, keep up the good work. You do business like it should be done. Quarity and service.

Jack F - 10/29/2016

- 83660

by: DPayette06/06/2012

All items were received with the order. The order was quickly shipped and arrived quickly as well. My interaction with Customer Support was also much better than received from your competitors (basically I received no support from your competitors, I only received a form letter as a response to my questions). Installation was simple, although I broke/ stripped out 2 of the screws that hold the friction mount to the trailer (I would think that stronger screws would be included, but the problems were partially my fault as well). I am very satisfied with the products and service received from Thank you, dp 43043

- 83660

by: Rick L.07/17/2016

I purchased this sway control bar along with mounting bracket to mount on my RZR trailer that I pull behind my 26 ft bumper pull travel trailer. We get a lot of wind in Idaho and the light weight trailer would start to fishtail uncontrollably in high winds. Most of the other brackets for sway control devices either needed to be welded on my hitch or I would have to buy a totally new hitch with the bracket already attached. The sway control bar installed easily and the instructions were very easy to understand. The bracket installed easily and etrailer shipped fast so the problem was eliminated quickly. It worked so well that I purchased a second one for my travel trailer as well. Now I don't worry or hesitate to pull my camping train in the wind. Thanks etrailer and keep up the good work!!! 273006

- 83660

by: John S06/15/2015

Worked like a charm! I did find it easier, however to drill the first hole for my plate, install the first screw, and then drill the remaining holes using the plate to guide my bit, rather than trying to mark and tap the center of 4 holes at once as the instructions suggest. 203637


1 year and still working great!

John S - 06/14/2016

- 83660

by: Matt06/21/2016

If you already have a Pro Series weight distributing hitch (WDH) this is the stablilizer that goes with it and I am sure that it is acceptible for use with other manufacturers of WDHs. Installation is very easy following the single page of instructions; mark where you need to mount the plate on the trailer frame, drill six pilot holes, bolt the plate down and install the ball on the hitch and you are good to go. My Pro Series WDH came with one stabilizer, but after one long trip with high cross winds and heavily rutted roads I decided that I needed two stablilzers for my 32' long travel trailer as is reccomended here for any trailer over 26' length. These stabilizers, while simple in design, get the job done. 263125


After one year of use and thousands of miles two stabilizers on a long trailer is the only way to go. Finding the correct amount of friction is still somewhat of a guessing game, but the units are still working great and making the task of towing such a long travel trailer much more manageable.

Matt - 06/21/2017

- 83660

by: Mike H06/01/2015

Very easy install, I bought two and only took about 30 min to install both. Haven't pulled my camper yet but looking forward to a better ride. 199515


Better than expected after a year in service, havent had a problem yet.

Mike H - 05/31/2016

- 83660

by: Rick L.08/14/2015

First let me say that I have a 26ft. bumper pull camp trailer and pull my UTV trailer behind the camp trailer. I noticed major sway on the UTV trailer during high winds which are all too frequent in Idaho. This sway bar was delivered on time and was very easy to install after watching the installation video. This is the second sway bar that I have bought from etrailer. It is identical to the first which I mounted on my UTV trailer, it worked so well for controlling sway that I decided to put one on my camp trailer. I will be installing it this weekend and I am sure that I will pull it off without a hitch! (pun intended) Thanks etrailer, I look forward to my next purchase from you. Rick L. SE Idaho 219182

- 83660

by: Casey08/02/2016

I drove 700 miles to Florida with a dancing 5 x 8 trailer, and vowed I was going to fix it. This did the trick - my return home, not one issue, and felt like it was the complete solution. I followed the video, not the written directions (probably not preferred). Product arrived timely, but was a little disappointed in the presentation of packaging I almost felt like it was ready to pop out of the box, or maybe it was a return - not a game stopper, but felt like this needed to be improved. Turning wasn't an issue and it did everything that I thought it would, and was advertised. Make sure you get the bracket for the hitch as well. 278428

- 83660

by: Terry E.01/09/2014

Purchased this product to replace the same unit which lost one of it's friction pads during my last trip. Works very well. 112376


No problems.

Terry E - 01/20/2015

- 83660

by: J.P.07/03/2017

I can't say enough good things about this product! We have a large Coleman pop-up camper (3000lbs) that is miserable to tow. It's like putting a leash on a cat and walking it into the ocean. You could not tow it over 60 mph due to the horrible sway. I mounted this sway control kit on (not really expecting any miracles but hoping) and was blown away. Absolutely night and day difference! My pop-up tracks perfectly straight behind the vehicle and has Zero sway! I highly recommend this system for anyone with a pop-up camper or any smaller trailer that's having sway issues. For the price and ease of use, this thing can't be beat! 401196

- 83660

by: Rob K.01/27/2017

This is the second product I have ordered from and not the last. When I order something in the morning I get it the next day. They are in the next state over but still very quick shipping. I purchased this because I have read that you should use 2 (one on each side) of these when pulling longer than a 26' tt. Mine is 32' and I have had a little sway with one. I do wish that the dealer I bought my TT from would of just spent a little more time and put 2 on in the first place. But I was able to get one fast from and now I feel confident that it will reduce the sway a bit more. 335910

- 83660

by: Barb C.10/23/2013

Exactly what I needed and delivery was fast and on time. 104822


Only used twice and now travel trailer sits in Florida.

Barb C - 10/23/2014

- 83660

by: Edward M10/02/2015

Great product just what I needed easy to put on no problem went on easy 228904


great even after a year no problem

Edward M - 10/01/2016

- 83660

by: Mark08/05/2015

The product was very well made and very easy to install. Can't wait to see how it performs 217012


Working great

Mark - 08/04/2016

- 83660

by: Floyd J12/03/2015

This unit was easy to install. The trick is to drill pilot holes before the final size. The instructions said to use 11/64, but after drilling the first hole and installing the screw, I decided to go down one size drill bit for a better screw grip. I also installed a thru bolt about mid way for extra security because my SCAMP frame is light. I reside in upper New York State and am headed for Northern California in a couple of weeks. I will be crossing the Rockies in winter weather, so we will see how the trailer handles with this sway bar. If I survive,maybe I will write another review. 232909

- 83660

by: Brian B04/27/2017

Ordered the sway control on line, I picked standard shipping but got an email that George had changed shipping to priority. Received the device two days after placing the order. Installation was pretty straight forward, used the enclosed directions and online video. Took about 30 minutes to drill the pilot holes and then the regular holes using 11.32 bit. Have not hauled my trailer yet but the devices looks sturdy, great shipping, great instructions, easy to install and great customer service. If the device works as described than win-win and would highly recommend. 373197

- 83660

by: Scott J.04/12/2017

Last year we bought a longer camper and found it to be quite a challenge getting it back home through high winds. We were only able to drive about 45 mph to keep the sway under control. As soon as we got home we purchased a Pro Series sway control kit to put on our camper. We watched a couple Youtube videos on the do's and don'ts with installation and proper adjustments, which were very helpful. Our first trip out we could tell quite a difference. The sway control doesn't take 100% of the sway out, but it does make it ALL LOT more manageable to control. 366205

- 83660

by: Kyle C.03/04/2015

I've been doing a lot of research on sway control from all different sites and this one by far was the easiest and most convenient to use. I asked a question for advice and was surprised at how fast they responded and the amount of knowledge the tech support had. I finally decided that this was the best option for my needs so I ordered it. I ordered it late Monday night and received it today, just 2 days later with just basic UPS ground shipping. I will definitely use this site for any future campIng needs. 176947

- 83660

by: Tony F.03/12/2017

This has worked great to keep my pop-up camper from swaying while towing it. It is easy to connect and disconnect. My pop-up had pre-drilled holes in it so bolting the ball plate onto that was a cinch with a socket wrench. This does make a little bit of noise as you are turning while exiting the camp ground, but that can usually be eliminated by loosening it up. You do need to remember to also get out and loosen this up before backing up with it, but I think I did forget once and things were ok. 351794

- 83660

by: ZachO02/11/2017

Seems to work. It's one of those things...if it's working correctly, you don't know it's working...How do I know if my trailer would have swayed at any point if I wasn't using this? I can't know. I only put it on if I'm going to be traveling long distances, and if I'm afraid there will be high winds or a lot of big trucks passing me. But it's always in my truck, ready, and I like knowing it's there if I feel I'll need it. The instructions were clear, install was easy. Price is right. 340872

- 83660

by: Derrick K09/13/2012

Installation was simple and setup was easy. I was really glad to have the sway bar when I encountered very high swirling winds on my trip through Tulsa, Oklahoma. The trailer was stable and tracked well, even though I was very concerned about how the trailer would track in traffic with the very gusty swirls. I noticed a trailer on the highway without a sway bar and it was porpoising the tow vehicle significantly. You can tow a trailer with confidence with one of these in use. 54530

- 83660

by: Jeff05/07/2015

Just received my sway control kit so I have not had an opportunity to install it yet but I can say that my order was processed and shipped quicker than any other product that I have ordered online. The kit was received as advertised and in great condition. I have had several travel trailers in the past so I've had several sway control bars and the quality of this bar would rank at the top. I would definitely order products from in the future, great job guys. 191052

- 83660

by: Gregg M.08/14/2015

I'm a little disappointed with the ball plate assembly. This plate is 3" high and my trailer frame is also 3". The plate's pre-drilled holes are so close to the edge of the bracket that I was worried it wouldn't work with my frame. I had to drill three new holes that are closer to the top three holes. I wish there was an option for 2.25 to 2.5 inch plate. Everything else seemed OK, but I haven't towed the trailer since installing the sway control kit. 219234

- 83660

by: Zach G11/07/2015

This is the only sway bar I have ever used but I know it makes a huge difference on my pop up trailer. I had two really bad moments where I thought my 1971 beauty was totally lost. For those who have not ever experienced a bad bout of sway, it is very scary. Enough to make you think twice about ever hauling again. However with this on my trailer she stays rock solid. It was easy to install, and very easy to work. Well worth the money. 231586

- 83660

by: John W.12/21/2016

We can't believe how much of an improvement the friction sway controller has made in stabilizing our towing experience... granted, my trailer is sub 3k lbs and is a single axle and my tv is more than capable of doing the job, but the controller dampens the entire process and makes us feel more safe in our towing. I will never tow another trailer without sway control assistance. Install was a cinch and the mechanism understandable. 327117

- 83660

by: Dave W08/12/2016

Has been in use for over a year and holding up well. I did have to mount it on the left side of the vehicle, due to a variety of issues, so the unit actually operates upside down from the photo. It makes no difference - it stills work fine. For what it's worth, my wife has no problem removing/installing the control. You do need to be prepared for the grease you will get on your hands from the clips that attach it. Fact of life. 282980

- 83660

by: Philip Beuscher04/05/2017

Product worked very well and did what it mentioned it would do. Reduced the sway and helped stabilize during strong winds. Installation was very easy to follow due to instructions and the video's on your web site. Felt comfortable ordering the part for a due it yourself type of person. I will be making an additional purchase in the near future for some tow mirrors. Thanks for the followup Laura. 365663

- 83660

by: GinnyR08/06/2015

The folks at eTrailer were extremely helpful in getting me the sway control that I needed for my Aliner camper. It was shipped and received within a week. They even sent video instructions for installation. The bar is not yet installed, but I am impressed with the service I received. Highly recommend etrailer. After I've been on the road with the sway controller, I'll come back and update my review. 217080

- 83660

by: Oregon 198305/20/2017

This process simply could not have been simpler. It shipped the same day I ordered it and it was in my mailbox a day and a half later The video instructions as well as the print instructions were clear and concise and easy to follow. Both products were quality items, what you'd expect fro, and I would highly recommend this site for quick shipments and high quality products. 383266

- 83660

by: Ralph04/25/2016

I ordered and received the ball mount and sway bar together. They were received very promptly and in excellent shape. They are very heavy, i.e., heavy duty. The bracket that was fitted to the trailer was about half a screw wider than optimal size for my smallish trailer but did fit. Installation was easy. The self-tapping screws functioned well. All-in-all, a 10 out of 10 experience. 246781


Great. No problems.

Ralph - 04/25/2017

- 83660

by: Witt S.04/23/2017

10" wheel drum with bearings was just what i needed. at agreat price. ordering was easy. was shipped fast. got item before i expected. installed easily. also etrailer has got great instructional videos. got my toy hauler back on the road and ready for fun. i"m already looking at other parts i need to replace on my trailer. Definitely will be ordering from etrailer. Witt S, 372770

- 83660

by: Dan K.04/20/2017

Pro Series Friction Sway bar works very well with my 2015 Jeep Cherokee pulling an RPod 178. Etrailer had an installation video which made it a snap to install. Takes a while to fine tune the tension as too much and I found the trailer made the Jeep sway somewhat. Does work well to reduce/eliminate sway and my only minor complaint is it makes a loud "Moaning Moose" sound at times. 370108

- 83660

by: Ed R07/30/2014


- 83660

by: Eric V.06/02/2016

Works very well with my 26' '02 Keystone Sprinter pulled with a 2013 Ford F-150. Provides increased stability especially in cross winds. I suggest drilling a bit larger hole before using self tappers to mount plate to trailer. I have used Etrailer numerous times and have ALWAYS been satisfied with all aspects of my purchase. Plan on using Etrailer more in the future. 255796

- 83660

by: Rocky H.07/12/2017

I added the Reese friction sway control system to my single axle 7 X 14 foot motorcycle trailer. I then pulled it over 3,000 miles with my Honda Goldwing on the trailer. The trailer never swayed once, even with some rapid lane changes. This system works on my R.V. an it works on my motorcycle trailer. Glad I had it. The service from etrailer was as good as it gets. 404581

- 83660

by: Dennis08/28/2016

easy install. used this sway control to help with sway while pulling a 25 ft travel trailer 150 miles home. This bar did its job as it completely eliminated any (wagging the dog) sway. I can see why the directions clearly say not to back up with this attached to the trailer. but its easy to take on and off. shipping was fast as always with Etrailer. 288538

- 83660

by: Larry R.08/05/2014

I installed this on the left side as recommend because of the length of my camper 32+ feet, Pro Series Friction Sway Control Kit . It stopped the sway in the trailer I'm still learning how much tension to apply 144320


Did one help control sway or do you recommend having right and left friction control for longer travel trailers? I pull ours with a Tahoe.

-- comment by: Brooke - 09/20/2014


Yes you can use 2 friction sway control bars to reduce sway. For a longer travel trailer you might also consider a full weight distribution system that uses integrated sway control. To determine which weight distribution system is right for your needs you will need to know the fully loaded tongue weight of the trailer when ready to tow.

-- Rachael H - 9/22/2014

- 83660

by: Matthew S.03/29/2017

We ordered 3 Kenda S-Trail 145/12 tires for our pop-up, along with Reese friction sway control, sway control tab, and a Camco step cover. The order arrived quickly, was complete, and was packed well. We've dealt with etrailer before and this is their usual excellent service. Now to get the tires put on and we'll see how we like them! 362681

- 83660

by: HR01/30/2015

Fast delivery and exactly what i needed. Best price out there. I have a 28 ft. TT with one installed and decided to purchase the second for more stability. Watched the video and followed the instructions. Took about 30 minutes with no problems. Have not taken it out for a test drive yet but will do so in the next couple of days. 171833

- 83660

by: Rick01/19/2015

Very smooth transaction from start to receiving item. Speedy shipment. Arrived sooner than indicated. Planning on installing Sway Control this weekend. Going to be an easy install. Would also suggest to others to get the Reese Sway Control Bracket for the Ball mount. Much easier than having one welded to receiver. 170364

- 83660

by: Larry Q04/10/2014

I received the sway control kit and inspected it. I have not used it as of yet but it looks like it should do the job it was designed for. Etrailer shipping was very quick. I am very satisfied with the product and etrailer service. This was my first order form etrailer and I will be ordering from them again. 124624

- 83660

by: Bill H.12/06/2013

I bought a Pro Series Friction Sway Control Kit for our travel trailer from I loved their instructional film clip that I found on YouTube explaining how the device works and how to install it myself. Their service and delivery follow up was excellent. I saved a lot of money doing the job myself. 109402

- 83660

by: bob/Tracy Collier08/03/2016

We placed and order with, got our order promptly and men it seems they werent off the phone and already had it in route it was so fast. We couldnt be more happy with the promptness from and we will do future business with them and spread the word. Thank you so much 278805

- 83660

by: HARRY F.09/22/2016


- 83660

by: Paul Bryan11/02/2016

I have placed many orders in the last few months & have found E-trailer very helpful. There web site is fanatic showing all options for your search of items. Shipping far the best I have ever had dealing with company's. Glad E-trailer is responsive to my needs. Thanks Guys great Job 316450

- 83660

by: Kathleen R07/10/2016

I purchased a Pro weight distribution arm from this company and have had it for a year. It is a great product and does the job it was designed to do for the RV trailer that I have. Very reasonable priced as well. I am very pleased and would purchase more products from this company. 270156

- 83660

by: Ritchie Caldwell08/13/2013

etrailer is the best place yet I have found they have everything I need I just recently bought a 33ft travel trailer and am getting it setup for reliable towing the service/customer support/helpful product videos and amazing fast shipping has made me an customer from now 94764

- 83660

by: Bill Harding12/02/2014

Ordered up pro series sway control kit ,Pat the sales person was very helpful and had it shipped out and delivered on time . Was very pleased with the over all experience and if I ever need anything to do with our hitch would be sure to go with them again. Again great service 163143

- 83660

by: Gene P.03/15/2015

Pro Series Friction Sway Control Kit appears to be of quality construction and is what I believe will get the job done on our new travel trailer which we will be getting in May of this year. Once we get it installed, I can come back and give it a proper review. 178336

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  • Sway Control Recommendation for an Eaz-Lift Weight Distribution System
  • The Eaz-Lift weight distribution systems use independent friction-style sway control, also known as bar-style sway control like the Pro Series Friction Sway Control Bar, # 83660. Since your trailers GTW is over 6,000 lbs, we recommend using two sway control units. One on the driver side and one on the passenger side. Two sway control units are also recommended for trailers that are 26 ft or longer. To install these units, you will bolt the ball plate to the side of the trailer frame....
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  • Do I Need Weight Distribution and Sway Control with My 13 Foot Scamp Travel Trailer
  • Sway control is designed to be used in situations where the trailer sways under adverse conditions such as high winds or when large vehicles are passing causing the trailer to become unstable. Sway control also helps if you have to maneuver suddenly. Also if the trailer has a low tongue weight percentage the sway control can help to a point, but a weight distribution system will help more with this situation. The best solution for sway that is present without the above mentioned adverse...
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  • Trailer Ball Height to Increase Tongue Weight to Help with Sway Control on a Single Axle Fish House
  • You should have the hitch ball height set so that the trailer tows as level as possible behind your pickup. If there is a setting that goes between slightly higher than level and slightly lower than level, opt for the slightly lower setting, when the trailer is sitting on the trailer ball. An increase in tongue weight will most likely help with your sway situation. Adding weight in front of the trailer axles would be the best way to increase the tongue weight, just make sure you stay...
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  • Instructions for a Reese Friction Anti Sway Bar # RP26660
  • I spoke to my contact at Reese and he informed me that most likely you have a Reese Friction Sway Control, part # RP26660, because this product has not changed at all. I attached installation instructions for this product for you to check out. The handle is actually the on/off switch for the unit. To set the level of friction you will actually use the bolt that is below the on/off handle as it is the gain level. To get maximum benefits from the sway control assembly, a series of road...
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  • Towing Recommendations for a 2015 Honda Odyssey
  • First lets start with a hitch for your vehicle. I recommend the Draw-Tite # 75270 because it has a high towing capacity compared to the Curt Hitch. Next the wiring harness that is custom fit for your 2015 Honda Odyssey is # 118521 this will provide you with a 4-pole connector at the back of your tow vehicle. Don't worry that your vehicle isn't already prewired for a brake controller, I have a solution for that too. Our # ETBC7 kit includes everything you need to install an electric...
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  • Parts Needed to Tow a Small Travel Trailer with a 1996 Toyota Tacoma
  • The towing capacity of your 1996 Toyota Tacoma will depend on if your truck has a V6 or a 4 cylinder and if it is a 4X4 or a 4X2. I have listed the towing capacities of the different options for the Toyota Tacoma below. 4X4 V6 - 8,300 lbs 4X4 4 Cyl. - 7,400 lbs 4X2 V6 - 8,300 lbs 4X2 4 Cyl. - 3,500 lbs You can verify the towing capacity of your truck by checking your owners manual or contacting a local Toyota dealer with your vehicle identification number. Toyota also places a...
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  • Recommended Weight Distribution for 2010 Nissan Pathfinder Towing 5800 lb Camper
  • According to my research, your vehicle is capable of towing 6000 lb Trailer Weight/ 600 lb Tongue weight if it is equipped with the V6 motor, or 7000 lb Trailer/ 700 lb tongue weight if equipped with the V8 motor. The use of a weight distribution system will not increase these towing capacities. For the purposes of choosing a weight distribution system, you will need to determine the fully loaded and ready to tow trailer and tongue weight. The weight of anything stored in the cargo area...
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  • Weight Distribution Hitch Recommendation for a Coleman Fleetwood Utah Popup Camper
  • Your best option at this point will be to have your trailer sit as level as possible with a properly rated weight distribution system with dual cam sway control and distribute as much weight as you can as far forward as possible. I attached an FAQ on how to pick the correct rise/drop ball mount. The best way to pick out a weight distribution system is to base it off of the loaded tongue weight of the setup when it is loaded and ready to tow, this figure also includes the weight of any...
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  • Adjusting Weight Distribution System to Apply More Tongue Weight to Front Tow Vehicle Axle
  • To determine if you have the correct system for your trailer tongue weight, you should determine the fully loaded and ready to tow tongue weight of your trailer. The weight of any gear stowed behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle also needs to be considered as tongue weight. I have linked you to an FAQ article that shows a few ways to determine the tongue weight. You will need to ensure that the fully loaded and ready to tow tongue weight of your trailer does not exceed the 1,000 lb maximum...
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  • Will Sway Control Work with a Straight or Pole Tongue Trailer
  • Sway control bars, like part # 83660, cannot be used on pole tongue trailers. The best way to get sway control for a pole tongue trailer is to use a weight distribution system. You will also need a pole tongue adapter. We have 2 different models of pole tongue adapters available, the Pole Tongue Adapter and Fastener Kit for SC Weight Distribution Systems, item # RP58393, and the Pole Tongue Adapter and Fastener Kit, item # RP3280. With one of these adapters you will be able to add a weight...
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  • Is Sway Control Needed to Tow 4000 Pound Rockport Travel Trailer with Chevrolet Silverado 5.3
  • First, connect your truck and trailer (with the trailer in a full-loaded, ready-for-the-road condition) and note whether there is significant suspension sag at the rear of your Silverado. Then, do a test run in worst-case conditions, such as a run on the highway on a windy day. If the handling of the truck and trailer is satisfactory under these tough conditions then you, like the previous owner, may not feel a sway control kit is necessary. This being said, given the size and weight...
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  • Correct Weight Distribution and Sway Control to Tow Jayco Travel Trailer
  • In choosing a weight distribution system you will need a system that has a tongue weight capacity range that encompasses the trailer tongue weight loaded and ready to tow, plus the weight of any gear in your Ford F150 behind the rear axle. I am including links to helpful articles on weight distribution and determining trailer tongue weight. For a strait-line system with a tongue weight of 440 lbs, I would recommend the Reese Strait-Line Weight Distribution System with Sway Control, part...
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  • Weight Distribution with Sway Control for Audi Q5 with OEM 2 inch Receiver Towing A Scamp Trailer
  • I have a couple of different weight distribution recommendations for you. But first, you need to contact the vehicle dealer and make sure that your 2012 Audi Q5 is compatible for use with a weight distribution system added to the trailer hitch. I did some research online and could not find a weight distribution recommendation for the OEM hitch that is inatalled on the Audi Q5. If not, the option of a single sway bar, like part # 83660, and a Sway-Control Bracket for 2 inch Ball Mounts,...
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  • How Tight Should Bar Style Friction Sway Control Be
  • You won't see too much information on how tight to make a bar style friction sway control unit because it will be different for every situation. You would make it about as tight as you think it needs to be and then tow the trailer to see if it needs to be tighter or looser. If you made it as tight as you can then you would not be able to move the bar by hand but the force of the trailer pushing it around can move it. But if it is too tight then it is possible that something could get...
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  • Is Sway Control Needed When Towing a R-Pod 173T Trailer with a Ford Excursion
  • Sway control is not necessarily needed when towing smaller trailers like your R Pod 173T, but it would not hurt to have one. The best way to determine if you need sway control on your trailer is to load your trailer as if you were leaving for a trip and drive around for a few miles on the highway and see if sway might be an issue. If you feel that your trailer is swaying more than you are comfortable with, then you could go with an individual sway control bar like the Pro Series Friction...
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  • Difference Between Reese Friction Sway Control Part # RP26660 and Pro Series Part # 83660
  • The Reese Friction Sway Control Unit, part # RP26660 is manufactured in the United States, the Pro Series Friction Sway Control Unit, part # 83660 is manufactured overseas. Other than the clips used to secure the unit to the trailer and the ball mount being a bit heavier on the part # RP26660, functionally and cosmetically the units are pretty much identical. I will provide links to the installation and operating instructions for both units, as well as some additional frequently asked...
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  • Recommendation for Weight Distribution and Sway Control When Towing a 4,000 Pound Trailer
  • Weight distribution is a good idea when the gross trailer weight is 50 percent or more of the vehicle weight or if you are experiencing sag at the rear of your truck. Weight distribution, as the name implies, takes the weight of the trailer and transfers to all the axles of both the towing vehicle and the trailer. For a trailer weighing 4,000 pounds with a tongue weight at 400 to 600 pounds (10 to 15 percent of the gross trailer weight), I recommend Pro Series RB2 Round Bar Weight Distribution...
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  • Can Friction Sway Control Be Added to a Class II 1-1/4 Inch Non-Weight Distribution Hitch
  • Proper trailer loading is your first-line defense against dangerous instability and sway. Heavy items should be placed on the floor in front of the axle. The load should be balanced side-to-side and secured to prevent shifting. Tongue weight should be about 10 to15 percent of gross trailer weight for most trailers. Too low a percentage of tongue weight can cause sway. Load the trailer heavier in front. You can add a friction sway control like the Pro Series Friction Sway Control Kit,...
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  • Methods of Improving Sway Control on 31 Foot Rockwood Camper towed Behind Ford F-150
  • The Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System you mentioned, # TFR1502D is primarily designed to suspend the load of cargo stored in the bed of your truck, and will not have much if any effect on trailer sway. First and foremost, if the trailer has insufficient tongue weight, it will be more susceptible to sway. The tongue weight of the trailer should be at least 10 percent of the weight of the trailer. If it is less, try moving some of the gear stowed in the trailer forward of the...
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  • Installation of the Reese Friction Sway Control on Both Sides of a Dutchman Trailer
  • To install the Economy Pro Series Friction Sway Control Kit, item # 83660, on the right side, you will need to hook up the vehicle and trailer and pull forward so they are in a straight line with each other. You then mount the sway control ball on the weight distribution head. Next mark a point 24 inches from the center of the hitch ball and mount the ball plate on center with this mark. To install the the left hand side you will need to follow the same instructions and remove the slide...
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  • Troubleshooting a Popping Friction Sway Control System when Towing a Camper Trailer
  • You can lubricate both balls with just a little bit of grease. You are correct about not greasing the slide bar. You can also try adjusting the tension for the best ride. If the tension is too high, it could cause the friction sway control to not move as well. Finally, after about the first 1,000 miles of towing, you should remove the slide bar from the sway control and clean all the friction surfaces with a wire brush. Repeat the cleaning process every 10,000 miles. I have included...
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  • Weight Distribution Recommendation For a Casita Travel Trailer Weighing 2,300 Pounds
  • Since your trailer, when loaded will be near or over half of your towing vehicles weight, you would benefit from a weight distribution system. A weight distribution system can also help reduce trailer sway in addition to reducing vehicle sag. Another way to help reduce trailer sway is by proper loading of your trailer, with heavier items near the front of the trailer. Using just a sway control system will help with reducing trailer sway, but using a weight distribution system will provide...
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  • Price Difference Between Friction Sway Control Units Explained
  • The biggest difference between the Pro Series friction sway control unit part # 83660 that is on the lower end of the price spectrum and the Reese # RP26660 is that the Reese has a limited lifetime warranty and the Pro Series has only a 10 year warranty. The Ultra Fab part # UF35-946204 has a 3 year warranty and the Curt # 17200 has a 1 year warranty.
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  • Weight Distribution for a 2013 Ram 1500 and 7,246 Pound Trailer
  • To choose a weight distribution system you will need to go by the total tongue weight of the set up. This is calculated by taking the tongue weight of the trailer, when loaded and ready to tow, and adding to that the weight of anything loaded behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle. If the weights you have listed are dry weights then a system that tops out at 750 pounds would not be sufficient, especially if you will also be carrying items in the truck bed of your 2013 Ram 1500. But...
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  • Weight Distribution for a Gulf Stream Cavalier CVDH 33 Foot Travel Trailer
  • The only thing I could find on a Gulf Stream Cavalier CVDH is dry it weighs 4,660 pounds and has a gross weight capacity of 6,200 pounds. If we go by the gross weight capacity of 6,200 pounds then the tongue weight of the trailer by itself would be 620 to 930 pounds. To choose a weight distribution system you will need to go by the total tongue weight of the set up. This is calculated by taking the tongue weight of the trailer, when loaded and ready to tow, and adding to that the weight...
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  • Does Weight Distribution/Sway Control Stop Trailer Sway from Too Light Tongue Weight
  • Weight distribution systems and sway control will not prevent the sway you are experiencing at 40 MPH. The only way to do that is with one of the tactics you described. Either keep the sand bags or add an additional propane tank or storage box. WD and SC systems are great for preventing sway from wind but not from tongue weight issues. Only other solution could be that your trailer is sitting to nose high. If so leveling out the trailer will help greatly. I attached a help article...
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  • Coleman Pop-Up Camper Pre-Drilled for Sway Control?
  • I do not have any specific information about Coleman pre-drilling their frames, but from the general location of the holes shown in your photo and the way the holes are configured, I would be willing to bet those holes are for a friction sway control system. Compare the hole spacing on your frame to that shown in the photo and diagram I provided. If the spacing matches up, then the holes are indeed meant to install a friction sway control unit.
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  • Recommended Weight Distribution for 3,200 Pound Jayco Featherlite Trailer
  • It is not required that you install a weight distribution system for your Jayco Featherlite Trailer, but one will certainly be beneficial for any trailer that weighs more than 50 percent of the tow vehicle. This is the case with the 3,200 GVR on your trailer and the weight of your Jeep Grand Cherokee, which based on my research is between 4,470 to 4,850 pounds. A properly rated weight distribution system will not only help with tow vehicle sag, but it will also improve steering, stopping...
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  • Is Sway Control Needed for Hauling Motorcycle on 6X12 Patriot Homesteader Enclosed Trailer
  • Take the loaded trailer out for a few test runs, including a short run on an interstate. Crosswinds and turbulence caused by passing tractor trailers will quickly tell you if trailer sway will be a problem for you. If sway is a problem, properly loading the trailer will go a long way to controlling trailer sway. Make sure the bike is as far forward of the trailer axle as you can get it, because more tongue weight helps eliminate trailer sway. If moving the bike forward is not feasible,...
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