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Blue Ox Tow Bar Installation - 2011 Ford Escape

Today on this 2011 Ford Escape, we're going to install the Blue Ox Aventa LX Tow Bar, part number BX7445. With our base plate already mounted on the Escape and the tabs installed, we're ready to go ahead and install the tow bar onto the RV and then connect it to the Escape. Ideally, we'll be doing this on solid-level ground, but unfortunately, the bad weather today doesnt permit us to do that. We got the RV inside installed and pinned in to the hitch. We can now go ahead and connect the arms to the Escape. We'll then remove my pins that come pre-installed and you can see.

Blue Ox Patriot Braking System Installation - 2011 Ford Escape

Today on our 2011 Ford Escape we're going to install the Blue Ox Patriot Brake System, part number BRK2010. Our first step is unwrapping our box out of the package and installing the feet. We're going to go ahead and run these in about halfway 'til we get in the vehicle and we can set our feet height to our brake pedal. Let's go ahead and set it in the vehicle. Before setting your box into the vehicle, you want to make sure you move the driver's seat all the way back. Alright, in order to attach the arm we're going to need to jog the brake pedal clamp out so that the box does not hit the deck.

Blue Ox Base Plate Installation - 2011 Ford Escape

Today on our 2011 Ford Escape, we're going to install the Blue Ox Base Plate, part number BX2605. Our first step is to remove the two upper fasteners from the front grill, then locate it on either corner of the front grill of both driver and passenger's side. After we remove those two fasteners, we'll move over to the wheel wells and we have three pushpin fasteners on both sides to remove. This is just pushpin fasteners. You can pry this in or out and then remove the fastener assembly. There are the three fasteners here on the passenger's side.

Base Plate Wiring Harness Installation - 2011 Ford Escape

Today on our 2011 Ford Escape, we're going to install the Tail Light Diode Kit, part number 38955. First of my install, we had a small bracket here to the base plate so that we can catch our four-pole connector. Next, we need to go ahead and run our wiring. When running your wiring, you want to make sure you stay with the moving components such as the suspension or steering, or excessively, such as exhaust. We'll just use a black zip tight to secure our wire for our front bracket. Now, we're going to go to our white wire with the ring terminal.

Ford Escape Tow Bars Questions

  • According to my research, the vehicle will require the installation of a transmission lube pump before it can be flat towed without damaging the transmission. I'd encourage you to confirm this for yourself. Once the vehicle has been declared safe to be flat towed, you can install the base plates, part # 4414-1. Then, you'll need a tow bar. The Roadmaster Falcon 2, part # RM-520 would be an excellent choice. The tow bar would stow on the RV when the hitch is not being used....
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  • The Falcon tow bar, # RM-522, has a channel to run the safety cables through so you will want to use straight safety cables like the 64 inch Single Hook, Straight Safety Cables, # RM-645. Safety cables are not included and must be purchased separately. We also have a towing combo kit, # RM-9243-2, that includes the safety cables and accessories needed for the RM-522 Falcon tow bar. Let me know if you need further assistance.
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  • For your 2009 Ford Escape you can use base plates # 4414-1. These base plates feature removable arms for when you are not towing the vehicle. They are compatible with Quick Disconnects and all Roadmaster tow bars such as the Stowmaster, # RM-501. I have linked the instructions for you. You will also need safety cables, # RM-643, to flat tow the vehicle. The coiled design of these cables helps keep them off of the ground. Next you will need a lighting solution. For infrequent...
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  • Your 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk 4WD can be flat towed if you have the 2 speed transfer case. This differs from the single speed power transfer unit because it has a neutral position. The neutral (N) selection button is adjacent to the 4WD selector switch. If you have this neutral position you are good to flat tow, if you do not then recreational towing is not allowed. You can find this information on page 596 of the online owners manual. If you have the neutral option...
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  • Yes, the RoadMaster Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar - 10,000 lbs part # RM-422 will work to tow your 1995 Honda Delsol. In order to mount the tow bar to your Delsol AND to your RV you will need Roadmaster XL Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms - 1995 Del Sol by Honda part # 510-1. This mounts to the front of your Delsol and is what the tow bars attach to so you are able to tow your vehicle. Due to the variances on the lower panels, trimming the splash panel may be required. As...
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  • Yes, if you wanted to tow a 2002 Ford Escape with a Tow Ready Adjustable Tow Bar, 5,000 lbs, part # 63180, you would need a base plate like the Roadmaster Base Plates for the 2002 Escape by Ford, part # 481-3. In order you to attach the # 63180 to the # 481-3 you would need to purchase a Roadmaster Base Plate to Tow Ready Tow Bar Adapter, part # RM-025. You may also be interested in a Roadmaster Tow Bar Quick Disconnect Kit, part # RM-201, to make removal and installation a...
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