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Expert Answers about Namsco

  • Fit of Namsco Wheel Cover # NA7165B1 on 16 Inch Wheel
  • The spring clips that run along the inside of the wheel cover are flexible enough to allow the cover to be used with a 16 or a 16-1/2 inch wheel. I have confirmed with Namsco that this cover is compatible with a 16 inch wheel.
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  • How Do You Balance a Mobile Home Wheel?
  • Wheels on a mobile home are balanced just like vehicle wheels with the weights, etc. Mobile home wheels have the offset like vehicle wheels and they need to be balanced differently from trailer wheels that don't have the pivoting axle. Your local auto tire store will be able to assist. Trailer wheels are balanced simply by matching up the high spot on the wheel with the low spot on the tire. Trailer wheels have such a strong side wall and specific following movement that no weights...
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  • Replacement Mounting Hardware Recommendation For Namsco Wheel Covers
  • We sure do carry the mounting hardware for the Namsco Wheel Covers, part # NA7195B0. The replacement mounting hardware is part # NA7140. This is a hardware kit for 1 wheel, so if more are needed, you would order that quantity accordingly.
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  • How Do Valve Stems Get Accessed Through Namsco Wheel Covers NA7160B0
  • Typically when people use the Wheel Covers part # NA7160B0 they also install valve stem extenders like part # WM8029 which allows them to be accessible through the cover. This allows the valve stem to be reached through the smaller holes that line the outside of the cover.
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  • Wheel Liners with 8 Lugs and 4 Hand Holes to Fit 22-1/2 Inch Wheels
  • We have three wheel liners that sound like what you may have on your Monaco. You'll need to make sure they fit the rims you have before purchasing. # NA226H40N for 22-1/2 by 6-3/4 inch rims # NA227H40 for 22-1/2 by 7-1/2 inch rims. Direct fit on Accuride wheels 29028. # NA228H40N for 22-1/2 by 8-1/4 inch rims. Direct fit on Accuride wheels 28484. All three models are 8 lug, hub-piloted liners with 4 hand holes. To measure your the width of your wheels you need to measure from...
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  • Will Namsco Wheel Liners Work On 1992 P30 Coronado Motorhome With Balance Weights
  • I talked with our tire expert and asked about Budd rims and how to identify them. He told me that in order to tell if your rear wheel is a Budd rim you need to pull the outside wheel on the rear. If the inside wheel has studs then you have a Budd rim and the Namsco Wheel Liners, part # NA7195G0 will not work on your 1992 Chevrolet wheels. As far as the balance weights on the wheel, they use the studs to hold the wheel in place and do not snap over the edge of the rim so there will be...
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  • Depth of the Namsco Wheel Cover Part # NA7160B0
  • I went out to our warehouse and measured the Namsco Wheel Covers part # NA7160B0 for you. The distance from the center circle to the outer edge of the cap not including the metal tabs is 3". The covers are designed to fit a 16" diameter wheel. I have attached a photo to assist.
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  • Recommended Wheel Covers for 2002 Chevy Silverado 3500 Dually
  • We have two options for your dually truck. We have the Wheel Masters Wheel Liners # WM160U0J and the Namsco Wheel Liners # NA7160U0J. They look very similar and I've attached videos to assist, but the big difference is in the warranty of 5 years versus 1 year. I recommend the Wheel Masters # WM160U0J based on that 4 year difference.
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  • Replacement Namsco Wheel Covers for 2001 Rexhaul RoseAir Motorhome
  • According to my research your 2001 Rexhaul RoseAir 36-foot motorhome is a diesel pusher RV with 10-lug, 22-1/2-inch front wheels. The Replacement Namsco Wheel Cover # NA719581 that you referenced are 8-lug types for 19-1/2-inch wheels. We do offer 10-lug 22-1/2-inch front-rear wheel liners, such as # NA228EM0 for hub-piloted duallys (with 10 hand holds), part # NA228H52J (with 5 hand-holds) and part # NA228H20J (2 hand holds) all of which fit 22-1/2 x 8-1/4-inch wheels.
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  • Rear Wheel Liners For 1987 John Deere Motorhome
  • The Wheel Liners confirmed to fit your 1987 John Deere Motorhome are only available in the complete front and rear package # NA7195D0. You may also want the Wheel Masters Tire Pressure Valve Extenders - Straight - 2" Long - Qty 2 # WM80292 to allow you to access the inflation valves easier.
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  • Recommended Wheel Liner with 4 Hand Holes for 8 Lug Wheel
  • As long as you choose a wheel liner that will fit the rim size on your trailer, you can go from a liner with 8 hand holes to one with 4. You will just need to make sure you are able to line a hand hole on the liner with the hand hole on the wheel that has the air valve. The Namsco Wheel Liners # NA226H40N wheel liners that you were looking at are compatible with 22-1/12 inch x 6-3/4 inch wheels that have 8 lugs. I have attached a link that will take you to our available selection...
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  • Wheel Liners Compatible With Dual Rear Wheels of 2006 Chevy Express Van
  • The Namsco Wheel Liners - 16" and 16-1/2", 8-Lug Dually - 4 HH - Front/Rear # NA7160U0J are a confirmed fit for your 2006 Chevy Express Van with dual rear wheels. The liners are made of stainless steel with a mirror finish. I've attached a video of this product to help you with the installation. The liners will fit either 16 inch or 16-1/2 inch wheels as they are liners and not held on by the current lugs but rather with jam nuts included and have a wide flange for that capability. ...
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  • Info Needed to Pick Out Wheel Covers for 2006 Fleetwood Jamboree 31M
  • I'd need to know more info on the wheels you have on your 2006 Fleetwood Jamboree Motorhome to pick out the correct wheel covers. For example, the part # NA7195B3 that you referenced fits 19-1/2 inch diameter wheels that are 10 lug and are not split style wheels. If that matches what you have these will work. If you have something different let me know. Let me know the number of hand holes too. I also attached a link to all of the wheel covers we carry currently as well.
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  • Will Namsco Wheel Covers # NA7165SP0 Fit 1975 Chevrolet Crew Cab 2 WD w/ 8 Lug 16-1/2 Inch Rim
  • As long as your 1975 Chevrolet Crew Cab Pickup has the original, or same as original wheels, you can use the Namsco Wheel Covers, # NA7160U0. These covers were designed for Dodge, Ford E-Series and GM chassis with 16 inch or 16-1/2 inch, 8-lug dually wheels with 4 hand holes. I have attached a short video for you. Part # NA7165SP0 that you mentioned was designed to fit a Dodge Sprinter.
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  • Will Namsco Wheel Covers NA7195B1 fit a Chevy P30 Wheel
  • If your P30 wheels are 19.5 inch diameter wheels with 10 lugs and 10 hand holes the Namsco Hub Cap Wheel Cover # NA7195B1 will fit the wheels.
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  • Would Namsco Wheel Liners Fit Aluminum Wheels
  • If the aluminum wheels have the same 5-hand hole design that the standard 19-1/2 inch wheels of the 2006 Ford F-350 have the part # NA7195F0JM will work for them. I was able to find several examples of your truck online that had that correct aluminum wheels for these so it should work well for you.
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  • Wheel Cover Recommendation for a 2013 Ford E-350 Single Rear Wheel
  • As long as the wheels on your 2013 Ford E-350 are 16 inches in diameter hub cap wheels, have 8 lugs, and are not a Budd or split rim the Namsco Wheel Covers # NA7160B0 would work well for you. Check out the review video I attached.
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