Wiring Harness Needed to Install Brake Controller on 2018 Chevrolet Equinox with Factory 7-Way


I wish to use my P3 brake controller on my new 2018 Equinox. This Equinox was factory wired with a 7 wire connector from the factory. What is the correct wiring harness to use for this SUV?

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Since your 2018 Chevy Equinox has the factory 7-way connector, all you will need is the brake controller and the hardware to tie it into the trailer wiring. Traditionally, GM has not put a brake controller port on the Equinox, so plug-in brake controller adapters aren't currently available, even for the 2018 models. So, instead of a quick connect under the dashboard, you will have to hardwire your brake controller. To complete the installation, you will need the Draw-Tite Wiring Kit, # 5506 & Trailer Wiring Installation Kit, # HM51010. These two kits will make sure you have everything you need on hand.

There are 4 wires you will need connect to the four leads from the Prodigy P3 # 90195. The white wire is the ground, the black is the 12V power lead, the blue is electric brakes and the red is the stoplight switch. I'll give you a brief walk-through of these connections and provide links to some helpful articles as well.

You'll want to start with the blue electric brake wire.which will be attached to the blue electric brake wire on your factory 7-Way connector. This is usually found under the driver's side of the dash.

Next, you'll connect the red stoplight switch wire which is normally located directly off the vehicle's brake pedal. You may need to use the circuit tester from wiring kit # HM51010 to identify the wire that only has a signal when the brake pedal is pressed.

Finally, you will want to connect the black and white wires. You will be using the 10-2 duplex wire and circuit breakers from the Draw-Tite Wiring Kit, # 5506. The black 12V power lead will be attached to the positive battery terminal with a 20 amp or 30 amp circuit breaker. You will use the 20 amp if your trailer has 1-2 sets of brakes and the 30 amp if your trailer has 3-4 sets of brakes. The white ground wire will be attached to the vehicle negative battery terminal.

If you have any additional questions, please let me know. I'll be happy to help.

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