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Why does JD love this Bulldog Winch recovery rope? Check out his video review to find out.


JD here, producer of the popular YouTube channel Big Truck Big RV (BTBRV). I've been a loyal and happy customer of for nearly a decade. Long before I started my YouTube channel, I was purchasing trailer and truck upgrades to enhance my family's safety on the road. The items below were selected because I personally believe they can improve your RVing and truck ownership experience.
WHY ETRAILER?" has provided so much valuable information that focuses on safety over simply making a sale. They have always provided the direction I needed when making an informed purchasing decision or installing a product on my trailer or truck. I prefer to deal with real, informed people and not just automation when researching an upgrade that could mean the difference between a safe trip with my family verses a potential nightmare. Partnering with just seemed like the perfect way to match the message of my channel with a company with the same high level of ethics and professional standards." -JD of Big Truck, Big RV

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What auto latch coupler did you like

Etrailer Expert
Reply from David B.

I like the kind that latch automatically, haha! Depends on the application my neighbor, are you talking A-frames, fifth wheels, goosenecks? I favor Demco for A-frames, B&W for fifth wheels and Gen-Y for goosenecks. If you want JD's opinion you can find him on his YouTube channel.


JD, where do I get the film you used on your RV to match the bottom strip. You put this on your cargo doors and I would like to add this to my rv as well Thank you

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

@Connie you can contact JD through his YouTube site for that information. That I know of, etrailer does not sell any decorative trim.

Jeff H.

I've seen most of JD's products he's reviewed on here and have to say they are all very well designed. I haven't used them all but have seen other RVers use most of them with no problems. All but one RVer said the have never had an issue. The one that did have a problem admitted his problem was his own fault by not wiring the item properly. He called E-trailer and found a person there that was familiar with his truck and within 5 minutes the problem was fixed. Lol. Pay attention to details guys.


That’s a lot of freebies for JB. Unbiased? Please…

Ryan S.

I love it my dream......

Big A.

OK, I see the rope has more stretch, but to say a strap doesnt have is just plain wrong.Is the rope better? Yes.Is a strap ok? yes. FAR better than steel cable or chain. Ive done MANY off road recoveries with straps, NEVER damaged either vehicle.BUT, it does take more finesse, and I see the value of the rope, and its more foolproof qualities.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

I agree with what you're saying. A standard recovery strap will indeed have some stretch, but like you mentioned, not as much as the rope in question. A strap though is absolutely a fine alternative. JD even mentioned in the review of the rope that he's never personally had any issues with his tow straps. We appreciate your feedback on this!

Robert R.

Do you have a discount code?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jason S.

We don't offer discount codes but we do offer a Lowest Price Pledge. See the attached link for details.



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