Adding 7-Way Connector to 2020 Hyundai Palisade


What is part # 7 pin trailer wiring harness 2020 hyundai palisade


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We definitely have what you need to equip your 2020 Hyundai Palisade with a 7-Way connector, however there isn't a single part number available for this vehicle to accomplish this.

You will instead need to start by adding a 4-Way harness (if there's not one already present). For this the Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness # 118784 will work perfectly. This custom harness will plug right into an existing port behind the Palisade's rear bumper on the driver's side. I have attached an install video that you can follow along with.

Then with the 4-Way installed you can upgrade it to the needed 7-Way. The best route for doing this depends on exactly what you're needing to power on the trailer.

If the trailer has a 7-Way connector but you only need to power its signal lights (the trailer doesn't have electric brakes), then the easiest solution is with a 4-Way to 7-Way adapter like # C57672. This will plug into the 4-Way itself and provide you with a 7-Way at the other end. The additional blue, black, and yellow wires coming from the adapter can just be capped off as they aren't needed, while the white wire just gets attached to a clean metal surface for ground.

Now if the trailer IS equipped with electric brakes I recommend using the Wiring Kit # ETBC7L instead, which includes the new 7-Way but also the needed wiring for activating the 7-Way's 12V circuit. This allows you to add and use the Curt Echo # C51180, which is the brake controller I recommend for the Palisade.

With the 7-Way wired up and in place, the Curt Echo simply gets plugged into it and is paired to your smart phone via Bluetooth. This offers a much easier install/setup than traditional brake controllers and unlike most others, eliminates the need for you to wire or mount an additional component inside the vehicle as well. This is because your phone is what is used to adjust any settings or activate the manual override (emergency brake).

I have attached a short video review on the Echo below that you can also check out.

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Chris R

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Chuck J.

I just had a Curt hitch and wiring installed on my Palisade. I couldn't find where the installer (a Curt Platinum installer) attached to the battery, so I asked that he come out and show me. Turns out there is a power wire already run to the back from the factory. He pointed out the 40A fuse in the fuse box under the hood labeled "Trailer". I assume if Hyundai provided a circuit with a 40 amp fuse it would be sufficient gauge to safely carry the current. This is much better than running your own wire - as part of a factory wiring loom it would be much better protected. 84834

Reply from Jason T.

@ChuckJ would you mind either taking a picture of the wired install or provide me with the contact information for the company that installed it for you. 68252

Reply from Andrew R.

@JasonT Any news from Chuck? Would be great to see it. 71089

Reply from Chuckj

@AndrewR I sent a picture to Jason. The factory plug (under the gravel shield) I believe has 6 wires. There are 4 wires that are a lighter gauge, and two that are a thicker gauge. The installer tapped into the white thick gauge wire for the 12 volt line. I verified this wire is connected to the 40 amp fuse. Power is always on, regardless if the car is on or not. I've towed my trailer over 1000 miles without any problems. 72720

Reply from Copout

@Chuckj I provided this information to Hyundai corporate and asked if this was an acceptable way to provide 12v power to the rear for a 7-pin connection. They responded stating that they cannot provide that information and suggested I refer to a local Hyundai dealer for all of my towing needs. I told them THEY are the ones who manufactured the vehicle, not the local dealer and asked them to look into this more and provide me with a substantial answer. I even asked them how they were handling the change to a default 7-pin on future models. I will post when I get a response. 73719

Reply from Chuck J.

@Copout Just FYI my configuration is working fine. It will be curious if Hyundai comes back and says "no, don't use the white wire connected to that 40A fuse labeled "Trailer" in the fuse block". Probably need to get their blessing from the corporate lawyers. 73740

Klaus K.

Hi, I have a Palisade Limited 2020 with the original 4-Way connector installed. So need only 1 Power wire from the battery? Please advise. Thx 84646

Reply from Chris R.

Yes, if your Palisade has the factory 4-Way connector then all you need to convert it to a 7-Way (and activate the 12V circuit) is part # ETBC7L . After hooking up the harness to the existing 4-Way, you'll just need to run that power wire up to the battery. 67801

George K.

The video attached for installing the Wiring Kit # ETBC7L shows the installation on a Toyota, which is set up differently than my 2020 Hyundai Palisade. Do you know if there's a video that would show how to install the Wiring Kit # ETBC7L on a 2020 Hyundai Palisade? Thank you. 81641

Reply from Chris R.

I wish we had an install video on the 2020 Palisade but we haven't had a chance yet to install the # ETBC7L Wiring Kit on this vehicle. If you already have the needed 4-Way connector though the install is pretty straight-forward. Other than physically plugging the 7-Way harness to the existing 4-Way, you just need to run the power wire up to the vehicle's battery. 67120

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