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Curt Trailer Hitch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier

Curt Trailer Hitch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier

Item # c31006
Our Price: $134.81
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Spare Tire Carrier
Shipping Weight: 18 lbs
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Great Prices for the best spare tire carrier from CURT. Curt Trailer Hitch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier part number c31006 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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CURT Spare Tire Carrier - c31006

  • Hitch Mount
  • Universal
  • Car
  • SUV
  • Trailer
  • Truck
  • Van
  • CURT

Trailer Hitch Mounted Universal Spare Tire Carrier by Curt

  • Trailer hitch mounted spare tire carrier
  • Universal spare tire carrier
  • Compatible with 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers
  • Pin hole locations:
    • Hole closest to upright bar measures 5-1/2" from the center of hole to upright
    • Middle hole measures 7-1/2" from center to upright
    • Furthest hole from upright bar measures 9-1/2" from center to upright
  • Measures 24-1/4" tall
  • Durable, black powder coat finish resists corrosion
  • Hardware not included
  • Limited lifetime warranty

C31006 Trailer Hitch Universal Spare Tire Carrier by Curt

Video of Curt Trailer Hitch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Curt Trailer Hitch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier Review

What's up, everybody. Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the Curt Spare Tire Carrier. Well, this is gonna carry your spare tire. Whether you're maybe just off-roading and you wanna get that tire out from underneath your vehicle and on the back, it's gonna be great for that. Good for the back hitch of your camper or even the front hitch of your motor home.

So all you need for this is a two-inch hitch receiver to be able to accommodate for this shank here. Just to see if your wheel's gonna work with the spare tire carrier, we've seen eight-lug wheels work on here, but just to give you an idea. So if the measurement from the center of one hole to the center of the other exceeds six inches, it's probably not gonna work, but we do have a decent amount of vertical adjustments as well, since we have this taller slot. And that's about 6 1/4 inches from center to center. So in our instance from center to center, it's about 2 1/2 inches and then from center to center of our other one, it's about 4 1/8 of an inch.

So we we're totally good and we can go a lot bigger even. Another thing to think about is the offset of your wheels. So on this one right here, basically what I'm doing is measuring from the back face of where it's gonna mount onto the carrier to the edge of our rubber. It's about four inches. And if you notice down here, we have about an inch or so of room.

So if that exceeded five, then we're gonna have to do something about that. Probably grab another one just because it's not really gonna work. So those are some things just to see exactly if your tire is gonna fit on the carrier. A couple of measurements for ya. One, we're gonna have a 12-inch long shank, which is just right here.

So it's gonna be about 14 inches altogether. But what really matters is if this center mast is gonna hit your vehicle wherever you may have it. So basically from the back of the shank, it's gonna be about 2 1/2 inches, about 4 1/2 inches, and about 6 1/2 inches. So they are spread apart by two-inch increments, but what really matters is where this front, the back of this center mast, where it's gonna hit your vehicle. So from the back center hitch-pin hole it's about 9 1/2 inches, this is about 7 1/2 inches, and this is about 5 1/2 inches. This'll also be pretty useful for RVs or campers. Right now, we have the spare tire way underneath there and that's just kind of gonna be a pain. So with this, if you're not using your hitch receiver, might as well do it. If you do have a bumper and you can get one of those bumper-mounted hitch receivers, you could do that and still be able to utilize the bumper for other accessories. So this is gonna be a great choice for that. But with your motor homes, you can put it in the front. We don't have a front hitch at the shop right now, but that's another thing that you guys do a lot. If I we're to compare this to any of the other ones we have on our site, one that's literally identical is the etrailer one. We just saw the Curt and we thought it was missing a couple things, so we provide you with the hardware for your tire. We give you an anti-rattle bolt that goes through, so you won't have all of this happening and you don't have to grab something separate. But also we get a hitch alignment tool, which is nice. You can use it on other accessories as well. So I would definitely recommend grabbing that one just because it comes with more goodies. Why not But if you really wanted to upgrade from just the basic spare tire carrier, we have some that actually rotate down so you can install it a lot easier, you can take it off a lot easier, and if you do put it on the back of your vehicle, you can open up the hatch that way as well. One thing I would add to the setup is a lock for your spare tire, just so it doesn't run off. It just basically takes place of this little bolt and it'll just lock into place, and you can get it keyed alike if you went with the etrailer locking hitch pin. Let's go ahead and just take the spare tire carrier out of the box. There's no assembly with the carrier. And we do have three different holes to choose from. So just depending on what the situation is, you wanna get it as close to the vehicle as possible. It does not come with a hitch pin or a clip, so you just wanna get a 5/8-diameter pin. And since it is a hollow shank, what you could do is you could just get an anti-rattle just because that's kind of annoying. So if you wanted to do that, we do have some here at etrailer, and you can just put that on the inside of the shank here. So now that that's done, we're gonna have to source our own hardware, which carriage bolts are gonna be your best bet. So whenever you're looking for hardware, grab a carriage bolt that has a square with 1/2 an inch, just because that is the width of this right here. So put this in and now this isn't gonna rotate. So you're just gonna need three of those. And then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put a washer and a lock washer on there. So it's gonna look like this and you're gonna have to hold it in there. And if you can get a retainer, that'd be nice, but we didn't have any here so it's gonna be quite interesting. But then basically, the tire goes on. I'm gonna do washer, lock washer. And then I like the nylon lock nut, just because it's gonna give us a little bit more added peace of mind, just knowing that this isn't gonna wiggle off, especially if you don't get an anti-rattle device. So let's grab the tire and put it on. To get an idea of exactly where this is gonna sit, kinda lift it up and line up those holes. So if you notice down at the bottom in between those two holes, there's a little marking there. So that is the goal. So what I'm gonna do is try to do this by myself, just in case you don't got any friends to help you. So I'm gonna start with the top hole. Highly recommend starting with the top, 'cause it kinda hangs there, and then we can go ahead and put our washer, lock washer, and a nut on there. So now that's not really gonna move. I am gonna tighten this up just a little bit. And now I can do that same thing for the bottom. So with this, I kinda just have to lift up on it, push those through, and it'll kinda sit there. So this is doable by yourself, but getting those retainer clips for these bolts are gonna be a necessity. So now we could just put all this on and then tighten it down. Now that everything's all tight, the spare tire is really tight on the carrier, which is good. But again, I would definitely recommend grabbing an anti-rattle device for this if you do go with the Curt. All in all, this gets the job done, but if you wanted my opinion, might as well just go with the etrailer version just because it comes with all the goodies. But if you just like this one and you really love the hardware store, go ahead and grab it. It'll get the job done. And that'll pretty much do it for our look at the Curt Spare Tire Carrier..

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Customer Reviews

Curt Trailer Hitch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier - c31006

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (166 Customer Reviews)


Well built quality piece I modified it to retain hitch receiver with very little fabrication



Works great no issues


Everything went as planned. My spare tire off my 2018 Ram2500 fit perfectly. The only problem was it stuck up to high above my hood for my liking. I had a drop on hand which fixed that. Thank you Terri N for all your help!!


This tire carrier has worked perfectly on the back of my teardrop trailer. I mounted a wheel spacer to it so I can mount/dismount the tire without bolts falling out. I also added an anti rattle hitch mount to keep it from bouncing around. Great product.


The quality of this is super solid. Just be careful with distance between where the spare tire ends up and the back of your truck. Had to buy a receiver extension. Probably my fault but didn't expect it. Also, get the one with hardware or expect to go to home depot. Aside, it's tough and fit the inside of my wheel. 15" sxs wheel


I ultimately went with a RoadMaster spare tire carrier instead but will keep this in reserve should I decide to change my setup in the future. This is a well-made product it appears


This bracket solved my problem and provided me with an excellent mount for my spare tire in conjunction with the Ultra-Fab 2" Motor Home Trailer Hitch Receiver


You guys are real problem solvers. I had my spare tire mounted on my lid closing
the well which contains a great storage area for jacks and other tools and is lockable.
However raising the lid with the spare on it became problematic for weight reasons and the spare would hit against the window and wouldn't open far enough to gain access. Wallah, the Curt Trailer Hitch Mounted Spare Tire carrier solved all those problems inexpensively and contributed to a overall better look for the spare. Thanks to everyone involved with the production and sales of this as it sure made my live easier.



The spare tire carrier was exactly what I was needing to free up access to my storage area on my jeep. The only modification I had to make was to shorten by two inches the tube that slid into my hitch because my hitch was somewhat shorter than most because of the gas tank on the jeep. This also moved the hitch in closer to the tail gate and eliminated the irritating noise from the tire carrier moving around in the tube. Your product is very well built and I will also turn to you guys to solve problems for various items that are needed from time to time.


I needed solution to carrying my spare tire for the teardrop trailer I have completed. So this has worked out well. I mounted Curt tire carrier on an extension hitch that allows for the 10" Curt drop hitch to reach my trailer tongue. Added benefit is my Leer shell and my truck tailgate open and close perfectly. Thank you. Ron

Ron B.


All is well and I still have and use all the products.


This is well made and solid, but, is very loose in the receiver hitch. In fact I had to use a plastic shim to firm it up as I was concerned about the residual damage it was cause my RV by rocking back and forth. Another issue is it does not come with any hardware to mount the tire. Reading the fine print it does state this. If it wasn't for the odd bolts in my shop I probably would have sent this back. Kind of pricey to not include hardware. I would not buy again.

Etrailer Expert

Katrina B.


You will need Grade 8 nuts and bolts from a local hardware store thats .5 inch in diameter.


This carrier is EXACTLY what I needed. My tire, a 31” Path Finder on a 17” stock Silverado wheel, was WAY too heavy and big to fit underneath the bed and I was not about to try and get over a hundred pounds of tire underneath the bed and lifted up in order to mount it.

I also couldn’t place it in the bed of the truck as me and my wife are packing all we belong in the 6 foot bed, so we needed all the space the bed would allow, so that was out of the question as the tire would have taken a LOT of the bed up.

So I found this carrier by Curt.

A local merchant had the product, but they wouldn’t answer any of my questions and their knowledge was extremely subpar on trailer accessories even though they worked in the automotive section.

So I found etrailer online. The reviews on their products helped tremendously and the man in the video tutorial walked me through everything I needed to know. The Bread financing was GREAT as im only paying around $12 a month for this carrier.

The carrier itself is extremely tough and a lot heavier than you’re thinking, which is what you want with a 31” tire. The 3 holes on the horizontal bar make it great for mounting as the 1st hole was too close to the bed when mounted, the 3rd was too far as I didn’t want so much coming off my truck as I like to back up a lot and need to know where my truck ends and begins, but the second was juuuuuust right.

The tire sits a centimeter before the tailgate handle and all three bolts I bought at a local hardware store, all grade 8 half inch with washers and nuts, fit in the 3 slots allowing for great seizure of the tire to the carrier.

I would HIGHLY recommend this product and will denfintly be buying from etrailer again. etrailer will definitely make me and my wife’s 1100 mike journey all the better.

THANK YOU etrailer!!!


It survived the 4000 km Baja XL with a 31"tire attached. Enough said about the quality of this item. It was dragged going through dips, helped out of a few sticky situations and was generally abused mercilessly for 10 days straight along Baja's back roads and goat trails. I would highly recommend this product.

My only comment is it rattles around in the receiver a bit. It didn't bother us and I believe there is an easy fix for this available from etrailer if it is a concern.

ABG "Go fast, take chances"


I've researched all tire carriers including Road Master (bought and returned) and the Universal-type which resembles the Curt model. I had to use the 1st of the 3 holes to accommodate the spare tire, which left me with about 1/4 inch gap between the tire and the RV rear doors. See photos

My salesperson (Katie D.) was excellent and the shipping of this product arrived rather quickly.


Works excellent to mount my spare with the front hitch.Wish it had mount bolts for the rim that stayed with the mount assembly. I just found some large bolts that fit and used them. Otherwise, works well.


I just received my C31006 Spare tire Carrier for my motor home! It's funny that most items you see on TV or on websites seem far better than they actually are. Not in this case! I was expecting little an got a lot. This carrier is made of heavy gauge steel much stronger than it appears on the website or in the video. The Tire mount itself is 3/16" plate steel, with a deep black high gloss finish. The welds are continuous not spot welded! I am very pleased with the weight and quality of this tire carrier. You will not be disappointed with this product!!


I bought a motor home with no spare tire and no where to keep one! Found your web site and was glad to see a solution to my problem! As you will see in the pictures, I had to modify the cheap back bumper to get the carrier to fit. Very glad to have this solution and be able to carry a spare tire.

Great service and speedy delivery! Thank you!


I have attached some pictures of the hitch mounted spare tire carrier. It holds my 33' BF Goodrich off-road tire just fine. (1971 Bronco Sport) There is also clearance for the lift gate in the back.


A strong and dependable spare tire carrier. We needed a way to carry a spare tire on our RV, and this has given us peace of mind. Fits securely in our RV tow hitch and easily aligns with the spare wheel’s lug holes.


It works as it claims to do, and it was easy to install. Unfortunately, it doesn’t swing to the side, so I could not open back latch to access stuff in back of SUV. I gave it away to someone with an open pickup.


The Curt Spare tire carrier is a great product and works very well. I will be using this to hold the spare for my 1999 Ford F250 Super Duty in the Front Hitch. Again the product is of great quality and I like it.. If there is a con to this purchase it would be this: All other site that sell this product include the BOLTS, RETAINING WASHERS, WASHERS, & NUTS to hold the tire on?? Why etrailer does not is beyond me but be prepared to got find the hardware on your own...



Outstanding. This has een a very good product purchase. I cannot upload a photo for some reason but I use this product because you cannot reach the spare tire under the truck while the camper is loaded... Its great!


Purchased a Curt trailer spare tire carrier for my motor home after a recommendation by the etrailer customer service reps. On the best product for my unit. Also ordered 2 safety steps for my motor home to put total in range for free shipping. All products arrived in a timely manner, however , 1 accessory pkg. for the safety step was missing. Contacted etrailer cust. Serv. And they immediately contacted the mfg. and had it shipped to me. All products now installed and all are perfect. The recommendation on the right product for my needs, and the timely completion of my order was excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend etrailer products and service and will be a customer in the future as needs arise.



Love it. Did exactly what I needed.


I installed it in the Drawtite front receiver (also purchased from etrailer (and also, excellent) on my 2012 Ram 2500 w/Lance truck camper. Today, I did a 350 mile "shakedown" cruise, a mixture of mountainous terrain and interstates. I've got an 88 lb. spare wheel and tire, and aside from an occasional 'wiggle', it's all solid as a rock. Sorry, I'm still getting by with my old non-camera flip-phone, so no pic to upload. But your firm is great to do business with (and I see the return credit was applied today. Thanks



Still solid, in spite of vibration.

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


If you are experiencing slight vibration you might consider using the Roadmaster # RM-061 Quite Hitch Anti-rattle device.


Curt always delivers a quality product at a fair price. The 3 positions for the receiver pin allows for the best fit of the spare tire carrier to the trailer bumper. Paid a few bucks more than I could have from another source but has always done well by me and I'll return the favor when I can!



No issues at all. It is a quality product!


Does what it says on the tin! One of most cost effective ways to securely carry a large wheel/tire. My 285/70/r17 fit just fine


It works great, I wish the tolerance between the receiver and the carrier was tighter. Easily fixed


The Hitch arrived on time. Looks sturdy.

aware that there are no bolts included. ACE hardware does not carry automotive threated bolts to use the lugs from my Tacoma (no extra tool to carry needed) , so getting them costs me a lot of time and gas.
Also there is no threat on one side of the holes, so the hitch can not be secured to the receptor and so the hitch wobbles during driving.

I bought the spare tire cover just to get to the $ 99 to get free shipping. I will see if it is not blocking to much airflow to the radiator. I might have to remove it again.

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


We state in the product description that the hardware is not included.

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