Push button tester lets you know your break away system is ready to go. Box mounts on the side of the trailer tongue. System is designed to bring a trailer safely to a stop by activating its electric brakes, should it disconnect while you are towing. Lowest Prices for the best Trailer Breakaway Kit from Hopkins. Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit with Charger and Tester part number 20099 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit with Charger and Tester

Hopkins Trailer Breakaway Kit

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Hopkins Trailer Breakaway Kit - 20099

Push button tester lets you know your break away system is ready to go. Box mounts on the side of the trailer tongue. System is designed to bring a trailer safely to a stop by activating its electric brakes, should it disconnect while you are towing.


  • Kit Includes:
    • Built-in battery charger
    • Weather-resistant battery box
    • Sealed 12-volt rechargeable 5-amp-hour battery
    • Charges at 1/2 volt below voltage supplied by towing vehicle
    • Break-Away switch
    • LED tester - shows if battery is good, bad or charging
    • Mounting screws
  • Box can be mounted on trailer jack or trailer frame
  • Works with single and tandem axle trailers
  • Has automatic shut-off when fully charged
    • Green indicator light will remain on even when charge is full
  • Dimensions:
    • 5-5/8" Wide x 5-1/8" Tall x 4-1/8" Deep
  • 1-Year limited warranty

The Breakaway system is designed to bring trailers safely to a stop by activating electric brakes, should a trailer be disconnected while you are driving. This type of safety system is required in most states on trailers rated over 3,000 GVW.

Product detail

LED light glows when battery is charged.

Same as 20119 (brown box)

20099 Hopkins Engager SM Break Away System with LED Battery Monitor (retail packaging)

Video of Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit with Charger and Tester

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Hopkins Trailer Breakaway Kit 20099 Review

Today were going to review part number 20099. This is the Hopkins Engager Trailer Breakaway Kit with the charger and tester. This breakaway system kit is designed to bring trailers safely to a stop by activating its electric trailer brakes on the trailer should that trailer be disconnected while driving. This type of safety system is required in most states on trailers that are rated over 3,000 pounds. This kit does include a built in battery charger in this weather resistant battery box. On the side is a sealed 12-volt rechargeable 5 amp battery.

It does also include this breakaway switch. It has an LED tester, which is included in here. You will see if you push it itll show green for charged. Now if it shows red it would need to be recharged and if it shows yellow that means its charging. It does also include the mounting screws to mount this to the trailer and includes this cable with the pin on the end.

The pin is what would attach into the breakaway switch.Now this box can be mounted on a trailer jack or on the trailer frame. This will work with single axle and tandem axle trailers. This does have an automatic shut off. When fully charged this green indicator light will remain on even when the charge is full. Basically the way you would install this, you would use your three mounting screws and theres the three mounting locations.

This box has three wires coming out of it. The white would need to be attached to a good ground. The black would go to the vehicles battery, and then this blue wire would actually attach to the blue wire on this breakaway switch. Then this other black wire on the breakaway switch would attach to the electric brake wire coming from the trailer side connector. This would actually be mounted closer to the front of the trailer.Basically once thats all wired up what you need to do is insert your pin and push it all the way in and then run your steel cable here up to your tow vehicle and attach it.

What happens in the case of where your trailer might come disconnected it would pull that pin out. When that pin was released from this breakaway switch it would activate current from this battery box to the electric brakes on your trailer, which then would stop the trailer immediately.A few dimensions on this. This box is 5 and 5/8 inches wide. It is 5 and 1/8 inches tall and 4 and 1/8 inch deep. That should do it for the review on part number 20099, the Hopkins Engager Trailer Breakaway Kit with charger and tester.

Customer Reviews

Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit with Charger and Tester - 20099

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (86 Customer Reviews)

Push button tester lets you know your break away system is ready to go. Box mounts on the side of the trailer tongue. System is designed to bring a trailer safely to a stop by activating its electric brakes, should it disconnect while you are towing.

- 20099

by: Mike B.04/14/2010

Excellent product! I got this for Christmas 2009. The kit comes complete with unit and easy-to-follow instructions. I installed it last week (4/10) in about 30 minutes and it worked like a charm (minus a little brake wire issue that had nothing to do with the break-away switch). The charger works off the wiring harness, for those of us who don't have PUP batteries, and a push of the test button shows charge status: Fully Charged, Recharge, or Charging. No guess work involved. The only complaint, albeit a very minor one, was that it only came with three (3) self-taping screws; the main housing unit took 3 on my unit (sometimes two depending on the width of the mount frame) and the switch housing requires one. Additional cost: $0.13 at the local hardware store. Highly recommended!!! 2931

- 20099

by: Schief06/07/2010

Seems adequate Just installed this on our 09 Fleetwood Taos which did not come with a battery. Installation not too difficult, but battery box is too tall to get all three screws on the tongue frame, so just used two and seems sturdy enough. On the camper, I had two wires (a black and a white) coming out of the frame near the 7-wire cable, these had a connector clip at the end. The camper had a breakaway switch that was spliced to these 2 wires. So I followed the wiring diagram and connected the new switch and battery to these wires, instead of splicing into the 7-wire cable. Will do a test, to see if this was right. Wires from battery box are not long enough to mount the battery to frame under the front of the camper and reach the switch near front of the tongue. 3109

- 20099

by: DieselDOC7102/02/2015

I will just make this short, overall it’s a good product, straight forward, easy to install. I wanted something that would keep my break away battery charged. With a built in battery charger and indicator this fit the bill. I however find that it is very susceptible to rain intrusion because there is no seal between the lid and battery box. The charge indicator light will come on and kill your battery, so because I needed this thing on the road, I dried it out and sealed it up with silicone. I did contact E-trailer and the where very helpful with my issue. 172058

- 20099

by: Bryon05/14/2011

Got my breakaway kit in 2 days. It took 2 Hrs to install...works GREAT>>>>>it replaced the 7 year old dead batt and kit on trailer. My trailer don't have a "power" wire for the charger..if your trailer does cut 30 min's off install time. As a professional truck driver SAFETY FIRST on my trailer...and the Test button lets me know it is good to go. 13925

- 20099

by: Tim P.04/09/2011

Pros: Sturdy enclosure, test button, break-away switch comes with 2 pins (handy when somebody drives off with your break-away cable) Cons: Conductors battery enclosure without any jacket/loom, conductors not protected from chaffing where they exit the plastic battery enclosure, conductors leaving battery box are short (18"), no strain relief of conductors exiting battery box (only thing holding them in the box is the solder connection to the charger pcb). Self-tapping screws don't appear corrosion resistant. Not sure if there is a higher quality product available. While this will get the job done, I wasn't impressed. 11407

- 20099

by: George04/15/2014

Great item, installs easy and works gre at. 125127


Just as stated from company, great

George - 05/05/2015


- 20099

by: Gary02/11/2013

Bought this to replace the box that was torn up by thieves who stole my trailer. Previous box did not have the battery charge tester, so this is a nice upgrade. Very durable construction. Easy installation and instructions, which included a good drawing. Super fast shipping, which prompted me to order more items. Have dealt with etrailer.com in the past, and I am glad that I returned. 65762


Hi Patrick, thanks for the one year check-up.I have had no issues with the kit, it all works like it is supposed to. Thankfully, I havent had to test it for what it is designed for.

comment by: Gary - 02/14/2014


- 20099

by: MrDually02/23/2015

I own several trailers with electric brakes on two axles with this kit. All have lasted for many years. Indicator light is very handy for an easy check especially if I don't use the trailer very often. Easy to wire in to an existing system. Most all new trucks come with a battery lead to the factory connector that keeps this battery charged. Just need to make sure to have a 6 or 7 pin plug to the trailer. 175816

- 20099

by: Rick S.09/18/2012

Arrived within a couple of days, everything I thought it would be, took a hour to mount because I soldered and heat shrunk all connections. Everythng I've ever bought from etrailer has been quality parts. 55074

- 20099

by: Tim M06/18/2012

The easiest, most courteous, prompt people to do business with. I have already told anyone that would listen how accommodating etrailer is. I was pleased my shipping was free but couldn’t believe it when they emailed me and told me they upgraded my delivery with no additional charges. I had everything delivered in one box in 3 days and all parts were excactly correct and worked perfectly. 44638

- 20099

by: Performance Irrigation01/31/2013

The verdict is still out on this unit, but it is what comes on all of the trailers we have purchased even the brand new one we just recieved. We do have some issues with the LED staying on after detaching the truck from the trailer, but hopefully a new unit will take care of it this time. 64716

- 20099

by: Justin12/16/2010

great product, better service Very nicely packaged, plastic case appears to be very durable with sturdy mounting tabs, entire assembly is very compact and easy to mount. All hardware is included. Installation instructions are clear, complete, and easy to understand. 4212

- 20099

by: Scott W.06/04/2013

Exactly what was described. The product was manufactured well and very easy to install. The information provided was easy to decipher and used the wiring harness diagram for easy install. I never go just color wire to color wire so wiring by function was easy. 83327

- 20099

by: Rick Fitz06/07/2015

So far so good but the door or lid that seals the battery and the electronic charger does not fit tight and if mounted out in the open rain WILL get in it. This was not an expensive unit so I cant beat it up to much but keeping electronic dry is a basic. 201424

- 20099

by: Ricky M10/22/2011

The kit has all the components you need to complete the breakaway system for your trailer with electric brakes. I conjunction with a junction box (Item 38656 or similar), I rewired the front of my trailer with a very neat, clean, and serviceable system. 25967

- 20099

by: MReeves08/19/2014

Product was exactly what I expected... Insulation was a breeze with the great directions included... Used this to replace the old kit on my 32' enclosed race car trailer... Recommend this product to anyone that is need of a new break away kit..... 147491

- 20099

by: Brian02/26/2011

Breakaway kit is easy to mount and connect. Very clear instructions. Good value for the money. The folks at etrailer.com are great. Very nice website, easy search, loads of products, great support and fast shipping with standard UPS. Thanks. 7945

- 20099

by: bob ettel09/26/2014

the product description gave me all the info to make an informed decision. The price was by far the lowest I found and shipping cost was very reasonable. And I also appreciate the follow up. I would highly recommend your company. Thanks!!! 153279

- 20099

by: larry fraser05/25/2011

this type of installation is not only easy but will help when my clients get pulled over for any reason by a traffic officer who wants to check his trailer. They can at a glance see the battery is good. We have installed 7 of these so far. 15390

- 20099

by: Access Const.03/17/2011

2nd time purchasing from E-trailer, 1st time for this product, always easy to order, aways prompt delivery, and always ready to help you. Product is what I expected in great shape when delivered. Have not given it the test drive yet. 9589

- 20099

by: Jimmy J.11/18/2014

Product arrived a day earlier than expected (Happy) So far the service from E-trailer has been excellent.... One of the best vendor web sites I have ever visited...keep up the good work...I'll be back 161662

- 20099

by: Travis06/25/2013

Easy to install! Works perfectly and was a great safety addition to my 16ft trailer. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone with a large trailer that's used regularly for heavy loads. 85971

- 20099

by: J.R.07/27/2013

I wired this break away to a dual axle trailer. Very simple and straight forward job to do. It works great. Still holding a charge after weeks of not using. I would definitely buy this again. 91867

- 20099

by: Wayne P.04/21/2014

The unit currently on the trailer needed a new battery and some repair to box itself from sun and usage, it was almost the same price to replace the entire unit as fix, plus saved time for me. 126323

- 20099

by: Mitchell Davis01/30/2012

When I got the break away kit when it was delivered to my house I started installing it an it was a ease to hook up an I been working great for 2 years on my trailer thanks alot once again 30525

- 20099

by: DAVE Z05/02/2012

The Engager breakaway kit is an excellent product, easy to install with good wiring diagrams. E Trailer had a good priced and shipped very quickly. Good customer service. 39217

- 20099

by: Fred F12/24/2011

Very quick delivery, excellent communications, they went the extra mile to get me the products I ordered in the time frame I had. Thank You and Merry Christmas 28679

- 20099

by: Robert01/02/2012

Product was shipped only a day after I ordered it and was delvered within just a few days, product was easy to install and seems to be a really great item. 28993

- 20099

by: Ed H.05/28/2014

Product exactly as expected, shipped immediately, and delivered quickly via standard shipping. I would certainly make future purchases via trailer. 133060

- 20099

by: Karl Hoult12/05/2013

Received everything as I ordered. Great price and fast shipping. 5 minute install of the brake control with the wiring adapter for my truck. 109312

- 20099

by: Don W01/15/2013

Exact replacement for kit that came on my 2007 Sundowner. Fairly easy install, except for the rivets Sundowner used on the factory install. 63084

- 20099

by: Steve G.01/04/2013

The product was exactly what I was looking for. I recieved it in 3 days with a holiday in-between the service was great and pricing was fair. 62447

- 20099

by: big d03/28/2011

fast ship, quality product, company checked on my satisfaction. this company gets an A in my book for customer service and a quality product. 10523

- 20099

by: bob k06/03/2014

Great Breakaway kit , I have used them before and this is the most complete ,easy to install kit . Would recommend them highly. 133948

- 20099

by: Edward H.12/13/2012

The product that was received is as described in web site. E-Trailer was quick to respond in shipping item to the adddress. 61321

- 20099

by: Andrew MacDonald02/23/2011

Does what it says, website has extremely helpful information and the product shipped immediately with clear instructions. 7737

- 20099

by: Diana01/21/2013

So far so good. I had my brother-in-law install it on my older Circle J horse trailer. He mounted it in the tackroom. 63704

- 20099

by: Mark O.12/03/2014

Timely shipping of orders arrived in great shape Looks like it will be easy to install using your video Thanks 163258

- 20099

by: WiDoW08/10/2013

Really easy to install. Great instructions. The battery came charged and ready to go. Thanks, etrailer. 94408

- 20099

by: Mac J.08/31/2011

Everything was delivered as expected. I have used the product before - it has worked very well. Thanks, Mac 23299

- 20099

by: Gerald C.02/17/2011

Installed easily during BBQ Trailer Rebuild. Battery holds life and recharges while truck is attached. 7321

- 20099

by: brandon h09/13/2012

shipped fast easy to install even though my trailer wiring was a little backwards. works great!!! 54575

- 20099

by: DWP09/24/2012

Yet to be installed. Effectiveness to be determined. Product is as described on Web page. 55647

- 20099

by: Greg C09/08/2011

Exact replacement breakaway kit for my trailer. Easy to install took about 30 minutes . 23678

- 20099

by: Rich06/18/2014

This was an exact replacement for what had been previously installed on my tow dolly. 136392

- 20099

by: Big D08/05/2014

Works great. Easy to hook up and easy to see led panel for charge and battery state. 144433

- 20099

by: Eric S.04/05/2011

Like the battery moniter feature and the break away switch comes with a spare insert. 11131

- 20099

by: Robert01/28/2013

Good price, fast delivery and product is what I expected - as advertised. Thanks 64364

- 20099

by: Charles D.08/24/2012

Best bang for the buck, easy to see if it is charged, holds up well in the weather. 52920

- 20099

by: David W06/02/2014


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Ask the Experts about this Hopkins Trailer Breakaway Kit
Do you have a question about this Trailer Breakaway Kit?

  • Wiring Diagram for the Curt 4 Pole to 7 Pole Adapter # C57674 And Wiring for Trailer Brakes
  • The wiring for the Adapter 4 Pole to 7 Pole and 4 Pole, item # C57674, is wired as follows. The white wire is grounded to the vehicle frame as you have indicated. The Yellow wire is the center pole of the 7-Way connector and is normally used for connection to the reverse light circuit. In your case you will not need the yellow wire. The blue wire is for connection of the electric brake feed wire from a brake controller. You will need a brake controller in your Sienna to activate the...
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  • How to Release the Brakes on a Trailer Once the Break Away Switch Is Activated
  • If you still have the plunger end that goes in the break away switch, then you can simply insert the plunger back into the switch and that should cut off the power to the brakes on your trailer. If you no longer have the plunger, then you can either remove the break away battery or cut one of the wires going to or from the break away switch. One wire is coming from the break away battery and the other is going to the brake circuit on the trailer. Cutting one of those wires will terminate...
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  • How to Wire the Engager Breakaway Kit to Charge the Breakaway Battery
  • The black wire on the Engager breakaway system # 20099 will be connected to a 12v auxiliary power wire coming off of the trailer connector. This wire is typically the number 4 black terminal in the 7-way connector, but you will need to test to determine if your plug is wired this way, as the auxiliary function can also be located on the center pin. Installing the black wire from the breakaway system to the 12 volt power source will allow the battery to charge when you have the trailer...
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  • Charging a Trailer Breakaway System Battery Using the 12 Volt Circuit on a 7-Way Connector
  • To charge the battery in the Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit, # 20099, you can attach the wire from the 12 volt circuit on the trailer side 7-Way (1 oclock position on the back of the trailer side 7-Way where the wires attach) to the input wire on the trailer breakaway system. This system has a charger built in to it. As long as it is connected to a function 12 volt circuit it will charge the battery. When connected to the towing vehicle and the vehicle on and/or running, the 12 volt circuit...
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  • Does the Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit with Charger and Tester, # 20099 Come with Instructions
  • Yes, the Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit with Charger and Tester, # 20099, does come with instructions, which I have linked for you. There is also a wiring color code on the box lid. If you look at the second picture on the product page you will see the color code information. The more detailed wiring instructions found in the manual for the kit are as follows: 1. Splice one blue wire of the Break-Away Switch to the electric brake wire coming from the trailer side connector. 2. Connect...
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  • Replacement Trailer Battery Box Recommendation
  • If all you need is a replacement battery box you could get a Replacement Box with Non-LED Lid for Engager Breakaway Kit, part # HM20120. You may also be interested in purchasing a Hopkins Replacement LED Lid for #20099, part # 20106, if you would like an easy way of knowing the condition of the charge on your trailer battery.
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  • Can a Trailer Break Away Battery be Charged from the 7-Way Trailer Connector
  • If you have a break away kit that does not include a charger, you can provide a charge to the battery using the 12 volt circuit or auxiliary circuit from the vehicle 7-Way trailer connector. However, using the 7-Way can overcharge a break away battery. It would better to add a charger designed for a break away battery like # 20011.
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  • Wiring a Trailer Breakaway Kit on a Bigfoot Travel Trailer
  • In order for a break away system to power electric trailer brakes, it will need a 12 volt power source (a battery mounted on the trailer). The battery has to provide a full 15 minutes of braking power to comply with DOT regulations. On the trailer connector there is a wire that goes back to the trailer brakes. This wire may be black or blue depending on the specific system. Attach one wire from the switch to the wire that goes to the trailer brakes. There should be another wire, usually...
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  • How to Wire Up a Breakaway Battery and an Auxiliary Battery on a Trailer without Backfeeding
  • It sounds like the house battery is backfeeding onto the breakaway battery charge line so as long as the ground is connecting it is taking a charge from the tilt battery and that is why your charge light is staying on. I have a solution for you, you will need a single function diode part # RM-690. You will need to wire it in between the breakaway battery and the tilt battery and it will stop the backfeeding from your tilt battery to the rest of the 12 volt circuit wiring of your trailer. Check...
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  • What are the Functions of the 3 Wires on Hopkins LED Breakaway Switch, # HM20059
  • You are correct, the Hopkins LED Breakaway Switch, # HM20059, does have 3 wires. The white wire is the ground wire and should be attached to the trailer frame. The blue wire on the switch will connect to the electric brake wire coming from the trailer side connector. The black wire goes to the break away battery. This part is just a switch, if you need a new system, I recommend Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit with Charger and Tester, # 20099. I have included a link to the installation details...
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  • How to Wire Up a Breakaway Battery and an Auxiliary Battery on a Trailer without Backfeeding
  • It sounds like the tilt battery is backfeeding onto the breakaway battery charge line so as long as the ground is connecting it is taking a charge from the tilt battery and that is why your charge light is staying on. I have a solution for you, you will need a single function diode part # RM-690. You will need to wire it in between the breakaway battery and the tilt battery and it will stop the backfeeding from your tilt battery to the rest of the 12 volt circuit wiring of your trailer. Check...
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  • Do Your Breakaway Kits Meet DOT Requirements
  • Yes all of our breakaway kits meet DOT requirements.
    view full answer...

  • The Charge Light for Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit Stays On All the Time
  • The fact that it is staying on even when the trailer is not connected is strange. According to the installation details linked for reference, if the trailer is connected to the tow vehicle, the yellow charging light will always be on. The light stays on just to show that the unit is connected and has power. Since it is staying on, it has to be drawing power from the break away battery. The box is water resistant but not water proof. Moisture or corrosion build up in the box or wiring...
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  • Charging Light Stays on with the Vehicle Off and Trailer Connected on BreakAway Kit # 20099
  • According to the installation details linked below, if the trailer is connected to the tow vehicle, the yellow charging light will always be on. I spoke with my contact at Hopkins and he stated that the Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit with Charger and Tester, # 20099, has its own system that monitors when it is receiving power and will not draw power with the vehicle off. It will not drain the tow vehicle battery or overcharge the break away battery. The light stays on just to show that the...
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  • Troubleshooting Confusing LED Lights on a Hopkins Engager Trailer Breakaway Kit
  • It sounds like you might have one or two situations going on there. First, use the installation instructions, linked here for you, and make sure the breakaway kit is wired correctly. Also, check to be sure the plastic breakaway switch pin is correctly inserted into the breakaway switch housing. Next, make sure that the ground wire from the breakaway kit, # 20401, is attached to the trailer frame and not wired into the trailer connector. My contact at Hopkins indicated that this could...
    view full answer...

  • Is a Charging Circuit Board Included with Replacement Lid 20106 for TAP Engager Breakaway System
  • Yes, the replacement lid for the # 20099 breakaway kit, part # 20106, does include the charging circuit board, attached to the inner side of the lid. You can view an image of the circuit board at the link below.
    view full answer...

  • Can a Breakaway System Battery Charger Charge a Car Battery to Power a Trailer Mounted Winch
  • There are a couple of different things going on. First, a 12 volt circuit from a trailer connector will not be able to charge a battery, it will only be able to provide a maintenance charge, maintaining the charge level of the battery but not adding anything to it. While it may be sufficient for smaller breakaway batteries, it will not be sufficient for a 12 volt automotive or deep cycle battery. I recommend using a dedicated battery for the breakaway system, like the Engager Trailer...
    view full answer...

  • How Long Will the Engager Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Last Without a Charge
  • Battery life depends on so many factors that it is hard to quantify the life any given battery. I spoke with my contact at Hopkins and he stated that if the battery is stored outside he estimates a 3 to 6 month life span. If stored inside it will last a little longer and will most likely make it to 6 months. If the battery is not being charged via the 7-Way trailer connector regularly then it is recommended to charge the battery every 3 months using a battery charger like # CTEK56158. If...
    view full answer...

  • The Yellow Charge Light Stays On Even When Trailer Disconnected on Engager BreakAway Kit
  • Since the light is staying on even when the trailer is disconnected, this would indicate that the light for the Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit, # 20099, is drawing power from the break away battery. The box is water resistant but not water proof. Moisture or corrosion build up in the box or wiring could cause a short circuit leading power to go to the light. This would mean that the lid will need to be replaced. It is part # 20106. I also recommend making sure the battery is in good working...
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting Trailer Break-Away System that Isnt Fully Applying Trailer Brakes
  • The first thing I'd check is that the break away battery is fully charged and in good condition. Check the terminals for corrosion, clean them if needed. Then, you'll want to take a look at the wiring instructions for a common break away system that I've linked for you, and ensure that the system has been wired properly. With the pin pulled, use a multi meter like part # BTMT15 and make sure you're getting a full 12 volts at the brake magnets. I would also check the brakes for proper...
    view full answer...

  • The Engager Brake Away System, # 20099, Does Not Engage The Brakes When The Pin Is Pulled
  • On the Hopkins Engager Trailer Breakaway Kit, # 20099, you should test the black wire on the battery box to make sure you have power going in to the battery box. The black wire will be connected to a 12v auxiliary power wire on the trailer connector. If you do not have power on the black wire you will want to make sure you have the white ground wire from the battery box connected to the ground wire on the trailer connector and that the black wire is connected to the 12v auxiliary wire...
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  • Trailer Brake Controller Only Works with Pin Pulled on Trailer Breakaway Kit
  • This does sound like a short or a ground issue. It could also be corrosion inside or on the trailer connectors. You can test the charger by applying 12 volts of power to the power wire on the charger and then testing the output side to the breakaway battery on the trailer using a circuit tester like # 3808 to see if it is applying power to the system. Make sure that all ground from the main trailer connector, to the breakaway system, and on to the brake magnets are all grounded to clean...
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  • Can Trailer Running Light Circuit Be Used to Charge a Trailer Breakaway Battery
  • The running light circuit on your trailer connector, typically a brown wire as you note, is not suitable for charging a breakaway battery. A dedicated 12V auxiliary power feed to your trailer is suitable for maintaining a breakaway battery (but not for charging a depleted one). It is always best to charge your breakaway battery (and any other on-board 12V trailer batteries) with a dedicated charger like one of the CTEK units, part # CTEK56158 for example, before heading out. Then you...
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  • Breakaway Switch Recommendation to Replace a Bargman Breakaway on a 1976 Nomad Trailer
  • The Bargman breakaway switch that you have is still sold to this day. Basically, you can use any breakaway switch that you would like. They are a very simple device. Once the pin is pulled it completes the circuit from the breakaway battery and the trailer brakes which applies the trailer brakes. What I recommend is a system that comes with a charger. Take a look at the Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit, # 20099. This is our most popular kit. It comes with the switch, a battery, a box, charger,...
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  • Trailer Brakes Not Working When Using Hopkins Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit # 20099
  • The Hopkins Engager Trailer Breakaway Kit, part # 20099, uses the 12V power wire on your vehicle 7-way connector to charge the breakaway battery so it can activate your trailer electric brakes in the event of a trailer disconnect. Your tow vehicle battery provides the charging voltage for the breakaway battery (but only when the engine is running). I suggest you review the linked article concerning the installation of breakaway kits. This covers important details for both installation...
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  • What Type Of Clip Is Used To Attach The Cable Of Hopkins Breakaway Kit # 20099 To The Vehicle
  • The Hopkins Trailer Breakaway Kit, part # 20099, does require a pretty good pull on the cable for it to come out of the breakaway switch. It is designed to be able to be pulled out when the trailer becomes disconnected from the vehicle, but not when there is just a light pull from any small object that might interfere with the cable. They do not list a pulling strength on the cable of the breakaway kit. Many people just put the cable through the safety chain loop on the hitch and then...
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  • Is there a Replacement Lid for the Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit, # 20099
  • Yes, we do have a replacement lid for the Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit, # 20099. The replacement is Hopkins Replacement LED Lid, # 20106.
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  • What System Can Be Used to Activate Brakes on a Tow Dolly in Case it Un-Couples
  • What you are referring to is a break-away kit. Most of the tow dollies I know of do not come with a break-way kit, but they are fairly simple to add. For example, you could use the RoadMaster Tow Dolly with Electric Brakes, part # RM-2000-1. To this you could add a break-away kit like part # 20099. I have added a link to a page that has all our break-away kits so you can find the one that best fits your needs or taste. I have added a link to a video that shows how to install the 20099...
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  • Selecting a Breakaway Battery and Box for a 12,000 Pound Dual Axle Trailer Towed by a 2010 Titan
  • When replacing the battery on your trailer, I would recommend using a 12 volt 5 amp hour battery like the Breakaway Kit Replacement 12 V Battery, item # HM20008. The brand of battery is not particularly important as long as your system does not have special features like a lid with charge indicators. Once you have selected a battery you will need to select a battery box to protect the battery from the elements and secure it to the trailer. We have the Replacement Box with Non-LED Lid...
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  • Can a Break Away Kit be Powered by a Trailer Mount Winch Battery
  • A break away kit that is DOT approved requires a battery that can provide a certain amount of power to apply the trailer brakes should the trailer become disconnected from the towing vehicle. I do not recommend that you share the winch battery with the breakaway system but instead have a dedicated break away battery. Having a dedicated battery in a break away system will ensure that it provides the 15 minutes of braking required by Department of Transportation. Our most popular system...
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