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The Wheel Club Wheel Lock

Security wheel lock and anti-theft device for trailers, ATVs and small vehicles. Fits tires up to 28" diameter, 9" wide.

To install, simply unlock, pull the red arms until fully extended, wrap arms around the tire, and slide in the silver bar until the apparatus is snug around the tire. Push down the lock to secure in place. The Wheel Club covers the wheel to prevent dismantling and render it immobile.

Wheel Club

The CLUB Tire Claw XL Wheel Lock

One-piece security wheel lock and anti-theft device for trailers, cars and ATVs. Fits tires up to 12" wide. Self-locking claw wraps around tire and locks in place to prevent rolling. Quick and easy to use - just unlock to open, spread the arms, wrap the device around the tire and close tight to lock.

CLUB Tire Claw XL



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