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Pollak Black Plastic, 7-Pole, RV-Style Trailer Connector - Trailer End

Item # PK12706

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pollak wiring  7 blade black plastic 7-pole rv-style trailer connector - end
pollak wiring trailer connectors pk12706
pollak wiring trailer connectors pk12706
pollak wiring trailer end connector
pollak wiring trailer end connector pk12706
pollak wiring trailer connectors black plastic 7-pole rv-style connector - end
pollak wiring trailer connectors end connector black plastic 7-pole rv-style -
pollak wiring trailer connectors end connector black plastic 7-pole rv-style -
pollak wiring trailer connectors 7 blade

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wiring pollak trailer end connector 7 blade pk12706
wiring pollak 7 blade pk12706

Customer Photos

pollak wiring trailer connectors pk12706
pollak wiring trailer connectors pk12706
pollak wiring trailer connectors black plastic 7-pole rv-style connector - end


  • Trailer Connectors
  • Trailer End Connector
  • 7 Blade
  • Plug Only
  • Pollak
This standard, RV-style, 7-pole connector provides a secure connection between your trailer and tow vehicle. Black plastic construction prevents rusting, enhances appearance and makes plug removal a snap. Lowest Prices for the best wiring from Pollak. Pollak Black Plastic, 7-Pole, RV-Style Trailer Connector - Trailer End part number PK12706 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

Pollak Wiring - PK12706

This standard, RV-style, 7-pole connector provides a secure connection between your trailer and tow vehicle. Black plastic construction prevents rusting, enhances appearance and makes plug removal a snap.


  • Standard, 7-pole plug connects trailer to socket on tow vehicle
  • Black plastic construction
    • Eliminates rusting
    • Enhances appearance
    • Prevents difficulty in plug removal
  • Non-corroding, shock-resistant interior design
    • Terminal reinforcer dams eliminate shorting out
      • Prevent contact from spreading
    • Center pin accepts up to 8-gauge wire
    • Vinyl inserts keep out dirt and moisture
  • Dual grips
    • Promote easy removal of plug from socket
  • Safety latch
    • Ensures connector is plugged into socket
  • Color-coded to RVI standards


  • Wire gauges:
    • Red, brown, green, and yellow: 14 gauge
    • Blue: 12 gauge
    • White and black: 10 gauge
  • Wiring configuration:
    • Blue: electric brake
    • Green: tail lights
    • Red: left turn signal and brakes
    • Brown: right turn signal and brakes
    • Yellow: auxiliary and reverse lights
    • Black: battery
    • White: ground wire
  • 1-Year warranty

7-Way Trailer Diagram

12-706 Pollak Black Plastic, 7-Way, RV-Style Trailer Connector - Trailer End
Replaces 30305; 118021

Economy - This item

Pollak Black Plastic, 7-Pole, RV-Style Trailer Connector - Trailer End

Pollak Black Plastic, 7-Pole, RV-Style Trailer Connector - Trailer End
Pollak Wiring

197 reviews

Code: PK12706


Our Price: $5.83

  • Wiring
  • Trailer Connectors
  • Trailer End Connector
  • Plug Only
  • 7 Blade
  • Pollak

This standard, RV-style, 7-pole connector provides a secure connection between your trailer and tow vehicle. Black plastic construction prevents rusting, enhances appearance and makes plug removal a snap.

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Video of Pollak Black Plastic, 7-Pole, RV-Style Trailer Connector - Trailer End

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Pollak Wiring PK12706 Review

Today we'll be reviewing part number PK12706. This is the Pollack Black Plastic 7-Pole RV Style Trailer Connector. This is a standard 7-pole plug. It's going to connect your trailer to your socket on your tow vehicle. Made from a black plastic construction, so it's going to eliminate rusting. It's also going to enhance the appearance.

The interior design is made from a non-corroding, shock resistant system. The terminals are reinforced, so it's going to eliminate shorting out. The center pin will accept up to 8-gauge wiring. Here on the rear we have the vinyl insert. That's just going to help keep out dirt and moisture. It's also going to feature that dual grip system, so it's going to be very easy to remove the plug from the socket.

It's also going to ensure that the connector is plugged into the socket using the safety latch system which is just this little raised portion here on top. This is going to be color coded, so you have RVI Standards. To gain access to the connectors, you just loosen up this set screw here on top. It's going to bring this interior piece out, run your wires through here, all the way through the casing, connect them with this portion pulled out, reinsert this, and then reset or tighten back up the set screw here on top. That's going to do it for part number PK12706. This is the Pollack Black Plastic 7-Pole RV Style Trailer Connector.


Customer Reviews

Pollak Black Plastic, 7-Pole, RV-Style Trailer Connector - Trailer End - PK12706

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (197 Customer Reviews)

This standard, RV-style, 7-pole connector provides a secure connection between your trailer and tow vehicle. Black plastic construction prevents rusting, enhances appearance and makes plug removal a snap.

- PK12706

by: David H06/27/2014

The quality is good with and I am happy with that. Just do not follow the wiring labels on it. Half the listed colors are incorrect. I made the mistake and had to rewire after going to etrailer website instructions and getting the correct wire locations. Works good now though. Other than that very happy with it. 137963


The colors on this plug are for RV Industry Standard wiring. Traditional Wiring colors are different. That said, the individual terminals are in the same order as far as which terminal goes to tail lights, which terminal goes to right turn signal, etc., regardless of which wiring colors are on your existing harness. Now if only the person who converted the wiring on my sisters horse trailer to 6 blade 7 terminal had followed the color codes of either..... That however, will be corrected this Friday!!!!

-- comment by: Bill J - 08/05/2014


Thanks for the info, and this is exactly why we recommend using a good circuit testers and testing all the wires for the function. Then connect according to the function of the wiring, not by color.

-- Rachael H - 8/7/2014

- PK12706

by: FLMJ07/29/2014

Seems to be a well made product that should make it easily replaceable for me. The usual excellent delivery and service from etrailer that I have come to expect. 143321


It works very well. I am going to have to replace the wiring itself soon, as I dragged the wiring harness on a bad hookup. MY FAULT, not the connector.

FLMJ - 07/30/2015


- PK12706

by: Jordonr04/23/2014

I have just received this, it appears to be a fine unit, nice brass wire lugs and screws, an acceptably strong plastic body with a nice, tight wire retaining clamp - highly recommended! 126771


Just great! Thank you very much.

Jordonr - 04/23/2015


- PK12706

by: Mike M08/26/2013

Perfect. Exactly what I needed 96903


So far so good. Nice and solid. No issues whatsoever. Im glad I bought this as it has been virtually worry free since the install and has held up to use.

Mike M - 08/26/2014


- PK12706

by: George A09/27/2015

The plug appears well made, was competitively priced, shipping charges were reasonable and it arrived quickly!! Additionally to help with trailer wiring installations and repairs ETrailer has very nice trailer wiring diagrams for the various harnesses out there (4, 5, 6 and 7 pole/pin/blade connectors etc). The diagrams are a great resource & I refer to them frequently and had "assumed" they are the accepted standards for the industry. The plug pins on this product are marked with a number and a color. While the numbers correspond to the ETrailers diagram the colors do not. Not a big deal but one needs to pay a little more attention during the install. 227939

- PK12706

by: Dennis W05/30/2015

Nice product easy to wire. Very good place to deal with. 198645


Thank you for the concern, Everything I purchased from you are working as they should. VERY HAPPY with all.

Dennis W - 06/17/2016


- PK12706

by: Dan10/05/2015

Easy to hook up, received it quickly in mail. Very good service at etrailer! 229209


Working just fine thank you.

Dan - 10/04/2016


- PK12706

by: Larry C09/09/2013

have not used item yet,looks to be a well made product. 99091


product works great would purchase item again.

Larry C - 09/09/2014


- PK12706

by: Vic A06/15/2017

I am glad I came upon this site. The staff is friendly courteous and helpful. Since I live in Canada it is a big problem if I had to send items back across the border to etrailer if the items were not what I thought they were. The short videos that etrailer provides with each product is extremely helpful in determining to purchase or not. Thank you for that feature. Knowing a little about video production and the costs associated with that, it must cost etrailer a pile to give us (the consumers) what appears to be a simple addition on their site Thanks again guys/gals 396627

- PK12706

by: Jack from Pa.10/31/2016

Got my new/used trailer rewired and my '16 Silverado started throwing "check trailer wiring" code ! Trough much research and googling the code I found the factory used the POLLAK 7 pin receptacles . And some 7 pin plug makers were not up to OEM standards . They fit sloppy . So until my new end came I wrapped the sloppy end with electric tape for a snug fit bent tabs out slightly and greased with dielectric grease . That stopped code . When the new end arrived I changed it and seams the problem is solved . 312561

- PK12706

by: Ron McVey01/29/2016

I have this same plug (PK 12706) on the Boat Trailer and it works perfect, and never disconnects or shorts. Now I'm putting this same plug on the Snowmobile Trailer. I'll let you know if I have any problems. Anything to do with trailer issues I always contact eTrailer Company first. Thanks, Ron 236504

- PK12706

by: Andy B.10/10/2016


- PK12706

by: Deny R.05/23/2011

The item purchased more than surpassed the requirements, it will defiantly out do the original plug, the only thing that I did different was to coat the internal wires with some liquid electrical tape to protect against shorts and the same on the side the cable goes through, I encourage everyone to look at their old 7 pin plugs for wear, mine was defiantly in need of replacement, just make sure to use the PK12706 because it seals up better, great job erailer 15100

- PK12706

by: Justin R04/21/2015

My only complaint with this product would be that the wiring on my trailer did not match the color coding that is listed on the inside of the adapter (where the wires attach). In fairness, I removed a 4-point adapter and wired up this 7 point to the trailer. A little Google searching for what the different pins do matched it up with what the adapter was looking for and I had it working. 187270

- PK12706

by: Dana H.06/30/2015

Color coding on the screw terminals was incorrect. I needed to match up to my trailer diagram for proper connections. Housing is a little mishapen so small gaps, though I don't think this will be an issue. Multiple set screws or a more rigid housing would probably solve this issue. Cable retaining clamp is very sturdy. Only question is longetivity but at the price I can manage. 208304

- PK12706

by: Stuart03/25/2013

Purchased to replace the existing trailer connector. This item doesn't seem very sturdy though. The set screw on the plug end is very small and doesn't seat properly into the base, making it possible for the connector piece to possibly remain in the vehicle female plug end. I'm holding off on installing in case I can find a better/sturdier replacement. Shipping was quite fast. 72444

- PK12706

by: Russell F.11/07/2012

Well-designed. The blade setup makes it much easier to use ring terminals (just bend the end of each brass blade and take off the washer), giving complete confidence that wires won't become disconnected even if they get yanked a bit. Nice seal at the rear. Can be a bit difficult to slide the housing over the cable, but add some grease and it should work like a charm. 58964

- PK12706

by: Val S.02/19/2015

I'd like to express my appreciation to etrailers, I had an issue with my connector due to the fact that it drug for 13 miles at speeds of 55 miles per hour. They not only had the part I needed but made sure I received it promptly so I wouldn't be without trailer lights for more than 24 hours. I highly recommend them and I have found my new trailer part supplier. 175317

- PK12706

by: Tony D07/17/2017

My truck, 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 didn't have factory harness for 7 way trailer connector. My wife bought me a camping trailer with brakes. I did my research on and ordered all parts I though I would need. The videos and instructions made it a simple process. Installed everything in about 3.5 hours and everything worked great. Thanks! 407194

- PK12706

by: Paul01/06/2017

I have purchased several items from etrailer and recommend all of them and the folks at etrailer. Items purchased by part #: 9653P; BK-70BB; 2118-605-04; 98174LED; PK12706; MCL11AKB; H20046. Shipped well packaged. All items are accurately described and are fully functional. etrailer videos are a big help and their staff is knowledgeable! 333091

- PK12706

by: Steve V.09/25/2013

Replaced this exact connector after years of it being abused and dragged endless miles behind the truck after being ripped out accidently. The new connector was very affordable and fits very snugly in the truck so i know it is not coming out. very personable emails from the etrailer folks to let me know it had shipped 101426

- PK12706

by: David LH05/22/2016

I was having a problem with the right turn signal on my trailer. After several hours of tracing wire and power I found the plug from trailer to vehicle was bad. E trailer had the right part at the right price. it took less the 30 minuets to install the new part and it is still working fine 1 year latter. 251101

- PK12706

by: John02/26/2013

Excellent quality product and etrailer provides wiring diagram. Arrived quickly in perfect condition. Great price including shipping. 67837


Wiring harness is still in use and works like new. Great product quality and reliability which appreciate given best price I could find at purchase time.

-- comment by: John - 02/28/2014


- PK12706

by: Jim B.06/23/2011

Product is well made, easy to disassemble. When making up wire connections it's better to use ring lugs as shown in the video. Would have preferred terminals that accepted wire conductors directly but this isn't that big of an issue. Overall well satisfied with connector. 17804

- PK12706

by: Potatopirate05/07/2011

Great price, good product. The only thing I noticed about this connector is the fact that the colors are labeled next to the terminals and two of the colors don't match schematics. I hooked mine up according to the schematic available at e-trailer and it works correctly. 13053

- PK12706

by: David C05/02/2016

Great item, just remember that GM typically does not tie down the 12V for the trailer connectors. In late model trucks its coiled and taped under the master cylinder. It ties to the 40 amp lug on the front of the main fuse box on the drivers side engine compartment. 248147

- PK12706

by: William M. Huffman06/11/2012

The product appears to be well made and is easy to use but the terminal for the "right turn" wire is labeled with the incorrect color. Do not rely on the color coding on the connector but rely upon a wiring diagram for the correct location in connecting wires. 43653

- PK12706

by: Matt11/21/2016

Everything arrived promptly just as I had been informed and in great condition. Have had great experience with etrailer oN multiple occasions and will continue to look to you for your exceptional customer support in the future. Thanks agaiN for your help! 320603

- PK12706

by: Frank A.10/30/2012

I could not believe how easy it was to install the products that I purchased from you. The quality of the products are better than almost everything else that I saw on the market and the price was right too. Thanks for being so prompt on the delivery. 58419

- PK12706

by: James03/25/2013

I installed these products over the weekend. These products fit perfect. Fast shipping. This is my first time I bought from here. Can't say enough. Great people to deal with! Made my job so easy. Thank you so much. Best prices and quality out there. 72232

- PK12706

by: Richard T06/14/2015

This product is a good replacement, the only consideration is that there is only one set screw that holds the insert to the body, to make it sit flush and secure, i had to pull the wires tight. I think the next one I buy will be all metal type. 203280

- PK12706

by: Dana A12/07/2011

got this to convert my trailer to 7 pin to match my 2011 Silverado, didnt have to use a 7 to 4 pin adapter using this. Etrailer has a video showing what wires to hook where to use as a 4 pin replacement, couldnt be easier 27883

- PK12706

by: Jeff Pittman10/16/2014

Called and spoke with Christy B, she added this connector to my order, exactly what I needed, haven't connected it yet since I'm not using my trailer right now. Will call her again real soon for another order. 156403

- PK12706

by: Chuck S03/17/2014

Awesome concept, but poor quality, the connector pulls apart when taking off and does not easily attach since the lower part of the connector is "flexy" ... need to try some super glue to see it it works better 120949

- PK12706

by: Gary04/19/2012

It is what it is so not much to write about. Quality and fit is great but YOU HAD BETTER PAY ATTENTION to the WIRING diagram. It is not color for color etc but they do warn you of this. Just some helpful info. 37768

- PK12706

by: DLX4009/10/2013

Like the female socket, it seems to be well made but twice the price I could have purchased elsewhere. I bought this because something I read caused me to believe is was made in the USA. It's made in Taiwan. 99211

- PK12706

by: Mark07/06/2016

Nice connector for the price. Had no issues wiring it and seems like it will hold up for a while. i did have to adjust the pins in the connector a bit to get it to go into my truck plug but no big deal. 268554

- PK12706

by: MudyOvl03/31/2014

Product quality was pretty good. Plastic housing was flexible and distorted if the small set screw over overtightened. Terminals were easy to use and accepted bare wire or crimped fork connectors. 123027

- PK12706

by: MAC02/20/2013

The product arrived on the date promised. Was the right part and is installed and works perfectly. Courteous service and timely delivery.....And at a great price. Thanks again 67090

- PK12706

by: dave E11/22/2016

Plugs came in 3 days. Every thing was in good order. The order was complete. I have ordered from them before and the experience was the same. They are my go to for all my trailer needs. Dave E 320818

- PK12706

by: John H06/21/2017

I had an non-standard use for this connector. I neds a quick disconnect for 6 LED lights on the roof of my truck. This did the trick wonderfully but it is probably way overkill for that purpose. 397059

- PK12706

by: Ray C04/27/2014

I bought from etrailer before and had excellent service, this purchase was no different, great service and the Pollak brand connector was the same brand installed on my Mercedes from the factory. 127598

- PK12706

by: no name03/13/2013

Very easy to install. The color indicators on the part don't match the actual wiring, but just note down your current configuration prior to installation, and it's very easy. 70496

- PK12706

by: Dana04/10/2017

Haven't used this order yet, but the two i ordered last year were good. Exactly what I needed and i like the looks of them. Had others comment on how nice they look also. 366875

- PK12706

by: Cezanne05/16/2011

Just what the trailer ordered! Good sturdy plug and even stood up to me forgetting to unplug it when I pulled out from under my horse trailer (long day ropin'). Thanks! 14376

- PK12706

by: T. Knox06/09/2017

The plug device was just what we needed to replace one on our camper. The screw connections are almost too small for no. 10 wire, however. In any case, it works. 391023

- PK12706

by: Luke08/24/2017

Not at all heavy duty, but an excellent value for the price. Wire terminal colors are marked wrong on the plug, so refer to a standard diagram when connecting. 424587

- PK12706

by: Bobby B10/04/2016

These guys are great. Fast, simple and on time. Wasn't a big part but essential. I received the same treatment as though I'd spent a bunch of money. Great team. 303249

- PK12706

by: Braddo04/17/2015

Easy to install and worked perfectly to replace the corroded socket on a my trailer. Much easier than trying to clean up the connectors, and possibly cheaper. 185544

- PK12706

by: Guitar Photographer04/04/2012

Not as sturdy as I had hoped but it looks very servicable. Note that the colors stamped in the plastic do not conform to industry standard wiring practices. 36186

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  • If you are looking at the front of the 7-Way connector the # 4 terminal which is at the 1:00 position will be the 12 volt power connection. If you do not have power run to the # 4 terminal on the 7-Way vehicle connector you will want to run a 10 gauge wire like the #10-1-1, from the positive post on the vehicle battery through a 40 amp circuit breaker like the # PK54540, to the # 4 terminal on the vehicles 7-Way connector. This will give you 12 volt power to the 7-Way. You will then...
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  • How To Wire Separate Turn Signals And Backup Lights On A Trailer With a 4-Flat Connector
  • To wire your trailer for separate turn signals you will need to use the Pollak 7-Pole Trailer Connector, part # PK12706, and the Tow Ready Vehicle to Vehicle Taillight Converter, part # 118158. You will replace the 4-flat on your trailer with the Pollak 7-Way connector. The wiring on your 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe with the 7-way connector will stay as the factory wiring. It will not need to be changed. I am including a picture of the 7-way trailer connector that will show the function...
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  • Parts Needed for Installation of Electric Brakes on a Coleman Pop-Up Camper With 8 Inch Wheels
  • The 8 inch diameter wheel on your Coleman Fleetwood pop-up camper is not large enough to accept an electric brake hub and drum assembly. Seven inch brake assemblies like # 23-48 that you selected work with the Trailer Hub & Drum Assembly, item # 8-257-5UC3, which will fit in wheels starting at 10 inches in diameter. You would need to upgrade your wheels and tires to either a 5.30-12 load range c wheel and tire combination, or a 205/65-10 load range c wheel and tire to meet the capacity...
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  • Adapting 6-Way Square Wiring for a 2000 Viking Pop-Up to 4-Way Wiring on a Chevrolet Colorado
  • Since you do not need the trailer brake or 12 volt charging functions when towing your pop-up, you would be able to cut off the 6-Way square connector currently on your Viking Pop-up and use a 4-Pole Trailer End Connector, item # 18004, to connect to the 4-Way connector on your 2006 Colorado. I would recommend that you use 7-Way RV connectors, to upgrade your vehicle and trailer wiring for ease of use and to have more universal connectors for towing other trailers. The most universal...
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  • Replacing a 5-Pin Trailer Connector on a Trailer with Separate Brake Light and Turn Signal Circuits
  • You can replace the round 5-pin trailer connector on your trailer with a 5-pin flat trailer connector like part # HM47910, but I would recommend replacing the existing connector with a 7-pin round trailer connector like the Pollack 7-Pole Trailer End Connector, # PK12706 or a 4-pin flat connector like part # HM48110. Since the trailer does not have brakes, there is really no need to keep using a 5-pin connector. You would also not have to purchase or use an additional adapter and you could...
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  • Wiring a 7-Way Trailer Connector to a 1998 Jayco Pop Up Camper
  • Yes, you can use the Pollack 7-Way Trailer Connector, # PK12706, on your 1998 Jayco Pop Up Camper. The first step is to verify the functions of the wires on your camper. To verify the functions of each wire you can follow the wires along the trailer and see where they end up. You should have two different color wires going into the left and right turn signals and another color going into all of the tail lights. Those will be your turn signal and tail light circuits. The white wire is...
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  • Installing Electric Brakes On Wells Cargo Trailer
  • From what you have told me, you already have the lighting circuits connected on your 7-way. You would need to add the brake output circuit and the 12-volt accessory circuit if needed. I have linked you to an FAQ article on trailer wiring that shows how this is done. If the connector on the trailer was damaged, you will need to purchase a new 7-way trailer connector. I would recommend the Pollak Black Plastic, 7-Pole RV-Style Trailer Connector, part # PK12706. I checked the manufacturers...
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  • Connecting a Coachman Pop-Up Trialer with 6-Way Square Connector to a Vehicle with a 7-Way RV
  • To use your trailer with a vehicle that has a 7-Way connector installed on it you would be best suited to just use the Pollak Black Plastic, 7-Pole, RV-Style Trailer Connector - Trailer End, item # PK12706, and hard wire it directly to the wires on the trailer. You will then have the functionality needed to provide power to the trailer brakes and have power to maintain a battery on the trailer if it is so equipped. Another advantage is that you will have no need for an adapter between...
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  • Installing a 7-Way Trailer Connector and Brake Controller on a 2006 Ford Expedition
  • On your 2006 Ford Expedition, there should already be a factory installed trailer connector. It will either be a 4-Way flat or a 7-Way blade. If your vehicle has a 4-Way flat, you will need to add Adapter 4 Pole to 7 Pole and 4 Pole, # 37185. On this connector, you would plug your 4-Way into the corresponding plug on the adapter. The remaining wires would need to be hardwired. Take a look under your vehicle behind the driver side rear tire and the bumper for the trailer wiring. There will...
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  • Complete Wiring for Lights, Electric Brakes and Controller for a 94 GMC 1/2 Ton Truck and Trailer
  • Lets start with your 1994 GMC 1/2 Ton Truck. You will need to start with the # 118315 4-Way connector. Once the 4-Way is installed, see instructions link, you will need the Brake Controller Installation Kit, # ETBC7, and a brake controller. I recommend the P3 Brake Controller, # 90195, which is one of the best controllers we carry. We have detailed instructions for installation of the controller and the wiring kit, see links, and we have installtion videos of a brake controller and wiring...
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  • Right Tail Light Stays On When Trailer is Unhooked from the Vehicle and Trailer Battery is Removed
  • It sounds like the power from the trailer battery is somehow reaching the right brake and turn signal circuit. The brake and turn signal circuit on the trailer should not be connected to the trailer battery. The first step I would take is to check the wire connections inside of the trailer connector. On a 7-way trailer connector, the pin for the 12V battery power is right next to the pin for the right turn and brake signal. If these two wires are touching, then that will explain why...
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  • How to Manually Operate a Slide Out for a Trailer
  • There is a chance that your trailer has a manual override built into it. I would recommend you check with your manufacturer before you try the following steps. The first thing you are going to want to do is find the slide-out motor. The motor is located beneath the slide-out room. Refer to the owners manual for the exact location. Next, you will want to remove the brake assembly from the motor. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that connect the brake assembly to the motor. Do not...
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  • Converting an Existing 9-pole Trailer Connection Plug to a 7-Way Connection
  • We do not supply a 9-pole to a 7-blade connector converter, but you can definitely convert your existing trailer connector to a 7-way blade connecter that will work with your truck. To do this you will need a replacement 7-blade connector like # PK12706. You will then disassemble the existing trailer connector and install the 7-way blade style connector. When you take apart the 9-pole connection point the functions should be labeled, and you will want to match up functions to the 7-way...
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  • 4-Way Flat to 6-Way Square Adapter for a Coleman Camper
  • No, the adapter you selected is for the Jayco camper only. The Coleman camper is going to have a different wiring pattern and unfortunately will not work with the Jayco adapter. Does your camper have a battery for the accessories? If so then your 4 way will not charge the battery when in tow so you may want to consider wiring the vehicle to the correct plug or rewiring both with new connectors. I have posted links below to the items you may want to consider if your 4 pole connector is factory.
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