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Custom fit trailer hitches are available for virtually every vehicle. At we carry rear mount trailer hitches, front mount, fifth wheels, goosenecks, RV trailer hitches, and weight distribution systems from the best manufacturers such as Draw-tite, Hidden Hitch, Reese, Torklift and Curt. You will also find a complete selection of hitch accessories and related products such as bike racks, cargo carriers, hitch covers, ballmounts, and locks.

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Trailer Hitch Installation - 2004 GMC Safari - Curt

Today on our 2004 GMC Safari, we'll be installing the Curt Hitch, part number C13035. Here's what the hitch looks like installed on our vehicle. Now, we'll go ahead and give you a couple measurements and helping you choose some accessories for your hitch, such as a ball mount, bicycle rack, or cargo carrier. For the center of the hitch pin hole to the outermost edge of the bumper is approximately three inches. From the top of the opening to the receiver to the ground is approximately 14 1/2 inches. Now, let's go ahead and install our hitch. To begin with, we'll go ahead and point out the mounting locations that will be used to put our hitch up. On this particular vehicle, you'll need to remove two existing bolts that hold the bumper bracket on. We also found that it's helpful to remove the third bumper bracket bolt to help the bumper bracket be pulled down a little bit so we can slide part of the hitch in between that and the frame. Now, for the third location, on each side, we'll need to go ahead and clean out an existing weld mount that does not currently have a bolt in it. To do this, we'll use a little spray lubricant and a nylon tube brush, part number 814092. Now that we have these cleaned out on each side, we'll go ahead and install our side plates for our hitch.

GMC Safari Trailer Hitch Questions and Answers

  • What do the Two Sets of Hitch Weight Capacities Mean, Weight Carry and Weight Distributing
  • The Draw-Tite 75122 will fit your 2001 GMC Safari. The different weight ratings are provided in the event that a weight distribution system is needed. The hitch, when used with a standard ball mount and ball, has a 5,000 pound gross towing weight with a tongue capacity of 500 pounds. This is called the weight carrying capacity as the hitch is bearing all of the load by itself. A weight distribution system goes into the hitch and uses a set of spring bars to apply tension and spread...
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  • Will The Draw-Tite Max-Frame Hitch # 75122 Fit 2000 GMC Safari w/ OEM Spare Tire
  • From the information I found, the Draw-Tite Max-Frame Hitch # 75122 will fit the 2000 GMC Safari standard chassis w/ the OEM spare tire size mounted underneath the van. I also contacted our representative at Draw-Tite Hitch and he confirmed that the # 75122 hitch will fit your 2000 Safari, as long as the tire size is the OEM size. Only on older vans from 1985 to 1994 was there an issue where the spare tire would not fit in the factory location with the hitch installed. You will be...
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  • What Class Hitch to Install on 1999 GMC Safari to Pull 4 x 7 Utility Trailer
  • Since there is a small cost difference between a 1-1/4-inch Class II and 2-inch Class III hitch, I suggest you go for the higher capacity Class III hitch from Curt, part # C13035. A 2-inch Class III hitch will give you higher capacity (for extra safety margin) plus it will offer broader compatibility with a range of hitch mount accessories. Note that you still need to observe the vehicle's tongue weight capacity, which may be lower than the hitch's. I have linked two helpful articles concerning...
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  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation for 1998 GMC Safari for Tongue Weight of 420 lbs
  • For a trailer hitch that is a confirmed fit for your 1998 GMC Safari that has the capacities you need you would want the Draw Tite hitch part # 37136 which is a confirmed fit. The part # 75122 has too low of capacities for what you are looking for.
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  • Maximum Tongue Weight for 75122 for 1995 GMC Safari
  • The Draw-Tite part # 75122, has a maximum weight carrying towing capacity of 5,000 pounds and maximum tongue weight of 500 pounds. If you utilize a weight distribution system, the maximums are increased to 7,500 pounds total weight and 750 pounds tongue weight. Keep in mind, you can only safely tow as much as the lowest rated component of the system can handle.
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