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Review of Taylor Made Dock Accessories - Corner Dock Bumper - 36946015

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Taylor Made Dock Accessories - Corner Dock Bumper - 36946015 Review

Hey, everyone. I'm Ellen here at and today we're going to be taking a look at the TaylorMade commercial grade corner bumper for your dock. This is going to protect that corner of your dock from any kind of damage and help to reinforce it, along with also more importantly, protecting any of our boats that might be docked there. So, we don't have to worry about any scuffs or dents or dings. This is going to be more of a cushion than just a hard surface for those boats to dock against.It also has a design, so there's a little bit of an edge down here at the bottom. So even if there's a change in the tide or any waves or anything like that, there's going to be coverage going around the edge there.

So, this is going to fit at the corner. Has a nice right angle design here on the bottom side.You'll notice that at the top side, so a little bit more acute of an angle, that's just going to help to give some reinforcement to that very edge or that very point of the corner. It's made out of a PVC material so it does have some give to it. It has enough structural integrity that it's going to keep its shape, but it should be also resistant to any mildew or harm from UV rays. So, it can definitely withstand being out in the elements for a long time.You can see we'll have that honeycomb look, or the expanded cell, so that gives some room for it to take and absorb shocks and impact without any issues.

Also there's going to be a couple of pre drilled holes, or really just one pre drilled hole there, so we can attach hardware to this or you can just go straight into this lower flange with some commercial grade screws to attach it to your dock and then same thing up top here. It's an extra little flange so that you can to secure it at the top.It does not come with any hardware to attach it, so that is something you will have to pick up on your own. The color, the white color, will not transfer to your boat's hull so you don't have to worry about any scuffs or transfer of material there.As far as the size: Overall, it's from edge to edge about seven inches long. On the interior it's about four and three quarter inches long. Flip that around the other way so you don't have to read upside down.

It's going to be the same both sides. So, about four and seven eighths inches and then the height is right about three and three eighths. The thickness for the actual bumper is about one and a quarter, but overall it's about two and a half inches.That's about all there is to it for our look at the TaylorMade commercial grade corner bumper. Hope this video's been helpful in deciding if this is going to be the right piece for you. We do also have other bumpers and trim material if you want to add that onto your dock for a more complete look.

Check those out right here at Thanks for watching and we'll see you next time.

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