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Bulldog Winch Custom-Fit Steel Winch Mount Review

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Review of the Bulldog Winch Custom-Fit Steel Winch Mount

Hi there, ATV and UTV owners, today we're gonna be taking a look at Bulldogs line of custom mounting brackets for Winches. You want to use our fit guide here at each trailer, to determine which mounting plates the correct fit for your particular UTV or ATV. And since these brackets are custom fit for your particular UTV and ATV, that means that they're also designed for the specific weight ratings that that particular UTV and ATV are rated for, So the various winches that fit them are going to be appropriate for their size. Having a winch on your UTV and ATV has plenty of situations where it can really be a huge time saver. If you get stuck in your ATV, you can pull yourself out or if you're out with one of your buddies just messing around and they get stuck, you could pull them out and you could also use it to get some work done. Cox if your wincher does have a lot of power, you use it pull some things that you wouldn't be able to do by yourself normally.

For one of the things since you have to be able to get that winch mounted up, on your ATV and UTV and that's usually one of the hardest challenges because there's really just not usually a place to just mount a winch on those. The brackets that come included with most switches looks something similar to this. And this is not no kind of custom bracket, this was really more designed for a trailer so you can get it mounted up to a trailer solid and get your winch mounted on it. But something like this, you could see there's really just not a good way you could maybe bolt it there but now your winches exposed down here in the front that's probably the one of the worst spots for it on this particular UTV here just because of the shape of it here we got it down on the front, where we're cruising, some debris can hit it. I mean, there's no no mounting it to the plastic up in here.

So getting a custom bracket will provide you with, everything that you need are in the kit to easily get it mounted up. And because these brackets are specifically designed for your UTV or ATV. You can see here with this one as an example, the hole in the bracket lined right up with a hole in the frame, which made the installation extremely easy, we we're able to just line those up bolted down. Now with your brackets, some utvs and ATVs and may require some drilling with them. The main bracket didn't.

But the, auxiliary plate here did require drilling through the front of the bumper here. But with the custom mounting, of this one it made lining everything up extremely easy. We didn't have to really do any measurements or anything. The instructions that came included with it we're very clear to read, to help us get this all lined up. And I guarantee it saved us multiple hours worth of making our own brackets to get this on here by just using something like this and the brackets not that expensive, your time is worth way more and it's going to be worth its weight in your time.

And you can see here the mounting holes located at the bottom of our bracket where our winch attaches. They have multiple holes in there which allows it to work with more than just Bulldog Winches. The one we've got currently installed on here is actually an E trailer winch and it was cool that we we're able to use this bracket to get that mounted up and everything lined right up the hardware bolted right in through the brackets, all the holes and everything I it made it super easy. These brackets are construction of steel and you can see how thick they are , There's a lot of heft to it and they have a black powder coat finish on them to help protect against rust corrosion. And I want to go back to the thickness and you really see how strong this is, your winch is going to be pulling heavy weight you're going to be maybe pulling out your ATV or somebody else's and if your custom making your own brackets, you may not be an engineer so getting the right thickness of metal and the proper mounting locations could be a little sketchy and you don't want your winch coming off of your UTV or ATV. So this will guarantee you've got a nice salad mount where you really can't make any mistakes. And we know the ATVs and ATVs are going to be out in some of the worst environments in the muck in the mud. So that black powder coat finish on there. really does help out particularly with this that it is in that worst case scenarios. And that completes our look at Bulldogs line of UTV, ATV, custom mount winch brackets..

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