Performance Tool Computer Safe Logistic Probe Review

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Review of the Performance Tool Computer Safe Logistic Probe

Today we'll be having a look at the performance tools computer safe logistic probe, part number PTW2991. This performance tool logic probe is a cost effective solution in order to check not only power, but ground. Ground is the most important thing in any electrical component. It's the most often overlooked component as well. If you don't have a good ground, no matter what, your electrical component will not work. This allows you to check your ground and your power sources. Here's what a logistic probe looks like.

We have our probe end itself. We have a nice pointed end here where we can reach down inside terminals to check for power or ground. Our LED here changes colors depending on if we're on a power or ground source. We have a 10 foot coiled cord right here. Once we go to our heavy duty battery clutch here, which are color coded.

We've got red for positive and black for ground. This logistic probe will work on 6, 12, and 24 volt systems and only draws seven milliamps of power. We'll start by hooking a red lead up to the positive side of our battery here and our black lead, we'll hook up to our negative side of our battery here. This is our battery cable here, so we'll just go to the other end of it right here. Now, we can test to make sure we have a good ground. We'll go to our ground post right here in our vehicle.

You see, you know you have a good ground when the LED is green. We go over to our positive post of our battery. Now you can see our red LED showing here that we have good power. We can show you how to test fuses with this, too. Probe on one side. You see how we have a red LED, which means we have power on that side of the fuse.

Test the other side. We got red there again, which means our fuse is not blown, and there's constant 12 volt power running through that fuse right now. We know we have a good fuse right there. Now we'll check out the seven and a half amp fuse right above it. You notice that our LED is green. That's because this fuse doesn't have any power running through it right now. This fuse only has power when the ignition is switched on in the vehicle. We'll check out the other side. Again, it's green again, which means that the fuse itself is not blown. It's just there's no power running through the system right now. We know we have a good fuse here. Now, this also doubles as a test light. What that would do is only tell you if you have power going on and now ground. If you want to do that, just disconnect from your positive battery, leaving your ground hooked up. I'll go over here, make sure it's working. Got red for power. Now let's go back to our two fuses that we tested earlier. On our five amp fuse, you can see that yes, we have power on both sides. If we go back to the seven and a half amp fuse, you'll see we don't have anything working anymore. That's because what we're doing is only checking for power. That completes our look at the performance tools computer safe logistic probe, part number PTW2991.

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