Proportional brake controller automatically levels when mounted within a 360-degree vertical range. Includes customizable LCD display, storable settings, 3 boost levels, battery protection and continuous diagnostics. Transferable between automobiles. Call 800-298-8924 to order Tekonsha Brake Controller part number 90195 or order online at Free expert support on all Tekonsha products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional. Brake Controller reviews from real customers.
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Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional

Tekonsha Brake Controller

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Tekonsha Brake Controller - 90195

Proportional brake controller automatically levels when mounted within a 360-degree vertical range. Includes customizable LCD display, storable settings, 3 boost levels, battery protection and continuous diagnostics. Transferable between automobiles.


  • Brake controller activates trailer brakes in proportion to your vehicle's braking action
    • Automatically adjusts trailer's braking based on deceleration of tow vehicle
    • Activates immediately - no pausing like with time-delayed brake controllers
  • Automatic-leveling ability - internal sensor detects deceleration even if controller is not mounted flat
    • Position at any angle up or down in the vertical plane
  • 5 Storable settings let you customize controller for multiple trailers, varying loads or different drivers
    • Store display settings, brake type, language preferences, and desired boost level and power levels
  • 3 Boost levels let you adjust initial braking power and aggressiveness
  • Continuous diagnostic check alerts you to any potential problems
  • Integrated safeguards protect your vehicle, trailer and the controller
    • Minimizes drain on car battery by drawing only 3.6 milliamps when not in use
    • Prevents trailer brakes from overheating by reducing power output to them during prolonged stops
    • Defends brake controller and trailer breakaway systems against shorts
  • Customizable, easy-to-read LCD display lets you choose color, adjust contrast and pick from different languages
  • Built-in, rotary-style manual override lever
  • Quick-disconnect feature lets you easily remove and store the control when not in use
    • Replacement wiring harness (sold separately) and replacement bracket (TK5906- sold separately) required to move the controller from one vehicle to another
  • Plug-in, vehicle-specific brake-control adapter (sold separately) can be used for certain applications to reduce installation time


  • Application: trailers with up to 4 axles (8 brake assemblies)
    • Designed for use with electric or electric-over-hydraulic trailer brakes
  • Overall dimensions: 3-5/8" wide x 4-5/8" long x 1-3/8" tall
  • LCD display dimensions: 1-3/16" wide x 9/16" tall
  • Mounting: 360-degree vertical plane operating range
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Proportional Braking

With a proportional brake controller, you can get heavy-duty emergency braking, general braking or slow-to-an-idle braking for your trailer automatically. The intensity with which your trailer brakes are activated and the rate at which they are applied are dependent on the deceleration of your tow vehicle. This means that, unlike time-delay controllers - which send the same amount of preset power to your trailer brakes every time - proportional controllers are able to adapt to every braking situation differently. So, if you slam on the brakes in your truck, your trailer brakes will activate with that same extreme intensity. And if you merely slow down as you approach a red light, your trailer will gradually brake in the same manner. Just set the initial power level, select a boost setting, and you're good to go.

As long as the P3 controller sits level on a horizontal plane and is pointed in the direction of travel, it will sense - via an internal inertia sensor - how your tow vehicle brakes. This inertia-based sensor responds to the deceleration of your tow vehicle as you brake by signaling the controller to send out enough power to your trailer brakes so that they are activated with an intensity that matches. The result is uniform braking across your towing setup. No push-pull action - just smooth, proportional braking every time.

Power Boost for Heavy-Duty Towing

Aside from smoother, more efficient braking, Tekonsha's P3 brake controller also offers a boost feature that gives you more initial braking power for those times when you're towing heavy loads. You can switch boost levels so that the power output to your trailer brakes automatically starts out at either 13 percent or 25 percent of the predetermined power setting.

So, if you boost the initial power so that your trailer brakes activate with 25 percent of the overall intensity at the start, the brakes will reach maximum braking faster. This is particularly beneficial if you are towing a heavy load because the intensity required to stop that load may be far greater than that needed to halt your vehicle. Therefore, sending out more initial power to the trailer brakes - and causing them to reach maximum braking faster - allows you to better control the trailer so that it doesn't push your tow vehicle before coming to a complete stop.

If your trailer weighs less than your tow vehicle, no boost is needed. But if you wish to set the boost so that your trailer leads the braking of your towing setup, you can select level B1. The following table gives an indication of when you might use the different boost levels and the power increases that they offer.

Approximate Gross Trailer WeightBoost LevelIncrease in Initial Power Output
Less than tow vehicle GVWB113%
Equal to tow vehicle GVWB1 or B213% or 25%
Up to 25% more than tow vehicle GVWB2 or B3*25%
Up to 40% more than tow vehicle GVWB3*25%

*Both B2 and B3 offer a 25-percent boost in initial power. But the braking curve for B3 is more aggressive than that of B2. This means that, even though you will start out with the same intensity when using these boost levels, you will get an overall more aggressive braking experience with the higher level. So if you use B3, you will reach maximum braking sooner than if you use B2.

Storable Settings

Customize your P3 and store settings so that you can easily access them later. If you tow multiple trailers, or the same one but with differing loads, store the desired boost and power levels for each so that you don't have to completely reset the controller every time you switch between the trailers. Do other drivers use your towing setup? Customize the P3 display with your desired screen color, brightness and language, and you can easily return it to your preferred settings the next time you tow.

Customizable LCD Display and Advanced Diagnostics

The P3's LCD display features a distinctive look with multiple color and contrast options. It also includes a highly advanced, easy-to-understand roadside diagnostics display. The P3 advanced diagnostics not only notify you of potential problems, but they can also tell you where to begin troubleshooting.

Display screen when P3 unit turns on.Boost mode one.Boost mode two.Boost mode three.
Display screen is white.Display screen is green.Display screen is orange.Display screen is light blue.
Display screen is purple.Display screen is blue.Display screen is pink.Display screen is cyan.
Screen displays force of braking.Screen displays warning open ground no brakes.Screen displays no trailer connection.Screen displays no trailer connection.

Diagnostic troubleshooting displays include:

  • Battery voltage
  • Voltage supplied by stoplight switch when brake pedal is depressed
  • Output voltage to trailer brakes
  • Output current to trailer brakes

Diagnostic warning signs include:

  • Open ground
  • Overload
  • Output short
  • Power loss
  • No trailer connection

Safety Features

The Prodigy P3 offers advanced safety features to prevent damage to various components of your towing setup. Integrated reverse battery protection shields the brake controller and your trailer's breakaway system from shorts. When the P3 is not in use, it will be in power-saving mode. In this setting, the power draw falls to only 3.6 milliamps, minimizing drain on your vehicle's battery.

When you stop at red lights, or any time that your truck and trailer are at a standstill with the brakes applied for more than 5 seconds, the P3's "hold" feature will activate. When this happens, the power output to your trailer's brakes will be reduced to just 25 percent of the preset power setting so that the brakes will not overheat.

If ever there is a time that you need to brake your trailer separately from your tow vehicle - when traveling down a steep incline, for example - the manual override lever is easily accessible. Pushing this lever engages the brakes on your trailer with full power. In addition, when you activate this override, the brake lights on your trailer will illuminate, properly warning those behind you of the braking action of your rig.

Automatic Leveling and Simple Installation

The self-leveling feature of the P3 ensures that the brake controller continues to function even as you drive up steep hills or through the mountains. Simply mount it in your cab at any vertical angle, and the controller will level itself automatically thanks to its 360-degree rotational range.

Correct P3 mounting360-Degree P3 mounting

Note: The P3 must be mounted on a level horizontal (side-to-side) plane and must be lined up with the direction of travel for the internal sensor to function properly.

P3 mounted in bracket P3 mount

Installation is a snap. After mounting the P3 unit in your cab using the included bracket, hardwire one end of the included pigtail harness directly into your vehicle. The other end plugs into the brake controller. To transfer the P3 to another vehicle or to remove it for storage, just unplug the unit and slide it out of the bracket.

Installation Accessories

For even easier installation, a vehicle-specific wiring adapter (sold separately) is available for most newer trucks and SUVs. One end of the custom adapter plugs into your vehicle, and the other end plugs into the controller - no hardwiring required.

Note: If a custom brake-control wiring adapter is not available for your vehicle, one of the following will be required:

20-Amp circuit breaker (9506P - sold separately) for 2- to 4-brake applications

30-Amp circuit breaker (38630 - sold separately) for 6- to 8-brake applications

See also's exclusive 7- and 4-way brake-control installation kit (ETBC7 - sold separately) if you don't already have a 7-way plug at the back of your vehicle.

90195 Tekonsha Prodigy P-3 Proportional Trailer Brake Control

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Video of Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Tekonsha Brake Controller 90195 Review

Today we're going to review part number 90195. This is the Tekonsha Prodigy P3 proportional brake controller. This proportional brake controller will activate your trailer brakes in a proportion to your vehicles braking action. It'll automatically adjust your trailers braking based on the deceleration of the tow vehicle and it activates immediately so there's no pausing like with your time delay brake controllers. It does have an automatic leveling ability because there's an internal sensor on the inside which will detect deceleration even if the controller is not mounted flat. You can position this in a 360 degree range in a vertical plane.

You do probably want to mount out to where you can see this display though. Horizontally you do want to keep it parallel to the direction of travel, horizontal and parallel so you don't want it to be this way or like that. Pretty much like this, but 360 degrees or however you want. On the inside there are five store able settings which will let you customize the control for multiple trailers, varying loads, or different drivers. You cans tore display settings, brake types, language preferences, and desired boost level and power levels.

This button right up here is the boost level button. It has three boost levels you can set it at, B1, B2, and B3. It'll let you adjust the initial braking power and aggressiveness. As you go up in levels it'll increase the boost level because if you're going to be towing a heavier trailer, bigger trailer, or heavier load you'll want to have a higher boost level. Just by pushing this button you can change that.

This controller has a continuous diagnostic check alert. Our diagnostic check which will alert you to any potential problems. It does have some integrated safe guards which will protect your vehicle, your trailer, and your brake controller. A few of them are it'll minimize the drain on the car battery by drawing only 3.6 milliamps when not in use. It'll prevent the trailer brakes from overheating by reducing the power output to them when your on the brakes during prolong stops.

It'll help the brake controller and the trailer brake away system against any shorts. It does have a customizable easy to read LCD display right here. It lets you choose the color of the display, adjust the contrast and pick from different languages. On the bottom here you can see it has a built in rotary style manual override lever. This is used in emergency braking situations where you do want the brakes to be applied immediately. On the back here is a nice quick disconnect feature. When you plug your wiring harness in, it snaps right in or you can unsnap it. This will let you easily remove and store your brake controller when not in use or if you're going to move it to another vehicle. Now if you do move it to another vehicle we do recommend to purchase another wiring harness and mounting bracket that way it'll make it easier when you move this from vehicle to vehicle to just plug it in. now this brake controller does come with the wiring harness. It has the plug on this end. It plugs into the brake controller. The other end are the bare wires to connect to your wiring in your vehicle. Comes with this type of mounting bracket if you prefer to use. Also comes with this type which will just slide in and snap into place. Then you can mount this to the vehicle. Also comes with the mounting hardware for the mounting brackets and some butt connectors to connect the wires to your vehicles wiring harness. The last feature has a nice pouch, nice nylon coated pouch with a hook and loop fasteners so that you can store your brake controller in there, close it, and carry it with you. It is nice. The interiors very nice and soft to protect your brake controller. Now what I want to do is we're going to plug this wiring harness in and hook it up to some power source to be able to show you some of the LCD display and just what some of the features might be. Let me just get these four wires hooked up here so we got some power to the controller and last wire here. There we go. We're all hooked up. Now we're just going to plug in the harness. I'm going to turn the power on. With the power on you'll be able to see it comes on. It says, Tekonsha P3. Hit any button. So we just hit this one. Now it shows you the display. The 0.0 is the power display. The very bottom corner here it says, E. That would mean electric setup for electric brakes. You can go in and change that to where it'll say, H. For electrical over hydraulic. Up above that it says, T1. This is for trailer 1 storing. We mentioned you had five storaeable settings so you can go T1 all the way up to T5. Up here it just shows a tow vehicle and a trailer hooked up. Up in this top corner there's nothing showing now, but when you push this boost button you can see it says, Set boost level 1. It'll say, B1. Hit it again it's B2. Hit it again, B3. Hit it again it'll turn the boost off. Right there's your boost button. That'll put it to whatever boost button you want. Down here is a menu button. You can hit this and it'll pull up the menu. It shows you that you can change the display, the brake type, or even has a help. Exit out of there. Over here is up and down buttons. When you set your power what you can do is just push one of those and it'll show 6.0 if you go down, 5.9, 5.8 you can go up. If we set it at 6.0 then what'll happen is once that screen, let's exit out of here. Now we had that power set at 6.0 so when you push your manual override, as you can see, it'll go all the way up to the 6.0. that's what you set your power rating at. When you push that that'll give you your full power. It ramps up to all the way full power. There was your boost setting. Again, there's just a few more displays. It'll say, this is an exit button that you can use to exit out of there. Hit your menu again. Go up or down. It shows you the many different features. Very nice easy to use and it also shows you any diagnostic checks you can do on your hook up to show if there's any shorts or anything. That should do it for the review on part number 90195. The Tekonsha Prodigy P3 proportional brake controller. It does come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Customer Reviews

Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional - 90195

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (986 Customer Reviews)

Proportional brake controller automatically levels when mounted within a 360-degree vertical range. Includes customizable LCD display, storable settings, 3 boost levels, battery protection and continuous diagnostics. Transferable between automobiles.

- 90195

by: Rob Pettis05/02/2011

First, a huge "Thank You" to Janice!!! You are the best, and the main reason I am the proud owner of Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller! (see, I initially had an issue with my standard online payment service and almost canceled my order because of it) So I went old school and picked up the phone, one with a cord and spoke to a human being. Her name is Janice, and she made me feel confident that I could trust her and etrailer. And as a result, 4 days after placing my order with her I received my package. That's incredible. I am very happy and will most certainly do business with etrailer again in the future because of Janice. I don't have any experience with brake controllers. So I can't really comment on how much better or worse this one is to any others. But since I am new to the B/C scene maybe this can be considered an unbiased, non professional review of the Tekonsha P3. My general skill level is "requires supervision around all power tools". But I do have some mechanical ability (snicker). So I will just say, if I could install this thing anyone should be able to do it. Of course I also bought the OEM wiring harness for my vehicle so even I was able to figure out which plug went where. On A scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 3 (I'm somewhat large and getting under the dash wasn't easy or it would be a 1). And as others have said, deciding where to mount it actually took longer. I attached mine to the top of the lower dash cowl and it fits almost tight to the dash but still within the 180 degree limit. This positions the controller at the same height as my knee and puts it within fingertip reach while resting my hand on my knee. I can see the controller perfectly through the steering wheel spokes. I went with the green screen background. it seemed to provide the best view in all lighting conditions. The controller itself works perfectly and the set-up was a breeze. Once installed all the functions worked as described. The real time vehicle diagnostics are a plus. I like being able to monitor my battery voltage to the decimal place if I want to. I'm sort of a techno geek so this is really cool. I set the B/C voltage per the instructions and will only use the boost feature if I am in a hurry or feel the trailer is at max load, but my truck is 8k lbs so you may want to set yours to suit your own conditions. I highly recommend the Tekonsha P3 brake Controller if you want the latest and probably the best controller out there in this price range. I highly recommend the OEM wiring harness if your skills are not pit crew comprable and want the easiest install possible. And, I highly recommend you buy it from etrailer if you want to get it at the best price available (I checked them all) and want the added security you're buying from one of the best online retailers that sells this product. And do yourself a favor, go old school for a change, use the phone and call them, and ask for Janice, although I'm willing to bet everyone there is as nice as her. Rob 12695


How long is the wiring harness? I want to mount the brake controller on the right side of my steering wheel. It looks short in the picture. Thanks! Tom

comment by: Tom - 09/14/2015


- 90195

by: Chris M08/20/2013

Installed P3 this weekend in 2013 Tundra Crewmax with towing package and pre-wire. Extremely easy, even with the center console installation. Will let the photos tell the story. Did have to combine the P3 included harness with the additional OEM harness to gain the length I needed. Plug and play with the pre-wire. Hooked up to trailer and set boost levels for varying loads. Works great! Vast improvement over older model Tekonsha controller in my Ram 2500 Diesel. Pull a Kiefer BP horse trailer: about 3600 lbs empty, 7500 with 3 quarter horses and gear. Usually pull 6-8 times per year, with only 1-2 horses. Short distance and flat terrain. It took about an hour to install. Dad is a retired USAF/FAA radar technician with every tool known to man. He QC'd the job. Will try to write better review later. 96005


how hard is it to remove small center console plugin great installation thanks Mark

comment by: mark d - 11/14/2013


To remove the small center console cubby hole you need to open both 12V outlets, then using your thumb and index finger, slowly work the cubby out. I used a very thin straight edge screwdriver to get it started as well. Helps to have two people. Once out, I used a rotozip tool to cut the back out. I thought I could get away with simply drilling a hole for the wires, but you will need more room. Recommend leaving a lip on the bottom edge where you cut out so small items dont fall behind your dash. Hope this helps.

comment by: Chris M - 11/26/2013


Great write up Chris M. I just mounted mine and would like to make one note about the little yellow clips that hold in the console. They are very good at making a quick exit to some unknown location but I was able to fine the Toyota part number incase someone may need it. It is 90467-10203. They cost about a dollar. I got lucky and finally found the one I lost and saved myself a dollar.

comment by: Tim H - 02/12/2015


- 90195

by: Janine P12/10/2014

I purchased the Tekonsha P3 proportional brake controller and the Plug-in Wiring adaptor for my Dodge Ram Diesel 2005. It shipped promptly and arrived on schedule. I plugged it into the under-dash socket in about 30 seconds and tried it out before installing it; it powered up immediately and everything looked good. It took a few minutes to install the P3 bracket to the dashboard just to right of the steering column and about the level of my knee. The adaptor has enough length to put it left or right of the steering column, but not very high on the dash. The adaptor made the installation quite simple – gathering the tools and deciding controller placement took 20 minutes out of the total 30 minute installation time. The actual installation was to drill 2 holes and screw in 2 screws to the dash and 2 screws to the pocket bracket, then tying the cord to other wiring behind the dash. Settings for electric brakes and other info into the unit took under 2 minutes. Wow! What a difference - the braking was strong, smooth and uniform. I can only compare on my vehicle to braking without a controller unit engaging the trailer brakes, but it showed me how important those brakes are to an easy and safe stop. I have driven other people’s trucks with loaded horse trailers, and their controller units did not give anything like the constant readout of trailer brake voltage and other information this one gives you. This is obviously a high quality unit with everything I need and more. My priority is horse safety on the road and that includes smooth, proportional braking. I like the ability to monitor the voltage of the vehicle system, the volts and amps to the trailer, and troubleshooting capabilities. I spent 6 or 8 hours reading everything on brake controllers before ordering this one, and compared it to several other highly-rated units. While it is available for similar pricing from eBay and other sites, I found's website to make things very easy, such as finding the exact Plug-in Adaptor for my vehicle, finding videos about various controllers, and finding instructions for installing the unit. Thanks to the website, I was able to check under my dash to verify the brake controller plug was there waiting to be used, and I had a very realistic idea of the installation procedure in advance. Getting the Plug Adaptor in the same shipment was important too, and let me install it immediately. I was glad I ordered from and would not hesitate to order from them again. 164083

- 90195

by: Lucas S01/15/2012

I was in the market for a controller for my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee and this was a great controller and the price from etrailer was very competitive with other sites. What ended-up being the deciding factor for me on where to purchase the controller was the ease-of-use of the etrailer site. They made it simple to find and compare controllers and getting the correct wiring harness for my application was easy. In addition to the site they have outstanding customer service. The controller was shipped the day after I ordered it (on a Saturday no less) with free upgraded shipping. They even followed-up with me once the controller arrived at my house. I wish all sites had this level of customer service! 29739


how did you get it in the cubby hole? did you need to drill any holes? is it difficult to remove the dash covers and council?

comment by: jeremy - 07/28/2014


OK, How did you get the shift lever off? I got the two screw out from the bottom of the storage bin, but it still will not come out. How did you get the upper trim with all the electronic buttons off? I will not drill a wire hole thru the bin without removing it for fear I may hit or damage something right behind the bin, or have the way blocked by something so I couldnt route the brake controller cable through the hole I just drilled. I cant get at the bin from the gas pedal area. In fact I cant even see it from there. Thanks.

comment by: James E - 08/15/2014


- 90195

by: John G. Smith05/04/2012

Installed this on my GMC 3500 Duramax with factory integrated brake controller. Not happy with the integrated brake controller on my truck, had problems from the start on 3 different occasions with "Service Trailer Brake" warning on DIC, which of course means NO TRAILER BRAKES. Decided the P3 was the perfect solution. Many more features than the IBC, plus the P3 will also work with electric over hydraulic disc brakes should we ever need that in the future. Fairly easy install on this particular truck, the most difficult thing was running the brake wire from the controller to the 7-pin plug. (This is only required when installing in a vehicle with a factory installed brake control) Well worth the extra effort. 39447


Recommendation...dont mount it to low out of reach. When you have a trailer go astray...your seat belt will tighten and then you cant reach your controller to help you out. Believe me I mounted my too low and out of reach, and I was seconds from ditching the truck and trailer. Was very lucky. Just a recommendation.

comment by: Ernesto - 04/26/2015


- 90195

by: Pedro F.01/30/2014

Thanks for the great service. I did indeed received the controller when and as promised. Thanks to the thorough directions on your website I was able to install in about 15 minutes. While I could have bought the controller elsewhere I chose to buy from you folks because of the support documentation for my application. I haven't actually pulled my travel trailer so I haven't tested the controller yet. Should find out Saturday. Not a great picture but one is attached. 115205


Ive pulled my 28 feet ultra light several times and the controller has done a great job. This is my first experience pulling a trailer using electric brakes and this controller has made it a good one. The only issue so far is that with the controller removed I heard a zap coming out of the end of the connector in my truck one day. Didnt pay much attention to it until I went to pull my camper the next time and found that the fuse had blown. Apparently, there was a temporary short on the connector. I replaced the fuse and all is well.I have purchased another pigtail adapter just in case I have issues in the future.

Pedro F - 01/30/2015


- 90195

by: Dennis C.10/07/2014

In my opinion the Tekonsha brake control products are the best on the market. I purchased the Prodigy P3 as an upgrade to my old Tekonsha explorer unit. The added features that come with this unit, such as the boost feature and electronic read out are exceptional and easy to program. The installation videos on this site are an added bonus to the novice installer. I would recommend this product to anyone interested in quality. I would also like to mention that the service at is exceptional. My product was delivered as promised (on time) and they also followed up with e-mails to ensure that I was completely satisfied with my purchase and service. I plan on additional purchases from this company. Best regards, Dennis C 155034


Its been a year and Im as happy today as I was when I purchased this unit. I have made several long hauls 3k miles or more and many short hauls with my trailer. This controller has worked flawlessly. The ease of adjustment and digital read out of settings is very handy when tweaking your braking power. I have found this necessary when traveling from winter to summer climates and vise versa. I believe in Tekonshas commitment to quality and etrailer.coms commitment to customer satisfaction and recommend them to everyone.

Dennis C - 10/07/2015


- 90195

by: Blaine B.02/20/2015

I primarily picked this controller based on product reputation and customer reviews. I had picked this controller over it's sister product Tekonsha P2 based on the etrailer tech product review who compared the simplicity of the P3 readout compared to reading letter and period codes on the P2. The 4 buttons on the P3 make it easy to scroll through settings and diagnostics. Need to contact Tekonsha while on the road? ...their contact info is even found in the HELP option (lol). I love the sturdy feel of the bottm half of the controller made of cast metal. It comes with a bracket that holds a quick-release holder for the controller for people that want to move the controller from vehicle-to-vehicle, or a bracket that will solidly attach the controller with 2 screws. Having many videos and photos of other installs available on this website made this a breeze to mount even for a novice like me. I installed it in a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee w/factory installed tow package using the etrailer part #3020-P "Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers - Dodge". It connected flawlessly to both connections in literally seconds. A test light at the rear of the car confirmed that the 7-pin trailer connector brake pin was actuating when the brake pedal was depressed. NOTE: 2001 is the only year in the Jeep WJ series with the factory installed MOPAR connector; the other years in the WJ series, with factory installed tow package, have a single blue wire running to the 7-pin trailer connector. Total install time was under 30 minutes including tool roundup and waiting for my wife to put on her shoes to press the brake pedal to confirm power to the trailer connector. 175399

- 90195

by: Carl03/25/2014

This is one of the few senders I have found with setting that allows for electric to hydraulic brake systems. I converted my older electric drum brakes on a tandem axle trailer to hydraulic disc brakes, using an electric to hydraulic converter pump. Better braking, easier maintenance, but the older style senders appear to not understand the electrical output needs of a conversion set up. This has near infinite adjustability, if you take the time to adjust the applied voltage to your trailer towing load. Set up is easy and reassuring. Must be mounted in the axis of travel, but allows for complete rotation for best view as long as the axis remains in line with travel. Manual braking control is well located and easy to "grab". Great unit ! 122252


This sender continues to work flawlessly ! I love it. The presets are valuable to me as I vary towing load considerably, from empty trailer to maxed out.All in all, I am hoping this is the last brake sender I will ever purchase ! Thanks for checking in !

Carl - 04/06/2015


- 90195

by: Nate05/09/2014

Controller with the hiring harness installs in literally minutes. Took longer to find the screwdriver. I used the saved trailers feature to set up one with my rig empty, one loaded. With a bright orange screen for the loaded one. Off the scales last week with a load of gravel at 23,400 pounds. Controller works perfect and the truck stops. Having the options and features available on the P3 was worth the extra dollars and a great upgrade. Super easy to use and the customer service here is best ever. Customer for life now. 129767


Sold the truck, but I recommend your site to anyone. Thanks.

Nate - 05/12/2015


- 90195

by: Doug B.10/03/2011

I had to build a custom bracket for the controller mount since the X is limited in under dash metal but the install went well. The 7 pin trailer harness is a factory Nissan part (plug and play) , but since the receiver does not have the any mounting brackets, I positioned the 7 pin connector up and out of the way of harm by drilling and flush mounting it in the rear bumper. Thanks for carrying products relevant to your customer's needs and having products that work right. I have attached some pics from the finished install. I will be ordering accessories as I need them from your company as you have always been prompt, thorough and very courteous in all of your correspondence. 25007


Is this a pathfinder, I need to add a 7 way connector do you have any photos of yours.? Id like to see wear you put it

comment by: Steve - 03/27/2015



It was an Xterra. I purchased the factory trailer harness and relay kit. It was all plug and play.

comment by: Doug - 05/05/2015


- 90195

by: Dave D.06/01/2013

I purchased this product based on prior reviews. Thanks to all those reviews I purchased the same great experience. I owned a timed control for years and now I have the best proportional control possible. Very easy to wire and install. Videos online made it even easier. No more jerking when coming to a stop. I don't need to manually brake the trailer anymore. Thanks for offering such a great controller. I recommend this controller to everyone. Thanks!! 82847


This is an excellent product. Im starting my second year of towing and this controller has made my towing experience so much more enjoyable. No jerking to a stop, boost for highway speeds and quick adjustment for in town driving if needed. Stopping is smooth and secure feeling. Not one issue with this controller. Dont hesitate to buy it, its simple to install, simple to use and best unit for your money. You wont regret buy this one. Thanks Etrailer for the online service and all the technical support you offer if needed.

Dave D - 06/03/2014


- 90195

by: Dave L.08/21/2014

I haven't used it yet, but it seems to be a good product. The owner's manual is a bit vague in spots, but it can be figured out. The installation took about twice the time I had estimated because the design of my Tundra's dash required a custom installation. 147953


Would you believe that I havent used my controller yet? I got it because my son borrows my Tundra when he tows his 12 trailer out of state. Since I bought the unit, he hasnt gone on a long trip. I can say, however, that when the display of the original unit went bad, the unit was replaced promptly with a new one. The only thing that I would have changed was to make the connecting cable that you offer about 18 longer. That way, the unit can be installed on the right side of the steering column. I had to install my unit on the left side of the steering column, where it was partly in the way of my foot when I set or released the emergency brake. Other than that, I think Ill be happy with the unit.Sincerely,

Dave L - 08/31/2015


- 90195

by: Mark C05/08/2013

These guys were awesome. They took the order online very late Thursday (think 11pm here). I was leaving very early the next Tuesday on a long trip and needed the brake controller and cable. It arrived by priority mail Monday afternoon. Awesome. On the cable and Prodigy 3 brake controller: just great. The cable was truly plug and play. It was long enough and high quality. The brake controller had plenty of control, came with great instructions and totally controlled the trailer brakes in excellent fashion. Very happy with the purchase. The truck and trailer stop in very controlled fashion, very smooth, and the boost is great. PS: I gave the same review in the brake controller cable section. 79517


After a year of use, the controller continues to surpass all expectations. Would not have any other model. Trailer has criss-crossed the US and currently on the way from Florida to Las Vegas. Awesome.

Mark C - 05/09/2014


- 90195

by: Sam11/28/2012

Great product. I use it to tow my 27' travel trailer and it works great. I love the display. After I installed it, I noticed the unit stayed on after I turned the truck off. After a quick internet search, I learned the unit stays on for about 15 minutes after the truck is shut off. I found this to be accurate on my unit as well. I do wish the screws that attach the dash mount to the cradle were a little more finished. They appear to be standard sheet metal screws and since they are silver and everything else is black, they kind of stick out. But that is just me being picky. If I really wanted I could hop over to ACE and get some better screws. 60075


It still works well. I have found once in the campground loop, I would have to turn the boost down or off, as it would be too much braking force at slow speeds. It would often lock up the trailer brakes or make for a very rough loop.

Sam - 05/29/2014


- 90195

by: Joslin08/14/2014

I am very impressed. Everything was extremely fast and easy - from ordering to installation. No complaints at all. The only thing I can say is that if your truck is already wired for brakes and have $14 to spare, the vehicle specific adapter is well worth the money. After I found the plug on my 2014 Taco (taped behind a bundle of wires, NOT wear the manual says it is...thanks TOYOTA!), it was all plug and play. If you can plug in a floor lamp in your house, you can install this controller. I decided to mount the controller by the cup holders in the center console. When not in use for long periods of time, I unplug it, unscrew the plastic holster, and use the space as normal. Unless you're specifically looking for the plug sitting in the back of the cubby or the metal bracket I leave hanging, you can't even tell there was a mod. I love that I can use the space and love that I don't have to leave the controller sitting out in the extreme temps. Too easy. 146794

- 90195

by: Bill W.04/21/2014

Fairly easy to mount (permanently) on my 2014 Nissan Frontier truck, under center of dash just above console. Easy to read. The 15 minute "shut-down" time for the screen to go blank is no issue. However, with no trailer connected, it does take 2 full minutes of flashing red "NO trailer connection" on the screen EVERY TIME the vehicle is started. Short of the inconvenience of unplugging/plugging back in, I'd think 10 seconds would be enough for the P3 to figure out no trailer is plugged into the vehicle. Will make a slip-cover to go over the face. 126170


How did you attach the bracket to mount it in the cubby. I have a 2013 Frontier and would like to mount it the same.

comment by: Chris M - 08/19/2014


Chris, took off the knee panel under the steering column and the top cover over the center console shifter. Used a 90-degree drill attachment for the 2 marked holes. Reached up under radio bezel to hold nuts for the bolts securing the bracket. Have to have the knee panel off anyway to hook up the wires. BTW, my comment about the flashing red NO trailer connection Ive gotten use tojust dont pay any attention to it! Unit works fantastic!

comment by: Bill W - 08/19/2014


- 90195

by: Walter J.07/15/2013

This is my first time using a brake controller, and it couldn't have been easier. I'm using my 2011 Toyota Tundra to tow a 3-place enclosed snowmobile trailer with two axles. Installation and setup was very simple, especially after seeing the video provided on Where I mounted it is at a slight angle, and the controller seems to work perfectly. When stopping I couldn't even tell the trailer was there. was very easy to deal with. They shipped the product quickly. And their site contains lots of useful information. I got the recommended plug in wiring adapter, and it helped make the installation simple for anyone. 89558


After a year of use Im still very happy with the brake controller. I havent had any problems with it. Its very easy to use I generally forget its even there.

Walter J - 07/15/2014


- 90195

by: Michael Oh10/06/2014

I haven't used a lot of other brake controllers but I wanted to buy one that was easy enough to use and intelligent enough to where my girlfriend and/or mother could operate it and not have any sort of stopping issues (both have next to zero experience towing a trailer). From the small amount I've gone out and tested this, it works absolutely awesome and is very easily adjustable. I took my 26' enclosed trailer out with my 3800 lb car inside and the truck stopped almost exactly the same as with no trailer at all. My favorite parts are the fact that I can easily adjust the boost settings by clicking a single button and that it can distinguish between a gradual stop and a panic stop and adjust trailer braking force accordingly within a fraction of a second. Got cut off quite a few times like is normal in Chicago traffic and was able to hit the brakes and KNOW that everything was going to stop when I needed it to. Worth the extra money in my opinion to have a controller that I know is going to work great every time and that anyone in my family could operate correctly if needed. The built-in fault detection system is great also, no guessing if your trailer brakes are hooked up or working correctly, if it detects an issue at any point, it tells you right away. 154701

- 90195

by: Dave07/23/2012

The Tekonsha P-3 was reasonably easy to install, and works like a champ. I had to spend a bit of extra time fishing wires because my truck didn't come with factory tow package wiring, but even then it wasn't hard, just time-consuming to route the wires where they won't get chafed. The controller comes with a nifty click-in mount, but I just used the U-bracket (also included) because I have no need to move it between vehicles. It's nice to have the choice of how to mount it. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow, even for a non-plug-in installation. It took me a little while to get it adjusted so that the trailer brakes didn't lock up on hard stops, but once I got it there, it's great - no more feeling like my trailer is going to push the truck through the intersection when I stop. It's easy to adjust for different trailer weights. It's almost too easy to adjust, in fact: I'll have to keep an eye on it to make sure I don't accidentally hit the "boost" button, which is designed for heavier trailers - I wish there were some way to disable the boost feature from the menus. Overall I'm delighted with the P-3. I like the text interface instead of cryptic numbers that so many units use, and I love the way it performs. 49045

- 90195

by: Rod S.05/10/2014

This P3 was easy to install and has a very intuitive interface. I appreciate that it is quick release and with 5 trailer memory settings, I'd like to find a spare mount and connector to enable me to share with my wife's vehicle in the event that I need to rely on her vehicle to tow our camper or some other trailer with brakes. 129958


The Tekonsha Prodigy brake controller is still functioning great. Ive moved it to the second vehicle now and it still works well. Im amazed how much better this controller works than the standard, kind of old school controller with no internal accelerometer. Its almost easy to forget Im towing a travel trailer when using this controller because the braking is so smooth. The Prodigy is well worth the higher cost.

Rod S - 05/12/2015


- 90195

by: Luke09/07/2014

I've had this for 5 years now, on a E350 powerstroke that pulls a 6 ton equipment trailer. The only issue I ever had with it was once it started freaking out and cycling the brakes at a stoplight--etrailer immediately sent a new unit, no questions asked. Later that year the ground wire on the tow vehicle became disconnected, and I suspect that the previous fault was due to the ground intermittently failing. The reason I am finally posting a review is that I recently had to pull the trailer with our F250 diesel, which still has the old Kelsey analog controller it's had for ages. Oh my god. I had gotten so used to how well the Tekonsha worked that I at first thought the analog unit had broken. Locked wheels when empty, and at full load it felt like the truck was doing too much of the braking unless I manually slid the controller to FULL. With the Tekonsha and it's easy-peasy push-buttons and clear graphics, it's a piece of cake to dial the brakes in to PERFECT, each and every time, and make fine adjustments as necessary on the road. Even towing at max capacity, you don't notice the weight behind you. Installation is a breeze, too, and the user interface is intuitive. A great product and worth the extra money. 150296

- 90195

by: Chuck Moneypenny02/17/2014

The item arrived quicker than expected and was esxactly as described. Our new travel trailer is not due to arrive until mid March so I cannot provide any feedback yet on its operations and performance. I expect it to be great as everything purchased thru etrailer has always been an outstanding product. 116689


Thanks for your note. The equipment is working well. We had purchased a30mtravel trailer and the electronic brakes were a needed advantage. Icouldnt be happier.Ive purchased several other items, most not needing reviews. But again,the customer service, price, shipping time, and overall experience have beenawesome. We will continue to look for items at eTrailer as we find theneed. We cant go wrong.

Chuck M - 03/04/2015


- 90195

by: danger10/23/2013

Easily installed on my Silverado, which already had the wiring in place just as in the video. The video was very accurate, clear, and had great details on hardware size etc. A few quick butt splices and it was installed. Harness was a good length and the mounting hardware options included is great. Easy to navigate through screens on the unit and set-up. 104827


The brake controller has been awesome it exceeded my expectations, and the YouTube video demonstrating the install made life easy. Thanks again. The mirrors are a great fit and have a good stock look, however they get a little shakey and it would have been nice if they were a little bit parabolic. Overall though impressed with the purchases.

danger - 10/24/2014


- 90195

by: lass construction llc08/11/2014

This new controller makes all the world of difference. I'm not afraid of traffic now, or Hills. It's smooth, easy to install, easy to use, I can see the screen - even when the sun is hitting it. Plus it looks cool and professional. It works so good I posted it on the business page. I stand behind this controller. Worth every penny 145745


I still use my controller almost every day. I have 3 trailers that require the controller now. I have also upgraded my truck with airbag assisted rear suspension to be able to handle large loads. With my airbags and the controller combination, towing anything is smooth, efficient and most importantly safe.Thanks for checking up,

lass c - 08/17/2015


- 90195

by: John B08/05/2014

Awesome controller! I have not had a chance to use this yet as my trailer is still on order. Installation was simple after finding the correct source for the brake switch wire. The wires on my 2013 Express brake light switch are all low voltage wires. I found the best source was the aux stop light fuse in the fuse box under the hood. I trimmed down an eyelet crimp connector and inserted in the fused side of the socket and pushed the fuse back in place. I didn't want to drill holes in my dash so I utilized an optional ash tray that was stowed away with my spare tire. It pushes into the center drink holder opening in the engine cover. When not in use I can unplug and remove the unit and place it in the glove box. I really like the options for the color of the display. I found the green light matches my instrument lights perfectly and will be less distracting at night time. Looking forward to trying it out. 144549

- 90195

by: John G.07/02/2014

I have very limited experience with this controller at this point, but so far it is performing as expected. It is pretty much self explanatory through the user friendly menu and help screens and very easy to set up. I can speak to the helpfulness of the Tekonsha tech support guys. They are super! I had an issue with the wiring harness 3035-P and they were able to straighten me out. is a great place to do business, especially if you are interested in shopping places other than Amazon. 138849


One year later the brake controller is working flawlessly. It is easy to forget it is even there. Great product!

John G - 07/02/2015


- 90195

by: Michael04/15/2012

I order the Tekonsha Brake controller and cable for my 2012 Ford Explorer. The customer service was outstanding. No automated answering systems. I was speaking with a human being in seconds and she was extremely knowledgeable of this product and the installation. I received the product in 3 days just as promised, received a confirmation, email, and email that the product shipped with tracking information, and an email indicating the product was delivered. I’m overwhelmed by the customer service. The product just as advertised is great it hooked up in about 5 minutes the cables fit and does an excellent job with my trailer. I haul a small stock car to and from the track and this controller is extremely easy to use and have very advance capabilities. The installation was on a 2012 Ford Explorer with the tow package. The wire to connect the brake controller is under the dash right next to the hood release level. Tow screws and an odd plastic push on is all that hold the black plastic cover to gain access to the Explorers cables. Again thank you to the outstanding customer service 37245

- 90195

by: 350zmo06/24/2014

I purchased one of these for a 00 Dodge RAM Cummins and used on a 10,000lb dual axle equipment trailer and an enclosed haulmark 16' dual axle trailer. These are fantastic, very easy to install and use. Just bolt it down plug it in and go. Only thing to watch for is keep it oriented from front to back per the instructions. Liked it so much I bought a second for my sons 05 Hummer. And etrailer makes it easy they have the adapter you need so its a simple plug into OEM. If you are unsure contact them and ask, great support at etrailer. 137288


After one year still going strong.

350zmo - 06/26/2015


- 90195

by: Tad G.11/10/2013

The display on the Tekonsha Prodigy P3 is great. It tells you everything you need to know at a glance including voltage to the trailer when the brakes are applied, exact brake pressure to the tenth and battery voltage. The boost feature is great because it applies just the right amount of added brake pressure in an emergency stop situation. A brake controller is a good feature to have when pulling a trailer but the P3 makes pulling effortless. Installation was a breeze on my 1999 GMC Suburban with the included instructions and your online install video. Thanks for providing such a great product and excellent service. 106878

- 90195

by: Harold01/14/2013

I love this brake controller. The only thing I would suggest is that consummers be told that the controller does not have an off switch. The controller will shut down/shut off after about 15 minutes. 62955


I rate the brake controller with a 10!! I have the same contoller in my new motorhome as well. I have used it many times both in my Tahoe and my motorhome to pull a 24 enclosed trailer and a 14 aluminum trailer. Brakes work great with both vehicles.

Harold - 07/15/2014



comment by: JAMES M - 06/26/2015


- 90195

by: Rick07/05/2012

The ordering process was easy and fast. I was even surprised to receive an email letting me know my shipping was upgraded for free. Outstanding service. The snap in (removable) mount was a bit flimsy so I used the second option ( metal bracket) to install it with two included sheet metal screws. The hardest part was deciding exactly where I wanted it mounted. Once I drilled the holes I connected it with the cable for my vehicle (also ordered with this unit) and I was done. I think it was 10 minutes of work at most. I hitched up my box trailer and went for a test drive. After two adjustments to the break power by moving the up and down arrows on the unit and I was ready to go. As far as some complaints that the unit stays on all the time in other reviews, I have found that it appears to go to sleep when the truck is off and comes back on when I step on the brake as I get in or start the vehicle. I would give it 5 stars if the quick release bracket was better, but the metal one works great. 46838

- 90195

by: Leo K.05/29/2014

Boy was I happy to work with your telephone sales folks and followed the recommendation to install the P3 Brake Controller on my classic 1996 F250. This controller was so easy to install and works extremely well for the towing conditions I do. I was very impressed with how easy it is to tune the braking system power level to the load being carried, for both highway and off-road conditions. Most of my towing takes me to the high mountains of Colorado, requiring as much safety with braking as possible. The P3 does the job much better than old systems, and much safer. Thank You for a great product. 133316

- 90195

by: Chris03/01/2013

It installed easily, but the bracket is a little big for the product and the display is not as easy to read as it could be. It needs one more connection so that the display will brighten and dim with the turning on of the dash lights. It would be better it the display did not come on unless a trailer was attached. I will have to play with it some more before I am fully use to it operation. 68409


Controller works fine, but I was right, it needs the above mentioned improvements to be a truly great unit.

Chris - 08/30/2014


- 90195

by: Amanda06/12/2013

My package from you guys arrived Friday night, and I installed my brake controller on Saturday using both the 3040-P harness and the harness that comes with the unit. I connected the 3040-P pigtail to the factory connector and run it as far toward the passenger side as it would reach then cut the end off that plugs into the P3 as I needed more length. At this point I went to the storage area that I mounted the P3 in and drilled a hole just big enough for the 4 wires that come out of the P3 harness. At this end I used the P3 harness that came with the controller...fished it thru the little hole and connected about where the little pocket is on the right hand side of the steering wheel. I have yet to pull my trailer with it connected....hopefully this weekend, but at least it looks good! 84297

- 90195

by: Andrew M.04/22/2013

Called my local tow/haul/ship franchise to see if they had the Prodigy P3 in stock so I could swing by and pick it up. Got forwarded to their national call center, couldn't even reach the local store after 5 or 6 attempts. Call center wanted to ask all sorts of Q's about the install, my vehicle, etc... all I wanted to know was the stock status, so I could give my local store the business. Wasted loads of time, ended up ordering from etrailer, and it arrived in short time, perfect condition, reasonable price, and so far I'm completely satisfied. I am (once again) 100% satisfied with the sales and order fulfillment / shipping process from etrailer. Happy customer. So far the Tekonsha Prodigy P3 appears to be a significant step up in quality and construction than my Tekonsha Voyager, and I like the "quick disconnect" feature that lets you remove it when not in use (prevents theft, gives you more legroom). Looking forward to seeing how it performs once I get it installed in a few days. 77366

- 90195

by: Brian03/24/2013

Brake controller is as advertised, arrived sooner than expected, easy to install. Found an you tube video that perfectly walked me through hooking it up to our 2008 Yukon XL. I pulled our new trailer yesterday for the first time and found the controller very easy to adjust the brake activation settings. As my wife was filing the invoice right after I placed an online order she realized I had mixed up two numbers of our new address. I called etrailer and talked to a very nice young lady that made the correction without making me feel like an idiot! Great service! 72138

- 90195

by: Kevin L04/19/2015

The P3 is my first electronic proportional brake controller. Installation was a snap with the vehicle specific cable kit. First use was a 3k lbs 17' single axle travel trailer. First pull was heading off a mountain before having a chance to set it up, but it worked very well. All settings were at default. Boost 1 turned out to be way more than needed. A bit grabby. Dropped back to boost 0 and finished the trip in mixed road conditions with zero surprises. The mounting point on the dash needs to be very solid as it seems any shaking or vibrating of the controller affects the smoothness of the braking proportion. I will be remounting from the bottom lip to mid dash to prevent any vibration and make it easier to reach the manual lever. Having a city/ highway setting can be achieved by fine tuning the settings for each condition and programming them into a memory setting. Overall, excellent unit, easy install, highly configurable. Glad i spent a few extra bucks and got the best. 186234

- 90195

by: John09/19/2014

Purchased this for my 2012 GMC Yukon, watched a youtube video on installation, my gmc has the wires under the dash, all went great. Quality product, great performance, this is the best, worth a little extra. is amazing, customer service is not dead, it is alive and well at This is not my first purchase, I have purchased hitches and accessories and never an issue. 152106


I have nothing but positive things to say about this product, it performs flawlessly.

John - 09/28/2015


- 90195

by: Curt12/13/2011

Works great! Use it to tow my 5ver. I like how you can change the colors and brightness to something that's not distracting/overpowering at night and choose what the default display is, as well as check things like battery voltage. The boost and reverse features are also great. Not too much room in today's trucks to mount stuff, so I picked a spot on my '08 Chevy that had room behind the dash and cut away to shape a hole in the lower dash and glued in some rubber tubing I split around the sides and top. Looked pretty clean until I installed the radio. 28005

- 90195

by: Steve D11/10/2013

Installation was very easy on my 2002 Chevy Silverado 1500HD which came with the 7-pole trailer connector as part of the towing package. The vehicle-specific cable that I received with the trailer brake controller connected straight from the controller to the socket under the dash. The trailer brake controller mounted easily under the dash (I put mine near my right leg). The installation and mounting instructions were good, and I had it up and running in no time. The level of braking power was easy to adjust to my trailer, and I really like the spring-loaded lever for manually applying the brakes. That makes it easy to test if everything is working correctly. The only possible negative that I can think of is that the trailer brake controller takes a long time (15 minutes) to power down when it detects that nothing is going on. That seems like kind of a long time to me, but I imagine they had a good reason for selecting that timeout duration. 106911

- 90195

by: d. lights09/18/2012

Could not have been more pleased with the entire purchase process of the Tekonsha P-3 Brake Controller from The price was lower than most for the controller, the installation kit was perhaps not as great a value, but was very convenient and all inclusive. Shipment was prompt, leaving the same day ordered, and arriving well packaged and on time. Equally impressive was the installation tutorial videos made for many makes and models of vehicles, including those old enough not to have an factory installed brake interface connector and tow package. This took all of the guesswork out of DIY installation and vehicle compatibility questions. Put that together with knowledgable, courteous and helpful folks on the other end of the phone, a wide range of other vehicle and trailer products, and I have found my one stop, five star source for all things towable, which for us, is borderline too many. Thanks eTrailer 55083

- 90195

by: Mike Talotta03/30/2011

I'm one of those guys who reads reviews and wonders if they are just made up. Well this one is legit. This company is by far, one of the best online companies to order from. The pricing was great, the shipping was fast and the helpful information from their site made the installation a breeze. I'm pretty handy but when it comes to vehicles, I usually steer clear. I was able to install this item myself and not only was I surprised by the ease of installation but my wife was in disbelief that I did it without frying something in the truck. I highly recommend this company and you will not be disappointed with the Tekonsha P-3 break controller. It's worth the extra money to get the better controller. 10698

- 90195

by: Ron W.05/30/2015

This was my first purchase from I purchased the Tekonsha P3 trailer brake controller and the Plug-In Wiring Adaptor for my truck. I chose to purchase from because of the extensive information that they had available on the site and because their prices on these items were competitive. I found their videos about the product and installation to be very helpful. The products arrived earlier than promised and in good condition. Installation was quick and easy as I expected after watching the installation video on the site. I recommend purchasing the vehicle-specific wiring adaptor for this brake controller because it simplified installation. Based on this experience, I would buy from again in the future and I would recommend them to others. I have not yet used the brake controller for towing so my comments are only on the buying and installation experience. 198925

- 90195

by: Hanz04/22/2014

Easy installation with no issues. Nice unit with great function. Buy this one. 126514


As I pull trailers for a living this unit is a very important part of my equipment. After a year of use and hundreds of trailers I have found this unit very reliable and functional. I especially like how I can readily change the settings when in different situations. Again buy this unit for great flexibility and reliability.

Hanz - 04/23/2015


- 90195

by: Wayne11/14/2014

This is the first trailer brake controller I have ever purchased or used so I don't have any past experience for a reference. However I think I hit the jackpot with this. The installation was easy and took me no longer than 15 minutes after a quick review of the installation instructions. I have a 2004 F150 and along with the Tekonsha Brake Controller I purchased the Wiring Adapter which made the installation very easy. Took it for a test run and it works awesome. Good product. 160904

- 90195

by: Gary05/30/2012

The P-3 was just installed yesterday so other than towing the trailer 4 miles i have no experience using teh controller. However, the professional who installed in indicated it was a very good unit. The specs compared to other units appeared to be as good as or better than others. The e-trailer reps that assited me were excellent in terms of product knowledge and service. She waited on phone and directed me to observe certain features of my vehicle (Tahoe) and based on those findings recommended that i purchase only the unit itself without any additional wiring, etc., which saved me money. They also honored their price guarantee and credited me with 110% of the difference in a competitor's advertised price. I am totally satisfied with the phone service/support e-trailer provided and am anticipating that i will likewise be as satisfied with the product. 42022

- 90195

by: Greg W.05/05/2009

Excellent product I am very pleased with the controller, I would not have bought any other. However, my only problem is that it does not turn off, even with the key off. If you leave it plugged in, it will drain your battery. It has to be unplugged. Which is fine, I suppose, the mounting bracket allows for easy removal, and comes with a storage pack for the glove box. 1817


The comment by Greg W. on 5/5/09 needs to be corrected. He incorrectly claims that the unit will run down a battery if not unplugged. The P3 automatically powers down after 15 minutes of inactivity to a very low power state where it quietly watches the input voltages but does not waste any power by running the display. It can remain in this state for months without draining the battery. It instantly wakes up when any activity is detected and remains awake as long as the vehicle is being used.

comment by: Ron H - 09/20/2012


- 90195

by: Lane O.10/07/2014

Installed the P3 last week in a 2014 Chevy Silverado and towed the first trailer this past weekend. Easy install and works great. Very pleased with the P3. Have only towed once and only 50miles. will know more in the future and would probably rate at excellent. 155073

- 90195

by: Jim01/18/2013

Just returned from my test run of the newly installed P3 controller (on 2011 Silverado) and it works great! I a little surprised as I installed it myself and electricals terrify me. The instructional video is complete, accurate and very valuable; install was easy, even relaxing. The setup of operational parameters is quite simple and the manual comprehensive and concise. This is an excellent product. I give very high marks to etrailer as a fine retailer. The catalog is easily understood and navigated. The checkout is smooth and my order was shipped a few hours after submittal, arriving a day and a half later. Excellent communication and tracking kept me informed throughout the shipping process. I suspect this is etrailer's normal standard, if so their future in bright indeed. Thank you for the stellar performance and keep up the good work. Jim 63483

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  • Both of these brake controllers are made by Tekonsha and are high rated and popular models. The main difference between the two is that the P3 can be used with both electric brakes and electric over hydraulic brakes and can toggle between the two systems as needed. It also has an LCD display and is supposed to be able to troubleshoot problems in the system. Basically, if you want more features, pick the P3. The main selling point for the Prodigy P2 is that it does not require manual...
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  • Troubleshooting Factory Electric Brake Controller Not Working on a 2005 Ford F-350
  • I agree that you most likely have an issue on the truck side. The voltage at the brake magnets when the vehicle is sitting still and the brake pedal is pressed will only read a small amount with the Ford integrated brake controller on your truck. If you are using the manual slide to activate the trailer brakes you should get somewhere between 12 and 13 volts with the controller set to the maximum setting. If this is the case there may be an issue with the brake controller. The 2005 and...
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  • What is the Difference Between Prodigy P2 and P3 Brake Controllers
  • The biggest differences between the Prodigy P2 brake controller, # 90885, and the P3 brake controller, # 90195, are the display, buttons and look of the controllers. I like the buttons and display on the P3 controller myself because the display uses actual words for setup and troubleshooting rather than the display codes that the P2 uses. This makes it easier for me to know that I am adjusting the correct function or see the trouble shooting codes without referring back to the installation...
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  • Location of Brake Controller Connector on 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4
  • Thank you for sending the photo, it really makes things easier! The connector you show in your photo is not the connector for installing a brake controller. If you look on the firewall behind the emergency brake, you will see a white wiring junction box. The blue female connector that accepts the # 3020-P brake control wiring adapter is located alongside or on top of this junction box, as you can see in the photo I have edited for you. I have also linked you to an install video that...
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  • Can I Tow a 5th Wheel Travel Trailer with a Semi Truck or 18-Wheeler
  • The king pin dimensions are the same between fifth wheel trailers and large commercial trailers. Both types of trailers use a standard 2 inch king pin. Semi trucks were not technically designed to tow camping style fifth wheel trailers, so there are several factors that you will want to take into consideration before attempting to tow. First, you will want to make sure the truck can tow the trailer level. Towing the trailer with the nose too high or too low can cause issues with sway,...
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  • How To Turn Off The Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Brake Controller # 90195
  • The Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Brake Controller, # 90195, does not have an on and off switch. It will go into sleep mode after several minutes of no activity. The power draw when it is in the sleep mode is so negligible that it will not discharge the battery. If you want the brake controller totally off, then you would have to unplug the connector from the back of the controller.
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  • What are the Differences Between the Prodigy P3 and Primus IQ Brake Controller
  • There are quite a few differences. The ones you can see easily on the outside are the display and control buttons. The P3, part # 90195, uses a multi-color LCD to provide more information where as the Primis IQ uses basic LED numbers like what you would have on your digital alarm clock. The P3 uses a rotary lever on the underside for a manual over ride where as the Primus uses the older slide design that some people have problems with the slide sticking depending on how they grip and...
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  • ITBC on 2012 GMC Sierra Malfunctioning when Used on Some Trailers
  • I think you might be on the right track thinking that your ITBC is picking up on ground problems that an aftermarket brake controller would not. In my research, I found posts on several different forums indicating that the ITBCs are indeed very sensitive to any excess resistance. I found a few folks who recommend starting your tow vehicle, THEN plugging the trailer in. Apparently in some cases, this will help. As far as your ITBC being faulty, I can tell you that on the earlier ITBC...
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  • Dodge Factory Brake Controller Does Not Work with Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes on Horse Trailer
  • It sounds as if you have an electric over hydraulic braking system on your horse trailer. Most OEM brake controllers are not compatible with electric over hydraulic actuators. If you trailer brakes are working, you may find that your actuator is cycling on and off when connected to the truck and this will significantly shorten the life of the actuator. The Dodge factory brake controllers are designed to be used with electric trailer brakes only and are not designed to be used with electric...
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  • Checking Electric Trailer Brake Magnets for Wear, Shorts, Amperage, and Resistance
  • I would check the magnets for wear before going on to test them with a meter. If the magnets show abnormal wear or if you can see the windings beginning to show through the friction surface of the magnet then they will need to be replaced. To further test your magnets, first make sure the trailer is not connected when performing this test. If the trailer is connected, you run the risk of shorting out the brake controller or various other electrical components. To test the brake magnets...
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  • How To Change From Electric to Hydraulic Brakes on 40-Foot Gooseneck Trailer With 10K Dexter Axles
  • I can definitely help you change your electric brakes to hydraulic brakes on your 40-foot gooseneck trailer with 10,000-lb Dexter axles. To help you with your project, I have provided a link to our FAQ page on items you will need to add hydraulic brakes to your trailer. You can reuse the current brake mounting flanges, the spindles, hubs and drums as long as they are still serviceable. If they are not, I have provided a link to our product page for hubs and drums which will provide you...
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  • Diagnosing Overload Warning, No Brakes, On a Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Brake Controller
  • The overload warning you are seeing indicates that the P3, # 90195, detects an excessive current overload condition during operation. This means that there is most likely a short in the brake output wire. The P3 has diagnostic troubleshooting settings, see instructions link. Press the lower button on the right side of the controller, this is the Menu/Options button. Select the Help setting and press the menu button again. Now, select troubleshoot and press the menu button. Now, using...
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  • Disc Brake Kit for 5th Wheel Trailer That Uses 8-Lug Wheels on 6000-lb Dexter Axles
  • They key to selecting disk brakes for your 5th wheel is to match up the bolt pattern, in your case 8-on-6-1/2, as well as the brake flange mounting hole pattern, bearing set and weight capacity. It is fine to use a brake kit rated higher than your axle capacity, but never one rated lower. You need to match your hub's bearings to the new kit to ensure that the hub/rotor assemblies will fit your spindles. The Kodiak Disc Brake Kit # K2HR712 that you referenced has the bolt pattern and...
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  • Do You have a Generic Wiring Diagram for Installing a Brake Controller on a 2010 Dodge Ram
  • Yes, we do have a generic brake controller wiring diagram on our Brake Controller Information page. I have added a link to it below. The bundle of wires you are looking for should contain the following: white with red stripe, blue with white stripe, green with black stripe and blue. You will match those 4 wires to the wires on the brake controller via the chart at the bottom of the page or the picture to the right that illustrates how the wires connect by color.
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  • Location of Brake Controller Connector on 2010 Dodge Ram
  • The brake controller installation on a 2010 Dodge Ram would be pretty much identical to that as the 2009 model shown in the video. The installation port is located under the dash midway between the emergency brake and the brake pedal, just above where your left knee would be as you are sitting behind the wheel. The connector is either white or light blue in color. If you need the wiring adapter that connects the brake controller to the under-dash connector, we offer it. The part # is 3021-P...
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  • Converting from Electric Drum Trailer Brakes to Kodiak Hydraulic Disc Trailer Brakes
  • To upgrade your car hauler to Disc Brakes will require several items. Since you are already setup with a brake controller for controlling electric brakes, the easiest way to upgrade would be to add an electric over hydraulic brake actuator to the trailer, like the Titan BrakeRite, # T4813100, for disc brakes. The pump in this actuator will be activated by the brake output circuit coming from your brake controller. If your brake controller is proportional, you will need to make sure it...
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  • OEM Electric Brake Controller Not Working when Brake Pedal is Pressed on a 2006 Ford F250
  • From your testing and description of the problem it sounds as if your OEM brake controller is not functioning properly. Many of the 2005 and 2006 Ford OEM brake controllers had internal issues that cause owners to replace them with an aftermarket brake controller. The best way to test this is to sever the output wire that exits the OEM controller and test it for power when the brake pedal is pressed. If no voltage increase is detected on the output wire when the brake pedal is pressed,...
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  • Complete Wiring for Lights, Electric Brakes and Controller for a 94 GMC 1/2 Ton Truck and Trailer
  • Lets start with your 1994 GMC 1/2 Ton Truck. You will need to start with the # 118315 4-Way connector. Once the 4-Way is installed, see instructions link, you will need the Brake Controller Installation Kit, # ETBC7, and a brake controller. I recommend the P3 Brake Controller, # 90195, which is one of the best controllers we carry. We have detailed instructions for installation of the controller and the wiring kit, see links, and we have installtion videos of a brake controller and wiring...
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  • Brake Controller Recommendation for 2015 GMC Sierra 1500
  • Yes, we have quite a few options when it comes to a brake controller for your 2015 GMC Sierra 1500. I have attached a link to those for you. My personal recommendation would be for the Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Trailer Brake Controller, # 90195. The P3 is a proportional controller which activates immediately and in proportion to the brakes in your truck. Assuming that your 1500 is equipped with the factory tow package, you will just need a wiring adapter, which is also included in the link,...
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  • Trouble Shooting Problems with GM OEM Integrated Brake Controller Performance on a 2008 Chevy 2500
  • Because the 2008 Chevrolet 2500 Duramax has an OEM integrated brake controller, I do not have any information on how many axles the controller can support. It sounds to me like the person at the garage may not be doing his research on their trailer brake control system, but it is possible that the factory system cannot support more than 4 brake assemblies or 2 axles with trailer brakes. If I were in your position, I would contact Chevrolet directly to try and get information about how many...
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  • Brake Controller Wiring Adapter Harness for 2015 Ford Explorer w/ Factory Tow Package
  • The Tekonsha Brake Controller Wiring Adapter # 3035-P is indeed the correct harness for your 2015 Ford Explorer w/ Factory Tow Package. The connector is located under the dash, near the hood release lever. The Tekonsha P3, part # 90195 would be an excellent choice.
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  • Does the Tekonsha P3 Trailer Brake Controller Turn Off or Stay On All the Time
  • The P3 brake controller, # 90195, will go into a sort of sleep mode after it detects no movement for 15 minutes. While it is on it does not draw very much power. What you can do to make sure it goes to sleep is exit the truck after turning it off, walk away for 15 minutes or so, then come back and peek in through the window to see if it has turned off. Of course you could always unplug the controller if you wanted. If it has not, there may be a wiring issue or something causing the controller...
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  • Installing a Brake Controller on a 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 with Factory 7-Way Trailer Connector
  • Since your 2001 GMC Sierra came with a factory installed 7-way trailer connector, GM should have already completed the connections under the hood at the fuse box. However, we have found that GM did not complete the wiring on all trucks, even if they came with the factory trailer wiring. If you plug in your brake controller using a plug-in style wiring harness, like part # 3025-P for Tekonsha brake controllers, and the brake controller does not power on, then the wiring under the hood...
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  • What is the Proper Gauge Wire for Installation of a Brake Controller and Trailer Brakes
  • I think you are going in the right direction. I would definitely replace the 14 gauge wire going to the trailer brake magnets with 10 gauge wire or larger. Usually larger than 10 gauge is hard to get into the trailer connector though. I would also replace the 12 gauge wire on the vehicle side. You do not need to remove the existing wire just leave it there and use tape or a zip tie to make sure it does not get in the way on either end. Use 10 gauge wire, item # 10-1-1 for this connection...
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  • Trailer Brake Controller Wiring Harness for 2013 Nissan Pathfinder
  • The Tekonsha Brake Controller Wiring Adapter, part # 3050-P is indeed compatible with your 2013 Nissan Pathfinder. The adapter is compatible with Tekonsha Brake Controllers like the Prodigy P2, part # 90885 or the P3, part # 90195. The harness will plug into the connector located near the top of the emergency brake pedal. Look for a wiring harness with a white tag on it that that reads Trailer Brake Connection..
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  • Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller, Part # 90195, Displays Message Output Shorted No Brakes
  • If your Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller, part # 90195, displays the error message OUTPUT SHORTED NO BRAKES, the potential causes are a short in the brake output circuit somewhere between the brake controller and the trailer brake assemblies, or a shorted or damaged brake magnet. Since you do have power reaching the trailer brake assemblies the issue is probably within them, rather than within the tow vehicle wiring, but if you wish you can still test the vehicle 7-way connector for a correct...
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