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Review of the Thule TracRac TracVan Van Ladder Rack

Speaker 1: Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the Thule TracRac TracVan Ladder Rack.It's available with two crossbars, part number TH29055XT, and three crossbars, part number TH29056XT. This lightweight aluminum ladder rack attaches to your van's rain gutters. That way, you'll always have the ladders, the lumber, the conduit, and any other accessories you need for the job.It includes four loadstops that are adjustable within the crossbars' t-slot. So, you can secure your load. I've gone ahead and removed our ladder. So, we can go over some additional features.

In addition to the loadstops, the channels can be used for tie-down loops and other cargo management options. The elliptical crossbars are 65 inches long and they're streamlined to minimize wind resistance.The steel towers raise our crossbars up about seven and a half inches. This is great to make room for things such as lights. The towers are adjustable along the crossbar to fit vans of different widths. Customers on our site compare this rack to the ROLA Haul-Your-Might V2 Van Ladder Rack.

Both mount to the rain gutters on your van, but Thule's peak adjust along the crossbars to match your roof size. The ROLA's length adjusts by telescoping the bars. Unlike the Thule rack, the ROLA does not have adjustable loadstops.There's also no track on the ROLA to accept additional accessories like there is on the Thule. The Thule has a 500-pound weight capacity with the two-crossbar version, whereas the ROLA's is 300 pounds. In summary, the Thule will be a more premium option and the ROLA, more of an entry-level option.

It's easy to install, it simply attaches anywhere along your rain gutters on your van that you want. The included shins adapt it to your rain gutter. With everything in place, we can take the included tool and tighten it down. We can repeat the same process on the other side. Both crossbars install the exact same way.Once it's all installed, you're ready to load up your ladders, lumber, or any other elongated items you choose.

Once your load is in place, you can adjust your loadstop in to secure your load, just loosen it, reposition, and tighten it. Then, you'll, of course, wanna secure your load. We have plenty of strap options here at, then you're ready to go, and that's gonna complete our look at the Thule TracRac TracVan Ladder Rack.

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