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Yakima TopWater Rooftop Fishing Rod Carrier - Locking - 8 Fishing Poles

Yakima TopWater Rooftop Fishing Rod Carrier - Locking - 8 Fishing Poles

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Spend more time fishing and less time organizing your gear with this enclosed fishing rod carrier. Carries up to 8 fully-rigged, 8' long fishing rods and low-profile tackle boxes. Includes locks for rods and carrier. Call 800-298-8924 to order Yakima fishing rod holders part number Y04088 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Yakima products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Yakima TopWater Rooftop Fishing Rod Carrier - Locking - 8 Fishing Poles. Fishing Rod Holders reviews from real customers.
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Yakima Fishing Rod Holders

  • Vehicle Rod Carriers
  • Yakima
  • Universal Crossbar Mount
  • 8 Rods

Spend more time fishing and less time organizing your gear with this enclosed fishing rod carrier. Carries up to 8 fully-rigged, 8' long fishing rods and low-profile tackle boxes. Includes locks for rods and carrier.


  • Enclosed carrier protects and transports 8 fully-rigged rods on your roof rack crossbars
    • Easily stow low-profile tackle boxes and other gear underneath the rods
  • Single-side-opening lid offers easy access to fishing poles and other gear
    • Can be mounted on either the passenger or driver side
  • Individual rod slots are padded to keep your poles protected and prevent entangled lines
    • Rubber retention straps secure the rods in place
    • Removable slots let you carry skis or snowboards during winter months
  • Built-in shields prevent rod tips from getting caught in the hinges as the carrier closes
  • Drain holes prevent water from pooling in the bottom of the carrier
  • Simple, tool-free installation - clamp-on brackets fit most roof rack crossbars
    • Adjustable brackets accommodate multiple crossbar spreads
    • SmarT-Slot kit (sold separately) allows for channel-mount installation
  • Same Key System (SKS) lock cores secure your rods and the carrier to your roof
    • SKS cores can be swapped out to make all your Yakima products keyed alike
  • Durable ABS plastic construction with scratch-resistant automotive finish
  • Made in the USA


  • Capacity: 8 full-length fishing rods
    • Rods over 8' long must be broken down
  • Application: round, square, aero, elliptical, and most factory crossbars
  • Crossbar spread: 27" - 81"
  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs
  • Dimensions: 102" long x 18" wide x 9" tall
  • Carrier weight: 31 lbs
  • Lifetime limited warranty

8004088 Yakima Top Water Rooftop Fishing Rod Box - Locking - 8 Fishing Poles

Item # Y04088

Installation Details Y04088 Installation instructions

Video of Yakima TopWater Rooftop Fishing Rod Carrier - Locking - 8 Fishing Poles

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Video Transcript for Yakima TopWater Rooftop Fishing Rod Carrier Review

Colin: Hey, everyone. It's Colin here at eTrailer. Today we're going to take a look at this rooftop carrier. This is Yakima's Topwater Fishing Rod Carrier. Now, this is going to be a very nice enclosed space to get your fishing rods loaded up on top of your roof, keep them safe from any impacts or the elements, rather than having to cram them inside your vehicle or have to break them down. That could just really run the risk of someone stepping on them, getting caught between the seats and braking, or even if you have some little ones in the back seat, you don't want them messing with those either.

It could possibly hurt them. As you can see on the inside of the box, we've got eight rods loaded up and ready to go.This is going to be especially useful for if you're taking a long road trip. You've got to get your fishing poles with you to wherever you're going. You're not going to have to try to get eight poles in the inside of your car. Even if you don't have a lot of passengers, that something that could still be a little challenging, but it's also something that's going to create more room inside for luggage and other passengers.

As you can see, we've got a wide variety of fishing rods loaded up here.You can see how I alternated them. That's going to be the most efficient way to load your rods, just so the wheels don't make too much contact with each other. We're also going to have these rubber retention straps right here coming over our handles. We're going to have three of them. One is at the handles at the front of the carrier.

One is in the middle covering the middle of all of our poles and the other one's going to be at the back covering the other half of our handles.Now, one thing I really like about this box is that while it is going to keep my fishing poles in an enclosed space and keep them safe from the elements and any impacts, I've also got a ton of usable space underneath my fishing rod. So if you wanted to get a couple of low profile tackle boxes under there, maybe some rubber boots that you can use to wade into the water a little bit, you might even be able to get some fishing that's in here as well. With those fishing nets, what's nice is that if the bottom is already full of some of your cargo, that's something that can just set right on top of your rods as well because there will be space between the top of our lid and our rods.Both the front and the back of our carrier are going to have these rod shields and basically what they're for, it's going to make sure that the tips of your rods or the handles don't go too far back towards the lid. So you can see as I close it, it comes on the outside of that rod shield. So that's going to help make sure it doesn't pinch those tips of your rods.

Now between each rod guard, it's going to be eight feet long, so you're going to be able to get any rods up to eight feet long loaded that bin here while still being fully reeled up. Now if you have a rod that's over eight feet long, you can still get it loaded, but you will have to break it down first.Now this box is going to be eight and a half feet long. That's a pretty lengthy accessory to add to your roof rack. You can see with our SUV right here, this is probably one of the smaller vehicles that it'll still comfortably fit on top of. However, with this application, we are losing some of our rear hatch access. So as we make our way back here, even we have it more shifted towards the front, we can open up our hatch up to about this point so I can hold it and I can lean in and grab something small. And again, every vehicle is going to be different. Some vehicles, you may be able to get that hatch all the way open because you've got a longer roof rack system. However, some vehicles, the smaller ones, you may not be able to get it open at all. However, I do want to point out that your vehicle's roof rack is not the only system that you can put this on.It'll fit any utility trailer that you might have, like the Yakima Easy Rider that has those two crossbars, that would be a great addition for that, or even a truck bed ladder rack, maybe like the Yakima Overhaul HD. It'll fit that as well. It is going to open from one side, so it's best to have it closer to either the passenger side or it's pretty nice is that it's going to be universal so that you can flip it around and push it over to the driver's side if you want to access it from over there. So we'll just insert our key, unlock it, and then we can just open up our box and access our poles. I'll go ahead and pull this rubber retention strap off so you can have a closer look at all this nice foam padding right here. Just going to be very soft and help protect your fishing poles for when it's in travel.When these straps are installed, sometimes if you have a couple of poles that are bigger than others, or maybe some handles that are bigger, you can see right here that this strap is not making contact with some of our poles so they can move a bit, but that's a nice soft rubber padding and with the foam down there. Even if they shift a little bit, just like that, it's not going to hurt them at all.When you're going to close your box, we aren't going to have three different latches. One of them is in the middle. Then we're going to have one on the front and one on the back. And because of how long it is, do you want to make sure before locking it up that you just go to the front and pull down, make sure the latch gets engaged like so, and then we can just lock it up. This is a really nice same key system so you can actually get this keyed alike with your Yakima roof rack system if you have one of those and then it'll just be less hassle having to deal with multiple sets of keys.Now as you can see, the box is very narrow as well. It's going to measure to about 14 inches wide. And as you can see with it pulled all the way to the passenger side, we've got plenty of space on the other side of our roof rack for other accessories, maybe you want to get a kayak up there, a bike, or even a smaller cargo box for your other cargo and luggage. We're also going to have nine inches in the height of the box, so that's going to be nine inches added to the roof rack of your vehicle. For those taller SUVs or trucks, you want to keep that in mind for any low clearance situations like if you want to park in your garage.The entire box does have a really durable ABS plastic construction. It's the same construction that a lot of manufacturers use for their rooftop cargo boxes, so it's going to be very durable. It's going to resist the elements very well. The top does have a textured finish too. It kind of reminds me of the dimples in a golf ball. What's nice is that it's a scratch-resistant finish, so you see, you can hear as I do that. It's going to hide any of those marks very well, especially when you compare it to other boxes that have the glossy finish.Now, this product is pretty unique. There's not a lot of enclosed carriers out there that can carry the amount of fishing poles this one can. There's a lot of other carriers such as the Yakima Real Deal. You can carry eight poles on that one; however, the difference being that it's more designed after a ski and snowboard carrier where it's just two of them that clamp down and your fishing poles are going to be exposed to the elements and any impacts if any road debris we're to fly up on that off chance.Now that fishing pole carrier works great. Personally, I just liked the idea of having them all stored and locked up if I want to leave them for a short period of time, whether I want to run into the store, maybe get some live bait from that shop, and then I'm going to have that peace of mind knowing my poles are safe.When you're ready to unload, just pull off those rubber retention straps. You can leave them laying right there. Make sure you get all three off. And then with our current application, I can reach it just fine. I may have to step up there towards the end to get those rods in the back. With all of our fishing poles removed, we can have a closer look at the inside of our carrier. You can see here's one of our clamps and brackets right here that's going to hold it to our roof rack. We're going to have one in the middle right here. There's going to be another one towards the back as well. The two bolts come up and through. They're both connected to the same clamp. We just tighten these down and it secures onto our roof rack system.Now below is going to be where our clamp is. You can see how it just sits under our crossbar. It has a rubber padding right here that's going to help make sure it doesn't harm or scratch the finish of your crossbar. We're using a factory roof rack system right now. It's going to work well with most of those, but it's also going to work great with arrow bars, elliptical bars, as well as round bars and square bars, so it's got a wide variety of roof racks it can go on.Now if we come back up top, we'll see we also have the wing nuts tightened down. It makes it very easy and tool-free installation. We can also see the slats that go almost the entire length of our box with the exception of these little gaps right here. If you have any wet fishing poles at the end of the day you want to load up or wet boots or anything like that you want to put in, the water will be able to drain out of here so that it doesn't pool up during your trip.Now we're also going to be able to accommodate a wide variety of crossbar spreads. So whether you've got a smaller spread, like a roof rack, down to 27 inches will be the minimum crossbar spread. Maybe you have a truck bed ladder rack or even that utility trailer, that'll go be able to do a crossbar spread of up to 81 inches. So the amount of applications this can go on is very wide. Now the rod slots can also be adjusted if need be. The two on the ends can be, so right now we have this one adjusted farther in because we don't quite have any poles that are up to a foot long, so it's just going to give us more surface area to cover.And you can see if we come on the outside of the box right here is the Allen bolt where we have it tightened down. If we go to the right a little bit, you can see the two caps we pop out. I'm going to show you real quick. So once you pop these out, then all you would do is just loosen up that Allen bolt on both sides. Bring it over here and then reinstall it. You can do the same on the front and the back. And then just move these little plastic push pieces to cover up those holes.These supports can also be completely removed if you want to use it for other items. Another use for this could be skis and snowboards. If during the winter when you're not really fishing too much, you want to take them up to the mountain, you're going to be able to get a couple of sets of skis or a couple of snowboards loaded in here as well. You do want to keep in mind though because they are much denser than eight fishing poles. Now you also want to make sure to check with your vehicle's owner's manual and make sure your roof can handle that weight. Well, I hope this information helped you guys out. That's going to do for our look at Yakima's Topwater Rooftop Fishing Carrier.

Customer Reviews

Yakima TopWater Rooftop Fishing Rod Carrier - Locking - 8 Fishing Poles - Y04088

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (3 Customer Reviews)

Spend more time fishing and less time organizing your gear with this enclosed fishing rod carrier. Carries up to 8 fully-rigged, 8' long fishing rods and low-profile tackle boxes. Includes locks for rods and carrier.

- Y04088

Great box for my fishing needs. Have my tackle, paddle, and rods in there while kayak fishing with room for a few more items. 703789

- Y04088

I placed the order with etrailer.com and I had it was delivered to my house very quickly. Everything was packaged nicely and arrived to me unharmed. The Yakima TopWater Fishing Rod Box s amazing! I absolutely love this thing. I am able to get 8 set ups and a micro power pole anchor in it with no issues. Shipping was fast, communication was clear, and the whole experience was great. I gave them a 4 because a small part of my order was wrong when I received it. I contacted etrailer immediately and they very quickly shipped me the correct part........ah you know what, they made a mistake.....but they were perfect everywhere else. Im changing it to a five star. Will be buying the Yakima Skinny Warrior next and I will be buying it from etrailer. Thanks! 706409

- Y04088

super fast delivery! The Top water box is well made locks are real nice. strong and sturdy construction. box could open a bit more but it's going to be fine 702795


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  • Does Yakima TopWater Rooftop Fishing Rod Carrier Fit Yakima OverHaul HD Truck Bed Ladder Rack
    Yes, the Yakima TopWater Rooftop Fishing Rod Carrier # Y04088 will absolutely fit on the Yakima OverHaul HD Adjustable Truck Bed Ladder Rack # Y01151-58. You have two options for mounting the TopWater to the OverHaul bars, either with the TopWater's included clamps or by adding the SmarT-Slot Mounting Kit for Yakima TopWater # Y04094 which will allow you to mount the carrier to the OverHaul's T-slot (channels) on top of the bars. No matter which mounting option you choose, the TopWater...
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  • How Many Broken Down Fishing Rods Will Fit in the Yakima TopWater Rooftop Fishing Rod Carrier
    The Yakima TopWater Rooftop Fishing Rod Carrier # Y04088 can hold up to 8 full length fishing rods. If you have to break them into pieces though then you will likely take up the space of 2 rods so that capacity would be reduced to 4 fishing rods. This all depends on how long your rods are though. If they are longer than 8 feet they need to be broken down. Anything under that will fit with no problems.
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  • Best Roof Rack and Four Fishing Rod Holder for a 2019 Ford Ranger
    The roof rack I recommend for a 2019 Ford Ranger is the Yakima JetStream Crossbar System which consists of part # Y00425, part # Y00146, and part # Y06124. The Yakima JetStream Crossbar System is one of the best options on the market which has aero shaped crossbars which work to reduce wind noise/drag and rubber padded feet to protect the vehicle's finish. The fishing rod carrier I recommend for the 2019 Ford Ranger with Yakima JetStream Crossbar System is the Yakima ReelDeal Rooftop...
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