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Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4, 2+2 4-Bike Rack - 2" Hitches - Folding - Horizontal Wheel Mount

Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4, 2+2 4-Bike Rack - 2" Hitches - Folding - Horizontal Wheel Mount

Item # B01458
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This lightweight, hitch-mounted rack carries 4 bikes of almost any size or style by the wheels - no adapter bar needed. Rear section detaches for conversion into 2 independent 2-bike racks, and it tilts down with bikes loaded for cargo area access. Call 800-298-8924 to order Lets Go Aero hitch bike racks part number B01458 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Lets Go Aero products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4, 2+2 4-Bike Rack - 2" Hitches - Folding - Horizontal Wheel Mount. Hitch Bike Racks reviews from real customers.
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Lets Go Aero Hitch Bike Racks - B01458

  • Hanging Rack
  • Platform Rack
  • 4 Bikes
  • Lets Go Aero
  • Tilt-Away Rack
  • Fixed Rack
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • Class 3
  • Wheel Mount
  • Locks Not Included

This lightweight, hitch-mounted rack carries 4 bikes of almost any size or style by the wheels - no adapter bar needed. Rear section detaches for conversion into 2 independent 2-bike racks, and it tilts down with bikes loaded for cargo area access.


  • Lightweight, hitch-mounted rack carries 4 bicycles on the back of your vehicle
  • Rear section detaches from the front section for simple conversion into 2 independent 2-bike racks
    • 2-bike version tilts down with bikes loaded for cargo area access
  • V-shaped, wheel-mount design ensures level transport of most bikes, regardless of size and frame style
    • Support arms hold bikes by the wheels and prevent frame or fork contact
    • Cushioned pads prevent scratches from bike-to-rack contact
    • No adapter bar needed for women's, children's, and alternative frame bikes
  • Adjustable wheel cradles and sway stops stabilize bikes on the rack
    • Rubber straps quickly and easily secure bikes to cradles
    • Rubberized nylon coating protects bike wheel surfaces
  • Rack arms can be removed for storage or for access to your vehicle's rear cargo area
  • Removable pin lets you fold the rack up for parking clearance and storage
  • 2 Anti-rattle Silent Hitch Pins prevent wobbling and noise in trailer hitch receiver and slide-out arm
    • Padlocks (sold separately) secure carrier to vehicle
  • Sturdy steel construction with rust-resistant black powder coat finish


  • Application: 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers
  • Carrying capacity: 4 bikes
  • Weight capacity: 160 lbs
  • Wheelbase range: 22" - 50"
  • Distance from center of hitch pin hole to:
    • Nearest part of rack: 8-1/2"
    • Furthest part of rack: 46"
    • Furthest part of rack with rear section removed: 23"
  • Carrier weight: 41 lbs
    • Shank base: 23
    • Wings (each): 4.5
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Approved for use on cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and motorhomes - not approved for fifth wheels or towable campers

The Vme BikeWing T4 hitch-mounted bike rack lets you carry up to 4 bikes by the wheels on V-shaped support arms. It has adjustable, anti-sway cradles that let you transport bikes of most sizes and frame styles. The construction is tough yet lightweight and the rack is easy to set up and store. The rear section of the T4 also detaches from the front section for simple conversion into 2 independent 2-bike racks.

V-Shaped Support Arms

BikeWing T4 V-shaped hitch bike rack

The BikeWing T4 features 4 removable support arms - or wings - that form 2 "V's". The V-racks distribute weight evenly, holding your bikes by the wheels - not the frames. This ensures level transport and it also eliminates the need for bike frame adapter bars normally required for mounting women's, children's, and alternative frame bikes on a hanging-style bike rack.

BikeWing T4 with removable, V-shaped support arms

The support arms can be removed if you need access to the rear cargo area of your vehicle or for storage. Simply pull the pins at the base of the rack to remove the arms. The pins are tethered to the base so you won't lose them.

BikeWing T4 with support arms detached

The base of the rack can be left in your hitch without interfering with your vehicle's rear hatch.

Adjustable Wheel Cradles and Sway Stops

BikeWing-2 with adjustable sway stops

The upper wheel cradles adjust independently so that your bikes hang level on the rack. With your bikes in place adjust the lower sway stops so that they are flush against the bottom of your tires. This Zero-G bike freeze system eliminates all bike motion and prevents any contact between your bikes frames and the rack. To secure your bikes to the rack pull the rubber strap on each cradle and sway stop over the wheel and hook the tightest hole around the peg at the end of the cradle.

BikeWing-2 cotter pin

To adjust each cradle for the proper spacing and height for your specific bikes simply remove the cotter pin, pull out the cradle, and replace it in the desired hole. To adjust each sway stop simply unscrew the knob, slide the sway stop to the desired position, then re-tighten the knob.

BikeWing-2 rubber straps and foam pads

The cradles and sway stops are coated with rubberized nylon to protect your bike wheel surfaces from scratches and scuffs. This coating also provides friction to help grip the wheels on your bikes.

BikeWing-2 frame-protecting foam pads

Foam pads on the support arms help keep your bikes stationary and rattle-free during transport. The pads slide up and down the support arms to accommodate different bike sizes and protect the paint from scratches.

2 Independent 2-Bike Carriers

BikeWing T4 2 independent racks

The rear section of the BikeWing detaches from the front section for conversion into 2 independent 2-bike racks. Remove the pin at the center of the base, remove the back half of the rack, then slide it into a 2" hitch and secure it with the pin.

BikeWIng-2 tilting

The 2-bike version also tilts down with your bikes loaded for access to your cargo area. Just remove the pin from the center of the base and insert it into the lower holes. Then lean the V-rack forward until it rests on the pin.

Compact, Folding Design

BikeWIng-2 adapter for 2 inch hitches

A removable pin lets you fold the V-shaped arms into the rack when you're not transporting bikes. You can also fold the rack up against your vehicle. This is great for parking in places where space is limited, such as a parking garage.

Anti-Rattle Connection to 2" Hitches

BikeWIng-2 adapter for 2 inch hitches

The rack installs into any 2" hitch. 2 NoMotion anti-wobble hitch pins help to reduce noise and movement of the rack in your hitch and at the junction where the rack separates. The pins thread into cylindrical anti-rattle devices already installed in the rack's shanks. You can also add padlocks with a 1/4" shackle (ML312D - sold separately) to each Silent Hitch Pin to secure the carrier to your vehicle.

B01458 Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4, 2+2 4-Bike Carrier for 2 Inch Hitches

Installation Details B01458 Installation instructions

Video of Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4, 2+2 4-Bike Rack - 2" Hitches - Folding - Horizontal Wheel Mount

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4 4 Bike Rack Review

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4 four-bike rack for two-inch hitches, part number B01458. The Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4 four-bike rack is an inexpensive choice that can carry up to four bikes at the rear of your vehicle or your RV, motor home, or fifth-wheel, and it can split up into two separate bike racks as well. So you can have two individual two-bike racks. And with the one closest to the vehicle here, this can actually tilt away when it's in its two-bike form. It can carry a wide variety of bikes like you see here, primarily because it grips it by the tires, which also eliminates the need for any bike adapter parts as well.The mounts for the wheels are all adjustable. For the hooks that hold the top part of the tire in place, you pull the pin on the side here and you can adjust it accordingly to fit whatever bike you're gonna be hauling.

Also, there is this nice rubberized nylon coating here, and that's gonna help protect the frame of your tire once it's being held into place. And of course, we have these straps here.At the base we have these pegs with these turn knobs here that can be adjusted up and down as needed for your tires as well. To help protect the frame we have these pads here that can be adjusted up and down as necessary also. So if your bike we're to make contact, it won't get damaged.With all four bikes, it has a carrying capacity of 160 pounds, so that's roughly about 40 pounds per bike. So with the mountain bike, the alternate frame bike, the road bike, and the kids' bike, it should work fine.

It does have a fat tire adapter kit as well, part number BMP038.And while this doesn't come with any locks per se for either the bikes or the bike rack itself, there are options on etrailer.com that you can find, such as cable locks for the bikes here, or there's a hitch style lock from Lets Go Aero that you can find on etrailer.com as well.Now we're gonna show you how to separate them. To do that we're gonna move this anti-rattle bolt towards the center here. We'll pull the pin, then take our 15/16 socket and loosen up the other side. And we just simply pull it out of the shank there. I'll set this off to the side for now.

And then we'll come to the inside here and remove our anti-rattle bolt. Grab it, and now if you want to use the other half we just pulled out as a bike rack itself, you need to install this on the inside there.When split up into two separate bike racks, the second bike rack pretty much installs exactly the same way as the other in that you simply put it into the hitch and tighten it down with the anti-rattle bolt.Now, when reviewing customer comments and questions about this bike rack, one comment that came up is that it was too close to their RV and would actually make contact should it be jostled back and forth. There's a couple solutions to this problem. First off, you have to take a look at your hitch on your RV. Now, if it comes with a factory-installed hitch, it may sit too far underneath and behind the bumper, to where this would make contact with that.

Try out a hitch extender, perhaps, to work it out with this bike rack, although the weight capacities may be affected by that.Now, we mentioned earlier how this can tilt away from the vehicle. And a reminder, it has to be in this two-bike configuration in order to do this. This is the portion that we left inside the vehicle. So what we're gonna do is remove the pin at the base here and replace it into this area here. It's important to remember to hold onto the bikes themselves while you're doing this, 'cause you don't want it falling down on you while this is happening. So we'll pull the pin, bring it down to its other section here. All right, then we can let the bike rack come down gently. It's gonna want to come crashing down. And now we have full access to our rear hatch to get what we need.We've went ahead and removed the rest of the bikes so you can see what the bike rack looks like with nothing installed on it. Now, right now it's gonna be what we call in the loading position, meaning it's ready to have the bikes installed. And so it can also fold down flat so we can gain rear hatch access when no bikes are installed. Remove the pin, and then begin to fold it down. I'll reinsert the pin at the base here and clip it back up. There we go. And with it folded flat, now we have full hatch access to get what we need. Also, when it's flat like this we can fold it up against the vehicle for those close-quarters situations such as parking or putting it in your garage. Simply pull the pin at the base here and push it up.In some cases it may make contact with the vehicle. However, with our arms here we can adjust these up to make sure that that doesn't happen. So now it doesn't make contact. Reinsert the pin, now we're ready to go.When comparing this with other products, one that comes up is gonna be the Reese Q-Slot Platform-Style two bike and four bike rack, part number PS63138. They can both separate into two-bike racks each, and the biggest differences between these two, the weight capacity for the BikeWing's gonna be a little bit greater at 160 pounds. But with four bikes, the Q-slot is rated only for 140 pounds.Now, it may be a little bit easier to load up the bikes for the Q-Slot, as it's the traditional platform style. However, in some cases, since it grips it by the frame, you may need a bike adapter bar. With the BikeWing, that eliminates that need.How this attaches to the hitch, we're gonna have another anti-rattle bolt at the base. Once that's tightened down we'll take out the shake and play in the shank and make for a smoother ride. Now, before we start loading up our bikes, you want to make sure that they're at least in a decent position to receive all of them. And remember that you can adjust all of these if need be. We'll first grab our mountain bike, because you want to put the heaviest bike closest to the vehicle and work your way back to that.And to make this a little bit easier on us, we're actually gonna remove our arms out on the end here, just so they're not in the way. Now, with the arms removed, it's gonna make getting to our bike rack just a little bit easier. Because with this, you do have to be a little careful. Take our strap, run it through, and tighten that sucker down. Also at this point, that's when we would make any adjustments with our padding here to make sure that if our bike does make contact, it at least is gonna have some padding to protect it.Now with our mountain bike installed, we can repeat this process for our other three bikes. Now that we have all four bikes installed on our vehicle, now we're ready to take it out on our test course and show you how it looks. First we'll take it onto our slalom course, and this will show you the side-to-side action, such as making turns or evasive maneuvers. Finally, we're at the solid speed bumps, which simulates going into your driveway or parking lots.And there you have it for the Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4 four-bike rack, part number B01458.

Customer Reviews

Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4, 2+2 4-Bike Rack - 2" Hitches - Folding - Horizontal Wheel Mount - B01458

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (147 Customer Reviews)

This lightweight, hitch-mounted rack carries 4 bikes of almost any size or style by the wheels - no adapter bar needed. Rear section detaches for conversion into 2 independent 2-bike racks, and it tilts down with bikes loaded for cargo area access.

- B01458

Bike rack works as described. Holds the bike firmly. I use on the back of my travel trailer. I have not taken on extended road trips yet but has performed well thus far. The bike rack is long. I have only put 3 bikes on the rack and do have some concern about putting 4 full size adult bikes with the weight being so far out from the bumper of the trailer. Cool feature is coming apart into two bike racks. 616845

- B01458

The hitch took about 40 minutes to to assemble and install. Directions are OK but better pictures would help. My daughter took three bikes on it and said it worked good. You just have to be careful with the ground clearance as it does stick out quite a ways. Over all it can haul a lot of different frame sizes and is good for a family. 544287

- B01458

Rack was approved for RV use form the manufacturer. Assembled and installed but the handlebars ends were only 2 inches form the back of the RV. (RV back is flat, receiver did extend behind the back by about 3 inches). Found the rack had considerable movement. I could lift the rack up and down causing the handle bars to move from to back (with considerable up and down movement) by more than 10 inches. This would have caused the handlebar ends to strike the RV. I suppose all the pivot points in the rack to allow it to fold introduced too much "slop" in the rack that allowed all the movement. Very disappointed with what I had hooped was a RV approved rack that also folded out of the way. Thanks etrailer for an (almost) painless return process. 417155

- B01458

This hitch is fantastic. I would say it is minimalist - no unnecessary bulk - which I like. It comes apart easily, by pulling out a hitch pin. Then you have a 2-bike rack. Put it back together and it's a 4-bike rack. So easy to use. It's plenty sturdy. Love it. 587955

- B01458

This bike rack works great. I used this on the back of my fifth wheel last weekend to haul two mountain bikes. Have not used the extended section to haul 4 at the same time, and I probably won't put all 4 on the back of my camper due to concerns of putting that much weight and sway at the tail end. That being said, I like the fact this rack gives me the option, which I likely will put all 4 bikes on the truck or SUV. The wheel mounts hold the bike very secure and the design gives you dozens of possible adjustment points to fit different size bikes. Do plan on spending an hour or so assembling the unit when you first receive it. And plan some time for adjustments the first time you set up your bikes. Because I have several different sized bikes (small kid, small adult, large adult), I can see that I'll likely leave the wheel mount cradles in the locations I have them and develop a routine placement for which bike goes in which location. If you're always hauling the same 4 bikes, that shouldn't be too much of a problem. The anti-rattle hitch pin works well. The trade-off, however, is that it adds the necessity of a wrench and a few extra minutes to un-mount the rack from your vehicle. Not a big deal, but certainly not as convenient as pulling a pin from a standard hitch pin. 424380

- B01458

Excellent product, fast service and del ivery. 392813

- B01458

After a year using the BikeWing hitch rack on our small motorhome on many trips, and also on our Jeep Cherokee, we're very satisfied. Now we're starting to use it on our motorhome with a Roadmaster spare tire carrier, and it's still working well (see photo). The flexibility to use the full two wing configuration or a single wing, plus ability to fold up (and easily remove the wings if desired) when not carrying bikes has all come in very handy. With our vehicles, we are not able to use the furthest inside rack due to lack of clearance to the vehicle, but that's never been a problem since we've only been carrying two bikes, with the option for a third if needed. The only downside to this rack for us (thus 4 stars instead of 5) is that it takes a little more effort to load/unload bikes than do the wheel-tray type racks. But the RV capability, good value and overall flexibility make up for that for us. One unexpected benefit of this rack for us is that it makes a great garage centerline indicator when viewed with our motorhome rear camera while backing into our RV garage (which has a centerline stripe on the floor). 512861

- B01458

**I have not actually used the rack yet** That being said, I am pretty impressed with the build quality and options I have with this rack. I am an avid mountain biker and spent $600+ on my current hitch mounted Thule T2 with the extension to carry 2 additional bikes. That rack is extremely heavy, does fold up, and works very well, however it is not rated for behind RV/Travel Trailer use, so I had to find something else. The BikeWing T4 is much lighter than my Thule, it is more versatile since you can remove the wings, move the pegs for the tires, fold it up, angle it down, use it as a 2 bike rack, 4 bike rack, or even 2 separate 2 bike racks. Pretty cool! My biggest issue was that the wings hit the spare tire when folding it up, so in order to fold up the rack when its not in use, I have to remove the wings on the side of the spare tire. That is no fault of Lets Go Aero though. I did install my 29er on it to see how easy it would be and it was pretty easy. It took roughly the same time maybe a few second longer than my Thule takes. Overall I am extremely impressed with this rack to the point I am considering selling my Thule and using this on my camper or with my truck when not towing the camper. 551052

- B01458

Overall, a great solution if you're carrying different sizes and/or types of bikes. Solid, versatile, and can be broken down and put away in even the smallest of trunks. If you use with a fat bike, get the fat bike kit AND ask for an extra set of straps (comes with only 2 straps but 4 are needed to fully secure a fat bike). The bottom tube does not have any rise and it sticks straight out of the back so ground clearance can be an issue going up or down driveways. This is probably not an issue with SUVs or trucks but cars and minivans need to take proper precautions when using this rack. Especially, if you are carrying more than 2 bikes. 589547

- B01458

We've had this over a year now, and the main purpose for purchasing this was to use it on the back of our fifth wheel camper. We have been happy with it so far for various reasons. 1 - I like how you can use the 2 or 4 bike configuration depending on how many bikes you need to take along. 2 - It holds the bikes very securely. There are 2 rubber straps and 2 bars per wheel of the bike so there is very little movement and holds the frame of the bikes very still. We have loaded bikes with minimal clearance between parts, and there was no evidence of them touching after hundreds of miles. You also won't get the spinning wheels as you go down the road as with the hanging racks. 3 - It is RV rated. There are not a ton of options out there that are rated for going on the back of an RV. From our experience it has earned that. 4 - It is highly adjustable. It takes a little effort to get it adjusted properly so everything fits nicely, but it at least can adjust to fit our bikes. It can even adjust down to fit my 5 year old daughters bike with training wheels. The only thing I would add to this bike rack is an easier way to secure/lock our bikes. At this point we've been just locking our bikes together, figuring it would make it super difficult to remove all the bikes at once and get away without being noticed, a deterrent to keep the honest honest. A built in way to lock it all to the frame would be a nice addition. We would definitely purchase this bike rack again. It is price competitive with the "big names" and holds our bikes very securely. 547694

- B01458

Exactly what was advertised. Shipped fast. great bile carrier. 746382

- B01458

Application: on the bumper receiver of a 40’ fifth wheel. We’ve put about 2,000 relatively bumpy / bouncy US highway and freeway miles on this bike rack so far and it’s looking great! It leans a little, but nothing seems out of order. We really put it to the test on I-10 through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi. Those road were bumpy and it hasn’t phased the bike rack. As other reviews mention, it is a bit of work for initial configuration, but once you have it set up for your bikes, it’s a piece of cake to mount everything. I find minor adjustments to be easier than expected, too, based on reading other reviews before buying. I’ve been able to rearrange my bike ordering and adjust the mounting points with relative ease. eTrailer, like usual, has solid recommendations and advice on what works best for what applications. This bike rack is listed as good for 5th wheelers and it’s looking like that’s the case. 735949

- B01458

Has carried our bikes well . We are only able to get 3 on it on our 5th wheel secondary to the ladder rack position. 706904

- B01458

Overall I've been pleased with the product. Bikes are easy to strap down and remain secure for the duration of the trip. I routinely carry our bikes 300+ miles without any issues. If you carry the same bikes all of the time it only takes a few minutes to have them loaded and secure once the carrier is initially adjusted. If you carry different bikes it takes a few more minutes to adjust the carrier but is still quick overall. Load the bikes in order from heaviest to lightest with the heaviest being closest to the vehicle. I suggest taking a couple of pictures once the bikes are loaded and then always put the bikes on in the same order and orientation. 687035

- B01458

Good product overall and well made. Very versatile to accommodate whatever style of bike that you have. Easy to set up and not overly heavy to lift. Only complaint is the large amount of play in the upright arms. Wish they wobbled less and thus the bike handle bar wouldn't want to rub or bounce up against the camper. 683752

- B01458

Excellent product, does exactly what we need and it stout. I do not worry about having 4 bikes mounted to it. 669583

- B01458

Produce easy to assemble and looks good and will do what I needed carry a mens and ladies bike with the option of 2 additional kids bikes. Recommend taking the time before you want to use the carrier to fit the bikes on the carrier. On my 2019 Forester I do not have a little of clearance between the bike pedal and the tailgate. I am also as a 2nd bike mounting a Cannondale ladies frame with wide tires. It is a challenge getting the mounting right so there is no chance of the bike pedal contacting the car and insuring the 2 bikes do not interfere with each other. 658068

- B01458

overall this bike rack has worked out well. we needed an extended piece for my Toyota RAV4 b/c of the spare tire on rear door. otherwise it's impossible to get a second bike on b/c there is no room b/t rack and spare tire. i like the ease of attaching the rack on and off- I keep my tool inside car for convenience. Adjusting the pins and hooks are also simple, the bikes are always stable when latched on with the bands. it's nice that the two racks can be separated to use on another hitch. very handy. the rack itself is easy to break down quickly if needed. 628772

- B01458

Really happy with product . Like that u can use it as a two bike rack when u don't need to haul four. Very sturdy after a years use would recommend to anyone 603461

- B01458

Really like the product. Once put together, easy to hitch up and load bikes. I bought this unit as it was specifically rated for use on my RV. Unfortunately I am only able to get 3 bikes on the rack because the mechanism closest to the rear of the RV is only inches away and will not allow a 4rth bike to be placed. That is the main reason for 4 stars, otherwise would have given it 5. 595466

- B01458

We purchased this bike rack to use with our class b motorhome. The bikes ride very securely once loaded. The ease of use is not great for our cruiser style bikes. It is difficult to position these bikes so they don't rub. 569097

- B01458

I haven't actually used this product yet but its built well and was easy to assemble. My bikes were easy to put on this rack. It was one that was approved to be used with an RV and it will easily hold my 4 bikes. I like the fact that I can use half the rack and only carry two if I want. There was a strap missing and I called etrailer and had the strap within two days. Great customer service !! 559273

- B01458

Delivery is quick, communication is great, the pricing is decent and the products are good. 525305

- B01458

Solid, easy to assemble and perfect for the trailer! 511012

- B01458

This bike rack works great for full suspension bikes and bikes of all sizes. 422889

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  • 4 Bike Platform Rack Recommendation for 2019 Toyota 4Runner with Shallow Hitch Pin
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  • Bike Rack and Cargo Carrier Combo Recommendation for Use on the Back of an RV or Trailer
    I recommend the 4-bike version of the BikeWing, # B01458, and cargo bag # B01212 with it. This will allow you to carry 2 bikes with cargo in the middle. It measures 16 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the nearest part of the rack (the bike loaded in the first position will be closer by about 1/2 the overall width of the bike). I have linked a video review of the bike rack for you.
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  • Recommended Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack for Fat Bike with 4-1/2 Inch Wide Tires
    I do have a solution for you, however the Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4 # B01458 referenced in your question is not designed to secure fat bike tires. I recommend looking at a carrier that is designed specifically to support the larger wheel sizes of fat bikes, such as the Hollywood Racks Trail Rider 2-Bike Rack # HR200Z-FB. This carrier can transport 2 bikes with a maximum tire width of 5 inches and a maximum wheelbase of 60 inches. It has a weight capacity of 45 pounds per bike. I recommend...
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  • How to Carry Fat Bikes on the Lets Go Aero BikeWing
    Yes, the Snap-On Lock part # ACC3250 will work with the threaded hitch pin that comes with the Lets Go Aero BikeWing part # B01458. If your tires are over 2-1/2" wide then you will need one of the Fat Tire Adapter Kits part # BMP038 for each bike.
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  • How To Determine If Camper Has Enough Clearance To Use Lets Go Aero BikeWing
    The Lets Go Aero BikeWing part # B01458 measures 19 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the nearest V where the bikes are carried. I have attached a diagram for your reference. If you measure from the center of the hitch pin hole in your camper's hitch out to the furthest point at the rear of your camper and that measurement is less than 19 inches (it should be) you shouldn't have any issues with clearance.
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  • Bike and Canoe Carrier Options for Jayco 12HW Pop-Up Camper Trailer
    We offer specialized roof racks made just for pop-up camper trailers like your Jayco 12HW and we also offer RV bike racks in several varieties. As a starting point I suggest you confirm the weight rating for the camper top. An average adult bike can weigh 35-lbs or more, so 4 or 5 bikes along with a canoe can present a significant weight load for the camper's top. A great-value camper rack comes from Swagman, their Roamer LT Roof Rack for Pop-Up Campers # S80510. This square bar...
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  • Fitting the Let's Go Aero BikeWing to a 2011 Honda Pilot
    You can take a quick measurements to see if you can properly fit the Let's Go Aero BikeWing T4, part # B01458 to your 2011 Honda Pilot. First, you'll want to measure from your Pilot's hitch pin hole to the furthest point of your bumper. It's helpful to use a straight edge to do this to get an accurate measurement. This is your hitch clearance, and anything you want to use in your hitch will have to have a measurement listed for its "distance from hitch pin hole to nearest part"...
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  • Can the Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4 Secure 4 Bikes of the Same Size
    Yes, the Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4 4-Bike Rack # B01458 referenced in your question can absolutely handle 4 bikes of the same size, as long as they do not exceed a total weight of 180 pounds. The wheel cradles can be adjusted along the mounting bars to prevent bike to bike contact, especially when loading similarly sized bikes. The cushioned pads will also help protect the bikes from scratches while in transport. This is a really nice, unique hitch-mounted rack that features an extremely...
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  • Recommended 4 Bike Platform Rack to Use with a Class A RV
    I will be happy to help. However, on RVs and trailers, there is excess bouncing and movement at the trailer hitch and a lot of bike racks are not rated to handle this. I recommend the Let's Go Aero BikeWing T4 Bike Rack, # B01458. The BikeWing rack uses a V-shaped wheel mount and rubber fasteners to secure the bike to the rack. The rack will fit a 2 inch Class III hitch and also tilt away from the vehicle. This feature will allow you to access the truck bed and lower the tailgate of...
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  • Tire Widths Compatible with Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4 4-Bike Hitch Rack B01458
    The Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4 4-Bike Hitch Rack # B01458 is an excellent choice in a moderately-priced high-capacity lightweight hitch bike rack. This rack will work fine with your 3-inch wide tires; it can do just fine with tires up to 3-1/2-inches wide according to my contact at Let's Go Aero. You may care to add the mating anti-rattle lock kit # SHP2082.
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  • Bike Rack Recommendation for 2015 Toyota Highlander to fit Shallow Hitch Pin Hole
    The bike rack we recommend the most for vehicles with trailer hitches with very shallow pin hole depths is the Let's Go Aero part # B01458 as we have found that it fits well in shallow hitches. Only issue is that it's a 4 bike rack.
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  • Recommended 4 Bike Rack for Use on Travel Trailer
    Only certain bike racks are rated for use behind an RV or a trailer. This is because the ride at the back of an RV or trailer is significantly rougher than at the rear of a standard passenger vehicle. As opposed to a passenger vehicle, the rear of an RV is extended well beyond the rear axle, which will act like a see-saw and create a lot of movement, putting more stress on the bike rack and hitch receiver. Bike racks that are rated for use on trailers are designed specifically to withstand...
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  • 4 Bike Rack Recommendation for 2013 Honda Pilot
    We don't offer any hitches for a 2014 Honda Pilot as they all came from the factory with a trailer hitch. Does yours have the factory hitch?
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  • Availability of 4 Bike Rack for Use on an RV
    I am guessing by RV you mean camper or 5th wheel trailer. If this is the case then I recommend using the Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4 # B01458. This is compatible with up to 4 bikes and has a weight capacity of 160 lbs. It isn't a traditional platform rack but it does secure the bikes by their wheels so there is no frame contact. This bike rack has tilting and folding features plus you can remove the outer 2 trays if you will only be carrying 2 bikes. The BikeWing T4 doesn't come with locks...
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  • Bike Lock and Hitch Lock Recommendation for Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4 Bike Rack
    Great choice! The Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4, # B01458, is a very versatile rack. Lets Go Aero offers an optional hitch lock, # SHP2082 to secure your rack to the hitch, which also takes the rattle and play out of the connection between your hitch and your rack. To secure your bikes to the rack, they recommend using a cable lock like the Fulton 15' Cable Lock, # FCLK150100. Another option is the Yakima LongHaul, # Y02476, which is also safe for use on an RV, carries 4 bikes, and is easy...
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  • Do all Hitch-Mounted Racks Require Adapter Bars?
    Not all hitch-mounted bike racks require bike adapter bars. Platform racks carry bikes by the wheels, though the issue is that they will not generally work with the smaller wheelbase of a children's bike. Your frustration at having to use four adapter bars like the Swagman # 64005 with the Yakima DoubleDown # Y02424 is perfectly understandable, and there may be another possibility. The BikeWing T4 # B01458 is a V-shaped rack with a wheel-mount design that can accommodate a number of...
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  • Does Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4 Have Rise in the Shank
    The Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4 # B01458 does have a slight upwards angle but that is just to help it sit level when it is under a load (see attached picture). The slight rise in the shank isn't significant enough to really note. We do have other bike racks with more significant rises in the shank if that is what you are looking for. These include the Reese Q-Slot # PS63138, Rola Convoy # 59308-4, and Saris SuperClamp EX # SA4026F. If you let me know what you are really looking for/wanting...
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  • Hitch and Bike Lock for the Bike Wing 4 Trailer Hitch Mounted Bike Rack
    For the Let's Go Aero Bike Wing 4 rack, part # B01458 you'll need two separate locks. For locking the hitch, you'll want part # SHP2082. This anti-rattle locking hitch pin will minimize the amount of bouncing and swaying the Bike Wing does inside your hitch as well as providing additional security to your rack. You can use almost any cable lock with the BikeWing, but we tend to recommend a 10-Foot, part # e98891 to provide extra distance and a fit to the Bike Wing's integrated locking...
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  • Comparing the Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4 and Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE 4
    The Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4 part # B01458 and Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE 4 part # HR1400Z are both excellent options for your 2008 Toyota Highlander. The biggest difference I would like to point out right off the bat is weight, the BikeWing is much lighter at 41 lbs compared to the Sport Rider at 81 lbs. However, you can remove the bike rack in two pieces with either option to make things lighter but the the BikeWing will still have the edge. In regards to compatibility with step-though...
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  • Carrying Bikes and Cargo at the Same Time on a 2017 Subaru Forester
    The BikeWing # B01458 and the AerPack Cargo Bag # B01212 really is the best option for you. The bike rack weighs 41 pounds fully assembled but the uprights can be removed (each arm is connected to the base with a snapper pin). So you would insert the base into the hitch and then connect each arm. This will reduce the weight when installing/removing the carrier making it easier to work with. The AerPack Cargo Bag, # B01212, can be attached to the rack after it is mounted and the arms...
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  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation for 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan for Installing Lets Go Aero BikeWing
    If it's just surface rust you'd be fine, but if you are seeing rust through the entire frame of your vehicle then it's not going to be safe to attach a hitch there. I'll take a look at a picture if you have it and see if I can tell. You might also take the vehicle to a mechanic close to you have them inspect it since you can only see so much with a picture. The hitch you'd need for your 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan with stow n go seats is the Draw Tite part # 36320. This hitch is preferred...
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  • Recommended 4-Bike Bike Rack for a Front Mount Hitch on a Ram 3500
    To carry 4 bikes on the front of your Ram 3500 I recommend using the Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4 # B01458. As you can see from the product page it has a straight shank so the bike actually sit lower than most other applications. This bike rack fits 2" hitch receivers and can hold up to 4 bikes that have a max weight of 45 lbs each and a wheelbase range of 22" - 50". The rack itself weighs in at 41 lbs so if you completely loaded it down you would be looking at 121 lbs of weight on your...
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  • Recommending a Four-Bike Rack to Accommodate Bikes with Fenders
    To accommodate a carbon fiber frame and a vintage-style frame with fenders, the best option would be a wheel-only mount bike rack. A rack which grasps your bikes by the wheels will remove the need for an adapter bar for the women's vintage-style frame while keeping the carbon frame untouched. A platform-style rack may not work as well with bikes that have fenders, so the bike rack I recommend for you is the Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4 4-Bike Rack, # B01458. The BikeWing is a V-Shaped,...
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  • Best 4 Bike Carrier for Childrens Bikes on an RV
    As you may already know, bike racks that are used on the back of a trailer or RV must be approved for this purpose as the stress placed on them with this type of application will far outweigh the amount of stress for a bike rack placed on the back of a vehicle. Unfortunately, we do not have any platform style bike racks that will hold 4 bikes on the back of an RV but I do still have an excellent option for you. The Lets Go Aero BikeWing T4 part # B01458 would be perfect for you. The...
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