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Roadmaster Exact Center Steering Stabilizer w/ Custom Brackets for Class A Motorhomes

Roadmaster Exact Center Steering Stabilizer w/ Custom Brackets for Class A Motorhomes

Item # RM32RR
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Anti-Sway Bars

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This gas spring steering stabilizer will give your motorhome a responsive steering experience that keeps your rig from wandering. Custom mounting brackets included. 1-800-940-8924 to order Roadmaster anti-sway bars part number RM32RR or order online at Free expert support on all Roadmaster products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Roadmaster Exact Center Steering Stabilizer w/ Custom Brackets for Class A Motorhomes. Anti-Sway Bars reviews from real customers.
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Roadmaster Anti-Sway Bars - RM32RR

  • Steering Stabilizer
  • Roadmaster
  • Includes Mounting Hardware

This gas spring steering stabilizer will give your motorhome a responsive steering experience that keeps your rig from wandering. Custom mounting brackets included.


  • Stabilizer prevents your motorhome from wandering and improves steering
    • Keeps your RV centered, taking the fight out of steering
    • Helps maintain control of your RV during crosswinds, rut tracking, and road edging
  • Nitrogen-charged tandem gas spring applies full force right when you need it
    • Prevents unwanted movement rather than just correcting it after it's begun
  • No drilling or welding needed for installation
    • Uses factory axle bracket holes on one end and tie rod location on the other
    • Includes custom mounting brackets
  • Heavy-duty, stainless steel construction
  • Made in the USA


  • GVWR : 22,000 lbs and above
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • It's important that worn steering components are addressed before installing this kit.
  • If you have a lighter chassis but feel you're pushing the weight limit for a lower-rated steering stabilizer, this heavy-duty Exact Center will work for lighter applications.

Improve Your RV's Steering

The Exact Center works better than other steering stabilizers because it's always working to prevent unwanted movement.

Where other stabilizers react to movement, Exact Center works to prevent it

Other steering stabilizers slowly activate to control steering only after your motorhome has already begun to wander or make a turn. Basically, other steering stabilizers are reactive - they fight against the unwanted movement, but only after the movement has already started. They will get your RV back in line and absorb shock while doing so, but they still allow some play in the steering because of their soft centers, which can cause the steering to feel spongy.

Exact Center uses a nitrogen-charged tandem gas spring to apply force right when you need it

Roadmaster's Exact Center is proactive. It uses a nitrogen-charged gas spring that applies full force right when you need it. This helps prevent the unwanted wandering and white-knuckling you typically get when driving your RV. The improved responsiveness makes driving to your next adventure less of an exhausting chore.

481300A Roadmaster Exact Center Steering Stabilizer

RBK13 Custom Mounting Brackets for Roadmaster Steering Stabilizer

Installation Details RM32RR Installation instructions

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

Video of Roadmaster Exact Center Steering Stabilizer w/ Custom Brackets for Class A Motorhomes

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Roadmaster Exact Center Steering Stabilizer Installation - 2005 Winnebago Adventurer Motorhome

Hello, neighbors. It's Brad here. And today, we are taking a look and installing the Roadmaster Exact Center steering stabilizer on a 2005 Winnebago Adventurer. So we're gonna go here on our test course and I'm gonna just kinda let the steering wheel naturally kinda do what it needs to do. Now, we have some off-center bumps here, and we'll see if the steering wheel moves. A little bit of jostling there.

But what I'm gonna do here is a long, wide sweeper. And then as I kinda get to the straight portion of it, I'm gonna kinda just let the steering wheel center itself. And it does a pretty good job. But you can see we're still kinda angling off. So I have to kinda reel it back a little bit just to straighten that out, which doesn't seem like much, but we're also doing 10 miles per hour in a parking lot.

I'm not necessarily on the main roads at a higher speed where it's gonna be a little bit more apparent. So I'm gonna do a long sweeper here and then I'm just gonna hands off the wheel, and see how it actually, you know, responds to straightening back out. And this is, I've never done one of these installations, so I'm pretty curious to see the difference that it makes and really just how much better of a driving experience it becomes. So I'm gonna swing wide here. Again, I'm doing about I'd say about 10 miles per hour.

And then just as I let it naturally go, definitely, we're still kinda pulling to that left, which is to kinda be expected. That's the stock steering. So we'll take it back out on the test course here. And then I'm gonna do a little bit of slalom action. And that's where I think we're really gonna see a big difference.

Because each time, we're having to kinda countersteer to bring that back to a center. Whereas, hopefully, the steering stabilizer does the work for us and just makes it a little bit better. So as I cut here, it kinda comes back. As I cut here, it kinda comes back. But it's definitely on its own. It's not gonna straighten out. You can see the steering wheel's still pointing me in this direction here. So as I accelerated, still wanting to pull to that right. So hopefully, we can correct that. Now, while we're out here on the test course, something that we're gonna do is we're gonna find our center of our steering wheel. And that's not gonna be how straight this is. You're gonna want this tracking as straight as possible on a flat road. And then what I'm gonna do is take a piece of tape, and I'm gonna run it from the steering wheel to the dash. And that's gonna be our reference point. And that way, when we need to make adjustments, we can go ahead and do that. So just a nice little pro tip here just to help you with it. So we're gonna go ahead and just drive straight here. And I'm gonna go, I have a little line in the concrete that I'm gonna try to follow here and just follow along with that. And then see where the steering wheel naturally stays. So that looks to be pretty straight here. So I'm gonna just stop, hold my steering wheel here, and then I'm just gonna take my piece of tape. And again, run it just from the dash to the steering wheel. And then I'll just kinda cut down the center. That way, we can again line these up when we need to do our adjustments and we'll be good to go. There we are. So now, it's time to take it back in the shop and get this installed and see the difference. So with our stabilizer back on, we still have our reference mark. So I'm really curious to see how this performs. And so I'm gonna go through the same kind of basically path that I went before. And the main thing that I'm going to really be looking for is how quickly does this respond back and bring it back to center. And that's just gonna make that driving down the highway a lot easier. So we'll make this wide turn here. And before it would start tracking to the other side, we're gonna see what it does here. Already, there is a little bit more steering feel, just a little bit more response. And that definitely comes back way faster. And I am here on the straightaway. So let's get me right in the center groove here. Our steering is nice and even. It's not pulling so that means we've adjusted properly. Now, if it is pulling to the left or right, you're just gonna adjust those U bolts a little bit. Loosen those down and move that bracket, and that should align your steering. So just kinda use your reference marks again. And I also recommend using a paint marker underneath to just kinda mark that and then you can move the bracket. But once we have it dialed in, we're gonna see the benefits here. So doing a little bit of slalom here, it definitely wants to bring it back. Especially the harder I turn, it seems like it fires back exactly where it's supposed to go. Whereas before, it still kinda just drifts wherever I left off with input. So pretty quickly it goes back. And as I mentioned, the steering feel is it's more responsive. So actually, it feels a little bit heavier but in a good way. There's feedback whereas before, it was just kinda loose and it kinda just felt aimless in its own way. But this definitely gives it a more car-like handling in a good way. And it's a pretty simple concept. You have a bracket here that bolts to your U bolts. And in between this bracket and the bracket that we attached here, it's just going to go along your steering. So when this is moved, it's just going to compress the nitrogen-charged gas spring. And that's going to just bring that back to the center each time. So it acts like suspension. So as it compresses, it's gonna fight that back and put it right in the center every time. Now, as far as the construction, it's pretty simple. This is gonna be stainless steel, so it's gonna be extremely durable. Especially being on the vehicle, that stainless is gonna hold up. And also, where you have the gas cylinder here, you're going to have a boot around it. So that's gonna protect it from that road grime. Now, your brackets are also a nice black powder coat, so those are gonna hold up as well. Now, after it was installed, I was able to make some adjustments on our U bolts here just to kinda center that up a little bit by just kinda laying on my back underneath the RV without having it raised up. So installation should be about the same as well. This can be done just kinda laying underneath there. Just obviously make sure you're careful underneath. Now, speaking of the installation, let's take a look at that now. To begin our installation, we're gonna be on our passenger side on the rear portion of the front axle. And we're gonna have our U bolt nuts here. Now, we're gonna get those removed because our plate is going to go in place there. So these are going to be a little bit tricky here. So just because of rust, you can see I've put some penetrating oil just to kinda loosen that up. And I'm gonna be using a 15/16 socket on my impact to kinda get these going. But you may need to get some leverage here depending on, you know, what the underside of your RV looks like. So let's go ahead, we'll get these taken off. So now, we're gonna take our plate and should look something like this, and we're gonna slide this back over. And then I'm gonna replace my hardware. Now, as far as orientation, that slotted side should go towards the passenger, so just make sure that you have that in place. And then I'm gonna go ahead and get these snug down. And then we're gonna come back with our torque wrench and make sure they're torqued down properly. Now, we're gonna go back with our torque wrench, and I'm just using the manufacturer's recommendation for their U bolts. Now, if you need a torque wrench, we have these available here at etrailer. You can generally rent them at an auto parts store. But this is gonna make sure that these are gonna be properly tightened down and not become loose over time. Okay. So now, I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna grab my tie rod bracket. And we want this hole facing towards the back. And we're gonna just run our U bolts that are supplied in the kit through here. And then I'm gonna finish these up with a flat washer. And then we have nylon lock nuts here, and I'm just gonna hand tighten these on just to kinda keep this in place. And this is gonna allow for some adjustment, but we'll have this mounted up at least to be able to kinda determine our length. So just go through here and get our nylon lock nuts put on. So now, I have my stabilizer in hand, and we're gonna get this mounted up to our bracket. But we need to make sure that we're choosing the right hole in this instance here. Now, the Roadmaster logo is right here. We want that facing towards the front or close to it. So what we'll do here is kind of line this up, just kinda eyeball it. But what we're looking for is to try to make this as parallel as possible once it's mounted up. It looks like this one here is gonna be a little bit too tight, and this gives us a little better, a little more parallel to our factory steering rod here. So what we'll do to get this in place pretty easy, we'll pass this through. And then we're gonna put a flat washer on there. And then follow it up here with the stabilizer. And then I'm gonna go ahead and put another flat washer. And then we're just gonna follow that all up with a nut here. And I'm just gonna keep this finger tight for now. Then gonna go over to my other bracket here, and I'm gonna go ahead with my bolt and flat washer, and we're gonna pass this through. We're then gonna finish that with a flat washer here. Pass that through our bracket. And then again, I'm just gonna hand tighten this on there. So now, I'm gonna go ahead and get these tightened down. And these are gonna be 3/4-inch. So I'm gonna go ahead and put my wrench up top and my socket below. We don't have to get too crazy here. We just kinda want it snugged where it's not just walking around like this. Because the torque setting isn't particularly high so just kind of crank this down. And the main reason our torque setting isn't high is because you still want this to be able to swivel a little bit. It does have movement, so cranking this down doesn't necessarily do anything for it. In fact, it might hinder it. So get this snug. And then I'm gonna go ahead and do the same here on our bracket. So now, with our bracket here, what I'm gonna do is just kinda, you wanna make sure it's not pulling or, you know, have too much slack. I'm just gonna kinda just push this straight up. And I want this nice and level with our bar here, so we don't want it twisting like this. So just kinda hold this up, and that bracket should be looking pretty level as well. So let's go ahead. We'll get these tightened down. The torque setting's gonna be the same actually for this hardware. So I'll come back with my torque wrench. Right now, I'm just gonna kinda snug these up so it holds it in place with my 9/16. And I'll also make sure that this bracket is nice and perpendicular to the bar too. You don't want this off to the side. And as you tighten it, it should kinda center itself up as it kinda makes its way. So I'm gonna just kinda make sure that I evenly tighten as we go. And then we'll get this all snug down. So now, I'm just gonna go through and torque these down properly. So now, I'm just gonna go back with that 3/4-inch and with my wrench, get these torqued down properly. But really other than that, that's gonna be the main portion of getting this installed. Now, we may need to come back and do some fine-tune adjusting once we're out driving, but this is really gonna do it. So it's a pretty easy install overall. And that was a look and installation of the Roadmaster Exact Center steering stabilizer on a 2005 Winnebago Adventurer..

Customer Reviews

Roadmaster Exact Center Steering Stabilizer w/ Custom Brackets for Class A Motorhomes - RM32RR

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (127 Customer Reviews)

This gas spring steering stabilizer will give your motorhome a responsive steering experience that keeps your rig from wandering. Custom mounting brackets included.


Want to thank Rodger for his help!! Product works great





Driving our 30 ft. Class C motor homes, is like driving a sports car, haven’t had steering problems with road ruts, no more white nuckle driving, sure help driving between big
rigs. I glad I waited on them during the Covid shortages instead of buying some other product. You need to put ty raps on the end of the boots that’s keeping it in place. Great investment.


I experienced more steering issues with this on.
I had it inspected and reinstalled by three separate installation sites.
I now have it sitting in a cupboard. Waste of money. Major regret


I added this Roadmaster exact center stabilizer to my 2022 Entegra Odyssey 26M class C RV and it was a game changer. I felt like I was driving a car i didn’t have to keep making huge adjustments with the steering wheel and it helped so much when pass Semi trucks. It also helped on roads that were rutted. I didn’t feel like I was going all over the road. I think that the combo of this stabilizer and the Sumo Springs that I added to the bump stops on the frame (1000 lb front springs, 3000 lb rear springs) have made RV travel way more enjoyable. No more white knuckle driving.


Get one, you won't be sorry. I traveled 7250 miles around the US this past summer and the stabilizer performed perfectly keeping the RV from drifting out of lane. This makes driving so much easier. Even in wind gusts the stabilizer was a tremendous aid controlling the RV from lurching left or right. I believe its a good investment.


Made such a big difference when doing our c class motorhome. We definitely recommend your company with getting this Roadmaster .


Delivered on time. Great videos available for installation. It may have taken a half hour to install. I bought this for a 2021 Cross Trek 22XG on E350 chassis. It made a big difference. It's not like driving my F150, but with this set up I'm 90% there. So instead of having to concentrate on staying in my lane so much I could actually enjoy the scenery! Game changer!


The unit was super easy to install and worked super first. Later, the rubber boot bunched up and the stabilizer didn't work nearly as well. I kind of wished I would have purchased a different type.


Had this installed along with front & rear sway bars. The rig doesn’t wear me out anymore, I can drive all day long. Just the result I was hoping for.


It's funny I'm writing a review for one of your employees Sherry S. today. I spent most of today dealing with two different phone service companies regarding my cell phone service and have had nothing but a complete nightmare dealing with these two companies' customer service departments. It's been a complete joke and a waste of a lot of my time today. It's not possible in today's world to find anyone in customer service willing to help the customer anymore without speaking a foreign language or spelling out exactly what you need.

On the other hand, my experience of placing an order through your company's website and getting exceptional help from Sherry S. in your service department has changed my outlook. There is hope and Sherry proved it to me. She went out of her way to find a solution to what I needed, then she understood my concerns and most of all she "Listened to Me". Wow! Whatever you're paying this Lady I suggest you give her a raise and don't let her go! She showed me the most impressive customer service I've experienced in 20 years and that's the truth! Sherry, if you ever need a job in Denver then call me. I'll hire you in a heartbeat! I Truly & Sincerely appreciate your help!


This review is for the Exact Center Stabilizer mounted on a stock 2022 Jeep JL Wrangler Rubicon 2 door. It was installed ONLY for the sole purpose of being able to back up while being flat towed behind my RV, the Jeep prior to installation did not have a "death wobble" and tracked fine. The installation was slightly different than the Wrangler videos on Etrailer as the brackets have been redesigned to mount the Exact Center unit higher up our of harms way (good) and stock steering stabilizer remains in place (good). This makes the installation a little more difficult and requires drilling a hole in a "barely fits" location. The installation photos are poor quality and one of the supplied grade 8 bolts was too long which was annoying. The new brackets are very good quality and nice powder coating. You should plan on taking multiple road test trips to get the adjustment set as it is VERY sensitive to length position. After installation, the vehicle feels more planted and less "twitchy" however the steering effort as expected is higher especially at center. It is most noticeable on long curves where more pressure is required to keep the wheels turned. It is not objectionable but it is higher/different. WARNING ! While using my tow bar, I found that it was imperative to lock the bars in the fully extended tow position by BACKING up the jeep and not PULLING the RV forward as I used to do. This is because the front wheels do not turn and follow the RV as easily especially if you are not lined up perfectly behind RV which happens much of the time. I almost bent my tow bars the first time because one side locked and the other did not as the Jeep wanted to go straight. Don't make this expensive mistake. I also suspect the front tires of the towed vehicle will scrub a bit more while flat towing causing some extra tire wear. The real test - can you backup while flat towing? Yes, it tracks well in reverse if you are going straight. You can also gently curve a bit but not much. I recommend you test the limits as I did to prevent tow bar damage. If you exceed the "just a little bit" amount the front wheels of the tow vehicle will crab the wrong way very quickly. So if you don't mind the little extra steering effort, some minor procedural changes to hooking up the towed vehicle and want the peace of mind to be able to reverse in a fairly straight line while flat towing the Exact Center will do the job.


Can't wait to get on the road and try it out. After installing this now I understand the whole theory of how this stabilizer will improve the driving experience. I also noticed during installation the previous owner of the coach must have had one installed as well due to the nuts on the leaf springs showing evidence of being removed recently. I did have to grind off the corner of the black bracket that comes with the kit and give it a bigger radius as the axle was flat in that corner. See picture for a better understanding.Just a 5 min setback so nothing difficult. Will come back and update after a test drive.2001 Fleetwood Southwind 37U on a F53 chassis.


Install was just as depicted and described. The adjustment took the most amount of time and effort. After just a few miles it appears to be doing what is expected.


Well satified, easy install.
Works well
after getting adjusted to true steering center, required driving and readjusting.


Product seems to be of god quality. Issue with the instructions is that although the product has been upgraded the instructions to include all photos are for the previous product. Additionally the video recommends using an impact tool for removing and installing but the fine print on the instructions say using an impact tool may violate the warranty as it can strip the bolts. Took me a few times watching the video before I was comfortable completing the installation but the product appears to work well on the highway but actually makes steering more difficult on winding mountain roads. As usual with RV it’s impossible to find specs for equipment so I never could find the torque value to retorque the nuts I removed so I torqued the as tight as I could without breaking and will just have to inspect them after my next trip. Getting ready for a 1000 mile round trip in a weekend and anxious to see how well the product works.


I have been using the exact center steering stabilizer for several months now. The steering stabilizer improved my steering 10 to 15% leaning towards 10 more than 15. It was relatively easy to install but difficult to adjust due to the fact that adjustments require driving on the highway and adjusting by trial and error. The price is slightly elevated for the worthiness of the product in my opinion. I am not against this product at all. It’s definitely better than Ford’s stock stabilizer, but it’s not a magical fix and should be priced lower.


Installation was straight forward and took about a hour and a half. You must use an impact wrench to break loose the nuts on the axle but that was the most difficult part of the installation. Alignment did require several attempts to get it right. Have put a few hundred miles on it now and very pleased with the results. Installed a rear sway bar and Koni shocks prior and this was the last piece needed on our 2018 36 foot Bounder.


Haven't put it on yet so I don't know if it works yet. Looks good and is what is advertised,so will see after installation.


Etrailer has competitive pricing, good quality products and great tech support. I like the way they review many of the products that they sell.


Auto repair shop had to remove it to get the steering corrected on my motorhome and put the original back on


Installed the product on a 2019 Jeep Wrangler. The vehicle would not maintain lane and when I would try to move the vehicle back to the center of the lane I had to force the steering to move. Had the front end aligned and the problem didn’t go away. The vehicle would also pull to the left and then pull right. I was constantly struggling to maintain the lane. Tried to contact Roadmaster tech support by email, no response. No one answered the phone and the phone would keep ringing. Called customer service, nice person, related there are only 2 tech support persons and they don’t have time to answer the phone. Instructed me to let the phone ring about 15 minutes and I could leave a message. I’ll have to remove it, expensive lesson!


Relatively easy to install. Make sure you have a good torque wrench because you'll need to apply XXXlbs of torque to the nut that attaches it to the leaf spring bracket.

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