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Hollywood Racks Tailgate Pad for Compact and Mid-Size Trucks - Up to 4 Bikes - 53" Wide

Hollywood Racks Tailgate Pad for Compact and Mid-Size Trucks - Up to 4 Bikes - 53" Wide

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This tailgate pad lets you carry 4 bikes by converting your tailgate into a bike rack. Tie downs keep your bikes secure while you shuttle them up the trail. Center panel opens for access to your tailgate handle and backup camera. Lowest Prices for the best truck bed bike racks from Hollywood Racks. Hollywood Racks Tailgate Pad for Compact and Mid-Size Trucks - Up to 4 Bikes - 53" Wide part number HRTP-1 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Hollywood Racks Truck Bed Bike Racks

  • Tailgate Pad
  • Tailgate Mount
  • 15mm Thru-Axle
  • 20mm Thru-Axle
  • 9mm Axle
  • Hollywood Racks
  • Compact Trucks
  • Mid Size Trucks
  • 4 Bikes
  • Locks Not Included

This tailgate pad lets you carry 4 bikes by converting your tailgate into a bike rack. Tie downs keep your bikes secure while you shuttle them up the trail. Center panel opens for access to your tailgate handle and backup camera.


  • Padded truck-bed bike rack lets you transport 4 bikes on your truck's tailgate
    • Great for compact to mid-size trucks and some older full-size trucks
  • Tie downs keep your bikes separated and secure on the pad
    • Set front wheel over tailgate and secure downtube with strap
  • Center panel provides tailgate handle access and backup camera visibility
  • Sturdy nylon straps wrap around tailgate for easy, secure installation
  • Padded vinyl construction is weather resistant and prevents scratches on your bikes and tailgate


  • Application: compact to mid-size pickup trucks and some older full-size trucks
  • Carrying capacity: 4 bicycles
  • Dimensions: 53" wide x 33-1/2" tall x 1-1/2" thick
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

TP-1 Hollywood Racks Truck Tailgate Pad - 4 Bikes - 53 Inch - Compact and Midsize Trucks

Item # HRTP-1

Installation Details HRTP-1 Installation instructions

Video of Hollywood Racks Tailgate Pad for Compact and Mid-Size Trucks - Up to 4 Bikes - 53" Wide

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Hollywood Racks Tailgate Pad and Bike Rack Review

Adam: Hi, everybody. Adam with Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Hollywood Racks tailgate pad. And what we're going to be doing in this video is just see if this tailgate pad is going to be right for you. We're going to go over some features and specifications of this pad specifically. Obviously, we're going to do an install, maybe take it around on our test course.

And then of course, I'll just give you my two cents on it. So let's just go ahead and get started.So first things first, this is going to be a tailgate pad for your mid-sized trucks, meaning it's going to be about 53 inches wide, so it is going to cover pretty much the whole entire tailgate of your smaller to mid-sized trucks. Not saying you can't put it on your full-sized truck. It's just not going to completely cover the whole entire tailgate. Of course, it is going to be able to hold up to four bikes.

So this would be ideal if you have a mid-size truck. I know this Ranger here did not come with a hitch from the factory. So if you're just looking to get your bikes to and from the destination and you don't really have enough room in the bed to be able to do it organized, this is going to be a good way to do that.Another thing to kind of think about, four bikes, that's pretty much all we really can fit in this truck. Maybe a fifth person. I mean, this one only will carry up to four bikes, but we have other options for the tailgate pad for mid-sized trucks that you might want to check out.

They will be able to hold a little bit more than just four bikes, but it is pretty compact. But all in all, if you've got a mid-sized truck, you don't got a hitch or you just rather not have a bike rack or put anything up on the roof, I do think this is going to be the choice for you.Another thing to think about is we're not really using the whole entire bed. So if you plan on going off-roading or something like that, you have a toolbox, or you just have all your gear, you can literally get all your gear into the bed of your truck. Bikes, equipment, helmets, shoes, you name it, you're going to be able to do all that. So if it is a longer trip, everybody in the cab is going to be a lot more comfortable.So when I think about this tailgate pad, I definitely think it is going to be an entry-level way to throw a pad on your tailgate and get your bikes to and from the destination.

I do believe this is probably going to be for one of you guys who just usually just throws their bikes in the bed of their truck, and they're kind of either tired of scratching up the inside, or just tired of hearing that whenever they're driving down the road. They could even have a couple friends that have a little bit nicer bikes, and they really don't like the idea of just throwing them in the back. And I think this is going to be a really good way to get your bikes to that trail just without having to buy a whole lot of stuff.So again, this is going to be a 53 inch wide pad, and we are going to have padding throughout the whole entire thing with a little bit more padding up on top here. We are going to have a flap, so we don't have to lose the functionality of our tailgate. It just comes down like that. And we can still sit on here, and it won't really give us a whole lot of trouble. If you plan on just keeping this on here without using any bikes with it, you can actually just take these off, so then you can still use your tailgate. And honestly, it's a little bit more comfortable than just the bare metal.Another thing that I kind of noticed, this will vary from truck to truck, but with our Ranger here, we don't have a backup camera up top. It's actually going to be on the bottom of our emblem. This strap in the middle kind of blocks it. And when we we're on the test course, it was actually. We we're backing up and it was sending that big, loud beeping noise when we we're backing up. So it does obstruct the view of your backup camera, but all your tailgate pads are going to do that, unless it has a bigger flap and you have the backup camera up here by the lever. Then you might not have issues. But that is something I would recommend. But whenever you're not using it, you can just push this down, hook and loop, done deal.One thing that I do recommend is cleaning this thing almost every single time after you use it. This is just for your truck. So both on the outside and inside, there is a waterproof kind of vinyl-type texture. So over time, this is going to start rubbing up against the paint, and it might start making scratches and wearing it away. So the nice thing about this, since it is waterproof, we can take it off and just hose it off. So we can clean this pretty easily. And then of course, if you just keep the tailgate itself from getting grimy, like you see here, I do think that would prevent any scratches from happening. But all in all, it is going to keep a lot more scratches from getting your tailgate compared to if we didn't have the pad and we we're still draping our bikes over our tailgate.So in regards to how this is really going to affect your guys's lives, first of all, with the bikes, it's not the most secure fit. It does tie them down. They're not going to fly off because they are secured, but they're a little loose. But at the end of the day, this is for you guys who just plan on just throwing your bikes in your tailgate, and/or don't want anything in your hitch. So all in all, it is going to be a super quick and easy way to get that done, just by also kind of protecting your bikes a little bit more just from putting it on this pad. Again, super, super easy. And that's really what this is designed for. So let's go ahead and show you guys how easy it is.So the first thing that we want to do is open up our tailgate. We want to grab our pad. We're going to have these long strings here, pulls all the way out. And we can go ahead and just kind of get it set to where we want it. And then we can start just on one end, taking this and kind of feeding it underneath the tailgate. It isn't really the easiest thing in the world. We're going to want to go above our back bumper. And it is somewhat difficult on this Ranger, just because of the plastic on the bumper. And once you get it through, you can go ahead and just place it through the middle section here, pull a little tight. Then we can feed it back through the end hole here. And we can pull it somewhat tight for now. It's not super tight, but we'll do the other two and then tighten them down all together.So now we can go ahead and close our tailgate, kind of adjust it a little bit. And once we get it where we want it, we can go ahead and start pulling down on these tighteners here, just like that. The excess is just going to kind of sit there. Once we get them all nice and tight, make sure there's no shifting, and make sure that padding's going to be on top, covering all of your tailgate. And if everything is good, then we can go ahead and grab some bikes.So now all we got to do is grab all of our bikes and place them in there, kind of like that. What we want to do, initially, if you're doing this for the first time, is just make sure that we're not making any contact with the truck itself, just kind of like that. Just making sure it's not going to miss that pad in any way. And once we get it up there, then we can go ahead and come in here and we can undo our little clip here, just like that. We can go ahead and wrap it around our bike frame. Done deal.So as you can see, we do have a little bit of play here, so I'm going to go ahead and unclip this and adjust it a little bit. All we need to do is make this a little bit shorter. And to do that, we can just kind of bring this like that. So I'm going to make it as short as possible because this isn't really a really thick frame. We'll just kind of give you guys an idea of how tight we can really get it. It's definitely tighter, but not extremely tight. But it's definitely going to get the job done.Alrighty, so we have all four of our bikes in the bed of our truck, all strapped up. And it does work pretty well for our road bikes. We have a mountain bike here. We have a women's bike and also a kiddo's bike. It all straps down the same, and all are relatively sturdy. Honestly, the more bikes in here, the better. This is maxing out about four bikes. And honestly, even if they do shift and such like that, I think they're going to catch each other. So even if you go on some off-road terrain with your pickup, I do believe that these will at least just stay in your bed. So although it seems as if they won't really go anywhere, it really isn't going to do much unless we show you guys. So we're going to take it out on our test course and see how it does.All right, so first issue with the tailgate pad, one, the strap is in the way, so you hear this. Not too happy about that. Even if we didn't have the strap in the way, I do believe the bike would still kind of go in front of that sensor on this Ranger here. So if you only had two bikes, maybe, I don't know, put one on the right side, one on the left side. It might not interfere with it. But we did have an issue with that. So what I'm going to do is actually do some crazy side-to-side maneuvers, try to see if I can get these bikes to kind of wiggle away from each other. I don't think we're having any issues here.As of right now, they're kind of staying put. One of them is leaned up against the other one, but I think they're holding up. Maybe try it at a little bit faster speeds. Let's get real crazy with it. All right, I get a little bit of movement, but they're pretty much staying put. At the end of the day, it's better than just putting it in the bed of your truck and just laying them down, so it's definitely doing what it needs to do.Alrighty. So to give you guys my two cents, if you're in the market for a tailgate pad, and you only have four bikes you plan on taking to and from your destination, I do think this is going to be one of the best choices just to get it done most economically. It is going to be the entry level for the pad. But if you want my favorite pad out of all of them, I would go with the Yakima pad, just because it does have a little bit more padding here. It is going to have padding for your truck as well, on the underneath of it. And also, one thing that bugged me about this one is this is as short as it's going to get. It didn't really go over my frames too tightly, and I don't necessarily love that. With the Yakima one, they are going to have hook and loop. So it's going to be a little bit easier to get it as tight as you need it.I know there is a lot of different frames out there, and maybe we we're using the frames that we're a little bit skinnier, but that is one thing that I didn't necessarily love about this one. Also, with this little flat here, there isn't as big of a flat on this one compared to the Yakima. I just like having that bigger one, just because we don't know what kind of trucks do you guys have. So with the bigger flap, it is going to maybe help clear up that rear view camera if you guys have it. That's something that kind of bugs me. When I put it in reverse, I heard that big beeping noise. Wasn't too happy about that.But other than that, I do think one other feature that the Yakima doesn't have and neither does this one, is the Thule. And the Thule one has actually little mesh pockets so you can keep your shoes and such like that outside of the inside of your cab, so it probably won't stink near as bad. And also they'll dry on the ride home. So all in all, I do think this is going to be a good choice, but if you're going to go with one of the more premium choices, Thule or Yakima has a great one as well. At the end of the day, it's going to get what you guys need done, and that's just to get your bikes in the bed of your truck to and from the trails. Again, this was the Hollywood Racks tailgate pad.

Customer Reviews

Hollywood Racks Tailgate Pad for Compact and Mid-Size Trucks - Up to 4 Bikes - 53" Wide - HRTP-1

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (1 Customer Reviews)

This tailgate pad lets you carry 4 bikes by converting your tailgate into a bike rack. Tie downs keep your bikes secure while you shuttle them up the trail. Center panel opens for access to your tailgate handle and backup camera.


Still working well 1 year in - probably used a dozen times this summer to take between 1-4 bikes on quick trips to local trails. Faster / easier than cartop or trailer hitch bike racks, seems to be holding up well.


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