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Expert Answers about Stallion

  • Recommended Wheel Chocks For class A Motorhome
  • For a less-expensive and simple option I recommend the Husky Wheel Chock, part # 34714. This chock measure 8-1/16 inches x 3-3/8 inches x 4-inches high. This wheel chock is sold individually so if you want more than one you can adjust the quantity when ordering.
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  • Cargo Nets for Curt Cargo Carrier # C18145 and Roof Cargo Basket # 288-09200
  • The cargo net that I recommend for the Stallion Roof Basket, part # 288-09200, is the Spidy Gear Luggage Webb Cargo Net # 80121-01. The cargo net measures 50 inches x 40 inches when it is unstretched, which means that it will fit perfectly on the Stallion roof basket. Choosing a cargo net for the Curt Cargo Carrier, part # C18145, is going to be a little bit more tricky. The 2 closest sizes to the 17 inches x 46 inches carrier that we have are the Rolla Cargo Net # 7330 which is 30 inches...
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  • Benefits of Natural Rubber Wheel Chock MT70073 Over Plastic Types
  • A wheel chock made of natural rubber such as MaxxTow # MT70073 will certainly have an odor when it is brand new, and also for some period of time after use. Plastic chocks like # 288-02011 tend not to have this issue. You may have noticed that a new vehicle or a vehicle with new tires will tell your nose it is there when you enter the garage, for instance. Over time this odor fades. But on the other hand, a natural rubber wheel chock cannot crack or chip, will better resist stress...
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  • Recommended Traction in Snowy Conditions
  • The Tyre Mount Emergency Strap-On Tire Chains with Traction Platforms - Qty 2 # 288-07413 does not restrict the number of units that can be used on a single tire. They do state they are for short term use and should not be used if driving over 10 mph. For the emergency situation like you are describing you could use more traction platforms or you may be interested in the Tire Grip Vehicle Traction Recovery Track for Snow, Mud, and Sand - Qty 1 # 288-07411. If you are looking for...
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  • How Much Does the Stallion Wheel Chock # 288-02011 Weigh
  • The Stallion Wheel Chock # 288-02011 referenced in your question weighs in at just around 5 pounds. The wheel chock is constructed of high-impact polyurethane that will hold up under tremendous weight. The material itself is the orange color you see, so you will not need to worry about any paint flaking off with use. It's possible that the color might fade a bit down the line simply due to exposure to the elements, but the distinctive orange will still hold up great. This will come...
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  • What Material is the Hardware Made of for Roof Mounted Aluminum Cargo Basket # 288-09200
  • I went out to the warehouse and inspected the hardware for the Roof Mounted Aluminum Cargo Basket # 288-09200. The hardware is zinc plated steel but not stainless steel.
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  • Maximum Tire for Use with Tyre Mount Emergency Strap-On Tire Chains # 288-07413
  • The overall length of the Tyre Mount Emergency Strap-On Tire Chains # 288-07413 is 34 inches. Since you need a little of the strap to go through the buckle I recommend the maximum circumference of the tire where the strap will go around to be no greater than 30 inches.
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  • Can the Stallion Wheel Lock Be Keyed Alike
  • I have solution for you. Unfortunately, the Stallioin Wheel Lock, # 288-02020, are keyed uniqued and can not be keyed alike. The Blaylock EZ Trailer Wheel Lock, # BLEZ-302, is an sturdy aluminum wheel lock that can be keyed alike for a small charge. If you are looking for a more economical option, Fastway has the Universal Trailer Coupler Lock, # DT25013KA. This coupler lock will fit 1-7/8, 2, and 2-5/16 inch trailer balls and can also be keyed alike for a small charge per lock.
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  • Will Tyre Mount Emergency Strap-On Tire Chains Fit 265/70-17 Tires on a 2010 Ford F-150
  • There isn't a specific tire size list that is compatible with Tyre Mount Emergency Strap-On Tire Chains # 288-07413 so you have to go by its dimensions. Overall it is 34 inches long but you will need a few inches of strap to go through the buckle. So if circumference around the tire and through the wheel on your 2010 Ford F-150's 265/70-17 tires is 30 inches or less then these will work.
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  • Would Loading Ramp Set # 288-07489 Help Prevent Mower From Bottoming Out Loading in to Trailer
  • What will help prevent the bottoming out is a ramp set that is longer and has a bit of an upward bow like the # 288-07489 has. Without knowing the length of your current ramps I can't say if these would be an improvement in that area. These are 65 inches long though.
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  • What is the Space Between the Steps on the Arched Loading Ramp Set Part # 288-07452-2
  • I went out to our warehouse and measured the space between the steps on the Arched Loading Ramp Set part # 288-07452-2 for you and the distance between each of the steps is 3" from end to end. The steps are very lightweight weighing in at only 18 lbs each with a weight capacity up to 750 lbs per ramp. If these loading ramps will not work for your mower please let me know and I would be glad to offer a more viable solution for you.
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  • Why is there a Height Limit on Aluminum Car Hauler Ramp Set 288-07502
  • The height restriction on ramp set # 288-07502 has to do with the distribution of the weight, ability for tires to grip, and clearance between the tops of the ramps and the vehicle rolling up them. The shorter the ramp the more severe the angle will be as the loading height increases. You could go with longer (and tougher) ramps using the Gen-Y options such as # 325-GH-R72, # 325-GH-R84, or # 325-GH-R96. These ramps will last pretty much forever since Gen-Y is known for making products...
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  • What is the Spacing Between the Rungs on the Stallion Loading Ramp Set # 288-07489
  • The rungs on the Stallion Loading Ramp Set # 288-07489 that you referenced have 3" gaps between them as you can see in the attached photo. My contact at Stallion confirmed this. If the spacing is too much for you to use and the 3,000 lbs weight capacity is a bit overkill then I recommend using the Erickson Arched Loading Ramp Set # EM07464-2 instead. These measure 80" long x 11" wide and have a combined weight rating of 1,600 lbs. The mesh surface will not have gaps big enough to cause...
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  • Could Arched Loading Ramps part # 288-07432 Help Loading a Can Am Spyder
  • Using three of the Arched Loading Ramps part # 288-07432 that you referenced would most likely work great as the ramps are long and arched which allows them to help prevent "high centering" as they motorcycle makes the transition from ramp to trailer. These are 90 inches long though so you'd have to compare that to your toy hauler to know for sure. Since I don't know how tall your trailer is or how long the ramp is it's hard to say how much different this would be.
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  • Can an RV Stay Parked on the Tire Grip Traction Plate # 288-07411
  • The Tire Grip traction plate # 288-07411 was designed to be used at the time of getting stuck so you wouldn't want to keep the RV parked on it. I do have an option that you can stay parked on and can also help with leveling if need be. Take a look at the 10 pack of leveling blocks # CAM44515. Several of these on the ground will provide a solid platform and they can be stacked to help with leveling. I have included a link to a video review for you.
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  • Aluminum Roof Cargo Basket for a 2013 VW Golf TDI and a 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander
  • I recommend the Thule Trail XT Cargo Carrier, part # TH864XT. The most important to your application is adjustable front-to-back mounting points. This lets you quickly and easily adjust the position of the roof basket's clamps to let you easily switch between vehicles. The Thule Trail uses smaller rails but has more flexible installations as far as size of roof racks because of its included brackets. Additionally, the curved sides help align the load better, helping you plan how...
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  • Recommended Loading Ramp for Snow Blower with Tracks
  • To load your Honda HSS 1332 ATD snowblower with tracks, I recommend the Arched Loading Ramp Set - Center Fold - Aluminum - 90" Long x 13" Wide - 1,500 lbs # 288-07452-2. This will give you slip-resistant rubber-tipped ends to stabilize each ramp and safety straps to prevent movement when loading and unloading. The Tru-grip rungs will give your tracks the traction they need and the ramps can be spaced apart as needed for proper width.
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  • Available Wheel Lug Lock Set for 1/2-Inch Wheel Bolts
  • We do not offer a 4-piece wheel lug lock set specifically for the 2014 Honda Accord but we do offer the 2-piece Redline kit # RG01-150 which consists of 2 locks for 1/2-inch wheel bolts along with 1 key. Please refer to the two linked review videos for details on this kit.
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