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Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire - Load Range C

Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire - Load Range C

Item # TT48012C
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Trailer Tires and Wheels
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Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire - Load Range C 4.80-12 TT48012C
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Radial tire has a ply rating of 6 and a 990-lb max load at 90 psi. Constructed of double steel belts and double polyester cords with a nylon overlay. Great for highway use. Fits 12" wheels. Great Prices for the best trailer tires and wheels from Taskmaster. Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire - Load Range C part number TT48012C can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Taskmaster Trailer Tires and Wheels - TT48012C

  • Tire Only
  • 12 Inch
  • 4.80-12
  • Load Range C
  • Radial Tire
  • M - 81 mph
  • Taskmaster

Radial tire has a ply rating of 6 and a 990-lb max load at 90 psi. Constructed of double steel belts and double polyester cords with a nylon overlay. Great for highway use. Fits 12" wheels.


  • Radial tire is great for highway use
  • Constructed with double steel belts and double polyester cords for a long life
    • Bake tested to ensure that the rubber holds over time
  • Nylon tread-firming belt overlays help prevent tread separation
  • Tread depth bars offer a quick visual indicator of tread wear
  • Meets DOT specifications and exceeds FMVSS


  • Fits: 12" x 4" rims
  • Tire size: 4.80R12
    • Section width: 4.84"
    • Outer diameter: 20.63"
  • Capacity:
    • Load range: C
    • Ply rating: 6
    • Maximum load: 990 lbs at 90 psi
  • Tread depth: 6/32"
  • Maximum speed: 81 mph (speed rating M)
  • 2-Year limited warranty

Taskmaster Radials

Taskmaster radials have double polyester cords and double steel belts for increased durability and endurance. A protective layer of nylon is wrapped around the steel belts to help prevent tread separation. Taskmaster radials are bake tested - a process usually reserved for automotive tires - to ensure that the rubber holds up over time.

Radial tire vs bias tire graphic

The standard tread on this tire has solid, continuous ribs, and there are very few sipes (or thin grooves) cut into the rubber. This tire is designed for use on trailers, so it doesn't require the level of traction that would be needed on a vehicle that is braking or steering.

Radial Tires vs. Bias Tires

Radial tire vs bias tire graphic

Radial ply tires are designed for trailers that are towed on the highway. The cords on a radial tire are positioned at a 90-degree angle to the direction of travel so that they lay across the width of the tire from wheel lip to wheel lip. This construction prevents the cords from rubbing against one another when the tire flexes, unlike the cords on a bias ply tire. As a result, radial tires have less rolling resistance and heat buildup, which leads to a longer tread life and improved steering at higher speeds.

TT48012C Task Master 480X12 Radial Ply Tire - LR C

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Customer Reviews

Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire - Load Range C - TT48012C

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (627 Customer Reviews)

Radial tire has a ply rating of 6 and a 990-lb max load at 90 psi. Constructed of double steel belts and double polyester cords with a nylon overlay. Great for highway use. Fits 12" wheels.


These Taskmaster 4.80R12 radials replaced a set of bias-ply tires that came with a 2003 LoadRite galvanized 5' x 8' flatbed single-axle utility trailer I purchased in June, 2022. After making several short local runs, the new tires got their first real workout during a trip from Pennsylvania to Georgia. The trailer was loaded to about 2/3 of its rated 1,620-lb. capacity. Those of you who travel up and down the East coast know how rough some sections of major roadways can be. In all conditions encountered (including driving rain, "uneven lanes" and flooded highways) the tires tracked rock steady and performed flawlessly. As I previously experienced with etrailer, customer service, website information and delivery were all 5-star. The site's recommendation of radial tires for highway-use applications was the main factor in my decision to buy this product and, so far, I am very pleased with the results.



After 3 East Coast round trips and 5,000+ miles of use, its still a 5-star experience. Thanks, etrailer!


Ordered with high pressure valve stems and bearings, races, seals. Seals had spring-tension around the lip which were like my original 1966 Alloy trailer seals! (Had been looking for that type for over 30 years). Even cotter pin supplied with bearings. Everything I needed in short order.


The tires were delivered to my front door very quickly and the quality looks great. Can't wait to get them mounted.

Leonard C.


I was wearing out two sets of bias tires per summer. I switched to the Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire - Load Range C radial tires, and after many miles on rough asphalt and gravel roads, they are holding up VERY well. Would highly recommend these tires. Looks like they will last at least two more years or more.


I bought this tire due to it being one of the most expensive tires on the market. I want my jet ski safe and not on crap tires. I have a triton trailer. I used a ceramic coating on them to hopefully extend their life.


I have driven the trailer little since I put these new radial tires on it. They did pull very well for the distance I pulled them. They hold inflation very well


Didn’t get 7 miles and my new tire went flat.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


Very unusual for that to happen. I will have our Customer Service team reach out to you.


Excellent tires; this is a replacement set for the same tires I had on my motorcycle trailer. Very pleased with the product


I spent extra money on these tires because I wanted to buy something nicer than the big box store tires. However, Etrailer sent me a pair that were over 2 YEARS OLD! When checking Etrailers website it even says that trailer tires lifespans are suggested to be 4-6 years...

When I reached out to etrailer Amy LE said this was normal practice for them and that I should just be happy with it.

Im sure the tire company is great but the customer service at Etrailer is subpar.


Beefy tires for a 12 inch wheel. Load range C and takes up to 90 psi. I run them on a utility trailer and they roll down the road just peachy.


I like radials but I am not happy with this tire. That said, I did purchase two more as they are the only radial tires in this size that I can find. Before, I was using a 4 ply tire on my trailer that lasted about 2 years. After losing the entire outer tread, I decided to go with this more expensive radial believing it would last longer. IT DID NOT. I got less than 5,000 miles out of it on a 500 pound trailer before the center belt shredded on the left wheel. Perhaps this tire was defective. I’ll try another to find out. Tried loading a picture to show but it say unsuccessful. Guess bad reviews are not shown.

Etrailer Expert

Heather A.


Since trailer tires are built with a thicker side wall they are designed to take a heavier load so they dont really have a mileage rating. Most trailer tires last 5-6 years before they should be replaced. However, there a few reasons for failure. Heat buildup is the leading reason for blow outs so it is a good idea to keep your trailer under the weight capacity of the tires. Overloaded tires allow for heat build up which leads to blow outs. These tires also require max PSI at all times. If they are underinflated tires also leads to heat buildup.


Bought a year ago, have not driven with them a lot, but my purpose was to provide margin for highway travel over the stock tires on my Malone kayak trailer (nothing wrong with the stock tires but 65 mph max rating and bias ply construction). The new tires track nice and show no signs of abnormal wear. While the loaded trailer is about 400 lbs, I run the tires at side wall max of 90 psi. From what I have read to date, it seems trailer tires recommendations cluster around the position to run side wall max, 90 psi for these. Delivery was fast as it has always has been with etrailer. Very happy customer.


quick delivery, product exactly as expected, delivery box was sturdy (big, but sturdy)


Worked perfect on small trailer, 8000 m iles.


Have worked well on boat trailer. Took it to Canada and back with no issues


Replacement tires for my Aluma MCTXL trailer. Pull behind motorcycle.


Galvanized rim for trailer spare. We live near salt water, and I only buy galvanized rims. Had to buy the tire, valve stem, and rim separately as this size radial tire is not sold as a combo-package, only sell bias ply tires on painteNd rims as combo package. If there was an option to have etrailer mount the tire, I didn’t see it. Fortunately, some of us old guys still know how to put a tire on a rim. The tire, rim & high pressure valve stem are all excellent quality (you always have to smooth the galvanized “barnacles” on a new rim in the seal area). Shipping & delivery was fast, and the tire mounted and inflated easily.



This spare tire fits my trailer mounted manlift, and my son’s 30’ RV trailer. Used it for a short period while I got a new replacement tire. No problems, it’s cheap insurance against getting stranded.


This was my first purchase with What a great experience and super fast delivery.


Very good looking tire with an M speed rating. I would buy them again.


Amazing service and delivery time!


Quick delivery! Tires look good. Getting them on today. Hopeful that they will perform as good as they look.


I pulled a boat trailer with these tires for 950 miles without a hitch at 65 mph.


Great product fast delivery great customer service I will be ordering from you again.



Fantastic, I’m planning on buying the same tire again when it is time to replace them.


The finish on this wheel was pretty rough. It appeared to have curb rash on the circumference and there were paint flakes in the lug nut/ valve stem holes. It’s hard to tell if this was a brand new wheel with a horrible paint job that also dripped down all on one side or if it was welded and refurbished and then sold as new. The tire mounted OK, with no apparent leaks so far. I guess it will be OK for my Harbor Freight light utility trailer, unless it starts leaking or it comes apart some how.


They look really well built! Way better than what the trailer Manufacturer installed on the trailer when it was built. can’t wait to get them on the trailer


Bought because of long trip over 900 miles, ran 70 to 75 mph no problems at all.

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See what our Experts say about this Taskmaster Trailer Tires and Wheels

  • Is Taskmaster Trailer Tire Directional
    The Taskmaster 4.80R12 sized tire, part # TT48012C, not directional so it'll work great for a spare tire. You can use it on either side of your trailer. This tire is rated up to 990 pounds at 90 psi. It's also speed rated up to 81 mph. I've also linked some additional articles on trailer tires for you.
    view full answer...
  • What is the Correct PSI for a 4.80-12 Trailer Tire
    The only tire pressure we can recommend for a trailer tire, regardless of load, is the max psi listed on the sidewall. The reason for this is it's what the trailer tire manufacturer recommends as this is what will be needed in order to achieve the max capacity of the tire at any given time. There are many who play with the psi based on load so they get the best mix between comfort and support but simply put, we cannot recommend this as the manufacturer cautions against. Therefore, I cannot...
    view full answer...
  • Will Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Tire Work Better in Place of Bias Ply on Rougher Roads
    A radial tire like the Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire - Load Range C Item # TT48012C that you referenced would hold up really well on the highway and the rough roads you mentioned. The advantage that bias ply tires have in rougher conditions isn't significant enough compared to how much better radials perform on the highway that the only time we recommend a bias ply is if the tire doesn't see any highway use.
    view full answer...
  • Availability of Trailer Tire in Size 4.80-12
    We have trailer tires in the size of 4.80-12 by themselves without wheels like the Taskmaster 4.80-12 Load Range C part # TT48012C which is a great option. I attached a review video for this tire for you to check out as well.
    view full answer...
  • What Size Wheel Does a 4.80-12 Tire Fit
    4.80-12 tires like your current Loadstar tires all fit 12" diameter x 4" wide wheels. This means that your current wheels must measure 12" x 4" so the Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire - Load Range C # TT48012C will fit and work as a replacement for your current tires.
    view full answer...
  • Recommendation For Replacement Tires For Light Duty Trailer Suited For Highway Speeds
    Since you want a tire that is durable and can run at highway speeds, I recommend the Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire, Item # TT48012C. This tire matches the information you sent and has a 990-lb maximum load capacity at 90 psi. It is a radial tire designed for trailers that is great for highway use and has a maximum speed of 81 mph. If you have other questions or if this is not the right size, send me more information and I will make a correct recommendation. Additional information...
    view full answer...
  • Recommendation For Replacement Tire For 12 Inch Tire With 4-On-4 Bolt Pattern
    Base on your information, I recommend the Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire, Item # TT48012C. It is a radial tire specially designed for trailer use that is great for highway driving. It is a good all-terrain, all weather tire that is built with durability and stability in mind. It fits 12 inch x 4 inch rims and has a maximum load capacity of 990-lbs at 90 psi. It meets DOT specifications and has a maximum speed of 81 mph. This Taskmaster radial trailer tire is built to provide...
    view full answer...
  • Recommended 4.80-12 Inch Tire For Boat Trailer With 81 MPH Speed Rating
    You can move up to a 12 inch tire with the speed rating you desire in the Taskmaster 4.80-12 Trailer Tire - Load Range C # TT48012C which will fit any 12 x 4 inch wheel/rim you desire.
    view full answer...
  • High Speed Rated Trailer Tire Size 4.80-12
    87 MPH is really high for a trailer tire. Especially in the size of 4.80-12. Typically trailer tires are rated for 65 with some exceptions for 75 and 81 mph. We have the Taskmaster Tire 4.80-12 part # TT48012C which is rated for 81 mph. You should see a speed rating your current tire as well that you can compare.
    view full answer...
  • Tire Pressure for Trailer Tires and Small Trailer using Taskmaster 4.8R12 ST Tires
    The Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire # TT48012C and all trailer tires we carry are intended to be run at their max PSI listed on the tire when filled cold. This is different than your Harley or vehicle tires because of the way ST trailer tires are made. You should run these tires at 90 PSI when filled before the friction of the road heats them up. These tires are rated for speeds up to 81 mph so as long as you are under that speed, your tires function as intended. With your loaded...
    view full answer...
  • Info Needed to Pick Out Replacement Axle for Trailer
    I'd need the distance between the spring centers of your current axle as well as the distance from hub face to hub face and I'd be able to pick out the correct axle for your application. The axle info for trailer at this time is not shared anywhere online for us to be able to check and see what yours came with. We also would need to know what axle capacity you need. The rest of the components you mentioned needing will all be based off the axle capacity you'd need so we'd need to start...
    view full answer...
  • Replacement Tire for Carlisle 4.80-12 on 12 inch Wheel
    I did some research on your Carlisle 9009705 tire/wheel combo and your wheel has a 12" diameter and has a 4" width (which is bead seat to bead seat). A wheel having a 3-3/4" bead seat measurement is pretty unusual so even if this were the case I would recommend that you use a whole different assembly so that it's easier to replace the tire in the future. To replace your current tire I highly recommend the Taskmaster # TT48012C because it has a weight rating of 990 lbs at 90 psi and a max...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Is Load Rating of Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire For One Tire or Two
    The 990 lb load rating is for a single Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire - Load Range C # TT48012C. So two of the Taskmaster # TT48012C would have a capacity of 1,980 lbs.
    view full answer...
  • How Much Clearance Between Trailer Tire and Wheel Well
    Having 5 inches above the trailer tire or no less than about 4 inches when the trailer is loaded is perfect. A leaf spring suspension will allow the axle to rack to a certain degree, so to prevent the tires from rubbing I'd allow the same 4-5 inches of wheel well clearance fore and aft of the tire. I've linked to our trailer wheel/tire help articles which you might find helpful.
    view full answer...
  • Trailer Tire Recommendation for Size 4.80-12 that Can do Highway Speeds
    I do have a great solution for you, but if you exceed the speed rating of a trailer tire it will get too hot and will very easily fail. I can't safely recommend you exceed the speed rating of your tire by 10 mph for 200 miles. Instead the tire part # TT48012C is a 4.80-/4.00-12 tire like you need but with an 81 mph speed rating. This will easily let you cruise at 70 mph.
    view full answer...
  • Contact Patch of Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire
    The section width of the Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire part # TT48012C is 4.84", the actual contract patch with the road will vary based on inflation. That said, pretty much all tires this size will have similar contact patches so if you want more you'll have to go with another size like 5.30-12, the Taskmaster 5.30R12 Radial Trailer Tire part # TT53012C for example which has a section width of 5.39".
    view full answer...
  • Recommended Tires for Teske 4 x 8 Utility Trailer with 4.80-12 Tires
    For your Teske 4' x 8' utility trailer I would stick with the 4.80-12 tire size. From what I have found, your trailer weighs approximately 460 lbs so with your bike you are looking for tires that can handle 1,460 lbs and are rated for a higher speed. Based on this information, a larger tire would present no real advantage and would add the additional cost of new wheels. I recommend the Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire # TT48012C. This radial tire has maximum load of 990 lbs at 90...
    view full answer...
  • Recommended High-Quality 4.80-12 Radial Trailer Tire
    So it's simply not possible to add 4 inches of height from a 4.80-12 trailer tire without not only getting larger wheels but also a wider tire. You would need at least a 14 inch wheel and tires that are double the width in order to get a tire that is as tall as you are looking for; it's simply not possible as that size just doesn't exist. From what it sounds like you are having trouble with tires wearing out on the highway, so you may currently have a bias trailer tire, so the solution...
    view full answer...
  • Radial or Bias Ply Trailer Tire for Size 4.80R12
    Radials are superior to bias ply tires basically in all ways for highway applications. They really only have a marginal advantage in off road situations and even then it's not by much. At one point they were a lot less expensive so the choice was harder to weigh but since they both cost about the same now there's really no advantage to the bias ply. So for the tire size of 4.80R12 the radial Taskmaster tire part # TT48012C is the way to go.
    view full answer...
  • Replacement Tires for Highway Travel on 5x8 Utility Trailer With 4.80-12 Tires
    Speed rating is definitely something to be aware of. You also want to make sure your tires are properly inflated since that is a common reason for tire failure. For a replacement I recommend getting a radial tire since they are the best for highway/general use. The Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire # TT48012C would be a great choice. This tire has a speed rating of M for 81 mph so you won't have to worry about going too fast. It also has a max load of 990 lbs at 90 psi. If you were...
    view full answer...
  • Higher Speed Rated Radial Trailer Tire in Size 4.80-12
    We have just what you are looking for with the Taskmaster part # TT48012C which is a 4.80-12 tire size that's a radial and has a higher speed rating of 81 mph.
    view full answer...
  • Radial Trailer Tire Recommendation for Size 4.80-12
    We have the Taskmaster Radial trailer tire part # TT48012C in the size you need of 4.80-12 which would work really well. It has a 990 lb weight capacity and also has a higher speed rating. I attached a review video for this tire for you to check out as well.
    view full answer...
  • Choosing Between Radial and Bias Ply 4.80-12 Tires for Highway and Off-Road
    The radial tire will run cooler with prolonged use on the highway so if this is going to make up the majority of the use then that is what I recommend using. The greatest chance for failure will be out on the highway as pressure and temperatures build due to the prolonged use so the radial is the clear favorite. It's not out of the ordinary for trailers to spend most of their time out on the highway and then some off-roading when they get to the campsite so radials, the Taskmaster 4.80R12...
    view full answer...
  • Tires for 2006 Continental JB157-700 Trailer for Long Trip
    There is nothing wrong with using 4.80-12 tires on your 2006 Continental trailer. However, these are more than likely bias ply tires with a 65 mph speed rating. If that is the case, I recommend upgrading to the Taskmaster 4.80R12 Radial Trailer Tire # TT48012C. Radial tires have better performance on the highway, and in general, when compared to bias ply tires. These also have a speed rating of M for 81 mph. By keeping the same tire size and switching to radial tires you won't have to...
    view full answer...

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