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RoadMaster Release Tool for Motor Home Mounted Tow Bars

Item # RM-066

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roadmaster accessories and parts  release tool for motor home mounted tow bars
roadmaster accessories and parts tow bars release tool for motor home mounted
roadmaster accessories and parts release tool rm-066


  • Tow Bars
  • Release Tool
  • Roadmaster
Tow bars with telescoping arms have locked and unlocked positions. When the bars extend, collars lock them in place. This release tool gives you the leverage necessary for releasing those collars so that you can easily disconnect your vehicle. Call 800-298-8924 to order Roadmaster accessories and parts part number RM-066 or order online at Free expert support on all Roadmaster products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for RoadMaster Release Tool for Motor Home Mounted Tow Bars. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.

Roadmaster Accessories and Parts - RM-066

Tow bars with telescoping arms have locked and unlocked positions. When the bars extend, collars lock them in place. This release tool gives you the leverage necessary for releasing those collars so that you can easily disconnect your vehicle.


  • Helps you to release your vehicle from your motor-home-mounted tow bar
  • Is necessary only for non-all-terrain models
  • Made in the USA

The terrain at campsites is often less than ideal for disconnecting your towed vehicle. When the tow bar is at an angle or the car is not straight behind the RV, the tow bar can get in a bind, making the collars on its telescopic arms difficult to move. This release tool gives you enough leverage to manipulate those collars so you can get out of the bind and back on track.

066 RoadMaster Release Tool

RM-066 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details RM-066 Installation instructions

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Video of RoadMaster Release Tool for Motor Home Mounted Tow Bars

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for RoadMaster Release Tool for Motor Home Mounted Tow Bars Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Roadmaster release tools for motor home mounted tow bars. Part number is RM-066. As you can see, we've got a heavy duty design here on the release handle. Notch here is designed to fit right around our tow bar, then we've got our long handle, provides plenty of leverage for us to get our buttons released. Simply just slide that around your tow bar, push down on it and that's going to release the handle. This is going to come in handy for non ATR or non-all terrain style tow bars, to help get these released. There's always going to be more pressure on one than the other, unless your just dead lined up behind the RV with your car, and that doesn't happen to often.

It's going to give us a great solution, it's a nice, compact design so we can tuck this away in the back of the RV, it's not going to take up a lot of space. Just make life a little bit easier when we go to unhook our tow bar. That's going complete our look at the Roadmaster release tool for motor home mounted tow bars. Part number RM-066.

Customer Reviews

RoadMaster Release Tool for Motor Home Mounted Tow Bars - RM-066

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (40 Customer Reviews)

Tow bars with telescoping arms have locked and unlocked positions. When the bars extend, collars lock them in place. This release tool gives you the leverage necessary for releasing those collars so that you can easily disconnect your vehicle.

- RM-066

by: JP OTR05/30/2017

We bought a used RV. It had a an old Roadmaster 5250 tow bar. It needed the complete rebuild kit which was not in stock. The reps(I talked with several as I didn't know what to ask the first one) were all helpful and courteous. They found two separate kits which make up the complete kit so I got what I needed. They actually had Roadmaster drop ship one of the kits to me directly. I also needed the Quick Disconnect bar kit for the 5250. They helped with that also. They also had the 5250 release tool. They even had the cover for the old Falcon so when I recondition and paint the old bar it will look and stay as new. Great folks to deal with. They are close enough in price to the big "A" so the extra couple of bucks is worth it for the expert advice. Thanks! 386782

- RM-066

by: Howard04/27/2015

I recently put a RoadMaster Tow Hitch on my 2012 Toyota Corolla. When I went to take it off I was extremely frustrated in that I could not get the pins to release and had the feeling that I had just spent a whole lot of money for a whole lot of aggravation. After a web search I found this tool and etrailer. I used it this past weekend and it is a lifesaver when your tow vehicle is not on a perfectly flat spot. If you have a hitch like the one I purchased do yourself a favor and get this simple tool. You will not be sorry and it is well worth the price. etrailer is a GREAT business to work with. In additio, I received this in three days and payed the standard shipping fee. 188510

- RM-066

by: Steve L.08/26/2017

I just accidentally happened across this item while searching for tow bar accessories. It is hidden on most websites! After becoming aware of this (after 20 plus years of Roadmaster tow bars) I purchased it. What a concept. I don't know why I never thought of this myself! It is very helpful in releasing the pressure off the tow bar so that it can be unhooked. Especially when you are in a hurry. P.S. I reserched prices and "etrailer" (as usual) had the best deal. 425383

- RM-066

by: Jerry W01/02/2017

The release tool works perfectly, just as described. eTralier is the best company I have ever experienced. All my orders have shipped and been delivered much faster than I expected. They even beat Amazon. I had to return a base plate and wiring kit because I sold the car. There was no hassle and the refund showed up on my credit card within a few days. Great work etrailer! 329411

- RM-066

by: Johnny04/08/2013

Fits perfectly on the older style RoadMaster BlackHawk tow bar that just has a button the extends up when the arms are locked out. It is easier to release button on tow bar arm when there is a little pressure on the arm. 74942


The Roadmaster release tool works great and I consider it a must have tool. I wish I had one when I first bought my BlackHawk tow bar.

-- comment by: Johnny - 04/10/2014


- RM-066

by: HurleyFamily12/12/2015

Thanks to George J. @ for providing the most fantastic customer service. This Release Tool is invaluable for motorhome owners w/tow bars made by RoadMaster. Too bad RoadMaster no longer includes the tool w/towbar installation package. Thanks again George J. for following up & following thru on this back-ordered item. 233661

- RM-066

by: roadmaster release tool rm 06605/10/2012

I have used one of these for many years. It is very helpful to use when it is necessary to release the tension on the tow bay assembly when it is necessary to stop the towed car on a decline or a rise in level. The use of this tool avoids the necessity of of using a hammer or other item to force the release button down. 39846

- RM-066

by: Phil10/16/2016

Fortunately you don't need to use this if you're careful about being on level ground, but sometimes you cannot, and this is a lifesaver. I've used the hammer before but this is much more effective and gives good leverage. Should be included with the tow bar. ETrailer is the best! 307601

- RM-066

by: FredMac08/05/2017

Great product, works great. Impressed with product and quick shipping. It is also nice to save 25% compared to local sources for the exact same article. Anything I need for my motorhome, I'll check with these guys first. 415436

- RM-066

by: Bill P.07/09/2015

Good quality, it's lightweight and stores easily. Works as it should. eTrailer has always handled my orders quickly and accurately, and the best prices I can find. 210407

- RM-066

by: Big Al12/03/2016

Can't live without it if you own a Falcon 2 tow system. E Trailer has always been very responsive and knowledgeable about my neeeds 321830

- RM-066

by: Mike Pemberton10/05/2016

Roadmaster products do not need to be reviewed. They are the best. PERIOD. Well built and the powder coating is uniform and smooth. 303580

- RM-066

by: G. C.10/10/2012

Very fast. Package was exactly what it was supposed to be. Pictures were helpful. Came in the mail three days after it was ordered. 56891

- RM-066

by: JFp08/01/2017

The product is own and uncomplicated. Therefor could be nothing but excellent. Item was packaged well and arrived on time 413728

- RM-066

by: Bob P.07/23/2017

Products I wanted all in one place and great prices. Super fast delivery. Will come back here first when I need something 412940

- RM-066

by: Norm Dingle07/02/2012

Excellent service, prompt delivery, product easy to find (with help from rep) Definately will use etrailer in the future 46561

- RM-066

by: Gerry02/07/2016

Lost my original tool. Could not get along without it. It is much easier than beating the release pin with a hammer. 237157


Works great, havent lost it so far!

Gerry - 02/06/2017


- RM-066

by: dale j.06/19/2014

excellent tool. it does what it claims to do. shipping time was great. service and product meets all expectations 136514

- RM-066

by: Mark A05/14/2014

Great tool for releasing tow bar to disconnect vehicle from motorcoach. Great service from 130694

- RM-066

by: Fred04/30/2014

The tool is very well made. It does its job by making unlatching the tow bar very easy. 128199

- RM-066

by: Rich T11/04/2014

Well made, product will make locking pins on tow bar unlock a breeze. Fast delivery. 159227

- RM-066

by: Jerry10/17/2015

Just as pictured, very fast delivery. An excellent company to deal with. 230207

- RM-066

by: David W04/23/2017

Excellent product, worked exactly as advertised, and fast shipping. 371260

- RM-066

by: Dan K.02/05/2015

necessity for falcon 2 tow bar. Received in timely manner,good job! 172427

- RM-066

by: Paul05/01/2016

Good company, fair price, and fast delivery! Works as it should. 247912

- RM-066

by: Thomas12/01/2017

Product arrived early and appears to be off very good quality. 456227

- RM-066

by: Rick P11/16/2015

I have not used it yet but, what I see it should work well. 232097

- RM-066

by: John08/07/2015

Product was expected. Shipping was fast, as always. 217642

- RM-066

by: Don B07/22/2017

Tool works as advertised to release hitch arms. 409354

- RM-066

by: Ralph12/11/2013

Great product, fast shipping, works very well. 109887

- RM-066

by: Bob K11/02/2016

Great tool, makes it a lot easier to u nhitch 312929

- RM-066

by: Dennisy03/25/2017

Does the job. Only needed to use it tw ice. 358497

- RM-066

by: A Wall06/28/2013

It does the job it was made to do very well 86572

- RM-066

by: Kevin09/05/2014

Great item In stock and shipped quick ly. 150193

- RM-066

by: Mg01/06/2017

Works will used this every time I unho ok 330286

- RM-066

by: Bill B.02/05/2014

Product is as advertised. Thanks 115862

- RM-066

by: Frank Dumlao01/16/2015

All was pictures yet. 169080

- RM-066

by: Floyd Hardy01/16/2017

Works like its suppose to. 332838

- RM-066

by: Danny F.08/05/2013

Exactly what I wanted. 93297

- RM-066

by: Steve03/01/2017

Helps but not perfect 347292


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  • Replacement Release Tool Recommendation for a Roadmaster Falcon 2 Tow Bar
  • Yes we do, the correct tool to use to release the telescoping arms of the Roadmaster Falcon 2 # RM-520 is the Roadmaster Release Tool part # RM-066. The price is available at the link below.
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  • The EZ5 base plate kit part # 52923-5 that you referenced that you have installed on your 2016 Subaru Forester does not require you to use any crossbars so it would attach direction to the arms of your Falcon 2 part # RM-520. The release tool is part # RM-066. You'll want to have one of these around unless you always park on perfectly level ground.
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  • Is the Falcon 2 Tow Bar RM-520 Rated to Tow a 2002 Chevy Tahoe 5.3L Vortec 4WD
  • I did some research on your vehicle, and it looks like the curb weight of your 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe model should be around 5050lbs. This would be under the 6000lb capacity for the Falcon 2 tow bar # RM-520, but you will also need to make sure that the tow vehicle and trailer hitch are both rated to handle this much weight. I would also recommend that you double check the actual weight of the vehicle, including whatever gear you choose to carry in it, to make sure that it will definitely...
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  • Will the Falcon 2 Tow Bar Fit Roadmaster Base Plates on a 2017 Chevy Equinox
  • Yes, the Falcon 2 tow bar # RM-520 is compatible with all Roadmaster base plates including # RM-523184-4 for your 2017 Chevy Equinox. I strongly recommend adding release tool # RM-066 because the Falcon 2 is not a non-binding tow bar and unless you are on perfectly level ground and straight it will be very difficult to release the tow bar arms. The other option is to go with a non-binding tow bar such as the Falcon All Terrain # RM-522. Once you go to a non-binding tow bar you won't...
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