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ComeUp UW-5000si Trailer Winch - Wireless Remote - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 5,000 lbs

ComeUp UW-5000si Trailer Winch - Wireless Remote - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 5,000 lbs

Item # CU645010
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Electric Winch
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Electric Winch CU645010 - Load Holding Brake - ComeUp
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Light-duty winch with 1.7-hp, permanent magnet motor lets you quickly and safely pull small vehicles onto your trailer. Integrated design protects internal components. Includes wireless remote, LED indicator panel, circuit breaker, and cutoff switch. Call 800-298-8924 to order ComeUp electric winch part number CU645010 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all ComeUp products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for ComeUp UW-5000si Trailer Winch - Wireless Remote - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 5,000 lbs. Electric Winch reviews from real customers.
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ComeUp Electric Winch - CU645010

  • Car Trailer Winch
  • ComeUp
  • 4400 - 6000 lbs
  • Synthetic Rope
  • Wireless Remote
  • Slow Line Speed
  • 2.0 HP
  • Load Holding Brake

Light-duty winch with 1.7-hp, permanent magnet motor lets you quickly and safely pull small vehicles onto your trailer. Integrated design protects internal components. Includes wireless remote, LED indicator panel, circuit breaker, and cutoff switch.


  • Light-duty winch lets you pull ATVs, UTVs, boats, golf carts, and other small vehicles onto your trailer
    • Perfect for toy haulers, landscape trailers, and other small utility trailers
  • Integrated, 1-piece design reduces installation time
    • Winch fits easily into most custom cabinets or boxes
    • Included hardware secures winch to trailer deck or mounting plate
  • 1.7-hp, Permanent magnet motor is lighter and uses less current than series-wound motor
    • Integrated circuit breaker automatically cuts power to winch if motor begins to overheat
  • Intelligence dashboard with LED indicators provides visual feedback of critical data
    • Monitors vehicle battery life, cable in/out, winch motor temperature, and wireless remote signal strength
  • Sealed, submersible 400-amp contactor transmits power from the vehicle's battery to the winch motor
  • Automatic mechanical and dynamic brakes ensure reliable load holding
    • Mechanical spring brake creates resistance on drum to stop rotation and hold the load
    • Dynamic brake uses resistance from motor to stop drum rotation
  • All-steel, 3-stage planetary gear train
    • Provides increased drum speed when compared with worm drives and 1- or 2-stage planetary gear trains
  • On-board rocker switch lets you power load in and out directly from the winch
  • Wireless, waterproof remote control lets you operate the winch from up to 90' away
    • Convenient side pocket on winch stores remote when not in use
  • Free-spooling clutch ensures fast rope payout and reduces wear on the motor
  • 1/4" Diameter Dyneema SK75 synthetic rope is strong as steel yet lightweight and safer to handle
    • 50' Long with 3' woven polyester protective sleeve
    • 1/2" Forged steel clevis hook and nylon hand-saver strap included
  • Heavy-duty, cast aluminum hawse fairlead
    • Rounded fairlead hole helps prevent friction damage to rope
    • Black anodized finish resists corrosion
    • Stainless steel hardware secures fairlead directly to winch body
  • Durable black housing protects internal components from rain, dust, and debris


  • Rated line pull (with a single layer of synthetic rope around the drum):
    • Static load: 5,000 lbs
    • Rolling load: 50,000 lbs
  • Motor: 12-volt DC
    • Line pull at 0 lbs:
      • Power draw: 25 amps
      • Line speed: 20 FPM
    • Line pull at 5,000 lbs:
      • Power draw: 390 amps
      • Line speed: 2 FPM
  • Gear ratio: 170:1
  • Duty cycle: S3 5% (approximately 44 seconds on/14 minutes off)
  • Braking: 100-percent load-holding mechanical and dynamic
  • Battery lead wire: 6 gauge
  • Battery lead length: 5'
  • Rope dimensions: 50' long x 1/4" (6.4 mm) diameter
  • Winch dimensions: 18-1/8" long x 10-3/4" wide x 7-3/8" tall
  • Drum dimensions: 2-1/8" diameter x 3-5/16" long
  • Mounting bolt pattern: 2-7/8" x 3-3/4"
  • Distance between roller fairlead mounting holes (center to center): 3-7/8"
  • Minimum winch box/cabinet size: 20" wide x 10" tall
  • Winch weight (with synthetic rope installed): 28 lbs
  • Recommended battery size (for maximum power): 650 CCA
  • Warranty:
    • Limited lifetime on mechanical components
    • 1-Year on electrical components

ComeUp Utility Winch

This light-duty winch lets you pull ATVs, UTVs, boats, golf carts, and other small vehicles onto your trailer. The integrated design reduces installation time, and the compact size enables the winch to be mounted in most custom cabinets and boxes. The hard plastic external housing protects all the internal components from rain, rocks, and debris. It has an integrated LED panel that displays critical information about the winch and your vehicle's battery, and it has a cutoff switch that prevents the winch from draining your vehicle's battery. The winch also includes dual brakes to ensure reliable load-holding, a 50' synthetic rope with a fairlead that bolts directly to the winch body, and a circuit breaker that automatically cuts power to the winch if the motor begins to overheat.

Light-Duty, 1.7-Horsepower Motor

This winch features a 1.7-horsepower, 12-volt DC motor with 5,000 lbs of line pull. The permanent magnet motor offers the same line-pulling power and speed as a series-wound motor of comparable size, but it's lighter and uses less current.

Circuit Breaker

ComeUp Power Unit circuit breaker

There is an inline circuit breaker attached to the positive battery lead. It will interrupt the flow of power from the battery to the winch motor if the motor begins to overheat. When the internal elements of the circuit breaker have cooled it will automatically reset and you can use the winch again.

Sealed Contactor

ComeUp Power Unit with solenoid

The contactor - or solenoid - transmits power from the vehicle's battery to the winch motor. The 400-amp contactor - contained within the winch housing over the drum - is sealed to meet IP68 specifications for water and weather resistance. The copper terminals and carbon steel hardware are corrosion resistant.

ComeUp Utility Winch

A power disconnect button - or cutoff switch - shuts off the flow of power from your vehicle's battery to the winch. This prevents the winch from draining your vehicle's battery when it's not in use. Press the button to shut off power to the winch. Press it again to restore the power.

Free-Spooling Clutch

ComeUp Utility Winch

The free-spool clutch enables you to pull out the rope by hand. This saves battery power, prevents the brake from wearing down prematurely, reduces wear on the motor, and is much faster than waiting for the drum to unroll the rope.

The clutch is driven by a 3-stage planetary gear train. This provides more speed than traditional worm gear drives or 1- or 2-stage planetary gear trains.

Automatic, Load-Holding Mechanical and Dynamic Brakes

This winch includes a mechanical brake and a dynamic brake. This dual braking system provides a physical brake inside the drum and supplemental braking force generated by the winch motor. The 2 brakes operate simultaneously to ensure more reliable load holding when compared with single-brake trailer winches.

The automatic mechanical brake securely holds a load and prevents unintentional payout (or creep). When the winch motor is stopped, a large spring coil inside the drum expands to press against the spring chamber. The pressure of the spring on the wall of the spring chamber creates resistance that prevents the drum from rotating. This spring contracts when the winch is in gear to allow the drum to rotate.

When the winch is pulling the rope in or paying it out, the motor is not applying resistance to the drum. When you stop powering the rope in or out, the dynamic brake uses resistance from the motor to help hold the load.

Wireless, Waterproof Remote

ComeUp Utility Winch

The winch includes a wireless remote that lets you operate the winch from up to 90' away. The remote has a built-in LED that turns green when you are powering the rope in or out, turns red to indicate an overheated motor, and turns off when the winch is inactive. It has a 2-way digital signal that transmits at 2.4 GHz to prevent in-band interference.

ComeUp Utility Winch

There is a convenient pocket on the side of the winch to store the wireless remote.

ComeUp Utility Winch

There is also a rocker switch on the front panel that lets you power the load in and out directly from the winch.

Synthetic Rope

ComeUp Utility Winch

The synthetic rope made of Dyneema SK75 fiber that is lightweight yet stronger than steel. This synthetic rope is safer to use than a steel rope because it generates less kinetic energy - and therefore less kickback - if a break occurs. It won't stretch - or creep - over time like steel rope can. And it's also less likely to fray and create sharp strands so it's easier to handle and easier to spool.

The rope winds around a sealed, solid steel drum. The mounting flanges are strong enough to resist bending or breaking if the rope wrap becomes uneven and excess stress is put on the drum.

ComeUp Utility Winch

A hand-saver strap is included to use in conjunction with work gloves (sold separately) so that you can safely handle the rope and hook.

ComeUp Utility Winch

The hook is made of high-strength forged steel that is heavy duty and rust resistant. It has a spring-loaded safety latch for quick fastening and removal. The hook is permanently attached to a steel thimble on the end of the synthetic rope.

Hawse Fairlead

ComeUp Utility Winch

The cast aluminum hawse fairlead is designed to be used with synthetic rope. The fairlead has a black powder coat finish that resists corrosion, and it installs with stainless steel hardware. The fairlead hole is rounded to reduce friction on the rope when you're pulling it in and out. This helps reduce wear on the rope and keep it strong and functional.


ComeUp Utility Winch

This versatile winch can be mounted to your trailer in several different ways. The simplest way to install the winch is to bolt it directly to your trailer deck. This does not require a mounting plate or welding, but it does leave a footprint on the deck.

You can install a mounting plate (sold separately) on the front rail of your trailer and bolt the winch to the plate. This elevates the winch so it's easy to reach and frees up valuable space on your deck, but will require welding the mounting plate to the rail. You can also weld the mounting plate to the front bumper of the trailer to position the winch at deck level without infringing on valuable deck space.

The compact design allows the winch to easily fit into most custom cabinets or boxes. This keeps the winch out of the elements and keeps it hidden. Many cabinets and boxes can even be locked to protect the winch from would-be thieves. You can also install a dedicated battery inside or near the cabinet to power the winch. This prevents the winch from putting a strain on your vehicle's battery, and it eliminates the need to run a power lead all the way to the front of your truck.

Winch Line Pull Capacity

Layers of RopeCapacity (lbs)Total Rope on Drum (ft)
1st Layer5,0007.9
2nd Layer4,13617.4
3rd Layer3,52728.6
4th Layer3,07341.4
5th Layer2,72250

The line pull capacity of your winch is determined by the maximum load your winch can pull with a single layer of rope on the drum. As more layers of rope are wound onto the drum, pulling the same load requires more force, leading to a loss in winching power. With a 2nd layer of rope around the drum, your line pull capacity is reduced by approximately 14 percent. With 3 layers on the drum, the line pull capacity is reduced by approximately 23 percent, and with 4 layers on the drum it is reduced by approximately 35 percent.

Note: It is recommended that you begin any line pull with a minimum of 5 wraps and a maximum of 2 layers of rope on the drum.

Winch Capacity

There are a number of factors you must consider when determining the appropriate trailer winch for your application. You will need to know your gross vehicle weight, the angle and distance of the slope you will be pulling up, and whether the vehicle or object is static or rolling. The GVW is the stand-alone weight of your vehicle plus the weight of any items in and on the vehicle.

Rolling Load Winch Capacity

Percent InclineRolling Load Capacity (lbs)
Level Surface50,000
5 (3°)33,350
10 (6°)25,100
20 (11°)17,000
30 (17°)13,050
50 (26°)9,300
70 (35°)7,650
100 (45°)6,450

To calculate your winch's rolling load capacity - the amount of weight it can pull up an incline - you must multiply the line pull capacity by a factor determined by the degree of the incline.

The multiplication factors shown in the chart, right, include a 10-percent rolling friction factor.

Note: A 5-percent - or 3-degree - incline is a 1/2' rise over a 10' distance. Follow the chart to determine your winch's rolling load capacity.

Double-Line Pulling

Double-Line Pulling

Increase the pulling capacity of your winch by doubling up the rope with a pulley block (CU881080 - sold separately). Secure the pulley block to the vehicle you are pulling with a bow shackle (CU881092 - sold separately) to provide a strong anchor for your double-line pull. Using double-line operation will approximately double your winch's pulling capacity.

645010 ComeUp UW-5000si Utility Winch - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 5,000 lb

Customer Reviews

ComeUp UW-5000si Trailer Winch - Wireless Remote - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 5,000 lbs - CU645010

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (9 Customer Reviews)

Light-duty winch with 1.7-hp, permanent magnet motor lets you quickly and safely pull small vehicles onto your trailer. Integrated design protects internal components. Includes wireless remote, LED indicator panel, circuit breaker, and cutoff switch.

- CU645010

Really worth the money nice unit for my car trailer 902482

- CU645010

The winch is perfect for what I need in my new race car trailer. 711683

- CU644501

Review from a similar DV Series in Electric Winch

It came on time and was packaged great. I am using the winch to load my race cars into my enclosed trailer. It is working very well. It is slow enough to make loading safe but fast enough to not take all day. I am very pleased. 418430

It is a little over a year now of using my winch to load my cars. It is still working great. I have had only one issue that I think I caused, since it has never happened again.
Jim M - 08/10/2018


- CU643512

Review from a similar DV Series in Electric Winch

Winch was very easy to install.Winch was used for my 20 foot Maritime Skiff. Pulls the boat up on a trailer with no problem at all. Very pleased with the product 664533

- CU854768

Review from a similar DV Series in Electric Winch

For my purposes this has worked out well. It is relatively portable and I connect with a hitch on either the front or back of my Envoy. Well constructed and competively priced. 830267

- CU856363

Review from a similar DV Series in Electric Winch

Package arrived in a box which was certainly not designed to protect the product; it arrived in tatters. I have yet to put the product together but it looks good. Price was fair and delivery time was very good. Pat and Molly were very helpful! 590581

- CU859112

Review from a similar DV Series in Electric Winch

Just received the Comeup DV-9S winch I ordered through eTrailer. Very happy with the whole experience with eTrailer and the DV-9S is truly a thing of beauty. Looking forward to installing it as soon as possible. 524524

- CU857133

Review from a similar DV Series in Electric Winch

This has been a great winch. We use it hard almost every day loading portable buildings. My only issues 1) I was led to believe it came with a remote control, it didn't 2) the hard wired control is giving us problems starting and stopping the winch. 466122

- CU644501

Review from a similar DV Series in Electric Winch

We received our winch yesterday and installed it last night. The unit is just as described and we are very pleased with the product and service. We will not be actually using the winch for a few weeks but it does work well and the unit was easy to install and well built. Thank you 341830


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    In regards to choosing an electric winch, there are several factors that go into choosing the correct option. I have attached a help article which goes into more detail about each of these. The ComeUp UW-5000si Trailer Winch part # CU645010 would offer plenty of capacity and it comes with a wireless remote. The recommended battery size for this winch is 650 CCA at a minimum. The amp draw will vary by load. For a battery charger, the NOCO Genius Smart Battery Charger part # 329-GENIUS10...
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  • Recommended Electric Winch with Wireless Remote for 3,000 lb Car
    We have the perfect winch for you to pull your 3,000 lb car onto your trailer, the ComeUp UW-5000si Trailer Winch # CU645010. This 5,000 lb static load/50,000 lb rolling load winch has a wireless remote (which is also waterproof) that will let you activate the winch from as far as 90 feet away. The winch has hardware so you can mount it on the trailer and will wire to the vehicle battery just like you are looking for. I have added a link to a video review of the ComeUp UW-5000si...
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  • ComeUp Utility Winch Rated for 5,000 Pounds
    The etrailer part number for the ComeUp utility winch 5000SI is # CU645010. I have linked a video review of this winch for you.
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  • How Long are Battery Leads of ComeUp UW-5000si Trailer Winch # CU645010
    The battery lead lengths of the ComeUp UW-5000si Trailer Winch # CU645010 that you referenced are 5 feet long and not 5 inches.
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  • Correct Way to Connect a Breakaway Battery and Winch Battery to 12V Power on Trailer 7-Way
    A diode like the part # RM-690 is a great idea but the only issue is that is has a max load of 85 amps. A standard 5,000 lb winch, like the ComeUp DV-5000si # CU645010, will greatly exceed the 85 amp rating of the diode so it would be useless. What you will want to do is install a battery disconnect like part # BDW20247 (400 amps max), part # BDW20248 (500 amps), or part # DW05312 which completely disconnects them. You can then reconnect the batteries once you are connected to your tow...
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  • Is There a Dutton-Lainson StrongArm Electric Winch With Wireless Remote
    We do have options for winches that have a wireless remote, but each of the Dutton-Lainson StrongArm winches, such as the Dutton-Lainson StrongArm Electric Winch with Remote, AC Powered - 2,700 lbs # DL25019 come with remotes that are wired in. I recommend checking out the ComeUp UW-5000si Trailer Winch - Wireless Remote # CU645010. This is the lightest-duty winch with a wireless remote that works from up to 90 feet away and has a 5,000 lb static load pull rating. I have added...
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