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Can 2007 Saturn Aura be flat towed? Hear yes then no..we have 40ft motorhome and need a tow vehicle.

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According to the owner's manual, a 2007 Saturn Aura can be flat towed so long as the vehicle is facing forward and it is run for five minutes before being towed and during each RV fuel stop. You'll also need to pull fuse "IGN SENSOR" to prevent the Saturn's battery from draining.

There are a number of parts you'll need in order to flat tow your Aura, starting with base plates. The Roadmaster EZ # 523145-1 are a confirmed fit, and I recommend using the Roadmaster Falcon 2 tow bar # RM-520 and safety chains # RM-643 along with it.

For lighting you have a couple of options. If you do not plan on flat towing your '07 Aura on a regular basis, then the Heavy Duty Magnetic Tow Lights # TL21RK would be a good choice. However, if flat towing is something you'll be doing with more regularity, then you'll want a light kit such as # RM-15267. Since a fuse will need to be pulled it is recommended you use Roadmaster FuseMaster Fuse Bypass # RM76511 to make the process much easier.

Most states also now require a supplemental braking system, and I highly recommend the Stay-IN-Play DUO # SM99251 to get braking that will be proportional to your motorhome. You will also need stoplight switch # RM-751210 if your Aura has adjustable pedals, or # RM-751210-1 if it does not have adjustable pedals.

Finally, it is likely you will need a high-low adapter to keep your Aura level with your tow vehicle. The adapter you need is going to depend on some measurements you'll need to take. I have added a link to a help article on high-low adapters which explains the measurements you'll need, as well as a link to our page with each of our adapters. I've also added links to video reviews of these products for you to take a look at.

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What gear would you put the transmission in in this automatic 2007 Saturn?

asked by: James

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Here are the instructions, according to the owner's manual:

1. Position the vehicle to tow and then secure it.

2. Turn the ignition to OFF.

3. Set the parking brake.

4. To prevent the battery from draining while the vehicle is being towed, remove the following fuse from the instrument panel fuse block: (IGN SENSOR).

5. Turn the ignition key to ACC.

6. Shift your transmission to NEUTRAL (N).

7. Release the parking brake.

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Kyle S

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