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Goal Zero

Expert Answers about Goal Zero

  • Can AC Power of 2017 Ford F-350 Charge Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator
  • Yes, since your truck has an AC power outlet in it you can use it to recharge the battery of the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator # 287-23000. The 400 can power up to 300 watts continuous or 600 peak so it would not be what you need. The 1,250 model part # 287-31901 would easily power the microwave.
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  • Is the Goal Zero Maintainer Trickle Charger Compatible to be Used With 2 6-Volt Batteries
  • Yes, the Goal Zero Maintainer Trickle Charge, # 287-32202, can help maintain a charge on you RVs 2 6-volt batteries. If the batteries are wired in series , then you would place the negative clamp on the negative post of on battery and the positive clamp on the positive post of the other battery. Then you will want to place the solar panel in the best direct sunlight to allow for charging. The Goal Zero charger is only a maintainer charger. This charger will only help maintain a 12-volt...
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  • How Long do the Goal Zero Generators Last
  • Even though the Goal Zero Yeti 400 # 287-23000 will work with CPAP machines, you will need to do some calculating to figure this out. The Yeti 400 will operate for 400Wh (or Watt Hours). To figure out how long this device will run your CPAP machine you need to find out how many Watts your machine uses. For example: if you were to plug in a 100W light into the generator then the light would last for 4 hours. Since most CPAP machines use over 100 Watts you might want to look at a more...
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  • Can Solar Panel 287-32202 be Used with CTEK DC to DC Battery Charger for Two 12 Volt Batteries
  • If you only used solar panel # 287-32202 with the CTEK battery charger # CTEKD250S it would not be able to charge up two 12 volt batteries. It would keep them from draining when sitting but to charge up the batteries you would want to have the charger connected to a 12 volt circuit from a trailer connector or directly attached to the output of the alternator. The CTEK charger does have a pulse-maintenance stage. It has 5 stages of charging: 1) Desulfation stage is the initial charging...
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  • Can the Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator Power a 8,000 BTU Window A/C Unit
  • The Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator, # 287-22004, will have a 110 volt, 0.7 amps, and 80 watt continuous output. However, after comparing some 8,000 BTU A/C units on line it looks like this model will not be able to run a A/C unit this size. The A/C units I saw in my searches were running at 115 volts at 7.0 amps and needing 740 watts to run. At these numbers the AEN Contractor EX Portable Inverter Generator, # AEBEX, is the only option that we have that would be able to run...
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  • Does Goal Zero Maintainer 10 Trickle Charger Include Port for Cigarette Lighter Plug
  • Yes, the Goal Zero Maintainer 10 Trickle Charger - Solar Powered # 287-32202 referenced in your question includes a 12V car port that can be used in the cigarette lighter plug inside the RV. I have attached an image of the port that is included with this kit. This is a really nice plug-and-play battery protection system that will prevent the natural battery drain in 12V lead acid batteries like what is in your RV. It also includes a built-in charger regulator to avoid over-charging and...
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