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Review of etrailer Hitch Alignment - Hitch Pin Alignment Collar - e98942

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etrailer Hitch Alignment - Hitch Pin Alignment Collar - e98942 Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a quick look at the Etrailer Hitch Pin Alignment Collar. This collar is going to automatically align your hitch pin holes on your accessories with the hitch pin hole on your hitch. So it's going to make it much easier for you to get all of your accessories mounted in place. Now if you're anything like me, when you go to put your hitch mount accessory in place, it's sometimes difficult to get your hitch pin hole aligned.

You push it in a little bit too far, then you pull it back and it's a little bit too far. So you got to get down on your hands and knees, look in to see that you've got that hole lined up and then insert your pin like so.Now maybe it's a little bit easier for you than it is for me, but I seem to have that problem every time I go to put one of my hitch mount accessories in place. So the collar is going to help with that. So basically all you have to do is slide this onto your two inch by two inch shank of your hitch mount accessory, put it on like that, make sure it's nice and loose. Put your accessory in place, put your pin in.

Once you have that in place, then you'll push your collar as close to your hitch as possible, and then you'll tighten these bolts down. You're not going to need any tools or anything. It's all just by hand. Once you have those nice and snug in place, then any time you remove your accessory, it's going to stay there and then you always have it lined up.So you don't have to get down on your hands and knees to hook it all up. It's going to be right there ready for you to use.

One thing I really like about this design over maybe just like painting a line on your hitch mounted accessories so that you can see where to line it up. Even if you have that painted line, it's still just going to be a visual cue. So you can still have to push and pull to get it all lined up. With this being a solid steel construction, It's going to hold up well. You can just physically bump it up against your bumper or your hitch, and it's going to stop it where it needs to be so that you can get that pin pushed in place every single time, easy as pie.

So if you are going to be using that hitch Mount accessory, like your bike rack or cargo carrier or ball mount, like we have here with different vehicles, you will have to adjust this because all hitches are made differently.So you can't trust that that pin hole is going to be in the same place for every hitch. But if you are just using your bike rack with a one vehicle, every time you can leave this in place and it will just make that much easier to get loaded on and off every time you want to use it. If you do want to switch it out, it's as easy as loosening these up again, pulling it off, put in a new bike rack if you get one or switching it between your bike rack and cargo carrier for a trip, whatever the case may be. It's just going to make it much easier to get everything aligned, get it hooked up so that you can get on the road that much faster. So that's going to complete our look at the Etrailer Hitch Pin Collar. Again, I'm Michael with, thanks for watching.

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