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Malone RunWay 3 Bike Rack - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting

Malone RunWay 3 Bike Rack - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting

Item # MPG2130
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Call 800-298-8924 to order Malone hitch bike racks part number MPG2130 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Malone products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Malone RunWay 3 Bike Rack - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting. Hitch Bike Racks reviews from real customers.
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Malone Hitch Bike Racks - MPG2130

  • Hanging Rack
  • 3 Bikes
  • Malone
  • Tilt-Away Rack
  • Fold-Up Rack
  • Fits 1-1/4 Inch Hitch
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • Fits 1-1/4 and 2 Inch Hitch
  • Class 2
  • Class 3
  • Frame Mount
  • Bike Lock

  • Malone RunWay 3-bike rack
  • Integrated cable lock provides extra security
  • Support arms fold down when not in use
  • Tilt-back mast for access to trunk, tailgate or hatch
  • Anti-sway fully padded frame cradles
  • Oversize steel tubing construction
  • Compatible with 1-1/4" and 2" trailer hitch receivers
  • Includes:
    • Hanger mast and arm assembly
    • Cam webbing strap
    • 2 Keys
    • Hardware kit
    • Instruction manual
  • Dimensions: 38" long x 36" tall x 12" wide
  • Rack weight: 21 lbs
  • Carrying capacity: 3 bikes
  • Load capacity: 33 lbs per bike
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Approved for use on cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans - not approved for fifth wheels, motorhomes, travel trailers, or flat-towed vehicles

MPG2130 Malone Run Way HM3 OS 3-Bike Carrier - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting

Installation Details MPG2130 Installation instructions

California residents: click here

Video of Malone RunWay 3 Bike Rack - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Malone RunWay 3 Bike Rack Review

Speaker 1: Today we'll be taking a look at the Malone Runway 3 Bike Rack for 1 1/4" and 2" hitches, part number MPG2130. The Malone Runway 3 bike rack enables you to carry up to three bikes of various shapes and sizes, ranging from your mountain bikes to your alternate frame bikes to your road bikes, as well as some kid bikes as well. In some cases, you will have to use bike adapter bars for them to fit properly. Malone does have a bike adapter bar, which you can find on etrailer.com as well.For security, we do have this integrated cable lock, which wraps around the outermost bike and locks into place preventing theft. We also have this stabilization strap that wraps around all three bikes to ensure the bikes don't sway back and forth while they're traveling as well. To secure the bikes in place on the bike rack, we'll have three straps.

We'll have two up at the top here with our top two, and one off to the side, and this is going to serve as an anti-sway cradle. And this is, again, to keep the bike from moving too far back and forth and causing bike to bike contact as well.Depending on what type of bike you are putting on, you do have a couple options as well, as to where you strap these down. At the ends of our arms, one, we have the lock for their integrated cable lock. On the other, we have a reflector so your bike rack is more visible at night.We went ahead and removed the bikes just to show off some additional features. Looking at the cradles here, you can see how they have these grooves on each set.

Once you set the bikes in place, the cables will actually sit in between those grooves, so it doesn't get smashed up against the frame once you install your bike. They are movable up and down, but they cannot move side to side as they are in fixed positions. While the cradles are in fixed positions, there is plenty of space in between each cradle to fit your bikes just fine.Right now, we have it in its loading position. However, for those close quarters situations such as parking or putting it in your garage, we can fold these arms down to give you some additional clearance for that. Right here, we have our snap pin at the top.

We'll just snap that loose, pull out the pin, let it come down, and line up this hole with the previous existing hole. There we go. Reinsert the pin, and now we have plenty of clearance.Now, if we want to gain rear hatch access, we can also tilt this away from the vehicle, although I don't recommend doing this with bikes attached. To do that, we'll come to the base here, where you'll see another snap pin. We'll remove that, and now it can tilt away, and we're able to get whatever we need from the rear hatch of our vehicle.This has a carrying capacity of three bikes, with a load capacity of 33 pounds per bike, and it does have a limited lifetime warranty.

When comparing this to other bike racks, one that comes up is the Rola TX-103 three bike rack. These do have a lot of similarities, but a few of the differences are, with the Rola, the cradles are adjustable back and forth to accommodate loading, and it also does have an integrated cable lock that goes through the mast instead. While both fit 1 1/4" and 2" hitches, the Malone, you can use the anti-rattle bolt for both the 1 1/4" and the 2" application, unlike with the Rola, where you would have to get an 1 1/4" pin for that application.Now that we've gone over some of the features of the bike rack, let's go ahead and show you how it installs. To attach it to our vehicle, it does come with an anti-rattle bolt, and it has this sleeve on the end as well. Once you remove this screw in the center, the sleeve will come off, and then it will fit your 1 1/4" applications as well, so this can fit multiple vehicles.Simply match it up and line up our shank with the hitch, push it into place, and we'll line up the pin hole with our hitch as well. We'll take our included anti-rattle bolt and install that as well. As you can see, it takes out that shake and play in the shank. With our bike rack installed and secured to our hitch, our next step is to fold out our arms so we can start loading up our bikes. To do that, we'll come up to the top, remove the snap pin, pull it out, just lift up, and realign these holes with our top hole.Before we put our bikes into place, we're going to disconnect our integrated lock here at the end, insert the key, turn it, and it comes right out. We'll also undo all of our straps to get them ready to receive our bikes as well. Now, a trick I like to do is with these anti-sway cradles at the base here, I push those up and out of the way, which is going to make loading and unloading the bikes 10 times easier.Now, we'll load up our first bike, and you can see, with those cradles lifted up, it makes the loading process a lot easier because the bike pretty much just slides on there. Now, we can strap down our bike. And we can repeat this process for our other bikes. Let's take our cable, wrap it around our bike, attach it to the locking portion, and then grab our key and lock it into place.Our final step is to install our stabilization strap. Just wrap that around the frames of our bikes here and back around to the front. Thread it through and pull it tight, and then we can show this on our test course. I'll show you how this bike rack looks.First, we'll take it onto our slalom course. This'll show you the side to side action, such as making turns or evasive maneuvers. Now, we're at the alternating speed bumps. This will show you how it looks driving on uneven pavement or potholes. Finally, we're at the solid speed bumps, which simulates going into your driveway or parking lots.And there you have it for the Malone Runway 3 Bike Rack for 1 1/4" and 2" hitches, part number MPG2130. Speaker 2: All right, guys. What do we think about the Malone Runway bike rack Speaker 1: As far as . it's probably their more economical bike rack out of all the ones that I've test fitted, and I think it's a solid bike rack, honestly. Speaker 2: I like a lot of the features that it has that you don't see on many other bike racks, like the cable lock, especially when you see it on a lower end bike rack like this. It's always great, nice little touches like that. Speaker 3: Yeah. The fact that it's included gets it up there with the rest of the bike racks that are premium. Speaker 1: One of the things, I kind of wish that the stabilization strap was just a bit longer, because it can be kind of trying to get that around all three bikes and get enough slack to really get it tight. Speaker 3: How much was excess Because that- Speaker 1: Very little. Speaker 3: Oh, really Speaker 1: Like, it was about that much. Speaker 3: Because I can't stand it when there's just so much more, so it should be good. Speaker 1: Well, that could be tied off, though, as opposed to having too little to where you're like yanking like a small portion of it to get it tight. Speaker 2: What about installation It just looked like pretty much any bike rack with a hitch bolt. Speaker 1: That was pretty on par for just about any bike rack we got. It's pretty easy to install. Speaker 2: Does it come with a wrench like some of the other racks Speaker 1: No, it does not. Speaker 4: Yeah, so you'd have to . I think we've got a related item on the page of a ratchet and a properly sized socket. Speaker 3: Is the sleeve hard plastic or is it rubber Speaker 1: Plastic. Speaker 3: Plastic. Speaker 4: Yeah, so that might be something that could wear over time if you don't get it real good and tight every time. Speaker 3: Yeah, some of them are made out of a hard rubber or hard plastic, and some of them are aluminum. Speaker 4: I don't really seem to have any problems with them, though, either way. Speaker 2: How does this rack compare to some of the similar ones We saw in there the Rola bike rack TX-103. Speaker 1: That one, I think, is a much stronger rack than the Rola TX-103, but I honestly think it's on par with . is it the Thule Roadway or Parkway Speaker 2: I think the Parkway has anti-sway cradle, so it would be like this one, yeah. Speaker 3: Yeah, I would agree with your point. The Rola moves around a lot. Speaker 1: It does, and it- Speaker 3: Great bike rack, but it . Speaker 1: It's an expensive bike rack, really. Yeah. Speaker 4: On this one, the cradles are a little harder than on the Thule products, but they do have the inaudible 00:08:41 so you don't damage the bike or the cable. Speaker 3: I kind of feel like with most lower end you're gonna have those harder cradles, which unless you're carrying a bike that you don't want to get scratched . Speaker 1: Well, plus with the Thules, you're gonna have the ability to move the cradles back and forth as needed. I said in the video that there was plenty of space in between each one, but I still like the ability to move that if you really need to move that. Speaker 2: You're on our site. You're gonna pick a bike rack. What makes you pick this one Speaker 1: If I had a smaller vehicle like you had with the hybrids and stuff like that, that's definitely one I'd take a look at. Speaker 2: Is it Class I compatible when you're using 1 1/4 Speaker 1: Yes. Speaker 2: Okay. But only two bikes, of course. Speaker 1: Yes. Speaker 2: Okay. Speaker 4: I think this rack would be good if you're looking for an economical rack, and you're not carrying a bike a lot. Like you're not a daily rider or anything, you just go on the weekend warrior thing. Speaker 3: If you just need a bike rack for when you- Speaker 4: Once in a while going riding and you wanna get your bike and a couple of kids bikes along. Speaker 3: Seems like it'll fit most bikes. Speaker 1: From what I could tell. Speaker 2: What might make you wanna pass on this rack and go to something else Speaker 3: It's a hanging style bike rack. I personally like platform style. Speaker 1: I like wheel mount platform style just so you don't have to worry about the adapter bar being a potential thing. Speaker 4: I think if you have a higher end bike that you're more worried about like a carbon frame or any of the high end components getting damaged, you're gonna wanna go to more of a rack where the bikes are separated better and no chance of any damage at all. Speaker 3: The rubber straps I don't really care for much either. Speaker 2: See, now, I like rubber straps. Speaker 3: Do you It always seems like getting to that happy medium Speaker 1: I like the flexibility that you have with them. Speaker 3: If you don't like really struggling and pulling down . And I know that they can loosen up, but then since they're rubber, you may have to replace them when they get kind of dried up. Speaker 1: There's only a few off hand I can think of that don't use the rubber straps. That would be the Yakima LightRider and the Bridgebacks that have those zip strips. Speaker 3: Because then you're paying more. Yeah. But then if you're not using the bike rack as often, maybe you're not worried about it. Speaker 2: One thing with the rubber straps, people tend to think they have it as tight as they can, and that's what leads to a lot of them tearing or breaking easily over time. Speaker 3: If they just went over where it's making contact and connected to the next hole. Speaker 1: A lot of the racks that we've had, even our test fit area with other bike racks, we've had them there for over a year, and there's been no really wear and tear on them. Speaker 3: That's true. We don't see them break even though people say they do. We've go at lot of wear and tear on ours, and they- Speaker 4: I think you see a lot of the strap problems when a bike rack's left on a vehicle. Speaker 3: I was just getting ready to say that. Of course, ours are inside. They may have been used a lot, but they're also stored indoors. Speaker 1: Which would be another advantage of the wheel mounts too when they just ratchet down with those wheel hooks. Less likelihood to . I guess corrode or whatever. Speaker 2: Is there anything else about this bike rack Speaker 4: That's good. Speaker 2: All right. Thanks guys.

Customer Reviews

Malone RunWay 3 Bike Rack - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting - MPG2130

Average Customer Rating:  3.6 out of 5 stars   (5 Customer Reviews)

- MPG2130

Talk about a VERY GOOD AND SECURE bike rack. I love the folding features on it. You can fold it down in one direction to easily put bikes up, and fold down another part so the rack isn't sticking out. It locks in the hitch easily and secure. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to others 716478

- MPG2130

Good height if you have a small car and plan to carry large bikes. Good spacing between the cradles of larges bikes as well. However, I would prefer velcro or other type of strap as these need to be overstretched or left a bit loose with my mountain bikes. Also the integrated bike lock is pretty much useless. It only locks the last bike so worthless when carrying only one or two bikes. And if you want to protect your tires from theft, you need a separate lock anyway. Overall good enough rack and good price for occasional use. 698904

- MPG2130

I have to compliment on the speed and customer service. My malone 3 came in the mail seemingly at light speed. However there were 2 broken brackets that must have occurred during shipping. Not etrailer or malones fault. I called and they were on it quickly. New part came in a day! Top notch customer service!! They went out of there way to get me that part. Both companies were stellar. I had other experiences waiting for parts for other gear this happened to and waited weeks. Can u tell I'm happy?! Oh as far the the bike rack it's great solid well made. I would suggest getting the locking bolt for security and it help tighten the fit. Will use again in the future for my trailer needs. 696150

- MPG2130

The straps have all broken and there is no replacements available. I almost lost my bike a couple of times. Waste of money and did not last. Just sitting around because I cannot use it and don't know what else to do with it. 735985

- MPG2130

Great quality, I highly recommend this bike rack. 435558


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  • Recommended Bike Rack for Security and Longevity of Hauling 3 Bikes
    For a bike rack that will last a long time you're going to need to put some money into it, especially if you plan on using it a LOT. The Malone # MPG2127 and # MPG2130 and the Rola # 59403 hanging 3-bike racks do serve a purpose, but these are more entry-level bike racks that will get the job done but just aren't as neatly polished as some other racks. If you prefer a hook-and-loop type of straps for the bikes then the Reese Explore # 63123 is what you need. This is a very simple bike...
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  • Will Hollywood Racks Over-The-Top Trunk Mount Bike Rack Fit a 2009 BMW X3
    I checked with Hollywood Racks, Yakima, and Thule and none of them have a trunk mount bike rack that will work with your 2009 BMW X3 but there are other ways to carry bikes on the vehicle including a trailer hitch mount and roof rack. Using a hitch mount is the way I recommend because it will cost less, it is easier to load and unload bikes, and a hitch affords you other accessory options such as a cargo carrier as well as the ability to tow a trailer should the need arise. For a...
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