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  2. etrailer
  3. ATV - UTV Winch
  4. 2000 - 2500 lbs
  5. Synthetic Rope
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etrailer ATV Winch - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 2,500 lbs

etrailer ATV Winch - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 2,500 lbs

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Electric Winch
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etrailer ATV Winch - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 2,500 lbs Synthetic Rope E98988
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Light-duty winch with 1-hp, permanent magnet motor and dynamic brake lets you quickly and safely recover a stuck ATV. IP65-rated casing protects from dust and strong water jets. Includes mounting plate and hardware. Call 800-298-1624 to order etrailer electric winch part number e98988 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all etrailer products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for etrailer ATV Winch - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 2,500 lbs. Electric Winch reviews from real customers.
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etrailer Electric Winch - e98988

  • ATV - UTV Winch
  • etrailer
  • 2000 - 2500 lbs
  • Synthetic Rope
  • No Remote
  • Fast Line Speed
  • 1.0 HP
  • Load Holding Brake

Light-duty winch with 1-hp, permanent magnet motor and dynamic brake lets you quickly and safely recover a stuck ATV. IP65-rated casing protects from dust and strong water jets. Includes mounting plate and hardware.


  • ATV Recovery winch is designed for recreation and light-duty work applications
    • Perfect for 350cc - 500cc sport quads and small utility quad 4x4s
  • 1-hp, Permanent magnet motor delivers fast and safe line pulling
    • Motor is lighter and uses less current than a series-wound motor
  • Water resistant to IP65 specifications
  • Power unit includes contactor, plastic housing, and all electrical wiring
  • Dynamic brake holds the load while minimizing winch creep
    • Uses resistance from motor to stop drum rotation and prevent rope payout
  • Single-stage planetary gear train provides increased drum speed when compared with traditional worm drives
  • Free-spooling clutch ensures fast rope payout and reduces wear on the motor
  • Synthetic rope is lightweight, strong, and durable
    • 1/4" Steel hook
  • Heavy-duty hawse fairlead
    • Rounded fairlead hole helps prevent friction damage to rope
    • Polished aluminum finish resists corrosion


  • Rated line pull (with a single layer of rope around the drum): 2,500 lbs
  • Motor: 12-volt DC
    • Line pull at 0 lbs:
      • Power draw: 10 amps
      • Line speed: 13.3 FPM
    • Line pull at 2,500 lbs:
      • Power draw: 132 amps
      • Line speed: 2.7 FPM
  • Gear ratio: 153:1
  • Duty cycle: 45 seconds on / 14 minutes, 15 seconds off
  • Braking: 100-percent load-holding mechanical
  • Battery lead wire: 10 gauge
  • Battery lead length: 5' 9"
  • Rope dimensions: 50' long x 5/32" (4-mm) diameter
  • Winch dimensions: 11-1/4" long x 3-7/8" wide x 4-1/4" tall
  • Mounting bolt pattern: 3-1/8" x 3-1/8"
  • Winch weight: 14.7 lbs
  • Recommended battery size: 12V automotive battery
  • 90-Day warranty

e98988 etrailer Trailer Winch - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 2,500 lbs

Video of etrailer ATV Winch - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 2,500 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for etrailer Hawse Fairlead ATV Winch Installation - 2016 Polaris Ranger

Shane: Hi, I'm Shane with etrailer.com. Today I'm going to walk you through how to install etrailer.com's 2500 pound winch on our 2016 Polaris Ranger. Adding a winch to your side by side is going to help you out a lot when you're off roading. You can see the situation that we're in now. If you didn't have a winch, you'd have to rely on somebody else to pull you out of a sticky situation. Adding a winch on there, you're not only going to be able to help yourself, but you may be able to help somebody else while you're out.Here we have Lester, the owner of the Polaris Ranger that we installed the winch on.

We want to ask him a few questions. Lester, what is one of the main reasons why you wanted a winch Lester: I was out with a few friends, we we're out of the state actually. We we're going through mud bogs and my vehicle's a little lower profile than what theirs were. They went through and I got stuck. There I am sitting in the middle of everything and we've got half the crew in front of me, half the crew behind me, and no one's going nowhere.

Shane: Did they obviously had winches and helped pull you out Lester: Yes, basically I was one of the winchless people that we're on the crew. Everybody else had a winch. Whether they pulled me out forward or backwards, it really didn't matter. It's just I wasn't going anywhere. Shane: Well at least they got you out.

How did that make you feel when you had somebody else happen to pull you out of that situation Lester: I felt . As soon as I got stuck it was like, "Ah, nuts." Well, once again I realized that everybody in front of me or in behind me, he had a winch so I realized then that my next purchase was going to be a winch for my machine. Shane: Very good. I got one more question for you. Can you find any other things on your property that you can find useful by using the winch to make the jobs easier Lester: I do have roughly five miles of trails out here.

I try to keep them cut and I'm usually the only person out cutting them and blazing them. Although everybody else in the neighborhood wants to come on and ride them. There'll be times where I'll have to drag a limb or something off the trail and it's real simple for one person to throw the cable around a limb and just drag it away, winch it out of the trail. I don't have to move it very far, just enough so everybody could get through.That and we have some fence posts. We used to have cattle and they would lean one down and it was just a lot easier to just winch it straight back up and tighten up the barbwire on it. Shane: Very good. Well Lester, I appreciate your time. I appreciate you answering some of my questions and I hope you enjoy your winch. Lester: Oh, I'm sure I will. Shane: And hopefully you can go out and save someone else. Lester: Yes. Yeah, that would make me feel good. Shane: Thank you again, sir. Lester: Thank you. Shane: Now let's go ahead and get our winch hooked up and get ourselves pulled out of this situation. First thing we need to do is we need to get our winch set up on free spool. Now to get our winch ion free spool, if you look right here on the passenger side, we're going to have a knob. We need to pull that knob out and twist it. This is going to allow us to put our winch in free spool mode. We're going to pull our knob out and we're going to turn it to the point where it stays out. Now pull out, twist, until it stays open. And we're going to grab our strap on our hook and we're going to pull.Now it's a good idea before hooking up to your tree, you use a tree strap. It's not only going to protect the tree, but it's also going to protect your cable or your synthetic rope. Once you've got it hooked, we're going to hook the two together and we're going to take the tension out of our cable. We're going to switch it back out of free spool mode. It's a good idea once you have the tension on the rope before you start pulling your side by side out to put a cable break on. The reason this is a good idea is that if for some reason the cable will happen to break the weight of the cable break will bring the rope down instead of back through the windshield, potentially hurting yourself or anybody you may have with you.So now that we're all hooked up, we're safe. We're going to go ahead and start pulling ourself out. You want to make sure that you're side by side is in neutral. As you can see, even with the weight of the vehicle, this loose gravel we're able to pull ourselves up onto a flat surface. And once you've gotten to a safe place, you can go ahead and remove your cable break, remove your winch and pull your winch back in. You'll notice we're going to have a strap here on the end. This is to allow you to grab onto it safely so your hands aren't on the cable or close to the winch.This winch is capable of pulling up to 2500 pounds. Keep in mind this unit weighs about 1300 pounds plus you're going to need to add any cargo or any passengers you may have inside.Now, one good thing to keep in mind is anytime you're going to be using your winch to pull yourself out of a situation, it might be a good idea to have the passengers get out so that they're safe. Another thing to keep in mind is that that is a static line pull. What that means is when you're pulling something, it has to be able to roll. You can't pull the 2500 pounds when it's pulling just across the ground.One thing I really like about this setup and if you're wanting a set up like this that's really clean, it looks pretty close to factory and that's going to be this bracket that our winch is mounted to. It's going to be made by Bulldog Winch and it's going to be a custom fit bracket for the Polaris Ranger. This is not going to require any drilling to get it installed and the winch is going to mount directly to it. It's going to have pre drilled holes.Now you can see how easy it was to get ourselves out of that rough situation. Well, let's go take a look and see how our friend's doing. You can see here we found our friend's side by side and he's stuck in a rut. Let's go ahead and use our winch to help pull him out. And you can see we have our winch line hooked to his side by side. We have the slack out of it and we have our line break in place.One thing to keep in mind when you're pulling someone else out, you want to make sure that their side by side or whatever it is that you're pulling out is in neutral and you have your side by side with the parking brake on. You want to make sure that the winch is doing the work.Now that we've gone over some of the features and shown you how the winch works, let's go ahead and walk you through how we installed Lester's winch on his 2016 Polaris RangerTo begin our installation we're going to take a half inch socket. We need to remove our bumper. We're going to have three bolts that run along the bottom. We're going to add two right on the back side of each one of these rails.And we'll slide our bumper off and we'll set it down. Then we need to remove this plastic grill here. We're going to use a T-40 star bit. Then we're going to take our winch bracket, you want to make sure that this part is facing down towards the bottom. The plate is going to be up towards the top where the top bar is. We're going to set it in place like this. It's going to line up the holes. Then we're going to reinstall the bolts that we're holding in the plastic grill.We're going to take a short hex bolt and we're going to put it in the top corner of our bracket that we just installed and then we're going to install a nylon lock nut on the inside. Half inch socket and wrench, and we'll tighten it into place.Then we're going to have two brackets that looks like this. You'll notice that these holes are offset more to one side. These two holes are going to have to line up with the two holes on the plate, so if they're not lining up, just switch it to the other side.Small hex bolt, line up with the holes and you want to make sure, you notice how I have it set, it's going underneath this side brace that holds our bumper on and the plate is sitting on top of the first plate that we installed. Then we're going to put on a flat washer and a nylon lock nut.Then we're going to take our longer hex bolt, we're going to put on a flat washer. We're going to slide it through each one of the holes in each one of the brackets. Underside, we're going to put a flat washer and then an nylon lock nut. Half inch socket wrench will tighten them down.Now we're going to set our winch in place. The two holes on the bottom of the winch are going to line up with the two holes in the bottom of the plate. Keep in mind we have our bumper turned upside down so the winch is going to be mounted on the bottom side of that bracket. We're going to take our short hex bolt that comes with the winch. Slide it through, put on a flat washer, lock washer and then a nut.And if I you'll notice I have the head of the bolt going down away from the winch. Do the same thing here, flat washer, lock washer, and the nut. Now with a 13 millimeter for the head side, 14 millimeter for the nut side, we'll tighten them into place.With this winch, you're going to get this roller assembly. With this plate mounted on the Polaris, this roller is not going to fit on here, so if you're wanting to use this plate mounted on the Polaris, you will have to pick up a different roller set up, which you can find here at etrailer.com. If you're going to mount the winch in a different location, it's going to come with a bracket like this and this roller assembly will fit on that bracket.Our customer is actually going to be switching out the cable to a synthetic rope, so we're actually going to be installing this, which is designed for the synthetic ropes. You can find these here at etrailer.com.Once you have your winch secured, you're going to reinstall your front bumper in reverse order from the way you took it off.Now that we've got our winch secured and we've got our bumper put back in place, let's go ahead and run through how we installed the wiring. First thing you need to do is to mount your control box. You can see we mounted ours here. You want to make sure wherever you mount it you have access to this plug. We chose to mount ours here because our customer is actually getting a dash mounted switch put in and we wanted everything else to be hidden. This can really be placed anywhere. You just want to make sure you're not going to be drowning it in water and it getting really, really dirty.Once you get your control box mounted, you're going to have two sets of wires coming out of the box, a power and a ground, or a red one and a black one. Two of them are going to be longer. Two are going to be shorter.The two shorter ones are going to run up to the winch. The two longer ones are going to run back to the battery. They are going to be labeled which ones go where.Our two shorter ones, again, we ran to our winch. I will say the short wires are pretty short so you may have to extend them. You can find the extra wiring here at etrailer.com.Next thing we need to do is we need to run our two wires from our control unit back to our battery. You can see we took out the center panel and just have some bolts that hold it in and I found the factory wiring and just zip tied it right along there. I want to make sure it's going to stay away from the driveshaft. Right here to our battery. Now once you get it back to your battery, you're just going to attach the negative wire to the ground. Your positive wire, you're actually going to attach it to the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is going to come in the kit and it's going to have a wire already attached to it. Once you get it to the circuit breaker, you attach the other end of the red wire to the positive side of the battery.Your kit's going to come with a switch. Our customer chose to put a switch inside on the dash because he's probably not going to be using this, but it's going to give you about an eight foot cord. So if you did want to use this, this bracket on these side by sides is hard to get these switches to mount somewhere in there. The switch is simply going to plug in to your control box.You'll notice on the bottom here it's going to have a notch so it's properly lined up and it's going to have a nut on it that'll screw on to make sure that the plug does not come out of the control unit.As I mentioned, if you're wanting to use this again, it's going to give you about eight foot of extra cable. You can hang it right out of the top of the hood there. Stand out to the side, get your side by side out of a sticky situation. When you're done, you simply roll it up. You can store it in your glove box.Last thing we need to do for our installation is install our hook. Keep in mind if you switched over to a synthetic rope, you will need to get a different hook. The one that comes with it is not removable. The hooks, different size hooks, different types of hooks can all be found here at etrailer.com. Once you got your hook installed, install your strap.Again, I'm Shane with etrailer.com. I hope this video has helped you whether you're still deciding or installing the etrailer.com 2500 pound winch on your 2016 Polaris Ranger.

Customer Reviews

etrailer ATV Winch - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 2,500 lbs - e98988

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (9 Customer Reviews)

Light-duty winch with 1-hp, permanent magnet motor and dynamic brake lets you quickly and safely recover a stuck ATV. IP65-rated casing protects from dust and strong water jets. Includes mounting plate and hardware.

- e98989

Review from a similar e ATV Utility in Electric Winch

I've bought this winch to put on my car hauler, I mounted it in a tongue tool box to keep it out of the weather. It works like a champ and should last a oong while.

- e98989

Review from a similar e ATV Utility in Electric Winch

The wench mounted very easy with my KFI Polaris wench mount no modifications. Have yet to try it out. Only disappointment was the circuit breaker on the positive battery cable is bear, with no cover. If it bounces around and touches the frame it will short out. As you know riding in an ATV/UTV you are on rough terrain most of the time. Looking for a cable cover, if not I will just tape the sh&$ out of it to make it safe. No heat shrink that size that I can find. But looks like a strong, well built wench. Love the cabled remote. Not a fan of wireless or a toggle in the cab. Would have rated it a 5 but no idea how well it works when the chips are down.

- e98989

Review from a similar e ATV Utility in Electric Winch

Mounted to a trailer to pull cars up on the trailer. It has worked great.

- e98989

Review from a similar e ATV Utility in Electric Winch

- e98989

Review from a similar e ATV Utility in Electric Winch

Easy site to navigate. Lots of information and specs. They kept me up to date on the shipping information, which was quick. Very pleased with product and company! I ordered winch ( 5,000 lb rating). Item E98988. Purchased it for a side by side (Suzuki Samurai) project build.

- e98989

Review from a similar e ATV Utility in Electric Winch

- e98989

Review from a similar e ATV Utility in Electric Winch

its a very very good winch at a very good price we are using on a rzr 1000 and I want to said that the shipment was really fast. I want to thank you a lot.

- e98989

Review from a similar e ATV Utility in Electric Winch

- e98989

Review from a similar e ATV Utility in Electric Winch

Fast delivery!!


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