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Expert Answers about Goal Zero

  • Availability of Solar Panel for Forest River Wildwood X Travel Trailer
  • We do have a nice selection of solar panels available that should work for your application, however we do not carry any stock items for your Forest River Wildwood X Model 171RBXL Travel Trailer. For example, the Goal Zero Boulder 100 Solar Panel # 287-32408 feature 8-mm connectors with a 100 watt maximum. It measures 40 inches tall, 26-3/4 inches wide, and 1-3/4 inches deep. I have attached a link that will take you to our available selection of solar panels so you can see if there...
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  • Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Generator Charging Time Using Solar Versus AC Power
  • The Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium Portable Power Station - 110 Volt # 287-38012 has a charge time of about 25 hours using the AC charging port. Solar charging gives you many more variables and can take anywhere between 5 to 50 hours depending on your solar conditions and the amount of wattage your solar panels collect. My contact at Goal Zero suggests a minimum of 400 watts of solar paneling which would charge the unit in 11-12 hours from empty. We have the Solar Charging Optimization...
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  • Mounting a Solar Panel on a Roof Rack on a 2010 Nissan Frontier King Cab
  • I spoke with our primary solar panel supplier, GoalZero directly to get some insight into how best to mount a panel to the roof of your vehicle. According to them, its very common for panels like the Goal Zero Boulder, part # 287-32407 to be mounted to the roof of a vehicle or a roof rack using Z brackets.These brackets are widely available at hardware stores. The sides of the rear frame of the panel are able to be drilled to allow for a variety of connection solutions to your roof...
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  • Goal Zero Extension Cable for a Boulder 100 and Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Generator.
  • The Goal Zero 15 Ft. Extension Cable, part # 287-98065 is intended to connect the Goal Zero Boulder 100, part # 287-32408 to any of the Yeti or Sherpa Generators. You will not want to exceed 30 volts of output when connected to any of these Generators.
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  • Can Solar Panel 287-32407 be Used with CTEK DC to DC Battery Charger for Two 12 Volt Batteries
  • If you only used solar panel # 287-32407 with the CTEK battery charger # CTEK40186 it would not be able to charge up two 12 volt batteries. It would keep them from draining when sitting but to charge up the batteries you would want to have the charger connected to a 12 volt circuit from a trailer connector or directly attached to the output of the alternator. The CTEK charger does have a pulse-maintenance stage. It has 5 stages of charging: 1) Desulfation stage is the initial charging...
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  • Maximum Power Output of Yeti 150 Solar Generator
  • There isn't a max thing a Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator with Nomad 14 Plus Solar Panel # 287-42060 can power. The thing can be any size so long as it does not need more than what the generator's outputs can give; I'll list those outputs for you below: - 2 Regulated USB ports: 5 volts, up to 2.1 amps, maximum of 10 watts - 6 mm Regulated port (hexagon): 12 volts, up to 10 amps, maximum of 120 watts - DC outlet: 12 volts, up to 10 amps, maximum of 120 watts - AC inverter...
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  • Availability of Goal Zero Solar Panel Adapter Cable for Yeti Generator or Sherpa Power Pack
  • We do indeed have the Goal Zero Solar Panel Adapter Cable you referenced available with part # 287-98054. This adapter cable will connect Goal Zero solar panels to Yeti solar generators or Sherpa power packs. It features an 8 mm output (male) and an APP input.
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  • Availability of Goal Zero Guardian Charge Controller # 287-14003
  • Yes, we do offer the Goal Zero Guardian Charge Controller # 287-14003.
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  • Can the Goal Zero Adapter Cable 287-98009 be Used to Power a Remote Latch
  • The Goal Zero Adapter Cable # 287-98009 has a 6mm input meaning that it is designed so that the power runs to the alligator clips instead of the other way around. This is the opposite of what you are looking for. I can't say if it would work or not in that manner or if it will pop the in line fuse. Traditionally the direction of the power doesn't matter to a fuse but it hasn't been tested for that application so better safe than sorry. If this is for a vehicle and the vehicle has power...
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  • Recommended Solar Charging System for Yeti Generator
  • The Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium Portable Power Station was discontinued, but we do have the Solar Charging Optimization Module for Goal Zero Yeti Generators # 287-14004 which increases solar charging in low light or varied temperatures. It will allow solar charging under those circumstances in 10 hours.
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  • Will Goal Zero Car Adapter Cord 287-90811A Work with the Nomad 7 Solar Panel
  • Goal Zero Car Adapter Cord - 12 Volt DC to 6 mm Male - 1' Long Item # 287-90811A is meant to charge up certain Goal Zero products. It will plug into the outlet that came with the Nomad 7 solar panel but I am not certain what you would then do with it. What are you wanting to plug in that requires a 6mm outlet?
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