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Expert Answers about ATAK

  • Can LED Head Lamp be Used in Rain
  • The ATAK Multi-Function LED/COB Headlamp # PT372 has a lot of great features but it is not waterproof so you should avoid using it during inclement weather. Apart from that it does have a lot of quality features with different beams that are capable of giving you light nearly 200 feet in front of you. I have added a link to a video review of this headlamp for you to take a look at as well.
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  • Why Does Green Light Blink on ATAK Outdoor Lantern # PT410
  • I spoke with my contact at ATAK and the blinking green light of the # PT410 is to help you locate the lantern in low light. They also recommended taking the batteries out of the lantern when it's not in use for an extended period of time.
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